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Friendly reminder, that as Wednesday is a half day we don’t serve normal snack or meal. However we are still hard at work preparing tasty, wholesome meals alacarte such as today’s grilled sustainable fish with new potato, HK style pork chop rice, and vegan veggie and tofu with glass noodle. All are welcome.
Today’s warming pre-k snack macaroni, herbs and vegetables in warm broth.
Never to be forgotten, our snack subscribers and Pre-K students today are enjoying fresh whole grain cheesy garlic toast with organic, picked-fresh school-garden parsley and Hami Melon.
Chef Chris learned of Kedgeree as culinarily director bringing Pret A Manger to Asia. Pret prides itself on creativity and the kedgeree sandwich is a crowning jewel. Our school kedgeree (sustainable fish or vegan tofu in a baked curry rice)isn’t as avant garde, but still, using wholesome ingredients and carefully cooking offers this unique and warming lunch to ward of the winter chill.
🎵oh the weather outside is frightful..🎵 but hkaEATS is serving up warming bacon broccoli and vegan baked potato or curried fish ball and Chinese soup for lunch, so it’ll be ok.
Friendly reminder, school starts tomorrow along with all the delicious new school meals and snacks we are preparing. Don’t miss out on a tasty, wholesome, valuable service to give your students every advantage. Subscribe, order, and top up today at http://hkacademy.edu.hk/hkaEATS
We at hkaEATS have traveled the world cooking and eating with people from every background. Of one thing there is no doubt: we all have beauty and warmth to contribute to the recipe that is human flourishing. From all of us to all of you: Happy winter holidays and peace wherever the season may find you.
Chef Gary making Tofu Sauce
Staff winter gathering happy holidays.
Redesigned cream cheese spiral snacks, just one of the many bits of erg we put into your Pre-K and PS students snack. Winter menu and subscription available now.
The work progresses. #hkasecondary with their IDU and #hkaeats with today’s crumbed fish, char siu pork or miso eggplant lunch.
Today’s lunch: American Meatball Hero, or thai duck or vegan larb all with oven fries, miso roast pumpkin, soup, salad, juice, and G8 IDU In the background. #scoolmealsthatrock. #hkaidu2017 #hkasecondary #hka_g8idu17
Some of our unsung heroes of hkaEATS clockwise from middle left: May & Eileen, Koon and Lan, Roung & Irene, Hin and Michael, duck a’lorange & scallops or tofu with broccoli, Ann, tomorrow’s Angus roast beef being dressed.
Persimmons, pears, and puffed brown@rice with honey treats for this autumnal pre-k snack.
Two unsung heroes of hkaEATS: The pizza Friday not pizza choice, like today’s red curry 🦆, and the vibrant salad bar inclusive with all student meals.
By now you know that the canteen serves a full set meal with three delicious mains, sides, soup, salad and drink every day. But our other shining star is our UG cafe (exclusive to secondary students and all adults) serving a large variety of sandwiches, salads, hot dishes, pastry, and snacks, and following our high standard of safe, wholesome and tasty. Stop and say hi to Wendy any day from 🕢 to 🕞.
Boys day in with Chef Chris, Chef Gary and Chef Kakin manning the bar at #hkacommunityfair come say hi at UG Cafe
When the cats are away...apparently we “add oil” (HK slang). Today’s Wednesday menu: Roast beast over polenta, oven baked tonkatsu (Japanese curried pork cutlet), vegetarian ramen. Hard to believe some faculty still go to town for lunch. 😂
While the pre-k pancake snack looks lovely, the EP Garden is the star of this scene.
I’ve told you of our danish pork “char Siu” and our sustainable crumbed fish, but did you know we also try hard to cater to our growing vegan community with meals like our miso roast eggplant?
Pasta Monday (in Chef Chris’s home it was Thursday) is always a favourite. Today it’s spaghetti with MSC certified sustainable clams, beef with Korean style sweet potato noodles, or else vegan tofu and sweet potato noodles. NOM!