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Joep Verbeeten


Nutter for all kinds of automotive obscurity, no matter what scale. And Porsches. Of course one has to love Porsches.

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Almost parked opposite of yesterday’s Simca 1100 was this #fiat126, being just as shiny. And with the Goelette earlier this week it’s a little less #glimmerous/#glamerous than last week’s Rétromobile posts. #sorrynotsorry, this one is actually owned by a local #liquorstore, I do wonder how many cases of beer it can haul. Or sixpacks 👊💥
Yeah, I know I’ve shown the Pao only two days ago as well but if you can park it next to #french #awesomeness (and one of the first #hatchback designs) that has to be documented right? It’s lost it’s shine a bit over the years though, this SIMCA 1100. It was often parked on a nearby street for years but that has stopped recently, glad to have found it again. Not sure if it’s for sale at this shop as it isn’t on their website. #paomakesfriends
Waiting for better weather to come, still some classic car shows to attend next months to compensate a bit. Will be hard to beat Rétromobile but Essen always is amazing. Meanwhile the #mighty3point2 gently holds it’s breath for better days of more intense usage.
Some #murals of the #blindwallsgallery are more or less hidden. Like this gigantic lady enjoying some views on the #nightlife in Breda’s #entertainmentcenter. There are several works in that alley but this one from @turmoil_tattoo definitely is my favorite. He is the same artist that was involved in creating that huge epic rat I’ve shown before, with the #pao as well. And the “tattoo flash” I’ve shown with the #be1 December last year as well. Awesome work Rutger! 👊💥
Seems to be a #bwphoto (brown and white that is) until you notice that license plate. #teutonic glory on the #streetsofbreda. There’s always several ‘70’s #mercedesbenz on this particular street, even in winter. Awesome. And no #touwtonictuesday for this one @boerjappie 😎
You know your contractor is amongst kings of cool if he shows up in a #renault #goelette. It’s an old #ambulance from the Belgian army if I’m not mistaken, converted to #sapeurpompier livery. #streetsofbreda
After yesterday’s #grandefinale of #retromobile2018 for me it’s time to get a bit more local. So next week will be on #rundumhause a bit. This is the closest I found this far when it comes to my #3point2 in 1/43 scale: a #grandprixweiss #minichamps #911sc.
Swiss classic car heavy weight Lukas Hüni probably caused the most oxygen issues for #retromobile visitors with all those #ferrari #250 on their stand. This 1962 Ferrari 250 GT Bertone Coupé, personal car of signore Nuccio Bertone himself, is a one-off (design by Giorgetto Giugiaro) and a car I’ll probably never see again. And that’s not a good thing as it is truly glorious with it’s pointy 🦈 nose inspired by Ferrari’s 156 Formula 1 car. Not sure if I was able to fully capture it’s dark blue glory with the artificial lighting though.
#midengined ✔️ #fordv8 ✔️ #centralsteering ✔️ Not some 1948 🦇💩 crazy sportscar but the #carofthefuture according to #jeanpierrewimille, one of France’s greatest #grandprix racing drivers ever (some say he probably would have been the world’s first #formula1 champion if he had not died at the wheel of a #simcagordini in 1949, he did win the #lemans24h twice driving a #bugatti). And member of the #french #resistance during #ww2. So when I heard 3 of the 4 #jpwimille prototypes were on display at #retromobile2018 I could no longer resist and drove of to Paris... #moteurflottant
One of the things my wide angle lens attachment increases is the amount of #lensdistortions. Or maybe it’s something higher up there telling me there was more than all those million dollar cars at #retromobile. Like this amazing Lancia Fulvia HF Fanalone. Sold for 60k at the @artcurial_motorcars auction. And using a wide angle lens on a car with a narrow angle v4 (1 cylinder head!) seems appropriate!
It wasn’t just #aircooled glory from Germany at #retromobile, I don’t think I ever saw a Puma GT in the flesh before. All the way from Brazil. Or the UK looking at the licenseplate (so it could be a GTE - for Export)? That the Puma was significant despite low production volumes is proven by the fact there’s even one of these at VW’s own #autostadt factory museum in Wolfsburg.
There were quite some #porsche 904s at #retromobile in Paris this year, I counted at least three. We were extremely lucky @historiccars_redhair decided to show an #irishgreen 906 Carrera 6 to “break the deadlock”. 😎 Lovely Alfa Romeo SZ Coda Tronca behind it as well!
Wow. What an event #retromobile was. Crowded on Sunday but what a lineup. Like this true lovebaby of mine, the #aerodjet by #renebonnet of the 1963 #lemans24h (which it did finish as last - 13th - but it wasn’t classified due to insufficient distance covered). On auction at @artcurial_motorcars earlier last week. I’ve shown Aerodjets before and I so hope I’ll be able to show more...
Breda-Paris in just over 3 hours isn’t that hard. Even if you’re not using a #venturi or an #alpinev6turbo but a trusty Volvo. At #rétromobile as we speak so expect a few pictures from here next week!
Of to #rétromobile tomorrow. If traffic/weather ain’t keeping me from it. With all those glorious pieces shown on Instagram last couple of days I just have to, right? Sure I’ll run into another Flaminia Zagato like this one at #interclassicsmaastricht last month. Brought there (and I think restored) by #classiccarvenlo. Can’t wait to get to Paris!
The rearend of the #matram530 is another #spaceoddity to me, not sure if I see Matra’s connection with it’s rocketdivision here. Appealing it is though. Surrounded by some Swedes and a 2CV.
@henriketting showed us a more recent Elise yesterday being used in the winter, this one daily drives the #streetsofbreda no matter what season as well. I just have to appreciate the owner as he/she must be some sort of hero. White even accentuates better the impact this season has on a car’s body. And for those familiar with weird wheels guru @fuldamobil: he’s having his birthday today! Congratulations!!!
Always nice to have some movement & speed captured in photography. Even if it’s not done by the Be-1 in this case, just a big train passing by. Yellow as well. Just not #pumpkinyellow 😎
#taillighttuesday meets #deutschlanddienstag with this glorious #993turbo. No longer for sale at @classicparkboxtel but always worth sharing with such a glorious rearend.
After showing some #midengined De Tomasos last few #mittelmotormontag posts it’s time for another great car from Alessandro: the Longchamp, De Tomaso’s attempt to compete with luxury coupés from Mercedes-Benz. So let’s have a #muskelnmontag with this 1979 to GTS-spec converted #longchamp. For sale at #albionsportsandcollectorcars who were so kind to bring it to both the @interclassics. Anyone recognize those headlights? 😎
Next to a wildly growing population of old Citroëns there’s quite the Volvos around here as well. This one is at a house with at least 5 old ‘70’s/‘80’s Volvos. And somehow the big saloons look best to me with quite the #patina. Especially with that glorious straight 6 up-front. And a #roofrack 😎