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Media Personality Web show creator Podcast Producer (@GentlemansPodcast) Don't believe me? Just WATCH:

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I mean, it doesn't seem @taylorswift took an actual stance with the Alt-Right who apparently feel she's their goddess. Does that mean she's rolling with the wypipo? Idk, to me it sounds backwards. Watch the new episode of You're Gonna Regret This by visiting ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in bio)
On the new episode of You're Gonna Regret This, @rolondalarae decides to go for Round 2 against Miss. Swift [again]. Apparently the Alt-right stands by her, but does she stand by them? This leads to us talking about how some of Y'ALL don't take a stance and play both sides of the fence 🙄 Make sure you tune in TONIGHT at 8pm on ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in bio). We'll be there, will you?
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If you are living on a budget, Tip ✌🏾 is: don't try to keep up with your friends who are constantly spending their money. Sorry boo, but you are literally NOT about that life. Hopefully you have loyal friends like @dr.jameison_muva ✊🏾 One cup is better than no cups, right?  Watch the full episode of Diandra Marie's 5 Quick Tips for Living On A Budget by visiting ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in bio)
Boss up with your time dawg. Stop getting distracted with things/people who aren't getting you closer to your goals or giving you joy.
Ever been ready to ball out and check our account and it's in the negatives? Yikes! We've all been there, but let me help you out by giving you tips on how to live on a budget. Watch the full episode of Diandra Marie's 5 Quick Tips on Living On A Budget by visiting ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in bio)
As you can see, I push everyone to their full potential 😂 Can you guess what the new 5 Quick Tips are about based on this blooper?  A) Going to the club B) Making quick money C) Living on a budget  Comment below! Get ready for a brand new episode of Diandra Marie's 5 Quick Tips tomorrow at 8pm. Watch previous episodes on ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in bio)
Do your best and stay positive. Tomorrow is another day and things ALWAYS work themselves out.
And if all of my other content isn't enough for you, I also conduct interviews like this one with Edara "Baby G" (@edarababyg). Here she empowers other women by telling us to just DO it! You know she had me at "don't be scurred" 😂  Interested in the full interview? You can catch it at ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in bio). If you found yourself liking a few of my videos, please SUBSCRIBE to my website and you'll be the first to know when I post new episodes and updated with what I'm working on!
Want to see more of me outside of my web shows? I also cover events like the Mad Liberation Festival (@madlibfest)! Here, I talk to Vinnie from @SelfLoveVegan about how he tricks our brains into thinking his amazing vegan food is meat. I have to admit, he definitely sold me on the Crispy Tenders. I can't say I'm too sure about co-signing "go vegan" though 🙃  There's way more to this EPIC event. Check out the full video of the Mad Liberation Festival by visiting ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in bio)
It's getting chilly out. Don't you want to know what to watch on Netflix? Well, @ampl1phi and I got you covered on Netflix & Chill! In this clip I learn that Stranger Things is literally a show about strange things 🤷🏾‍♀️ He gives it a 5/5, what do you rate it?  If you like what you're seeing, watch the full episode of Netflix and Chill by visiting ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in bio)
Need quick and simple tips to get by in your day-to-day life? Well, I've got you covered on that front too with Diandra Marie's 5 Quick Tips. The debut episode is on working with people you DON'T like. New episode this Thursday @ 8pm!  Want to watch the full episode? Visit ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in bio)
Like talking about pop culture & life experiences with your friends? Then I'm sure you'll love You're Gonna Regret This. My best friend @rolondalarae and I talk celebrities, play games, & drop some gems for you. Speaking of gems, this clip is FULL of them! Get your love on 😍💞 Want to watch more You're Gonna Regret This? Visit ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in bio)
Need someone to tell you to Get Your Life [together]? Look no further! On my web show Get Your Life, I put an aspect of your life on blast so you can get it together. The topic for the latest episode is Bandwagoners because no one wants fake support in 2017 🙄  If you enjoy this clip, watch the full episode by visiting ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in bio)!
Since I get the feeling people arent completely sure what I do, allow me to re-introduce myself: My name is Diandra Marie. I am a Media Personality, Web Show Creator, Blogger, & I produce a lifestyle/business podcast "The Life Of A Gentleman" (@gentlemanspodcast). I create content that focuses on lifestyle & pop culture (lifeculture?). Today I will be posting videos of my content so you can get a feel for what I do. If you can't wait until then, visit ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in bio)  Oh yeah, when you see that logo in the bottom right corner, know that's me 💁🏾‍♀️ 📸: @schekinah  Edited by: @vee_alexis
Love; I dont get enough of it - Hov
Make sure you come out today to audition for The 'Sis' Talk! Open casting calls TODAY in Teaneck, NJ.  For more details, visit ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in bio)
Switched up my usual haircut day--because The 'Sis' Talk auditions are tomorrow! My guy @cutbyzane_twcbs keeps me 🔥 as always.
Special thanks to all of the beautiful people who allowed me to share some positive words with them! If you ever need a pick me up, make sure you participate in my Positive "To Be Honest" next time I post 😊✊🏾
Not into watching Stranger Things, Big Mouth, OR American Vandal? It's all good because me and @ampl1phi still got you covered with Atypical! I literally watched the entire season in one night. Want to hear more of our reviews/recommendations on Netflix & Chill? Visit ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in bio)
With all the drama and hate happening in the world, make it a point to HOLD ON to the things/people you love. @rolondalarae and I arent saying it's a cake walk, but it helps you maintain and remain positive in such negative circumstances. Who else is on team love?  Watch the full episode of You're Gonna Regret This by visiting ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in bio)