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The World will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything. 🔸sustainability 🔸survival 🔸symbiosis

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#repost @rhinosinafrica  Please share this post. ・・・ OUR worst nightmare has been realized. An armed attack on a Rhino orphanage. The guard and carers were beaten, assaulted and tied up. Two of the rescued baby Rhino were hacked to death their, tiny horns removed. A hideous violent attack on the most vulnerable animals and on volunteers. Please demand international condemnation towards the South African government who has failed to offer protection to its wildlife and its citizens. We seek international condemnation too for the countries that use these products. China and Vietnam its time to speak out. When the buying stops the killing can too. RIP #gugu and #impy  Image Credit unknown artist of such a powerful piece, with gratitude.
never look back  #leicaq
It always comes back to this.  #littlewinterfatties  #leicaq
I find magic in your melancholy  #leicaq
☁️ #leicaq
fact 🐿
Little immigrant 📷- @bryanadams
😝 #leicaq
❤️ you Jason Weinberg. Even though Im the scruffiest duckling in your nest, I try to do my best. Sometimes even do my hair and stuff. They broke the mould. You are so very loved. Happy Birthday @jwuntitled 🎈
Aspiration Vs Accusation  #leicaq
Urban Wildlife  #leicaq
NYC's understudy  #leicaq
Boxing Snowman
Lion Time  @mysticmamma ・・・ *FULL MOON* Lunar Eclipse in LEO comes roaring from the depths reminding us of our inner Leonine wisdom, and the power we hold in each present moment that we chose to stand courageously in our truth. The wise Sarah Varcas shares: “This lunar event reminds us that we are our own destiny, even as life takes us forever by surprise…At this eclipse we can glimpse our true self, brighter than the Sun, deeper than the deepest sea, both light and dark, full and empty, mundane and divine. We have all heard it a thousand times and more: life only happens in the now. Not back then or in some future time but now, in this visceral immediate moment of consciousness, the only place we can ever reside. This lunar eclipse in Leo reminds us that the now is also eternity and history combined: an alchemical blend of past, present and future, distilled into a micro-second of existence in which we have the power to act, choose and become." Pat Liles says, "Uranus’ extended passage through Eris’ territory is igniting issues of intolerable social injustice and most everyone is standing in front of the fire of change in their lives. Yes, there’s some long-standing emotional outrage surfacing; that’s how Eris rolls. She’s the ‘spiritual warrior’ and likes to bring eyes out of the clouds and focus them on just what’s going on in the physical realms…The sacred geometry in the Full Moon Leo eclipse chart is rampant! A Grand Trine in Fire inspiring our creativity, A Finger of God to guide and heal, and a Grand Square in cardinal signs with Uranus/Eris, Pluto, and Jupiter forming a T-Square and Vesta completing the final leg...there’s good reason to go inside and listen to the truth of your inner guidance. The structures within are in need of radical change. Your inner priestess/priest is your best guide.” Full download 𒐁 mysticmamma.com ART by #mysticmamma
When you realize your whole life has been a dress rehearsal.
Comfortably numb
Calling Michelle Obama 🌬  Come on, Mama! Your cape and helmet await you. @michelleobama44
Squashed in cars with sleeping gnomes and jolly bearded giants 🎥 @thekevindurand
Loves a stick  #leicaq