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Kristen McAtee


I feel weird Snapchat: @kristenmcatee Twitter: @kristenmcatee

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bye bye hawaii I’ll miss you but I need to get home and get back into the swing of things cause vacation is fun and all but it totally throws off my routine and I’ve been eating so much junk and not focusing on my priorities. That got serious real quick but BYE BYE HAWAII!!! 🌺
on a love sac with my love sac
me n scott standing on a road yeah
my baby is getting so big! becoming an adult, officially potty trained, getting more mature everyday and slowly (very slowly) learning how to not bite.  I’m proud of you, Scott.  Now look at this cute pic of me and pup!
this is a picture of me when I didn't have food poisoning but I have food poisoning right now and it's really gross and I'm throwing up out of every hole in my body youre welcome for the visual HAPPY SATURDAY!
Do dogs around the world bark in different languages?
I can't believe my boyfriend took me to the museum of ice cream even though we're both lactose intolerant! but it's okay cause couples who have explosive diarrhea together, stay together πŸ’ž
my little niece Sara got so excited when she saw how silly hair looked after the static of a balloon touched it. something so simple made her so excited- some may say "oh it's just cause she's a baby, everything makes them excited" but no I beg to differ sir because the little things are usually what makes us the happiest so don't let people belittle your excitement/happiness even if its over something as simple as the accidental fart sound your shoe might make or when you squeeze the ketchup and it farts too. laugh whenever you can, for as long as you can, cause life can get shitty real quick and a lot of people in this world would die to be in your place, staticky hair and all. moral of the story; everyone be more like Sara. she's hella cute.
the other awkward McAtee lolz
a single fart burns approximately 67 calories
lookin weird, feeling weirder.  merch available now β—¦ link in bio!
My hair is two different colors/lengths on each side. It's been this way all my life. Why does one side grow longer? Why does the short side not take bleach as easily? Also, why don't pups and cats grow hair to an unlimited length like humans? Like why does it just stop at a certain length depending on the breed? I have a lot of questions... but the biggest one of all is SCOTT CAN WE GET A PUP OR CAT OR BOTH???
get u a guy who compliments your outfi- I mean, personality πŸ’ž
happi burday karwee πŸ’ž
If dis was the real sun my butt would be like really hot lolz tru
~*~ hE LifTs mE uP wHeN iM d0wN ~*~
whats better than this¿? just guys being dudes!
omg I love little miss sunshine
thanks for pulling your weight heath lol (photo by @bryant)
not enough kristen