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"A photographer is nothing but a “noticer” — a person who notices beauty in the world." johan@johanlolos.com Check out my new account 🔻

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Overlooking the city of Hobart, Tasmania on a moody (cold and windy) autumn morning. Too bad the light didn't pop on once, not even for a minute. I like this city really much though, especially for its amazing food and local beers!  I remember 3 years ago when I was in town during the Taste of Tasmania festival! 🤤 Shot last weekend for #leffe.  #lefferoyale #royale
I'm not used to only have 3 days to get the most of a trip at the other side of the world, but that challenge #leffe gave me was interesting enough. Not only did I get the chance to meet with local hops producer in Tasmania, but I've also visited a couple of national parks, which forced me to renounce on good sleep (jetlag didn't help anyway). That morning I woke up at 1.30am, drove 2.5hrs with friends all the way from Hobart to Freycinet National Park, hiked 2hrs at night to finally get to that epic view on Wineglass Bay for sunrise. So glad we managed to do it! #lefferoyale #royale
Three years. It has been three years since my last time in Tasmania. This island has an important place in my heart as this is where I started to get serious about travel photography. For that reason I've been dying of coming back, but always had to postpone it again and again. When one of my clients, #leffe, invited me to join a trip to Tassie in order to discover the origins of the new #lefferoyale and shoot some content for them, the opportunity to return to my favorite state of Australia was too good to refuse, although very short stay. I tried to do as much as I could during these 3 days even though I was soooo jet lagged. Here's a shot I took this morning from the top of Mt Amos (check out my story for more). #royale
Something big is coming this summer! Stay tuned for more info but what I can say so far is that I'm going to live on the road for almost half a year and anyone keen to join, who's into hiking/camping/roadtrip and good vibes, is more than welcome to do so! Send me an introduction email about yourself and where you're from at johan@johanlolos.com if you'd like to know more :)
Storm is coming. I cannot wait for these summer evenings spent in the mountains- @johanlolos / @beautifuldestinations
A last one from Switzerland before I go on another adventure tomorrow. This country is definitely one of the most beautiful ones of Europe and I cannot wait to be back there next September for some epic hiking and adventuring in the mountains!  @myswitzerland #inlovewithswitzerland
Breaking through the rock like a jackhammer.  #inlovewithswitzerland @myswitzerland
Blue bird day or moody day in the Alps, which one would you choose?  #inlovewithswitzerland @myswitzerland
Winter wonderland.  #inlovewithswitzerland @myswitzerland
The most scenic train ride in the world?  @myswitzerland #inlovewithswitzerland
Swiss winter sunsets are on point 👌🏻I'm not kidding, this was the view from my hotel room yesterday evening. The best reward after an exhausting hike.  #inlovewithswitzerland @myswitzerland  @beautifuldestinations
Today I was on another planet. Check out my Story to see how I got there! Huge thanks to the team @engadin.stmoritz for making this happen!  #inlovewithswitzerland @myswitzerland
I woke up to this view this morning. Switzerland for the week! #inlovewithswitzerland @myswitzerland
Sunday stroll
Wild and unexpected encounters in some extremely remote parts of Canada
Watching the sun go down from the hood of our truck. During my recent trip to New Zealand I teamed up with @JackDaniels_US to show you how #jacktravels. #fromlynchburg #ad
It's been two months I'm stuck at the office editing photos and sending emails all day. I cannot wait to be back in the Alps (🇨🇭) next week.  @beautifuldestinations
Classic sights that never get old.  @johanlolos
Golden mornings
Just had the huge honor of interviewing legend, world-renowned and multi award-winning photographer @stevemccurryofficial. It was on Instagram Live an hour ago but for those who missed it, I recorded everything and will post it soon on YouTube (you can also replay it on my Facebook page). Anyway, as part of The World of Steve McCurry exhibition in Brussels (March 4 - June 25), I'm offering 2x2 tickets! To enter the contest, you need to follow @expostevemccurry and comment under the photo where I'm interviewing him by explaining why you would like to go to the exhibition! Winners will be announced on Sunday. Good luck :)
Off the beaten track.  @offtrackrentals | @beautifuldestinations