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With or without her shades,  @rolondalarae will come for anyone and @kevinhart4real is no different 😎 Watch us talk more about cheating on You're Gonna Regret This by visiting ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in bio)
When you give your man one last chance, but he's over it 😒 Let it out sis. Visit ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in bio) for my webshows, interviews, & event coverage!
If you're focused on your Plan A, DON'T let naysayers convince you otherwise! Backup plans are when you've exhausted all your options. Watch the full episode of Get Your Life by visiting ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in bio)
The actual promo is MUCH better, dont you think @rolondalarae? On the new episode of You're Gonna Regret This, we talk about @kevinhart4real 's recent scandal and dating a cheater. Can you guess which one of us has been cheated on & which has done some cheating? Probably isn't hard to figure out πŸ˜‚ Tomorrow at 8pm, be there!
Of course we dont have bloopers from You're Gonna Regret This. How could you possibly think that? A little fun with @rolondalarae πŸ˜‚ Actual promo drops tomorrow! Visit ItsDiandraMarie.com in the meantime (link in bio)
Mama said knock you out!
"Deep listening can show someone true love" - Courtney. There is so much negativity out there, let's LISTEN to one another so we can understand. Watch my coverage of the Mad Liberation music festival by clicking the link in my bio!
When your girl starting arguments for no reason πŸ˜‘ Let her know wassup!
"Getcho a-- up and be inspired!" -Kendrick Lamar. Reignite your fire πŸ”₯ instead of being a Naysayer. Watch the full episode of Get Your Life by visiting ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in  bio)
New business cards πŸ”₯πŸ˜ƒ
Making money moves w. @ampl1phi || New content in the works for ItsDiandraMarie.com ; Stay tuned πŸ‘€
Check out the new episode Get Your Life tomorrow at 8pm! Topic is Naysayers. Keep that negative energy over there πŸ™…πŸΎ‍♀️Watch previous episodes of Get Your Life by visiting ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in bio)
When God keeps the blessings coming & reminds you who you are. Follow me on Twitter for more of my thoughts & annoying-ness (@ItsDiandraMarie)
So do you wanna come in...or nah?
My childhood friend & co-creator of Mad Liberation, @afrolombian has a few choice words for those that couldn't make it this year. See how I go about camping at @madlibfest by visiting ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in bio)
Even after work, I work. Being tired and frustrated never stops the vision.
To throw salt on the wounds of our shade to Taylor Swift, @rolondalarae and I wanted to spend time dancing to Famous by Ye. Watch all of our shady-ness on You're Gonna Regret This by visiting ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in bio)
Thank you to everyone participated in yesterday's Positive To Be Honest by liking my post. I hope you were able to feel the positive energy in your DM! Stay tuned for the next one & keep your head up 😁
Oh, did I forget to mention that I survived a thunderstorm at @madlibfest? Here's a peek of the music & good vibes in the storm/rain. Watch the full video of coverage by visiting ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in bio)!
All we need is ❀ | Swipe left; βœ‚οΈ: @cutbyzane_twcbs
My coverage of @madlibfest will drop tomorrow at 3pm EST. It was one of the dopest experiences of my life. Check out this clip to see SOME of what you missed! It will be available on ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in bio), so visit and subscribe 😊