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Johan Lolos


Peaks of Europe: 5-month summer road trip across 17 countries (May 15 - Oct 15) Currently: 🇬🇧 johan@johanlolos.com Second account 🔻

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We camped nearby the Old Man. After a crazy windy night, we had very little hope for the light to break through the clouds for sunrise, but somehow magic happened that morning. It was unbelievable.  #peaksofeurope
That place is just out of this world. Tiny hikers for scale. #peaksofeurope  @visitscotland #scotspirit
Light or shadow? Griffindor or Slytherin? #peaksofeurope  As of yesterday I've started something new in my Instagram Stories, featuring a little snapshot of each day of my 5-month road trip. Please check it out and leave your feedback here in the comments to let me know if you like that new format or not :) Thanks!  @visitscotland #scotspirit
This is not Iceland, this is Scotland. Stoked to be back on the road. The next 5 months are going to be epic! #peaksofeurope  @visitscotland #scotspirit
Welcome to the Highlands of Scotland!  Thank you all for the amazing support and feedback I've received yesterday after I posted my story. I will answer to each and everyone of you but 4G (read: GPRS) here in Scotland is so bad I cannot even open an email. Please just allow me an extra week, but you'll get a response, I promise!  For those who haven't checked my story, theee days ago I left Belgium to start off a new adventure. For the next 5 months, I'll be road tripping Europe, visiting a total of 17 countries!  The first destination is Scotland (I'll be in Skye and the Highlands until the 25th of May). My road trip will be divided in 3 main parts: I. Northern countries (May 15 - June 25) II. Greece + the Balkans (July 1 - August 14) III. The Alps (August 15 - October 15)  For parts II and III, I'll be driving an epic fully equipped 4x4 Toyota Hilux with a rooftop tent and everything you can ever imagine for the best road trip experience!  For part I, as I'm flying out to Scotland, Norway and Iceland, I'll have a different 4x4 each time.  ANYWAY! The reason why I'm telling you all this is because I'd love for you to join me at some point. I really want to take this opportunity to meeting up with you guys, hiking, camping, enjoying a meal around an open fire, ... So please hit me up, send me a DM, an email, and let's try to meet up! The next 6 weeks will be spent in Scotland, Northern Norway and South Iceland.  I'm SO STOKED for this new adventure and cannot wait to tell you more about the idea behind it, and obviously share with you some epic content (videos included). Thanks for your continuous support, you guys truly rock! And obviously, the reason why I haven't posted for a while or don't publish any story is all because of the poor internet 🙃 #peaksofeurope
Yes, people live there. It's definitely easy to camp in remote places for a couple of nights but I quite often wonder what it takes to spend a lifetime in places like this.  @visitfaroeislands @atlanticairways
You have no idea how strong the wind was that day.  @visitfaroeislands
The Origins
Burst of light in the Miðhálendið of Iceland.
It's incredible how travel can be a life changer.  #sponsored For me it all started when, back in 2013, I decided to buy a one-way ticket to Australia. Instead of pursuing a career in PR I thought it would be better to leave my comfort zone and follow my gut by traveling around the world for an indefinite period of time. I remember telling my parents "I don't know when I'll be back, maybe in 3 years, maybe in 5, we'll see...". That was the best decision of my life. 4 years later, here I am. Capturing the world as a full time photographer thanks to all the opportunities that came to me during my first 2 years of travel in Australia and NZ. Today, I'm teaming up with @Delta to share my story and I hope it inspires you to share your own using the hashtag #travelchangedme. Can't wait to read them!!
One last show before going to bed. @toyotaiceland #topptjald
A tiny person for scale and the first light of the day enhancing one of Iceland's most iconic landscapes.
The last aurora of the season before the endless summer days.
A local legend says ghosts haunt the @volcanohuts everyday at 6pm sharp.  Big thanks to the guys from the huts for the stay and the amazing food! Can't wait to visit again in June.
Final destination for the day. I keep being amazed every time I come back to this place.
5 minutes before the storm.  @johanlolos #topptjald
Exploring endless ice caves in Iceland's 4th largest glacier (that covers one of Iceland's most active volcanoes). Shot for @arcticadventures with the help of the legend @norrisniman.
Hello Iceland 🇮🇸! It took me 3 trips here and around a thousand clicks to finally get a decent photo of a puffin! The best part of it is that is was completely unexpected as I was just going on a sunset mission around Vík, when suddenly that little guy just sit there and begged me for a portrait. Definitely made my day! Shot in partnership with @wowair (direct flights from Brussels starting in June!)
The gateway to Belgium's only national park (yes, we have a national park and no, I didn't know it neither until recently!) @visitflanders #visitflanders
Just like a dream! @visitflanders #visitflanders
Southern Hemisphere skies. This photo ends the series I've shot for #leffe last month during the 3 days I was in Tasmania. The reason we went there with a group of journalists was to visit a farm that produces the hop found in the new #lefferoyale. Believe it or not, since then I've been enjoying drinking hoppy beers with that unique bitter taste they have!