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Jourdana Phillips


the only journey is the one within 🎈 Major NY / Women Paris

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Just completed a four day slience retreat with @artoflivingusa Staying away from technology and from talking to friends/family was difficult but I learned so much in its completion. If your looking for a great place for meditation/yoga or just some peace check them out! There are so many locations around the world.... find one in a city near you! #livewell #feelmarvelous #healthmindbodysoul
at some point I think we stopped believing in the idea that you can be anything you want in this life ...... you as president helped us believe again 💛 you and all your swagger #obamafarewell #thecrookedmile
grey > blonde
thank you David Bowie for this parting gift #truecreatives #lazarus
let's put the egos aside and just call brad #lichtenstein
art within art within art by art
s u r r e n d e r
Looking through old pictures from this year and still can't believe that's me. Around this time I had just finished my degree in Childhood education at NYU, secured my first job as a first grade teacher at a prominent private school blah blah blah. All seemed promising ..... right? One day I woke up and realized I wasn't happy with the route I was going. That summer of my graduation someone was put into my path to ask me that very question "Are you happy?". I couldn't say yes and didn't know why.  I decided to stop everything! I quit everything...job, relationship, location .....eeeeverything! I felt like I was living someone else's life like on some Talking Heads shit, "How did I get here?" I was determined to get back in the driver seat of my life. I had to take responsibility for my situation, it was solely due to me, I'm the only one driving my life. I left everything behind and went to Cape Town, South Africa with no expectations other than to enjoy life again.  The nature and spirit of that place made me feel alive  and reminded me of who I am and what I want for MY LIFE. Not the life society says you should strive for. It was there that I decided to give modeling one more shot (as my first attempt before going to school didn't go as I hoped) and pair it with my love of working with children. I vowed that this time I would stay conscious of where I took my life and to never let anyone or anything steer but me. Thank you 2016 for waking me up! Thank you 2016 for being my year of positive transformation! Thank you 2016 for not letting me give up on me! Look out for my blog COMING SOON in which we share the beauty of  individual's unconventional paths, the books and experiences that lead them there as well as the importance of guiding children consciously through their own journeys!  Please share your crooked journey to contribute@thecrookedmile.org #thecrookedmile #thankyou2016 #happynewyear #2017willbeevenbetter #takerisks #areyouhappy
you ain't neva lie
remember who you are
to be yourself is all that you can do
leave that comfort zone behind ... feel alive again ....evolve and take risks
needed this
Happy Holidays 💋😂 #sendingyouloveandlight #thetreeislit
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@allan.lab @annecatherinefrey @jchegrane
@allan.lab @annecatherinefrey @jchegrane