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Where Pop Culture & Lifestyle Meet Black Girl Magic πŸ’« Media Personality πŸŽ™οΈ Web show creator πŸ“πŸŽ₯ Don't believe me? Just WATCH:

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Haters gonna say my eyelashes are fake/filter πŸ™„ Get Your Life! Don't let hate and negativity make you forget how πŸ”₯ you really are. Support ya girl and subscribe to ItsDiandraMarie.com to receive lit updates from me and new web show episodes (link in bio) • • • • • • #creativelife #dapperq #fashionpost #style #fashion #blackgirlfashion #blackdapper #lgbt #contentcreator #contentcreator #selfiee #selfieee #justbeingme #braidout #braidoutresults #nailartist #naturale #naturally #blackgirlmagic #blackgirljoy #bowtie #bowties #madebyme #letscollab #gqinsider #menswear #dapperchick #androfashion #androstyle #androswag
Have Tea With Diandra Marie β˜•: So I'm just trying support my homie @theofficialcheekywiki_ & she has reported that @wycon_cosmetics released a new Black nail polish color called "Thick As A Nigga" πŸ™„ I really can't with some of these European brands dawg. Even the apology is weak πŸ™…πŸΎ‍♀️ I would love to know your thoughts though! Drop them in the comments ⬇️ • • • • • #reply #replypost #shareyourthoughts #commentbelow #comments #wycon #wyconcosmetics #racism #racist #thickasanigga #thickathanasnicka #thickerthanasnicker #nailpolish #polish #nailsofinstagram #cheekywiki #raciallyinsensitive #cosmetologylife  #nailartists #nailartist #teatimeβ˜• #teatime🍡 #whatsthetea
Have Tea With Diandra Marie β˜•: @therealmoworldwide feels Netflix displays color bias and gender bias based on her recent offer for a stand up special. I love Mo, however I think Netflix wants a return on investment and they're not confident she can pull Dave Chappelle/Amy Schumer numbers. Her video can also support claims that she is "difficult" and "tacky" to work with. Swipe to see the video Mo'Nique posted. Do you think Mo'Nique is being tacky or simply standing her ground? Comment your thoughts below ⬇️ • • • • • • #shareyourthoughts #reply #replypost #monique #netflixing #netflix #comedyspecial #standupcomedian #standupcomedy #theparkers #moniquecomedyshow #comedyshow #comedyshows #netflixcomedy #netflixcomedyspecial #davechappelle #chrisrock #amyschumer #genderbias #colorbias #payroll #moneyz
Sometimes to make a change within ourselves, we have to hear "no" 🀷🏾‍♀️ When I was younger, I didn't treat people right--esp those who were closest to me. It took a stern no from an ex for me to get on the path of really getting MY life. We have to value ourselves to SAY when enough is enough. Name a time when you had to tell someone you loved "no" ; Drop it in the comments ⬇️ Watch the full episode of You're Gonna Regret This on ItsDiandraMarie.com • • • • • • #entertaining #entertainers #cheating #creativelife #entertainerlife #creatives #cheated #noregrets #bestfriendsday #sayno #sayingno #regrets #regretnothing #girlfriendsforever #melaninmagic #lifestyles #exes #exesbelike #cheater #videoinstagrams #videoinstagram #instavideos #instavideo  #blackgirlswhoblog #blackgirlsblog #blackgirlsmagic #cheaters #selfworth #selfvalue #saywhatyoumean
Thank you to all the people who voted on my haircut design! The zig zags won & @cutbyzane_twcbs did his thing bringing it to life βœ‚οΈ Stay updated with my Insta story so you can vote on the next one. Comment below with what you think ⬇️ Swipe to see my full look featuring @__queentiffany__ & @collinsvillewatch with the Dapper Dots watch strap πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ • • • • • • #fashiondetails #fashionaddicts #fashiongoals #fashionday #fashionsolo #dappered #zigzags #dapperq #naturale  #dapperwomen #cutlife #thecutlife #menswearstyle #menswearfashion #tiedup #dandystyle #androfashion #womenhaircuts #womenhaircut #androstyle #melaninmagic #haircute #hairdesigns #haircutday #melaningirl #femalehaircut #naturally
Work hard to make your dreams real. Will you have days of doubt and encouragement? Yep. Will you be so frustrated you want to quit? Probably. I have, but KEEP GOING. Don't let anything keep you from achieving your dream and turning it into reality ✊🏾 You can watch me pursue my dreams by visiting ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in bio)
Bringing back the face I used to make in my Myspace pictures πŸ˜‚ Comment one thing you loved about Myspace. After that, head over to ItsDiandraMarie.com to watch my web shows ✊🏾
My @realsway #tbt Moment No. 3 ➑️ Teaching the legendary @tichinaarnold how to Nae Nae. At the time, she hadn't even heard of the dance or how it is loosely based on Sheneneh from Martin. Glad I could show her the ropes πŸ’ͺ🏾 • • My journey didn't end there! Visit ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in bio) to watch my interviews & web shows πŸ’πŸΎ‍♀️
Okay y'all, @rolondalarae is being SELECTIVE with her coins this year. She will always put her money down for karaoke though 🎀😩 What are you saying no to in 2018? Drop it in the comments ⬇️ Watch the full episode of You're Gonna Regret This on ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in bio)
When you can personally relate to trap music πŸš«πŸ’ Thank you @lilpump for reminding me that "I can't buy a bih no wedding rang" I feel you Bro ✊🏾 • • Make sure to visit ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in bio) to watch the new episode of You're Gonna Regret This--its about the power of saying "no" like what jawns say to me when I ask for their number 🀦🏾‍β™€οΈπŸ€·πŸΎ‍♀️ Check it out!
Let's dive into this Aziz Ansari sexual assault story. While he did not "technically" rape the young woman, pressuring someone to have sex or do sexual things STILL contributes to rape culture in my opinion. What do you think though? This is a sticky conversation, but I want you to be as honest as possible. Drop your thoughts in the comments ⬇️
2018 is "The Year of No" according to me and @rolondalarae. On the new episode of You're Gonna Regret This, we talk about the power of saying no. Listen, I'm not getting out of bed to keep up with your last minute plans mmkay?! Name a time when you had to tell your friend NO--drop it in the comments ⬇️ Watch the full episode of You're Gonna Regret This on ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in bio)
Yesterday night was one for the books! @zunyda created such a dope space for people to come together, let to, & be themselves. If you've never been to @vibesafterdark, make sure you're at the next one! Peace to all the wonderful people I vibed with last night ✌🏾✊🏾 Watch my story to see more.
Anyone see Offset's brand new tattoo? The name looks quite familiar πŸ€” Taking Cardi B and Offset out of it, I think getting a significant other's name tattooed on you is a no-no. Why? Because some things don't last forever and now you're stuck looking at someone's name with hearts next to it for the rest of your life. And I'm NOT donating to your Go Fund Me so you can get it removed πŸ™„ What are your thoughts though? Comment below ⬇️
I'm super excited about the first You're Gonna Regret This episode of 2018 πŸ’ƒπŸΎ To start it off right, @rolondalarae and I talk about the power of saying no because it NEVER means "yes" πŸ™„ We even share our own stories of saying no (and MEANING it) and when one of my exes told me no 🀦🏾‍♀️ We hope you say YES to tuning in. Watch previous episodes of You're Gonna Regret This on ItsDiandraMarie.com (link in bio)
I may not come alive in the night time (I like to be in bed by 10 πŸ‘΅πŸΎ) BUT my suit does. Thank you to @b.u.fashion for making this bespoken African print inspired suit. Prices are VERY reasonable & she works to make your vision come to life. Oh yeah, and this is yet another Black owned business! Let's support and uplift one another. Drop a ✊🏾 in the comments to show love to B U Fashion ⬇️ πŸ“Έ: @havesomekayle
Yesterday it was an absolute blessing to interview @NikeoMusic! They are a Christian Hip Hop group who coined the genre "Worship-hop." We talked about their upcoming album 3am (which is DOPE btw) & they each did a video speaking about their testimonies, so stay tuned. Very special thank you to Nikeo Music, @ampl1phi for the spare camera, & @therealyolande for being the real MVP yesterday ✊🏾 Watch my previous interviews by visiting ItsDiandraMarie.com--link in bio
In honor of @michaelacoel set to continue writing for season 3 of Chewing Gum, I decided to give my review of her show on Netflix & Chill. I'm super excited to see where Michaela goes with the storyline and comedy. I think I might have @ampl1phi interested πŸ€” Have you watched Chewing Gum? Drop your ⭐ rating below (out of 5 stars). Watch the full episode of Netflix & Chill to see if we gave it the same rating! Visit ItsDiandraMarie.com--link in bio
Last night I stopped being a granny and supported the launch of It's EPIC! Trappy Hour is where we all turned up & a portion of our proceeds went towards L.I.T scholarship for high school and college students ✊🏾 I always love linking with the homie @havesomekayle & even ran into friends from high school (@wannnafantaaa & @_2shay_). To see the turn up in action, watch my Insta story!
My @realsway #tbt Moment No. 2 ➑️ Back when I was the "designated boogier" on Sway In The Morning πŸ’ƒπŸΎ I had to put @zendaya to the test & see if she knew some popular dances (this is 2014, so bear with me). Of course she won & the only prize I could afford for her was a round of applause πŸ‘πŸΎ Not much has changed πŸ˜‚  Watch how much I've grown (not physically, I'm still that short) by heading over to ItsDiandraMarie.com & watching my web shows ✊🏾
Let's make 2018 our year guys πŸ’ͺ🏾 I am looking to collab with any and all CREATIVES! Drop names of anyone you think will be interested. You can view all of my content on ItsDiandraMarie.com πŸ’πŸΎ‍♀️ Let's schedule a meeting and talk ideas