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Yahweh ~ Vocalist/Writer ~ Foodie . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Guildford/Reading SC:@Its_Teehahh

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So after this emotional, tiresome, unpredictable and memorable journey, after 4 years of ups and downs, a gap year and a whole load of perseverance; I can now say I am a GRADUATE and a Bachelor of Music. It has been a constant battle to get to this point and Lord knows there were countless moments where I didn’t think I would complete the challenge I had set myself. . . Nevertheless even when I lost confidence in my own ability and capacity to keep pushing, God always sent the right people to surround me with love and remind me of what He had deposited in me from my conception. And although I may still be figuring some things out now that I’ve finished studying, I know that God’s plans for me are greater than I can imagine and I need only trust in Him for everything whilst remaining productive. . . Mum and Dad - I couldn’t ask for anything more of you, your complete support of mine and Ishara’s passions and dreams is what drives me to make you proud and be a success wherever I go. This accomplishment would mean nothing without you both. Thank you for everything. I love you. . . And @isharaandrews You are my inspiration. Who would’ve thought 4 years ago when I began my uni journey that we would end up studying at the same Uni and graduating alongside each other. I couldn’t of imagined this experience without you - God really knows all. I love you and I’m so proud of you. WATCH THIS SPACE Y’ALL. . . If I could even go into my whole testimony I would, however it’s MAD LONG. Soon I will share it alllll and how GRACIOUS God has been to me. Without Him none of this would have been possible. Thank You Father and thank you to all who have kept me in your prayers throughout this chapter of my life. 🙏🏽❤️ . . #graduate #bachelorofmusic #family #sistersister #imadeit #godisfaithful #nextjourney #prayforme
Tahirah Andrews, B.Mus. Bachelor of Music : Upper Second Class . . . . . #godissofaithful #whosaysyoucantdowhatyoulove
No but we actually did it though.. @isharaandrews . . . . . #graduates #historyinthemaking #sistersister #cmoooon
It's. On.
Time to get a move on! . . #newseason #gogetter #nodoubt #nofear #walkingbyfaith
Oh yhhhh.
Hi there 👋🏽
It's another blank square babyyyy
Stop 1: Edmonton, Canada. . . . #ontothenextstop #workworkworkworkworkwork #livinglife