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Ivan Kožul


I dream about gold... not any gold but one you put around your neck after competition. 🏆 I can see it even in the dark. Can you?!

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Pitanje : Kako ?
Ten kilos overweight Nevermind I feel great Shirt will tell you my future My mind is what I nurture 😊 Personal records set everyday This is the the best possible way To live to breathe to share Laugh and smile everywhere ☺ Let's go I am sure we can make it now You do not believe me, you ask me how? First rule is : I can not guarantee success, If you give 99% or less 😊 Second rule says you mustn't compare Yourself is the first you should care If you read third law of life do not be sad It is written how somebody is going to make you mad 😠 Master your emotions so you can be focused Everytime you lose that battle window gets closed 😉 We all do mistakes now and then Analyze and learn from them One day has 24 hours for sure Make your habbits good and pure 📚🎹🎤💪💃 When you finally get there just be fair If there was not your friends and family you wouldn't dare 🏆
Grkinjo znaj svemu je kraj Zbogom i vise se ne vracaj :) #croatia
Cilj : biti bolji ucitelj  Plan : nikad stati uciti o sebi, ljudima i igri ⚽🔬📑📈 #matematika #nogomet
Just couple of Q : Do something to improve 1. Why ? 2. Why not ? 3. Why not you ? 4. Why not now ? 🔥📈
#sprint Once upon a time in galaxy far far away ! :) Love this pic. It remindes me how good it was to be on the #trackandfield with the fastest man and women in #croatia. #memories
✅ #coach  #life #player #connection
#nature #playground Seminar about my favourite topic #speed 🐆 #nkkrsko  #ljubljana
🌅🌒 #jimrohn
#slovenia #scotland ⚽ 2:2 Great game :)
🔬📑 With Kresimir Sos. Great guy, sport scientist and former #strength and #conditioning coach of #gnkdinamo. It is easy to learn when you are surrounded with people who are in love with their job. #passion 🔥 #biomechanics
Divan je osjecaj kada si okruzen ljudima koji vole/rade i zive isto sto i ti. Sto sam stariji (a strasno sam star), to vise vidim da su dva izuzetno bitna cimbenika kvalitetnog napretka : strast/zar i konstantnost. Ako imas taj zar u sebi izuzetno je bitno zadrzati ga.  Na kraju krajeva lokomotivu je lakse drzati u pogonu nego zaustaviti pa ponovno pokrenuti. Kada imate takve temelje onda Vam drugi sluze kao motivacija i sami sebi ste motiv. Win win.  #motusmelior  #passion  #fire #football #balkan s&c
📈⚽ #vo2max  #football  #nkkrsko  #motusmelior  @gasikori9
How to open up to recive the ball so you have more chance to keep the #possesion One of the best students of the game #marcelobielsa  #profesor #españa  Thank you Marisol, Otimacica, and other spanish tv  shows from my childhood that helped me uderstand couple of words from this seminar. 😀
Tesko je shvatiti druge, kada mislis da poznajes sebe, a ustvari... . . . . . . nemas pojma.
#passion  #learning 🌱