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Good morning! I’ve met so many awesome content creators this weekend! I don’t want it to end!!!
Our new style.
Just got 3 overalls for only $12 wtf!!! I’m so happy!!!! 😍
‪Today was my last day using antibiotic and steroid drops for my eyes and first day wearing make up after LASIK! My flaps have been healing well and I’m LOVING MY NEW 20/15 VISION!! ‬
When you find out our jacket is all torn up but @dxracer gives you a new one that lights up!!! 😊
This weekend has really helped me become more comfortable without make up. I worry sometimes that people have become way too judgmental these days but this weekend has reminded me that it’s your personality and the way you carry yourself that makes you beautiful!
Good morning, Vegas.
‪It’s only 1AM and I’m already tucked in bed trying to get warm like a burrito. Today was so busy filled with so many awesome things. I made so many new friends and I’m so happy to have been a part of this experience. I’m soooo looking forward to more!‬
‪Short stream from my hotel room so I can tell you guys HAPPY 4 YEARS!!!‬ ‪https://www.twitch.tv/UmiNoKaiju‬
‪Today is my 4 year sub button anniversary on Twitch! I also have this whole bed to myself!!! So thankful for these opportunities! Wish me luck tonight on my @ArenaofValor games! #ad ‬#vegas
‪I GOT LASIK EYE SURGERY! New vlog 😊 please subscribe if you like!!! Link in bio or: https://youtu.be/i_KrQO-OpMg
‪This will be my last tweet with -5.50 / -5.75 vision. I love you guys. Thanks for supporting me and changing my life. I’ll be able to see clearly without glasses for the first time in 14 years.‬
Mario Odyssey for the first time! Last stream before LASIK :( wish me luck. Come hang out with me before my eye surgery 💜  twitch.tv/uminokaiju
Isn’t getting a haircut one of the most refreshing things!?
It’s 35 degrees outside and I feel like I’m breathing in ice 😱
‪Going to eat some burgers with my family for New Years 🎆 last minute thing I’m sorry! Will stream right when I get home!!!!‬
2018 can be great if we make it great, so let’s do it 👊🏿🎆
Thank you for all the love 💜 Let’s make 2018 even better. #bestnine2017 #2017bestnine
Happy Saturday :) I took Jarvis to the dog park today, stepped in a huge pile of poop.. I have a couple videos to edit too. Going to try and rest with some Korean food and kdrama! What are you up to!?
“Wait guys, I’m almost ready to take more pictures!”
Sister love 💜