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Lamborghini: Visionary | Cutting Edge | Pure Super Sports Car Maker.

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To celebrate 50 years of #lamborghini Japan, we drew inspiration from its elements: Water, Earth, Fire, Wind, Sky. That’s how five special edition #aventadorsroadster models were born. Find out more on Lamborghini.com
Manifattura Lamborghini: where the super sports cars get real between skillful craftsmanship, advanced automation and cutting-edge technology. Watch the full video on Lamborghini youtube channel. #lamborghini #urus #sincewemadeitpossible
A legendary driver. A luxury SUV. The most challenging rally ever. Discover the story of the iconic #lamborghini #lm002 #dakar (link in our profile)
From supercar work of art to thrilling artwork: Don’t miss this #lamborghini Centro Stile sketch of a roaring #huracanperformante.
An SUV with the soul, performance and luxury of a super sportscar. Impossible? Not for us. Discover the classic LM002, the pioneering 1986 luxury SUV by Lamborghini.  #lm002 #lamborghini #sincewemadeitpossible
Deep and bold lines: the main features of #aventadorsroadster that distinguish it in the design made by the #lamborghini Centro Stile.
The fastest car in the world. A super sportscar and a masterpiece of pioneering technology. It seemed impossible. Not for #lamborghini. 1971: The year the #countach was unveiled. Discover its story, its beauty and the real meaning of its name. (link in our profile). #sincewemadeitpossible
Witness greatness: #lamborghini #huracángt3 triumphs at the #blancpaingt. Watch the video now!
Huracán Super Trofeo EVO: the designer racecar. Admire the artwork behind the latest Lamborghini masterpiece, by our unparallelled Centro Stile. #design #lamborghini #huracanevo
A work of art. A super sportscar. A feat of engineering. The 1965 #lamborghini #miura, with its breathtaking design and pioneering V12 350HP engine, redefined the automotive world. Discover its amazing story (link in our profile). #sincewemadeitpossible
The Eternal city seen from a timeless supercar. Watch guests of the @RomeCavalieri, @waldorfastoria Hotels and Resorts, explore #rome in stunning #lamborghini masterpieces, with #waldorfdrive.
Exceed expectations. Entrepreneur Kevin Hooks on success and #lamborghini excellence. Watch the full video on Lamborghini youtube channel and get inspired. #lamborghinidriven #centenario
True perfection is found up-close!  From supercars to matchless style. Admire the look of the new Lamborghini Autumn-Winter 17-18 collection.  #lamborghinistyle #lamborghini
Dominating time through roaring engines and unparalleled watches. Lamborghini and @roger_dubuis come together in this extraordinary video. Watch it now.  #lamborghini #aventadors #rogerdubuis #excalibur
Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo EVO: racing, redefined. Watch the latest @lamborghinisc masterpiece hit the race track with the celebratory livery that marks the new partnership with Roger Dubuis. #Lamborghini #huracanevo #racingredefined #rogerdubuis
Are you ready for something special? Tomorrow will be the day.  #racingredefined #lamborghini
The time has come. #gallardodays
Neuchâtel, Switzerland: Fifty stunning #lamborghini masterpieces gathered to pay tribute to Le Corbusier and the world of Design, on 17/9. Watch the 1st Lamborghini Concorso d'Eleganza here.
50 years ago we invented this visionary one-off car driven only once by Princess Grace and her husband in 1967. The Lamborghini Marzal was displayed for our first Concorso d'Eleganza. Click on our Stories for more details.  #lamborghini #marzal #design
Unparalleled driving experience, for driver and passenger alike. Take your seat inside the #lamborghini #aventadorsroadster. You won’t want to leave. Watch the video now.
Fresh from the Frankfurt Motor Show: Admire the exterior design of the latest #lamborghini open-top supercar, the #aventadorsroadster. Watch the video now. #iaa