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Photo by @shaistadeen Photographer Shaista Deen (@shaistadeen) is giving the world the role model she wanted. “Growing up in Trinidad and Tobago, I never saw any female hijabi photographers,” says the 22-year-old great-great-granddaughter of Indian immigrants. At age 14, she saved up for her first camera. With a bedroom desk lamp as her studio light and a stack of books as a tripod, she captured what was closest: her friends, her family and herself. “I was very different with regards to the way I saw myself back then,” she remembers. “I was depressed for a period of time as a teenager. Photography was one of the main things that helped me out of that. I was extremely insecure about myself, pessimistic and doubted my abilities a lot. After I was able to get past all of that, I wanted to help others do the same.” Now, she’s a university student (and freelance photographer) living in the UK, but Shaista misses her homeland — and the Caribbean sun. “I love my little island and I’m proud of where I’m from,” she says. Watch today’s story to learn more about Shaista.
Video by @cshimala Sliding into your feed like 🍕. #whpmoveit
Photo by @ibnuwijayakusuma All it took was a couple of friends and a sunny backdrop for Ibnu Wijaya Kusuma (@ibnuwijayakusuma) to create this #whpmoveit submission.
Photo by @tobrook “What if dancers would be allowed on a soccer field?” asks photographer Eric Gagnon (@tobrook). “I think we could see some impressive moves!” ⚽️ Follow along to see more of our favorites from last weekend’s hashtag project, #whpmoveit.
“Glitter against gloom” is how Indian fashion designer Ashish Gupta (@ashish) describes his colorful, sequined clothes. “Growing up in New Delhi, I always admired my mum’s silk saris and her collection of shoes,” says Ashish. “She had such great taste. It really made me appreciate fabrics and colors, and want to make beautiful outfits — I couldn’t imagine a more glamorous way of living.” After moving to London more than 20 years ago to complete a degree in fashion at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design — and once having his entire portfolio of work stolen at a train station in Paris — Ashish first showed his collection at the 2004 London Fashion Week. He hasn’t stopped creating his “understated overstatement” designs since. “It feels scary, exciting, familiar, moving and inspiring,” says Ashish of showing at #lfw. “I never get used to it - every show feels as intense as the first time.” Watch our story to go behind the scenes with Ashish at his show in London. ✨
Featured photo of @diavolo_la by @loewe7 Weekend Hashtag Project: #whpmoveit Inspired by the Winter Olympics, this weekend’s goal is to create photos and videos celebrating the power of movement, as in this featured photo by Thai Haong (@loewe7). You don’t have to be an athlete to capture the everyday action around you, like a spontaneous trampoline session or a daily run through the park. Keep an eye out for repeating shapes or colorful backdrops to elevate your images. Play with different viewpoints to maximize energy. Make us feel the drama with intense expressions and extreme angles, like an unexpected selfie during an exhilarating cheerleading practice. Use creative tools like slow-motion or time-lapse to add another layer of depth to your submission. Capture the blur from a crashing wave while surfing or a freeze frame of a mid-air jump in order to transport us into the action. PROJECT RULES: Please add the #whpmoveit hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week.
For American ice dancers Maia and Alex Shibutani (@shibsibs), their family bond is their greatest strength. “Skating with a sibling is unique,” says 23-year-old Maia (@maiashibutani). “But we’ve always gotten along well. Alex is an awesome big brother and now that we’re on the same team, we treat each other like equals. It’s a huge strength for us to know that we support each other unconditionally.” Competing in their second Winter Olympics, in #pyeongchang2018, Maia and Alex are no strangers to success in ice dancing, a ballroom dancing-influenced form of figure skating: They are three-time world medalists and two-time U.S. champions in their sport. And earlier this week, they won bronze in the team figure skating event. But being Olympic athletes — together — is their greatest triumph. “Our bond extends beyond our skating together as a team,” says 26-year-old Alex (@alexshibutani). “We’ll be best friends for the rest of our lives.” 🇺🇸 Lace up your skates and watch our story to join Maia and Alex as they prepare for the Winter Olympics (@olympics), which are taking place in Pyeongchang, South Korea, February 9-25. Keep tuning in as we spotlight competing athletes from around the world.
Photo by @susanne.decochiffon Singaporean author and chef Susanne Ng (@susanne.decochiffon) brings a scientific approach to her cute and colorful chiffon cakes. “Baking is very precise, like research,” says Susanne who holds a PhD in biomedical engineering. “Conducting experiments comes as second nature to me, and I have brought my love for experiments into the kitchen.” For #lunarnewyear in Singapore, Susanne gathers with her extended family to celebrate. “It’s a time of reunion,” she says. Watch our story to see how Susanne crafted this zodiac cake for the holiday.
Photo by @lilfrankies A staple of NYC’s East Village neighborhood, Lil’ Frankie’s (@lilfrankies) is home to lots of love stories. 🍕❤️ “I can’t think of anything more special than someone taking the time to write me an email about how they fell in love over one of my pizzas or pastas,” says chef and restaurant owner Frank Prisinzano (@frankprisinzano), who regularly treats couples who met at one of his restaurants to a free dinner, and the Instagram community to his cooking tutorials. “I love to feed people and teach them how to cook. That’s my calling, I guess!” We’re heading into the kitchen to celebrate #valentinesday with Chef Frank. Check out our story to get in on the love.
Photo by @topangacreek Athletes on a California trail came together to form a heart for #whpwithlove. “Often mountain bikers and hikers are at odds,” says Chris Kelly (@topangacreek), the owner of an adventure bicycle shop and organizer of weekly rides, “so I really liked that we made this heart together.”
Photo by @nathalie.gertz Matching hair, matching hearts. ❤️ #whpwithlove
Video by @cobythecat “This video shows my softer side,” writes Coby (@cobythecat), a 2-year-old British shorthair cat. “I’m known to get a little sassy and strut my stuff. But behind all the fluff, I’ve got a big heart and lots of love to give.” 🌹 Follow along to see more of our favorites from last weekend’s hashtag project, #whpwithlove.
Photo by @lenkabanby A serene moment in the snowy Czech Republic for #whpwithlove.
Photo by @gboxrkw Love is in the air — and in the mechanic’s shop. “As we all know, love refers to a feeling of strong attraction and emotional attachment,” writes Govind Raikwar (@gboxrkw) in his caption. “Here is another such example of love, and it’s not with a living thing but with this mean machine.” 🏍💗 #whpwithlove
Photo by @mepicalaetiqueta From the handmade masks to the sweetly sleeping faces, we’re head over heels for this scene in Spain. Follow along to see more of our favorites from last weekend’s hashtag project, #whpwithlove.
These days, American model Jasmine Sanders (@golden_barbie) might feel like she lives on an airplane, but the constant hustle is worth it to be at New York Fashion Week. “I love coming to New York because it kicks off an amazing month of traveling the world with great people and seeing all the new, fun and creative designs in the upcoming season,” says Jasmine. Before she jets off for the next fashion show, you’ll find Jasmine enjoying a classic New York experience — pizza. “I have to get pizza every time I’m in the city!” 🍕 From fittings to parties to the runway shows, watch our story today to take in #nyfw through Jasmine’s eyes.
Photo by @paulthecorgi Paul the Corgi (@paulthecorgi): “Who’s a good boy? ... I’m a good boy. 😌” “Paul is a very good sport when it comes to humoring my random, silly ideas,” says Cynthia, Paul’s human, who used a treat to coax her corgi into looking at the mirror. #theweekoninstagram
Photo by @johnny777 A larger-than-life gnome figure, with his hat stretching to the sky like a flower, watches over an office complex’s garden in Tokyo, where photographer Ryoji Iwata (@johnny777) waited patiently to capture the perfect photo. “This gnome made the normal street scene feel surreal,” he says. #theweekoninstagram
Photo by @hamidrezaamiri_ Sorry snow. You won’t stop these soccer stars in Iran. ⚽ #theweekoninstagram
Featured video by @shibainu.berry Weekend Hashtag Project: #whpwithlove Love is in the air. 💘 In honor of Valentine’s Day, celebrated around the world on February 14, the goal this weekend is to create photos and videos showing how love inspires you, as in this featured video from @shibainu.berry. Come together to connect with loved ones. (Humans and furry friends alike!) If you can’t be with them IRL, find a creative way to include them with a printed photo, drawing or meaningful memento. Do you show your love with gifts? We want to see the handmade crafts and heart-shaped treats you share this time of year. Capture what you love to do. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, going for a bike ride or starting an impromptu dance party, celebrate the big and small moments with friends, both new and old. Be sure to follow the #whpwithlove hashtag to see what the community is creating. PROJECT RULES: Please add the #whpwithlove hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week.
Photo of @alexiahentsch by @gabmendss “I do something in the line between fashion and costume,” explains Alexia Hentsch (@alexiahentsch). The costume designer splits her time between London and Rio de Janeiro, where she was born. For the past two years, she has created custom pieces for Rio’s Carnival celebrations. “I love Carnival. I think it’s difficult not to,” says Alexia. “It’s a celebration of joy, which doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world on such a large scale. The whole country has checked out to go to a party. It’s kind of nuts.” Watch our Instagram story now to see more of Alexia’s Carnival costume creations.