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HypeFactory ❀️ bloggers and tries to find fresh accounts to follow every day! πŸ‘‹  Here are 40 inspirational influencers that you definitely need to know about πŸ€— Great posts and cool pics! Feel the love! Foodies, lifestyle and beauty bloggers, fitness fanatics, interior designers, photographers, gamers, gig-goers and content creators — follow them right now and update your feed!  Let us know about your personal favorites in the comments below! πŸ’«  Share the love ❀️ Jo from HypeFactory πŸ”₯
Bloggers ❀ HypeFactory πŸ”₯  Model and influencer Vivi @vaidaprincess says: "Studying, modeling and blogging can take a lot of time, but with a little help from @hypefactory_com you can save lots of time and do great things instead". Press ❀ if you agree!  Jo from HypeFactory πŸ”₯
Sports luxe fashion blogger @lucy_jlove shares small talk with HypeFactory about blogger stuff 😍 βœ”οΈ The best bloggers memories  I think my best blogging memories are my first event in Manchester where I met some amazing brands and fellow bloggers and felt part of the community for the first time! Also being shortlisted as Best Fashion Blog in this year's Bloggers Blog Awards was a high point, and I've just secured a super exciting (secret) campaign for the end of the year which I can't wait to work on! βœ”οΈ The most difficult thing about blogging.  I think the most difficult thing about blogging is always believing in yourself and staying motivated. You get out of it what you put in but it can be hard to stay motivated all the time when you don't always see the results you want. βœ”οΈ Bloggers that inspire  So many bloggers inspire me! At the moment I'm drawing the most inspiration from Megan Ellaby and Chloe Plumstead — both girls are absolutely killing it and their content is my favorite to read! πŸ’—  Who else wants to have a little chat with us and tell everyone their story? Tell us who you are in the comments below and we could make your day by choosing you! 😍
Ding-dong! πŸ”” American blogger? Are you ready to be a part of a unique team? There's a fresh, new campaign at HypeFactory! Feel the ocean 🌬️ Embrace the vibe πŸ’« Live the Shaka Life!  @shakalifeofficial is inspired by a team of young, spirited design enthusiasts and their mission is to express the Shaka way —friendship, peace, compassion and solidarity — across a world that’s hungry for kindness and calmness.  Shaka Life brings this vision alive with unique, original island wear that spreads the Shaka vibe through color, shape, and authenticity. Every item is personally curated and hand-selected to create the perfect blend of style and spirit.  Are you in? Shaka Life is looking to create brand awareness. Preferably posts would be a photo on Instagram wearing one of products with the mention @shakalifeofficial and #shakalife in the description.  Go to HypeFactory and start earning with this campaign! Registration's free!  Jo from HypeFactory πŸ”₯
How do we all get into the Christmas spirit? πŸ’« Putting up the Christmas tree? πŸŽ„ Eating mince pies and drinking mulled wine? Buying garlands and wreaths? Maybe so, but what about getting into Chrimstmas spirit on Instagram? Let us know your suggestions in the comments below. 🀩  Think about personalised Christmas cards with @oh_squirrel! This account is super cute for anyone who loves creative handmade cards & gifts.  Make life a party! with @studiodiy — this account is a great way to get some kooky and colorful DIY gift ideas, decorations for your home and even junk food ideas!  Unusual giftwrap and ornament inspo is right here with @houselarsbuilt! Impress your friends and family with these unique ideas!  Get crafty with @makeandtellblog! From flowers to wall art, ice cream cones to calendars it's all there! Take a peek!  Find inspo, education and unleash your creative spirit with @britandco. ✨ What more could a girl ask for?  Jo from HypeFactory πŸ”₯ #hypefactorycom
Tip of the day: Know your competition!  It's defiintely important to know about the same kind of accounts in your own industry. Learn who your competitors are or potential future partners! πŸ”Έ Who are the big players and the influencers? πŸ”Έ What's their style? πŸ”Έ What do/don't you like about them?  Hey and it doesn't hurt to press ❀️! Jo from HypeFactory πŸ”₯ Know more by visiting our Blogger Academy! #hypefactorycom
Fashion, Lifestyle, and Travel blogger @emma_russell28 tells HypeFactory all about her best blogging app and bloggers that inspire her! πŸ’« βž• Best blogging app My favorite blogging app would have to be Instagram as I find there is a larger audience to reach out to and to edit would have to be Facetune works just like a camera its amazing for tweaking pictures before uploading. βž• Best blogging hate Biggest blogging hate is when other bloggers will diss other blogger material just to enhance their own popularity. I'm all for everyone doing well and making a success. βž• Bloggers who inspire Bloggers who inspire me would have to be @hollyboon @sarahashcroft @daiseyodonell as they are all gorgeous and constantly upload inspiring vids/quotes. They also have excellent style.  Who wants to shout out about their success? Tell us who you in the comments below and you could be next! 😍  Jo from HypeFactory πŸ”₯
Word up! We know an awesome way for you to make money πŸ’° with HypeFactory! Just click on Blogger Academy on our website! Here 3 easy steps to start earning! πŸ‘Œ  1. Send your Proposal  2. Approval of your awesome content 3. Create your post and send  It couldn't be easier! Read more on HypeFactory πŸ”₯ Blogger Academy!
Say Hey! to HypeFactory, you lovely bloggers! πŸ‘‹  Here are influencers that you should follow right now πŸ€— Lifestyle bloggers, beauty bloggers, and content creators — and that's just a snapshot of some of the great bloggers that we love!  We manage to find new and interesting Instagram accounts every day.  Help us by telling us about your faves in the comments below! πŸ’«  Share the love people ❀️ Jo from HypeFactory πŸ”₯
Hey, why the sad face? πŸ˜’ Cheer up! It's time for the new HypeFactory campaign about a fresh, new take on contemporary fashion! πŸ’«  The Sad Society is a bold, unapologetic, street-ready source for clothing to complement your look and your lifestyle. Their current style includes much-loved crop tops, tees and hoodies and they celebrate clothing that not only allows you to express your individual style, but that seamlessly complements your lifestyle too!  Join the Sad Society Sad Club on HypeFactory today! Registration's free 🌟 That will cheer you up! 😁
Tips for bloggers by @gabrielapitangaofficial. Press ❀ and have a read!  Gabriela Pitanga is a fashion blogger based in London and she loves fashion, make-up and entertainment. "I think for the ones starting out on a blog now, it’s important to have good quality images, show your identity and know your audience" — says Gabriela.  What is the secret to your success? Share your wisdom with us in the comments below!  Jo from HypeFactory πŸ”₯
Hype Factory think day and night about which bloggers to follow! For you, maybe it takes less time?! Press ❀ and subscribe to see inspirational bloggers. πŸ”Έ@bibastrend Habiba is a stylist & model. She writes a style diary and loves fashion. Habina is always looking for new ways to improve her personal style and create new combinations. Wow! We Love it! πŸ”Έ@idontcrampmystyle Anna Lysik loves interior & fashion style. She is Cosmopolitan Awards Finalist and Interior Designer from Manchester. Check out her her blog and new video on Youtube. πŸ”Έ@tiffanytalesxo Beauty & lifestyle blogger is a self-confessed beauty addict, occasional globetrotter, fashion lover and unashamed foodie. Cool AF! Check it now. "Just follow" is our regular feature where we talk about inspirational bloggers! Tag your #bloggerfriends in the comments below and we can feature them next time!  Jo from HypeFactory πŸ”₯
We are giving away money for Christmas! πŸŽ„Yayyy! It’s time for some Christmas related fun for you, our fabulous bloggers! πŸŽ‰  December is the time to reflect on the past year, so we have prepared something fun for you guys. Check out the 10 facts about HypeFactory below, 8 of them are true and 2 are false. Spot the false ones and everyone who gets them right gets 500 HypeCredits! HypeCredits are our online currency. You can spend them on growing your followers and increasing your engagement numbers. What a great Christmas present to yourself! (and pretty useful too!) πŸ‘»  Okay, here we go:  1. 22 198 bloggers registered on HypeFactory.com in 2017.  2. Our headquarters are in London.  3. One of the bloggers that signed up for HypeFactory.com made over £3000 in one month by collaborating with some hot campaigns on the website. πŸ’·  4. We send roses to every blogger that signs up for HypeFactory.  5. Bloggers make 25% more money, on average, after completing one of the HypeFactory Academy courses.  6. Registration to HypeFactory.com is 100% free. ✏  7. We just launched an Instagram Secrets to Success course on Bloggers Academy and are launching another hot course soon, with Nakita Johnson.  8. We truly love social media and not only can you follow HypeFactory on Instagram, but also on Twitter and Facebook.  9. At HypeFactory we are always looking to interview fresh, up and coming bloggers. DM us if you’re interested πŸ˜‰ We want to try out video interviews in December!  10. We have a small dinosaur in our office because, well, because he’s just soooo cute!
Do you know that feeling? Press ❀ if you do! -------------------------------------- Do you want to start earning money by working with big brands? HypeFactory connects influencers and brands for paid collabs. Registration is free and once you’re signed up you can contact awesome brands directly. Set your own fees and get earning! πŸ”₯
HypeFactory πŸ”₯ Grow your audience πŸ‘©‍ If you want to grow Instagram followers — connect to HypeFactory Blogger Academy! You can find free online courses for bloggers! 🌟  All you have to do is πŸ”Έ Create an account by signing up as a creator — you only need 1000 followers to do it. πŸ”Έ Complete your profile! Start learning in HypeFactory Academy! Tell us how you good you are! πŸ”Έ And you can use the Audience Grow section to shoutout to other influencers and grow your account organically. Pretty impressive stuff!  Try it at HypeFactory! Registration's free!
You love music, right? Press ❀ if you do!  HypeFactory is super excited to tell you about our new music campaign!  Enhanced Music is an independent, UK-based electronic dance music record label home to artists such as; Tritonal, BRKLYN, Sj, Madison Mars, Noah Neiman, Disco Fries & many more.  Enhanced Music has sold out shows across the globe, from Ibiza to Indonesia, England to Australia, India to Denmark and many more. Cool asπŸ‘Œ  Do you have any fresh ideas you want to share with them? @enhanced_music Music is looking for some killer influencers to help promote one of their new artist's releases by using the track in their content!  You don't want to miss this! All you have to do is go to @hypefactory_com! Registration is Free!  What are you waiting for? Jo from HypeFactory πŸ”₯
Blogger Marija Nakova @nakovmarija would love to work with @zara, @tommyhilfiger and @maccosmetics 😍 Makes sense really — she is a cool girl with a fresh, urban style and she loves makeup!  Tell us about the brands that you want to work with that suit your style? Tell us in the comments below! πŸ‘‡  Join us to see who you can collabe with at our Marketplace! ⚑️ You never know —  it could be just perfect for you!  Jo from HypeFactory πŸ”₯ --------------------------------------------Are you a blogger looking to grow your channel and work with major brands? We're HypeFactory — a community that connects bloggers and brands. We set you up with big names to create quality content, grow your audience and start earning πŸ’Έ Sign up on our website as a creator to get started now! Or, if you’re a brand who wants to promote your work through influencers sign up as a brand.
Meet Maria —  a lovely part of the HypeFactory.com teamπŸ‘‹ "Maria — It’s my job to work with our bloggers: getting them signed up to the HypeFactory site, solving their problems  and generally keeping in touch. The HypeFactory bloggers are like my kids! I’m always looking out for them" ☺️ Do you love HypeFactory? Press ❀️ if you do!
Heyyyy! Instagram gallery making you all sick?! πŸ‘ It's time to think about how hot or cold your pics are!  Have a look at some other cool Instagram accounts. Put like ❀ and read.  So, we suggest one of the first things you should pay attention to when you create your gallery is the temperature of your pictures.  What mood do you wanna create? Are they warm or cold? Do they have a yellow undertone or a blue?  We're talking about mood and tone — You can choose the temperature of Instagram photos by using photo editors on your phone πŸ‘Œ  Lets think about our own galleries and see... 1.  Write "join" into the comments below 2.  Then give feedback on 1-3 accounts and answer on the question — What temperature is their Instagram gallery: warm, cold or a mixture? How does it feel?  Have you decided on what mood and tone you want to go with? Hot or cold? Hot or cold? πŸ’Š  Jo from HypeFactory πŸ”₯ Photos by lovely bloggers πŸ’•
Bloggers loving ❀ HypeFactory πŸ”₯  Blogger @s1doff1cial says: "It's incredible! If you want to make money at your home follow @hypefactory_com". So, let me tell you, we have this special online feature on our website where creators pay other bloggers to promote their content using HypeCredits?  What are HypeCredits, you ask?  HypeCredits are our online currency — you can earn them by collaborating with other bloggers or by promoting HypeFactory online.  Press ❀️ to launch your own campaigns on HypeFactory.com πŸ”₯ It's super easy!
Pink obsessed Disney-lover 🏰 wannabe Princess, 🌷Emilly Rose @awhimsicalrose, talks about her blogging and inspo.  Double tap πŸ’– πŸ”Έ How did your blog get started? — I started my first blog when I was just seven! And have had several over the years but A Whimsical Rose began when I really missed having a creative outlet after I begin a job in finance! πŸ”Έ What's the most difficult thing about blogging? — Blogging is definitely a big time commitment and blogging part-time can be hard sometimes! I always have a long to-do list but I do it because I love it and the comments I get make me smile every day!πŸ”Έ What inspires you? —  I’m inspired by other people’s content and the world around me! I work in London which is such a busy city that there is always something new and interesting that catches my eye! (And lots of pretty pink Instagram backgrounds!) My content is very pink so I am also inspired by other pink bloggers such as @freyasfairytale & @catherine.mw πŸ”Έ Which bloggers do you love? —  I love so many bloggers but my long-time blog crushes are @inthefrow, @whatoliviadid and @lydiaelisemillen. They all combine incredible photography with... Who wants to tell us their story? Tell us who you are in the comments below and we might just choose you! 😍  Jo from HypeFactory πŸ”₯