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Single Mom of 2 awesome teens + 1 FIV ex feral kitty veggie15 yrs. Going vegan. I share animals from every country. All animals matter. 🙏 #boston

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Sweet Dreams and keep fighting for what stirs your soul. Do what gives you peace and joy and keeps your heart beating. Good Night IG friends.
#the_dog_crusader -#animalhopeandwellness  This Sunday there is a foundation event being hosted by Jen Hardy and Kemble Walters at the Federal. It will be one of my last public events that I attend before I take leave from the foundation. . For those in the area who would like to support the cause and help in regards to the dogs we need to place and find homes. And for those wishing to support Suki, our legislative acts, and the Educational Program we started in China - please come to join us. . As part of my transition out of the foundation, I will be taking three final trips to Asia. One in February. One in April. And if my soul can make it, I will be strong in heart this year at Yulin. Until it is passed, I will continue my work on HR 1406 - The Dog and Cat Meat Prohibition Act. Travel to DC to see our bill through, and work to help HRes 401 find its way to the floor. . After Yulin, I have promised my family that I will stop, work to heal my wounds. So I can be present as a father, and give my children the life they deserve. I should have stopped long ago, but couldn’t. With every animal that bled there in my arms. I felt desperate. Died as they died. Crumbled, as their blood slipped through my palms. . When I was in Cambodia on my last trip undercover in the brothel. There was a man hurting a child. Every time he cried, he punched him in the face. Those are the images I will continue to see for the rest of my life. And while I could not save him, I can at least be there for my own children. . Once I work on healing my wounds, who knows where I will be or what I will do. I am a rescuer. And that never leaves you. . The Federal - North Hollywood this Sunday. (Link in Bio) .  . #animalhopeandwellness #marcching - #regrann
#ratedarf -  #californiacityanimalshelter - 1/20 SHELTER UPDATE!  Due to 2 adoptions (Grayson & Candy) and 2 rescues (Dolly & Tramp) 3 kennels were opened and thankfully EVERYONE IS STILL ALIVE! All dogs pictured should still be considered extremely urgent and in danger. Sometimes a day can bring 6 new dogs which puts us over capacity yet again - it is IMPERATIVE we find responsible adopters and reputable rescues for these dogs!  Hank & Bambi are 2 year old bonded Dobie/Boxer siblings. It is not always realistic but we really prefer they leave together so neither becomes depressed as can so often happen. House trained, vetted, good w dogs and kids.  Boy is a handsome brindle pittie boy with a gentle demeanor. Tested well with a volunteer’s son. Seems to do well with other dogs. Prob around 3 years.  Barney is an adorable and friendly pittie mix boy around 2. He is becoming very stressed in the kennels - he wants out desperately. He is fully vetted and ready to leave!  Jazz is a 2 year old energetic & friendly Lab-mix female with amazing ears! She loves to run and play and knows some commands. She is a little selective with her doggie companions - likes males not so fond of females. If you are a runner or hiker, I bet this girl would LOVE that lifestyle!  Louie is a beautiful amber-eyed boy, around 7 years with a mellow disposition. Good with kids & cats! Louie has adoption interest but we will keep sharing him til he has left the building!  Shelter info is in our bio, as is the link to our adopt-a-pet featuring ALL available cats and dogs at the shelter! Every adoption or rescue creates space and helps keep everyone safe.  Please continue sharing ❤️ #savingcalcitydogs - #regrann
#puppykittynycity -  Sooo you thought the story of the sweet boy losing his Ginger and Roger was sad? Well, get out your Kleenex again. We had a home with a lovely couple excited for the cats. They’re in their 60’s, cat-loving, and the entire family is around for anything that the cats need. They applied for bonded cats over a month ago. And then - the wife passed away.  Today, my friends brought him “The Binder” - the binder that the kid made about his cats. The gentleman now owns this binder, and he has hope again. He has hope, and a brighter future, and 2 beautiful new fuzzy babies coming his way soon. As a bonus - he is excited to share pictures of Ginger and Roger with the kid!!! Swipe to see his txt to our rescue team about his new cats. 😭 Sometimes - sometimes.....things are meant to be. #helpingeachother #fullcircle #healingpain #meanttobe #sharinglove - #regrann
#the_dog_crusader -  #worldanimalnews  As reported by WAN last month, in what turned out to be #rhodeisland’s largest animal abuse case of the year, officials found and rescued more than 100 animals from a property where they were being forced to live in squalor and freezing temperatures.- - As per the police, approximately 24 dogs, several newborn puppies, as well as approximately 40 ducks, chickens and roosters, 40 rabbits and 10 goats were found in “deplorable and inadequate living conditions at the property owned by 59-year-old Carlos Alves. 😡🐕🐇🐓- - People are encouraged to sign the #care2 petition telling the RI State Police to demand the maximum penalty so justice is served for the abused and neglected animals of Exeter, Rhode Island. SIGN LINK IN BIO🖋👆 - - Read More: 🌍👉 www.WorldAnimalNews.com #worldanimalnews #peace_4animals - #regrann
I am spiritual but not religious. I do not follow religion and don't believe in them.
#dogsoutofcarsonation -  This is Harry and if you see in this pic he looks sad. Can you blame him?! He is a 5 yr old #siberianhusky who is in quarantine in the back of the shelter and it’s possible he also may be injured!!! Please please #repost his story and #share!! #sharingsaveslives #adoptdontshop #adoptashelterdog #rescueadog #husky #bethevoiceforthevoiceless #savingcarsonshelterdogs #bethechange #notjustanumber #bethesolution - #regrann
#marleysmutts -  He's still up for adoption, gang! Chester, not Robbie, he's been adopted by the ranch for good! All our available dogs can be found at MarleysMutts.org! - #regrann
#newyorkbullycrew -  BLAZER IS IN FOSTER!💙 We knew it wouldn’t be long before our absolutely gorgeous boy, Blazer, found a loving family. We wish them joy and giggles, and lots of love! We hope to hear good news soon!🙏🏻🐾💙 #blazernybc #adoptdontshop #savepits #speakingfortheoneswhocant #whorescuedwho #nybcalumni #nybcadopters - #regrann
Saddest pup I've ever seen. This picture kills me. A hug before dying. Please stop dumping your pets at shelters and on the street. #spayandneuteryourpets #stopdumpingpets
#muttvillesf -  Not sure if he’s a dog or a gremlin, but Karl sure is a cutie! 🤗 - #regrann
We are destroying the earth and killing every animal on it.
#patsgirl12_ohhailbrady -  The saddest dog, I’ve ever seen, so sad, he didn’t even want to walk, just sit inside his doggie house.  But there’s hope, he ate my treats, so that’s a positive sign. I asked and they told me Freeway was recently neutered, and ever since that, he’s been depressed.  I was worried so I read up, apparently it’s normal since he had a drop in hormones and he doesn’t have that “extra” boost that he had before, he was neutered.  Poor baby.... this handsome fella is extremely handsome, and is ready to go home with you today.  He’s a Boxer, and has a beautiful brown brindle coloring.  I’m hoping Freeway will be back to his spunky old self in no time. . . . If you want more information on this baby, please contact Born Free Pet Shelter, #bornfreepetshelter, visit http://bornfreeshelter.org/ or call Maria +1 (786) 205-6865 . . . #crueltyfree #instadog #fortheloveofanimals  #iloveallanimals  #dogsofinstagram #rescuedog  #rescue #foster #dontbullymybreed #rescuedismyfavoritebreed  #dontshopadopt  #fosteringsaveslives #networkingsaveslives  #patsgirl12_ohhailbrady #bornfreepetshelter #southflorida #miami  #betheirvoice #theirlivesmatter #whyirescue #whywerescue #whosavedwho - #regrann
#mermaiddogs -  There are lots of #maltese dogs at #carsonshelter right now, both young and old, here is one who is currently the most at risk. Read her story below 😰 #savethemall #blinddog #urgentdog #seniorpuppy #seniordoglove #adoptdontshop #seniordogs #killshelter #deathrowdogs #adoptapet #dontbreedorbuy #seniorpuppies #seniordogsrule ✳️DIAMOND ✳️ID: #a3661625 _______________________________________________ #furballtvcarson 💟SENIOR 💟 🇨🇭IN MEDICAL🇨🇭😢OWNER SURRENDER😢 💖Sweet DIAMOND is partially blind and so lost and confused after she was left at the Shelter. She is a sweet angel and she needs help NOW!💖 _______________________________________________ 🔺#DIAMOND🐶A3661625 🔺 🔸This Post Created: 1/18/18🔸 🔹Maltese 🔹 AGE: 10yrs 🔹 Female 🔹  ARRIVED:1/18 🔹 AVAILABLE ON: 1/18 🔹 Carson Shelter - 310-523-9566 🔹216 W Victoria St. Gardena, CA 90248 - #regrann
#saferefugeofcentraltexas -  Barrett found his forever home today. He was surrounded to the Gonzalez shelter after his family lost their home to hurricane Harvey in Port Aransas. It may have been the best thing to happen to Barrett as he was severely malnourished. He has probably been feed a poor diet for most of his life. He had some hair loss, a luxating patella in both rear legs and he was so malnourished his heart rate dropped dangerously low during surgery. He is now healthy and has under gone surgery to fix his legs. We wish you lots of love and best life has to offer you from her on Barrett. #saferescueofcentraltexas #saveanimalsfromeuthanasia #adoptarescue #rescuedog #texasanimalrescue #adoptdontshop - #regrann
#helpinganimals_in_need -  Please help with medical expenses 🙏❤️#chancetobloom  Kiwi takes his first steps as a tripod, after his leg amputation!  This big guy is sweet and patient.  Something about his face spoke to us, and we knew we had to save him.  Video of Kiwi walking is courtesy of Dr. Huddleston at Westheimer Animal Clinic.  We haven’t raised much to cover Kiwi’s surgery funds.  If you can help, donation link in bio! 🐕💕🙏 #achancetobloom #ctbkiwi #tripod #htx #rescuestory #pitbullsofinstagram #dontbullymybreed #pitbull #mastiff #mastiffsofinstagram #endanimalabuse #houston #rescuedog #rescuenation #rescuedogsofinstagram - #regrann
#marleysmutts -  Our little gunshot wound survivor had his leg amputated today. The bullet had shattered both bones of the leg and had many fragments which were imbedded and causing infection. He also had evidence of a prior broken vertebrae and hip. This dog has had a rough life. He struggle ends today and life will only get better from here on out.  He's going to be ok and will have a few weeks of rehab before going up for adoption. - #regrann