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Rednaught Mitra


The World will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything. 🔸sustainability 🔸survival 🔸symbiosis

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That's a wrap for the night. I kind of look like a transvestite. And, I'm oddly okay with that. #strawberrytart 🍓
The Dichotomy
🦋And there she was, a Papillon in the window, gazing out on puddles and bums, on the grottiest of days on the grottiest of streets. She beamed when she saw Orso, hand and lip signing with an effusive grace. To which I responded in kind. My appreciation permeating through the finger-pawed glass. I pulled out my camera and asked if she would mind, to which she tilted her head and gave me the thousand yard, sapphire gaze that had been honed and won and broken hearts from coast to coast. This is The Queen amongst Queens. Beauty may be subjective but grace is absolute.  #starbucks, I believe I may have found your new poster child. 🦋 Her name, I found out, is Oliv. #courage #beauty #individuality #capturingbutterflies
Looking for Smeagol
Earth Day Every Day #oneheart #allone
Goodnight #everythingeveryone
First time trying this sweet little move. Fight Rehearsals. Day 1. 🙅🏻 #ninjaelf
Singh Shady  #legalize it #420
let it go kiss the sky
With 24 hours notice, the softly spoken Ethiopian man scooped us up in his big black car and ushered us across the border. None of us too wise as to what the other side will hold. Myself and this little bandit en route to a very silly adventure, indeed. #bonnieandclyde #trueromance #partnerincrime
We went looking for his ears....no joy. Still the happiest bunny in the woods 🐰....(Sans ears) (wankers) #sohandsome #lovernotafighter
Trees 'n' pups 'n' Trees 'n' pups
Look who decided to join us on Easter Sunday. Went downstairs around 6.15am to find no guardian on the nest and no sign of a white shell. My heart plummeted. I thought a seagull may have taken my wee houseguests. I crept up slowly and on further inspection found these two brand new naked, baby aliens in their pod. Not even a mouth open yet. They hatched overnight. Managed to sneak this shot even though I'm a bit of a midget and the nest is just above my head. Within seconds Mama was zipping and zapping around me, warning me off. Could have sworn I saw fire come out of her tiny bill. Happy Easter, everyone. #babydinosaurs #thewrathofthetiny
Beautifully told story of a young Kazakh Nomad girl and her quest to break through a centuries-old gender barrier.  Incredible drone shots and cinematography.  @TheEagleHuntress - lovely work by #ottobell. Inspiring all round. #eaglehuntress 🦅
I so want to know the story behind this impeccable setup I came across on my evening stroll. Every moment amplified through the eye of a lens... walk+dog+camera = Holy Trinity
Replace Fear With Fascination 'Dust to Water' @mattdraperphotography  @thelostexplorer  Humans with Humility Thank you, lovely gentlemen... #exploration #connection #conservation
'I had a farm...in my back yard...' #karenwho?
Lost Explorers
Our fearless leader @nedbenson #safarinights Happy Birthday, Legend!
Oh, the cunning disguise.... #safari
Kittens and Cats  #love #safari