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I feel weird Snapchat: @kristenmcatee Twitter: @kristenmcatee

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me in hawaii lol whaddup
today is overrated but I’m with it if it reminds everyone to love everyone a little harder. WE NEED MORE LOVE!! happy national ferris wheel day everybody  and i love you boy❤️
i get a lot of comments on my youtube videos asking why i have an “O” tattoo on my right arm so here’s a picture of the girl with the “X” tattoo on her left arm lol
my sleeve is crinkled because my nose was running uncontrollably in the post office just now and i didn’t know what else to do so i wiped it i have really bad allergies ok
caught bae sleepin lolz~~
I’ve been drinking a lot of water lately and i feel so hydrated. Obviously we all know it’s great to drink water but wow I did not know it was this good!! My mood, my skin, my sleep- it’s just all so great. So moral of this caption is get a friend like Matt to take cool, candid pictures of you and all your friends
just me doin a peace sign in front of a white wall idk
The holidays are over, the Coachella line up is out, and nothing else matters to me until I scan my wristband in on Day 1. The annoying yet perfected “beep” that sounds signifies the start of my new year (and that the ticket I got on craigslist isn’t fraud). I smile with relief that I’m going to be in my perfect element with my bestest of friends for the next couple days and off to the port-a-potties we go cause nobody pee’d before the uber came and now we have to wait in line, BUT THEN off to the beer garden we go to cheers to the happiest place on earth, the most wonderful time of the year, Coachella 💛
Merry Christmas from me and mine to you and yours!
I hated Christmas music until now // Lonely Christmas music video is up!! me so proud of you boy ❤️💚
karly is kute, kool, karing, karismatic, her moms name is karen, her best friends name is kristen. karly like kids, kats, kale, kucumbers, and karrots. moral of the story, karly is a kegan- I mean vegan. she just wanted everyone to know that
here’s to new beginnings, here’s to a better me, here’s to self love and care, here’s to getting out my everlasting dreadlock in the back of my head. I bought a hair brush the other day and I made a promise to myself to brush my hair once a week. It’s never too late to improve who you are. Forever starts now.
she was born today lolz
he hold my leg wen eye hav blisters on my foots he v good 2 me
Buffering- Windows has encountered a critical problem and will restart automatically in one minute.  JK APPLE PRODUCTS ONLY BABY AYEE LMAO
My name Jet
i wonder what liza is doing rn
bye bye hawaii I’ll miss you but I need to get home and get back into the swing of things cause vacation is fun and all but it totally throws off my routine and I’ve been eating so much junk and not focusing on my priorities. That got serious real quick but BYE BYE HAWAII!!! 🌺
on a love sac with my love sac
me n scott standing on a road yeah
my baby is getting so big! becoming an adult, officially potty trained, getting more mature everyday and slowly (very slowly) learning how to not bite.  I’m proud of you, Scott.  Now look at this cute pic of me and pup!