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Tahirah Harbin


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Was inspired by the bestie (Kristen) to make Insecure figures. Got Issa complete with her "niggas" sweatshirt and Molly's look is inspired by her Kiss and Grind outfit, with a cell phone in her hand as Dro is calling. Currently working on Lawrence and Daniel. @issarae @yvonneorji @insecurehbo #insecurehbo #insecure #issarae #teamissa
"I feel like a child so young and new in '92, I listened to what my father said: keep all your dreams, keep standing tall. If you are strong you cannot fall. There is a voice inside us all. So smile when you can...when you can."
Love this Selena shirt!
RIP to dear Nelsan Ellis who wonderfully played Lafayette on True Blood. He also played MLK jr in The Butler. Great talent! It was a pleasure to attend the True Blood panel in 2010 and see him and his cast mates.
Dressed my children today with clothing that had significant messages on them as I explained briefly to them and at their age levels about our history.  I told the what happened to our ancestors and about the significance of Juneteenth. I spoke to them about the meaning of the colors on my son's shirt and about the words on all of our shirts. I told them to be proud of who they are and where they come from. I told them to love their brown skin and kinky hair. It is something I will continue to teach them as they continue to grow, learn, love and live. Happy Juneteenth!
BellBivDevoe now you know! @officialbellbivdevoe @mrrickybell @bigrondevoe @617mikebiv
BelBivDevoe now you know! @officialbellbivdevoe @bigrondevoe @mrrickybell @617mikebiv
Mommy moments
Flashback Friday. Babe @slayerroly caught me slipping. But mamma loves her Belgian waffles.
Inspired by @pdfimpact
Thank you @ijessewilliams and @ebroji for my resist shirt! I will wear it proudly!
Jamming out to some New Edition
Got an early birthday gift from my bestie. Love it!
My man crush Monday most definitely goes to this beautiful dark brotha Y'lan Noel who plays Daniel on Insecure on HBO. I know his character should not be the one I'm shouting out, but I believe most women have their "Daniel." I know I do.
Listen, you little destiny's child...
Shenanigans with the baby.
Saw A.Ham in my hotel in Albany. #hamilton
Forgot to post this the other day, but Sept 4th marks one year into my loc journey. Love em! #locjourney #loclove
So tell me why my adorable 1 year old was wearing a baseball jersey shirt and had his top button unbuttoned and Jodeci in the "Come and Talk to Me (hip hop remix) circa 1992 came to mind. I was calling him Devante Swing for a good hour.😂