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Empowering ladies to take control of their health, through fat loss and functional strength training, with proven systems to accelerate results 😊🀸🏾

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You know, I never ever thought I'd get excited about drinking my apple cider vinegar, lemon & honey drink, but I so do!! So good for you on so many levels 😁 • πŸ‹ lemon is good for your liver, as well as having plenty of good vitamins for a strong immune system 🍎 apple cider vinegar is known (and proven) to have a positive effect on your blood sugar levels and has even benefited many people with type 2 diabetes. It can also have a positive effect on your cholesterol levels too! 🍯 raw organic honey (ideally sourced locally to you) is packed full of antioxidants, phytonutrients and is also a powerful antibacterial and antifungal. • Thanks to the awesome folk at @farm.and.co for supplying me with a new batch of honey and some awesome juicy lemons 😁 • #hannahsfitnesstraining #nutrition #healthyhabit #organic #lemon #honey #personaltraining #personaltrainer #onlinepersonaltraining
Things are gonna take a turn from fitness for a mo, enjoy 😊 • Hugs are beautiful and wonderful in so many different ways. I'm a hugger 😊 • However - as a hugger, and normal human living life on this planet, I've learned a few things about hugs. • Hugs bring us closer together. No brainer, right? But it's an important thing to note. Even huggers have boundaries. A lot of the time, I won't hug males. Maybe you think that's a bit weird, but I don't. There are boundaries that I want to respect, and until I know that male well enough, and feel comfortable with sharing my personalist of spaces with him, I don't want to hug him. • Sometimes it's best to ask before you hug. One client of mine was having a particularly tough time at home, and during a session she actually broke down in tears as she shared what had happened. My immediate reaction was to hug the living daylights out of her because I know for me hugs are just the bees knees when I'm sad, but once again - boundaries. So I said "if you'd like a hug I'd like to give you one". I felt super corny saying that but it felt better knowing that I wasn't forcing something on someone that wasn't going to be appreciated. Anyway there's a happy ending. We hugged 😊 • Sometimes it's best not to hug, even when a hug is really really needed. As a normal human being on this planet, just like everyone else I have experienced my fair share of trauma and grief. I know what it's like to have sadness so overwhelming, so internally penetrating that you exist in a fog for months on end. And sometimes the simplest hug is so powerful that it will break you into a squillion tears. There are days when you feel brave enough to face the world, but still you're held together by threads on the inside. You just want a day where you can smile, be with friends, and "come up for air". When greeting friends you pray "for the love of apples, don't hug me!!" So, friends, if I normally hug you, but this one time I don't, maybe I'm
This was quite possibly the juiciest red grapefruit I have EVER eaten!! So good! Get some of nature's candy in ya belly πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ • #hannahsfitnesstraining #personaltraining #personaltrainer #onlinepersonaltraining #nutrition #healthyfood #fruit #delicious #naturescandy
The last two weeks have felt a wee bit rubbish. Lots of fatigue. A decent amount of stress. Which leads to... lots of fatigue! πŸŽ‰ Such a fun little cycle! • Workouts have been pretty low, but I've listened to my body and done what I CAN, even if I would have preferred to spend the time sleeping. • When these times happen, what can we do but just roll with it? Laugh whole heartedly in it's face and keep chugging on. This morning I wanted to stay in bed, but I decided to get up and walk to the beach. What a treat it was! • Don't focus on the negative. Acknowledge it, sure, but focus on what you CAN do and things will improve 😊 • I'm off to enjoy my Sabbath. Have a lovely weekend! • (FYI, this is not a sympathy post). • #hannahsfitnesstraining #personaltraining #personaltrainer #onlinepersonaltraining #mindset #dowhatyoucan #positivefocus
Blessed is an understatement! I get to work with an awesome team helping them fulfill their goals of being happier, healthier and stronger. It's just a shame I could only fit 4 of my training partners in the image!! • • • • #hannahsfitnesstraining #personaltraining #personaltrainer #onlinepersonaltraining #dreamteam #womensfitness #strongwomenlifteachotherup #health #happiness #strength #strengthtraining
What a welcome home present!!! FINALLY get my hands on my Online Trainer Certification textbooks. I'm quite sad that I now have to sleep instead of giving in to my excitement and devouring my books 🀣 Oh well someone has to be responsible I suppose! • #hannahsfitnesstraining #personaltraining #personaltrainer #onlinepersonaltraining #onlinetrainercertification #bringiton #knowledge #professionaldevelopment #wooyeah
One final walk up the Mount this evening with my family 😊 #5000stepslater #hannahsfitnesstraining #personaltraining #personaltrainer #onlinepersonaltraining #holidayworkout #cardio
Today's workout consisted of 80 burpees! Unfortunately I didn't have time for my full workout (which also included 80 bent over rows) so l did what I could and made it count! • If you don't have time for a workout, don't write the whole day off. Do what you CAN in the time you have. You'll still make some progress, and you'll still be creating a positive exercise habit. Because that's what it's about right? Creating consistency through habit πŸ˜‰ Results do not come to the inconsistent. • #hannahsfitnesstraining #personaltraining #personaltrainer #onlinepersonaltraining #holidayworkout #burpees #cardio #endurance #consistency #habit
Monday's workout is all done! β˜† 60 resistance band rows β˜† 60 incline push ups β˜† 50 sit ups / crunches β˜† 100 squats All done in 22 minutes (with a few mini rests along the way 😁😁) • Now to stretch and conquer the day! • #hannahsfitnesstraining #personaltraining #personaltrainer #onlinepersonaltraining #holiday #workout #bodyweighttraining #strengthtraining
Tupapakurua Falls is done! Unfortunately we couldn't do the Tongariro Crossing due to severe gale force winds and heavy rain 😒 Oh well another time! We still had fun 😁 • #hannahsfitnesstraining #personaltraining #personaltrainer #onlinepersonaltraining #holiday #bushwalking #newzealand #nature #cardio
I am SOOOO super excited to be starting my New Year's Revolution program tomorrow with my awesome team, new and old members alike! There's still time if you want to join the fun, just email me and we'll get you started! • hannahsfitnesstraining@gmail.com 😊 • #hannahsfitnesstraining #personaltraining #personaltrainer #onlinepersonaltraining #newyearsresolution #goals #motivation #fitness #health #wellness
Yesterday we did a lovely bush walk to the Blue Springs! I'm enjoying all the walking, looking at the scenery and listening to the birds 😊 • #hannahsfitnesstraining #personaltraining #personaltrainer #onlinepersonaltraining #holiday #bushwalking #newzealand
Today I surfed on a board my father shaped back when he was in his late teens / early twenties. I didn't do very well but hey I stood up a few times and managed not to wipe out. Although if Dad was still around he would have preferred to laugh at any wipe outs 😁😁
Hometown sunsets πŸ˜Šβ€πŸ‡³πŸ‡Ώ #sunset #tauranga #nature
So far the Christmas Holidays have been awesome! I'm enjoying staying active at the beach and doing bushwalks with the family 😊  #hannahsfitnesstraining #personaltraining #personaltrainer #onlinepersonaltraining #holidayworkouts #family #bushwalking #beach
A little more inspiration for my gym wall!! Brooke Ence, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and Mat Fraser. • I don't aspire to be like them, but they sure do inspire me to do and be my best 😊 • #hannahsfitnesstraining #personaltraining #personaltrainer #onlinepersonaltraining #mindset #motivation #beyourbestself #doyourbest #girlsgonestrong
My very first ever home made batch of hummus! And do you know the best part about it (aside from the vitamins, good fats, protein)? I don't have to share, so that means I can double dip πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ • #hannahsfitnesstraining #personaltraining #personaltrainer #healthyeating #snacktime #nutrition
If she feels comfortable talking about the tenancy plans for her uterus, she will tell you. In the meantime, don't ask 😊 • #repost @thegirlsgonestrong (@get_repost) ・・・ [NEW ARTICLE: Why Not Having Children is a Valid and Healthy Choice]  As women, we are faced with countless choices every day that elicit scrutiny no matter what we choose.  Very few choices garner as much judgment as the choice to not be a mother.  Although most data doesn't distinguish between the voluntarily childfree and those who wanted to but could not have children, nearly HALF of all women ages 15-44 are forgoing motherhood altogether. You're far from alone.  In her latest article, @lolfemme helps break the stigma against the childfree, discussing why it's a valid and healthy choice. Click the link in our bio to read more! #strongwomenlifteachotherup #girlsgonestrong
Leg day is done! What did you all train today? What was your favourite part of the workout?
Even elite athletes struggle with body image sometimes! • #repost @crossfitgames (@get_repost) ・・・ “I definitely had a more intense physique, a more ‘hard’ physique,” she said. “I definitely had some moments when I was working on Wonder Woman when I felt really insecure about that … There was talk about, ‘Oh, she must do steroids.’ So that was pretty tough.” “I was bullied growing up for always being a ‘strong girl . ... And what I had to tell myself during the movie was that I wouldn’t be there if they didn’t want me. So regardless of what other actresses or what people might think about the way that I look, I’m still here. They still hired me just like they hired everyone else.” @BrookeEnce aims to turn around current beauty standards and celebrate women with different body types. πŸ“°  Read the full article in @lifeandstyleweekly #crossfit #crossfitgames
A good session was had this morning! • Glute bridges • TRX Single Leg Squats • Kettlebell Swings • Skipping / Jump Rope • And of course nothing like serious humidity to help bring on a nice detoxifying sweat 😁 • #hannahsfitnesstraining #personaltraining #personaltrainer #legday #cardio #bodyweighttraining #strengthtraining #strength #fatloss