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Harry & Meghan


“All the stars were aligned, everything was just perfect”. ✨ 🇬🇧 Future Duke & Duchess of Sussex 🇺🇸

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#royalnews : It's finally been confirmed that a new feature film about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's relationship is being made by Lifetime Movies. The movie will be calling"Harry and Meghan: A Royal Love Story". I’m so excited about who’s going to play Meghan and Harry character!
We finally see Meghan with a Tiara before her wedding day. She’s a beautiful Homecoming Queen! Tags :  #meghanmarkle #princeharry #homecoming #tiara #london #royalwedding #duchessmeghan #dukeharry #britishroyalfamily #kensingtonpalace #celebrities #harrylovesmeghan
What Meghan Wore? Meghan wore a gorgeous outfit in black (we believe that she wore all black to support USA movement #timesup) for her first  engagement of the year in Brixton. Swipe to see what she wore.  Tags :  #meghanmarkle #princeharry #smythejackets #markandspencer #burberry #aritzia #sarahflint #maisonbirks #royalengagement #brixton #royalwedding #duchessmeghan #dukeharry #britishroyalfamily #kensingtonpalace #buckinghampalace #celebrities #fashionista #fashionicon #style #whatmeghanwore #harrylovesmeghan
#royalnews : More pictures of Meghan and Harry in Brixton
#royalnews : Meghan and Harry arrived at @reprezentradio in Brixton for their first engagement of the year. Swipe to see more Tags :  #meghanmarkle #princeharry #brixton #london #engaged #royalwedding #duchessofsussex #dukeofsussex #britishroyalfamily #kensingtonpalace #celebrities #harrylovesmeghan
We have some of predictions about what would happen in their Wedding and their life’s :  1.- Meghan’s dad will walk with her to the aisle 2.- Princess Charlotte will be flower girl and Prince George will be the page boy.  3.- Meghan will have two bridesmaids who will be her best friends 4.- The Obama’s will be invited  5.- The Middleton's will be invited 6.- Meghan's Dress will be simple for the weather with some small details and with a beautiful veil .  7.- Her hair will be down and she'll be wearing some tiara who belongs to the queen 8.- her Wedding flower will be roses  9.- The royal family will be smiling in joy because the last son of Diana and Charles get married 10.- Their wedding vows will be very unique and will describe how them love each other 11.- They will be a cute moment where they'll look at each other and smiling  12.- They will have a carriage ride publicly kissing and waving  13 .- Prince Harry or Meghan will not contain their emotions and tear up when they see each other. Harry specifically will shed a tear when Meghan walks down the aisle  14.- Their honeymoon will be in Africa (Botswana) or in Turks and Caicos so far away from the media 15.- Their first engagement as a married couple will be charity work around June or August. 16.- Invictus Games in Australia will also be their first royal tour. 17.- Around October or November they will announce their first pregnancy and it'll be a boy or maybe twins and their will not give him a royal name, will be a modern name 18.- Their will life HAPPILY EVER AFTER! Tags :  #meghanmarkle #princeharry #london #engaged #royalwedding #duchessmeghan #dukeharry #britishroyalfamily #kensingtonpalace #celebrities #harrylovesmeghan
#royalwedding : We know that the Royal Wedding will be have to many surprises and we decided to do a couple ideas about what the surprises will be:  1.- Who will take Meghan to the aisle :  A source who’s a close friend to Meghan told to a magazine that Meghan wants her mother Doria to walk her down the aisle, (because Meghan don’t have a good relationship with her father) the source said their big day will hold some "unconventional surprises”. 2.- Her Wedding Dress : Maybe Meghan will be wear something modern like a simple silk dress or maybe she will not wear a white dress!  3.- The Ceremony : Maybe the couple want something unconventional for the wedding like a symphony band who maybe play their favorites songs 4.- Meghan’s Dogs : We know that Meghan loves her dogs and she maybe will be part of her big day. 5.-The Wedding Reception : We know that the couple love the romantic views and the nature (because their falling in love in Botswana) , so we think that the reception will be in the garden of someone palace with a beautiful view , because their wedding will be in spring.
#royalwedding : According to The Daily Mail Meghan and Harry have hired London based party planners and caterers @tabletalk_events to assist with the wedding, specially for the evening reception. We know that the wedding will be in May (spring) so maybe will be see too many colors of flowers at the wedding , we don’t know where will be the reception but are so many rumors about that the wedding reception will be in Kensington Palace.
#royalnews : Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will visit @ReprezentRadio in Brixton on 9th January. • They will be see their work supporting young people through creative training in radio and broadcasting and learn more about their model of using music, radio and media for social impact. • This will be their second engagement as a couple and their first engagement of 2018. And so excited to see them together again since their first engagement in Nottingham, maybe they will be talking about their wedding plans and their relationship. Tags :  #meghanmarkle #princeharry #london #engaged #royalwedding #duchessmeghan #dukeharry #britishroyalfamily #kensingtonpalace #celebrities #harrylovesmeghan
#harrylovesmeghan : Thanks for your follows and your likes, you’re amazing guys! Next year will be the best year! 💕
Happy New Year! from @harrylovesmeghan 🍾 Thanks guys for your support, always remember be kind and humble! Next year will be the best year for the British Royal Family, we finally meet the new Baby Cambridge in April and the Royal Wedding of Meghan and Harry in may . 2018 you will be the best!  Tags  #meghanmarkle #princeharry #royalwedding #royalwedding2018 #happynewyear #engagement #engagementportraits #duchessmeghan #dukeharry #windsor #britishroyalfamily #kensingtonpalace #celebrities #harrylovesmeghan
#harrylovesmeghan : Definitely this years was their year and I’m sure that next year will be the best because is their wedding! Celebrating their love we make their best moments of the year! 1.- Celebrating Meghan’s birthday, getting a romantic trip to Botswana (they only been dating for 6 months) 2.- Their First no-official engagement in Invictus Games in Toronto 3.- Invictus Games closing ceremony in Toronto  4.- Engagement photocall in Kensington Palace Gardens.  5.- First oficial engagement as engaged couple in Nottingham.  6.- Queen annual Christmas launch party in U.K.  7.- Official engagement photoshoot in Frogmore House 8.- Their first Christmas Service with the Royal Family in Sandringham.
#royalstyle : Definitely this year was Meghan’s year, she get engaged with her true love and she spent her first christmas with the Royal Family and we know that the next year will be the best for her because is her Royal Wedding and maybe will we see a royal tour for the UK. And this’s the reason that we decided to make her best royal looks of the year:  1.- Invictus Games opening ceremony in Toronto. 2.- First no-oficial engagement at the Invictus Games in Toronto with Prince Harry. 3.- Invictus Games close ceremony un Toronto.  4.- Last filming day of “Suits” in Toronto before she moved to U.K. with Prince Harry  5.- Christmas shopping before her engagement announcement (apparently she was engaged)  6.- Engagement photocall in Kensington Palace Gardens.  7.- First oficial engagement as engaged couple in Nottingham.  8.- First Christmas Service with the Royal Family in Sandringham. Tags :  #meghanmarkle #princeharry #invictusgames #toronto #suits #rachelzane #engagement #kensigtonpalace #nottingham  #royalchristmas #sandringham #royalwedding #duchessmeghan #dukeharry #britishroyalfamily #celebrities #harrylovesmeghan
#royalnews : Prince Harry talk for BBC Radio 4 about Meghan first Christmas with the royal family.  The Prince said : "The family loved having her, There's always that family part of Christmas [where] always that work element there as well, and I think together we had an amazing time. We had great fun staying with my brother (Prince William) and my sister-in-law (Kate Middleton) and running round with the kids. Christmas was fantastic." The presenter asked the prince if there were any family traditions that had to be explained to Meghan. He said: "Oh plenty, think we've got one of the biggest families that I know of, and every family is complex as well. No look, she's done an absolutely amazing job. She's getting in there and it's the family I suppose that she's never had." I really want a picture of Meghan and Harry playing with Princess Charlotte and Prince George! Swipe to see the interview.
Today we celebrating 1 month of their engagement and this’s the reason we’ll remember their announcement in Kensington Palace’s Sunken Gardens.  Tags :  #meghanmarkle #princeharry #london #engaged #engagementring #royalwedding #duchessmeghan #dukeharry #britishroyalfamily #kensingtonpalace #celebrities #harrylovesmeghan
What Meghan Wore? Meghan wore a simple  outfit for her first Christmas Church Service in Sandringham. Editor Notes ✍🏽 So many of you guys has been asking what I think about Meghan’s look in Sandringham and this my opinion and I decided to make 5 things about that:  1.- Meghan needs a new stylist because she don’t know how dress Meghan for royal events  2.- If her stylist (apparently her friend Jessica) know that some people don’t like her you can try to make of her look like a fashionista because with the type of style that she gives her , the people more hate her  3.- The Hat : Why you put on her these type of hat , Meghan hat a small head and with that hat makes look like a nuts.  4.-The Coat : If your client is small you cant  put on her a coat so bigger for her height because that’s makes looks more smaller and please don’t tie the coat in that way because that makes look messy and put the coat on it the way it really is. 5.- The Boots : We know that Meghan have a skinny legs and for the reason she can’t wear high knee boots because they look weird and don’t fit well on her. Her stylist have to try to make her a new royal fashionista and maybe with that the people will loves her but dress her like she do the people more hate her and that’s not fair for her. Tags :  #meghanmarkle #princeharry #sentaler  #stuartweitzman #chloe #dentsgloves #christmas #sandringham #churchservice #royalwedding #duchessmeghan #dukeharry #britishroyalfamily #kensingtonpalace #buckinghampalace #celebrities #fashionista #fashionicon #style #whatmeghanwore #harrylovesmeghan
#royalnews : Meghan and Harry at her first Royal Church Service in Sandringham and we see the Fab Four together for the first time.
Merry Christmas from @harrylovesmeghan!🎄 we will talk what the royal family do por Christmas Eve! • 24 December : At the 15pm London time they just opening their presents on Christmas Eve! The Royal Family lay out their presents on trestle tables exchange their gifts at teatime. • At the 17pm : For people who have everything, The Royals tend to buy each other jokey things, Nothing so expensive. "All members of The Royal Family will receive Christmas presents from The Queen Elizabeth and she will personally hand out presents to some members of The Royal Household, Buckingham Palace and at Windsor Castle." • At 20pm : The Royal Family on Christmas Eve have a candle-lit dinner that’s served with the ladies wearing gowns and jewels and the men’s wearing black tie. It’s like a relatively formal affair. • 25 December : On Christmas morning they have a English Breakfast is served, before everyone attends the traditional church service at St Mary's Magdalene in Sandringham. We will see Meghan with all the royal family for the first time before the wedding.
What color of coat Meghan will be using for her first Royal Christmas Service in Sandringham? We made a couple ideas of what color she will choose.  Tags :  #meghanmarkle #princeharry #queenelizabeth #sandringham #royalchristmas #royalwedding #duchessmeghan #dukeharry #britishroyalfamily #kensingtonpalace #celebrities #harrylovesmeghan
What Meghan Wore? Meghan wore a gorgeous ball gown and a beautiful sweater for her Engagement Portrait in Frogmore House ,Windsor with her fiancé Prince Harry. Tags :  #meghanmarkle #princeharry #ralphandrusso #victoriabeckham #engaged #engagementphotos #royalwedding #duchessmeghan #dukeharry #britishroyalfamily #kensingtonpalace #buckinghampalace #celebrities #fashionista #fashionicon #style #whatmeghanwore #harrylovesmeghan
#royalnews : Official engagement portrait of Prince Harry and Meghan taken in Frogmore House , Windsor.  Photograph by : @alexilubomirski  How beautiful and in love their look each other!  Tags :  #meghanmarkle #princeharry #royalwedding #engagement #engagementportraits #duchessmeghan #dukeharry #windsor #britishroyalfamily #kensingtonpalace #celebrities #harrylovesmeghan