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human bean // master manifester // epic evolver // bad vibe slayer // mami y papi // the youngest and the oldest // artist // ceo of @floralivingapp 🧡

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a gazillion thank yous @ava 🧡 #awrinkleintime p.s. love you love you love you little Meg @stormreid 👯‍♀️✨
So honored and so excited to announce that my new song “Let Me Live” will be on the soundtrack for Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time! See the film & get the album digitally on March 9! Never been more excited/emotional about something... this movie is extra extra special 🧡 thank you so much @ava you made my entire life.
this awesome girls awesome mama brought me all the way to New Orleans last night for her Sweet 16. Happy Birthday Z, def the coolest birthday party I’ve ever attended. 🧡
because someone smacked my aim this morntink asking me if I would let other human beans dictate my life and my old self would’ve cried at the club in tears of self sabotage but my new higher self is like SKSKSKSKSKSK NEVER IN A TROLLS LIFE HONEY LIFE IS SWEET *twerks to Stay Blessed by Schoolboy* also do u know how fortunate I am to have an iPhone I attempted this video 6 times on, foh
playing for keeps. @_718s 🧡
@marcjacobs you are everything. Thank you 🧡
I could be your Clementine. 🌞
& we’re done! amazingggg show @marcjacobs ✨ #nyfw
We not done. @laquan_smith head to toe. sick show bb🏆 #nyfw
Woke up to flowers from my incredible glam team. Just wanted to say the hugest thank you these amazing people: @_718s for taking every photo this week, editing the damn pictures in the car & being one of the best friends anyone is lucky to have, more than anyone could EVER EVER know, man. To @nicklujanmua thank you for being an incredible make up artist and also a supportive incredible friend.. showing up at the earliest times with the most incredible attitude and sweetest energy. To @danasia_sutton my new stylist, eyes may have been on me this week but just know when they see me they see YOU! So thankful the universe connected us like this and I’m so PROUD of the week we’ve had together! Cheers to new family! To @kahhspence my rock.. way more than a hair stylist, more like my brother and creative other half, thank you for pushing me as much as you love me, BECAUSE you love me. And @sierraniicole my beautiful assistant! You are my rock in the river! Always there for me to hold me down in every single way. My sista! I love all of you! You made this fashion week and now Valentines Day awesome! Couldn’t do it without you 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 #lovetheteam
growing up queer there was always a struggle with the energies I possessed.. there’s such a divine feminine but such a divine masculine. I am the oldest old woman and the littlest little boy. duality is a power most (if not all) of us possess but not many of us immediately get a grip on. you are water, formless and fluid. papi AND mami. sun AND moon. you don’t owe your spirit confined lines or definitive shapes, one day you’ll realize your spirit never asked for that... maybe society did, or the world. point is, flow. Ju got it. Two spirit, one spirit, fluid, whatever your world is, be. #yousafehere
when you’re at a fancy shmancy place and New Freezer comes on and no one whips their heads back & fourth 😪 #4thoutfitofthedamnday #fashun
thank you Area. we’re having a fuckin BALL. #nyfw #2018onfire
@31philliplim you are the absolute sweetest, the show was so beautiful I loved every second, and your words made my year, shit, my life! We are indeed the future. #nyfw
starting off the week like... morning from @johnelliottco 🌺 #nyfw
happy go lucky head ass. grateful lookin ass boy. counting every blessing in the face ass boyyyyyy. wish I had a better word for happy, but that’s just it, life is sweet as hell and iont take none of it for granted *makes pinky swear with the sky*
at this @philippplein78 party not taking my foot off ya necks. #nyfw