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Kheiston Tilford


The Educator and Entrepreneur Specialized in Brand Development & Website Design•Health & Wellness• Master degreed•I just want his will to be done❤️

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(SWIPE) Super excited for next week and this event with my SIC!!! If you’re in the Charlotte area come out and fellowship with us at our first meet up of the year! Space is limited so please RSVP! Links in my bio! 💕✨ Link to RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pinch-of-pink-tickets-42718650634?aff=es2
I’m not sure what you’re waiting on or why you haven’t started yet but here’s your sign! You got it! ✨
Period. ❤️
Simplistic office inspiration! 😍I’m excited for my next move and office space!✨
Sitting here watching Drakes God’s plan video and this is life goals for me and should be for every kingdom believer obtaining wealth! God doesn’t give us abundance to sit on or die with but to help those in need.  Give generously to them and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the LORD your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to” (Deuteronomy 15:10) ❤️
It changed you and it’s okay. Stop beating yourself up over life, people and how they impacted you. As you grow wiser and learn more about yourself, people and the world things are going to impact you sometimes negatively and...it’s okay!  Grow from it!❤️
Beautiful Black Queens! 👸🏾✨
Have the ability to be able to recognize the difference! ✨
When you don’t have a website for potential clients to visit you’re not able to maximize your business to the fullest. With a website you’re able to quickly convert customers into clients and showcase your work,products and services easily. If you’re interested in Kheiston Tilford Consulting & Services designing your customized website in 2018 we are currently accepting new clients for the remainder of the year. Please complete a contact form on my website(links in my bio) and we’ll be in contact with you over the next 24-48 hours! ✨  Contact form: Kheistontilford.com
This is my prayer this week. Break my heart for the things that break yours God. Rid me of any type of humanistic pride and ego and allow me to humble myself before you and man. ❤️
Mixed with all BLACK✊🏾❤️✨
Want to know his will? Seek him and the word! His will is found in the word! ❤️ • • • • • • #christ #kheistontilford #daughteroftheking #forsuchatimeasthis #womeninbusiness #womenempowerment #entrepreneur
Sometimes doing the hard things isn’t what we want to do. It’s the hard things that make us who we are and have the ability to walk into everything that God has called us to do. In this season I’m saying cheers to doing the hard things because #thebumpup is in full effect! ✨
I think people think your life stops when they stop playing their role in your life...nah and tables do turn so you have to make sure you treat people with kindness.
About my fathers business! ✨
Results matter! (SWIPE) If you can’t show me results...I’m good! I started targeting my abs heavy back in November, taking my greens, New You, fat fighters, garlic and these are my results up until yesterday. I cut my hair back in October and you can see how healthy my hair is from my HSN vitamins, I’m excited to see how much it’s grown when I get it straightened in March.  On the 10th I’m starting a 90 day get ready for summer challenge and hair growth challenge with a free accountability group! If you’re interested in being apart of either of these challenges text “Challenge accepted” to 502-435-0278🌱✨
Monday I couldn't find my keys and yesterday I left my keys in my ignition, my car battery died and I had to wait for roadside assistance for over an hour. Today I was looking for my keys at the gym for about 30 minutes and thought someone had taken them (they were in my shoe😩). I really had to reevaluate what I need to do with this key situation and asked for a revelation because this can’t keep happening and my schedule can’t keep being influenced by the lack of my keys.  What I received...you already have the keys(Talents, gifts, knowledge, time & ideas) but you have to make sure you aren’t leaving them in the wrong places. You can’t use the keys that I've given you when they aren’t in the right places. When your keys are left in places they shouldn't be it will cause you to be frustrated and aimless. Your keys are attached to vehicles that can take you places and to the next level. Use them with intentionality and keep them in front of you in this season. #igotthekeys #yougotthekeystoo🗝 ❤️
They can’t take your anointing though. You were graced for this. ✨
Excited for all who’ve and inquired and my new clients! The logo special is still going on! ✨  Reserve your spot for a new logo on my website✨
Forever Precious and Keep your Crown presents: Crown Awakening a conference for young girls and women that will be transformational and life changing to awakening and straightening the crowns that we as women already possess. SAVE THE DATE! ✨👑