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Keyshia Cole


Gotta Hit The 🕚RESET🕚

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Filming for the amazing show #tanked @brettraymer @waydeking
Tune In now!!!! @mtvwildnout 😡
Hope u ALL HAD A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! Did u have a Christmas Bae tho? 🤤??? Or naw?
Yea !!! It’s a major VIBE!!!! #family4life #pastlife #he’shappy
Happy BDay mommy!!! Love u! Thank u for the solid upbringing 🏠
@beatfacehoney @tokyobradshaw_  @marquisha_bitch #dallas it’s cold here so I’m wearing some chill shyt !!! When u sexy wit clothes on🔥☄️
Ha! Got my hair, makeup and nails done and went no where. 😩 Say hello to Dej'a Lo! But hey, Have a awesome night on PURPOSE 🤦🏻‍♀️😂
My little Honey bunny @daniel_gibsonjr spent a entire week in NYC with me the week of release of my album!!!!! This is @iwantkaykay his Nanny, she took him to get a few things to wear on our trip, I'm so happy to get back home and spend over a week off with my munchkin 🎉🎉 hmmmmmm what should I plan for us to do?? 🤔 Maybe Disneyland on the weekend🤔 Great Wolf lodge? Or maybe go up to Oakland and spend some time with my father Virgil❤️❤️❤️ missing my Old man😩 and my DJ😍😍
#wildnout #mtv #11:11reset OUT NOW!!!! ❤️❤️❤️💎✈️
Just finished Lip sync battle!!!!! Now I'm headed to Vegas to celebrate My BDay  it's gonna be #groovybaby🤙🏽
😩 I really must get some rest, too many exciting things happening. Sheeeeeeesh! #vault #out #now!!!!!! #preorder #11:11reset
This is MY INSPIRATION, MY MOTIVATION, DJ SAID MOMMY, the doors close by themselves, get this in blue, I like it. 😩💎My father (Who I just met after 35 years says "Baby focus on equity" as he owns properties💪🏽 I've ALWAYS BEEN MOTIVATED TO GET MY OWN! And as I focus on RAISING A YOUNG MAN, WITH MORAL, I will say this, growing and learning from our mistakes, define!who we truly are. And I will continue to focus and STAY On THE RIGHT PATH. I thought this video was so cute,him dancing and all. 💎 #protectedbygod #period
The vibez were too real 😩 why my punk ass cry during heaven sent 😓🤦🏻‍♀️ The energy in the room, was waaaaaaay too real. A gangsta had to walk off stage for a second. God, thank u. For letting me do the very things I've always dreamed of, since a little girl🙏🏽
🏆 MommyAward !!! I'm in it to win My munchkins ❤️💕 #againthanks @brunomars and TEAM Bruno and #teamkeyshia for making this happen for us. Bruno did AMAZING so did the BAND!!!!!!! Yes!!!
mins after your 50-0 Money May 🤙🏽Congrats , true CHAMPION (Discipline is key) 💪🏽 #photocredit to @dejuanblake
When he gets it. I didn't tell him to do this by the way. I just asked him to take a pic with me, if he didn't mind. Meanwhile I'm looking for some sangria!!!!!! The GOOD KIND... with the fruit in it!!! 😩🤔
Gotta stay Prayed up. 🙏🏽
It's always a good feeling, FEELING the definition of Loyal. @marquisha_bitch 💕
Happy BDay Love, #frankthebank. Mom❤️ this pic was taken, last year on your BDay❤️❤️ #bahamas
I was taking pics, this guy here walked up and said "I kno this may be a little weird but"... and well here are the pics we took. He didn't kno who I was, i didn't kno who he was.... but somehow we both found a reason to smile. God is good. Be good to one another, out of love PLEASE!!! 🙏🏽
💎 In the ruff.