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Kristen McAtee


i dont own a hairbrush Snapchat: @kristenmcatee Twitter: @kristenmcatee Email: mcateekristen@gmail.com

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Hi I'm back in America and I feel fricken weird
Just showing off my right leg! Showing it off 5 mins before it got badly hurt. I was getting onto a speed boat anchored to shore and my ankle somehow got tangled in the rope. A big wave came and pulled the anchored boat out further, pulling the rope extremely taught on my ankle. Definitely the scariest moment of my adult life... moral of the story: don't forget deodorant in Thailand, it's like REALLY hot here
squishy face red beard!
Smiling through the fact that there is a spider with 5 inch long legs next to me :') Thailand has gnarly insects. Thailand is gnarly. I love thailand.
full moon? crescent moon? who fricken cares. i'm never coming home
one for me, one for Karly, one for Minnie, one for Mickey 🐭🐭👯
just ur fav lil egg cuddled up with a tummy ache WHATS NEW 🙄 what the frick do i do for my next video!?
i don't even like country music and i'm at stagecoach... AND i posted a youtube video!? wow, i've changed.  new vid! bink in lio
"you talk about coachella too much"  me:
i farted on his neck 📷: @mattrking
oh boy i fricken love u
i am a better person because of yesterday. seriously the best day of my life. coachella brings me good people 😌
day 2, look at my shoes!
gosh kristen, you're so STUPID!
i'm so happy i have these pretty flowers!! but i'm even more happy CUZ IM IN INDIO AND ITS COACHELLA BABY!! 🌴🌞
happy belated birthday to my boyfriends friend, David Dobrik's girlfriend 💞
happy birthday boy ❤ well...man? you're a fricken quarter century old! have fun today, you deserve it 💕
i used to do that weird pinch-your-nostrils-and-suck-in thing as a way to show off. is it not cute when a 21 year old does it? well good thing i'm 22 now!  enough about me...happy birthday Vince Vaughn
i luv dis vegtible so much i gaut a tatoo fer it
if ur not wearing green today then wut r u wearing lolz i'm gunna pinch u
i just got this new cup and it's totally not worth posting but i just really like it #aesthetic #matteblack #butfirstcoffee #coffee #cute #girl #la #tacotuesday #succulents #botanicals #plants