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Peaks of Europe: Now back home after a 5-month summer road trip across 17 countries johan@johanlolos.com Sign up for news about Peaks of Europe book 🔽

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Getting ready for winter #peaksofeurope
Norwegian fjords look-alike valleys of Switzerland. #peaksofeurope
Early morning at the Terri hut deep in the mountains of Switzerland after a short night. All the guest are already up at 6am for breakfast, getting ready to go on a long day of hiking in the Greina Plateau.  @myswitzerland | @graubuenden
Insane patterns of one of the most beautiful mountain plateaus I've seen. Carrying the 2-kg drone setup on the hike to the hut was definitely worth the extra weight! #peaksofeurope  @graubuenden
It's been a week already that I returned home after 145 days on the road, driving through 17 countries in Europe and chasing the very best landscapes of the old continent. This road trip has been a blast and those who followed on a daily basis through my InstaStories know how much I've learnt in the past 5 months.  I will obviously keep posting fresh content from #peaksofeurope in the next few weeks, as it's now time for me to settle down for a while and start working on what's next. The photo book about this big adventure is one of the main priorities for now, just like the preparation of some epic workshops and photo tours in Europe for 2018.  If you guys don't want to miss any update about workshops and about the launch of the pre-orders of my book, you can sign up on my website. Link in bio.  Thank you all for your continuous support for the past months, it truly helped and pushed me to keep exploring!  @myswitzerland | @graubuenden
Before starting the hike to the Augstmatthorn at 3pm, I have been staring at the mountains from the window of my hotel room the whole day, hoping for the low clouds to lift up. For 6 hours, the clouds were sticking to the mountain ridge, and I had very little hope of seeing anything from the summit. But hey, this was my last day in the Jungfrau region and I didn't want to leave without having hiked to that peak.  With a couple of new friends we decided to go anyway, and try our luck. Maybe it was going to be a huge failure, maybe not. We just had to try.  At the trailhead, we could see fast moving clouds dancing with the ridges. Again, it was impossible to say what the conditions would be 90min later up there. So we started to hike, hoping for something good.  And these are the conditions we got once we arrived at the summit. An insane sea of fog covering just half of the mountains. Luckily I had someone to pose for me to give the whole scene an apocalyptic scene. Those clouds stayed there for about 10 minutes, then slowly started to lift up. 30min later, we could see Lake Brienz down the valley, and the heavenly foggy conditions faded away just like an old dream. Definitely one of the most intense moments of my trip photography wise! #peaksofeurope  Shot for @myswitzerland | @myinterlaken
The picturesque valley of Lauterbrunnen at its best time of the day, just before night. #peaksofeurope  Starting today until the 15th of October, some of my photos of Switzerland that I took last winter in March will be exhibited in @utrechtcentraal, Netherlands, along with the photos of @michielpieters @croyable and @claireonline. You will have the opportunity to like and share the photos offline and by doing so, maybe win a trip for 2 in Switzerland! Good luck! Shot for @myswitzerland | @jungfrauregion
🌲🌲 #peaksofeurope
Why does everyone love autumn colors so much? Do we actually all like yellow and orange or is it just because we can finally experience a change after 4 or 5 months of green everywhere and those colors are extraordinary, literally? I mean, what if the trees were all yellow during spring and summer and would turn green just for a couple of weeks in autumn? Wouldn't it be amazing as well? #peaksofeurope
The most emblematic mountain of the Alps, the Matterhorn / Cervino, a natural border between Switzerland and Italy, glowing at sunrise. An incredible 4,478m peak, the 12th highest of the Alps, that has been climbed for the first time in 1865, 79 years after Mont-Blanc. #peaksofeurope @haglofs  Shot for @myswitzerland | @valaiswallis
Changing seasons in the picturesque valley of Lauterbrunnen. Last time I was there was 2 years ago on a rainy day of November, when all the trees had lost their leaves already. It was great to finally see that place in full colors! #peaksofeurope #whpseasons  @myswitzerland | @jungfrauregion
Room with a view, but even better than that. A room in Switzerland with a view on Italy. You can actually see the customs building. #peaksofeurope  Shot for @myswitzerland | @valaiswallis
After yesterday's post featuring the Alps' biggest glacier (Aletsch glacier), here's a shot of the second biggest one: Gorner glacier. No matter how many times I see these giants of the mountains, I'm speechless in front of such beauty. Being in such wild and vast landscapes always make me realize how tiny and insignificant we humans are and how we should be more respectful and humble towards our planet Earth.  On this image, you can also see Switzerland's highest mountain Monte Rosa with its highest peak Dufourspitze hidden in the clouds. #peaksofeurope  A huge thanks to my friends at @haglofs for the perpetual support.
I couldn't end this #peaksofeurope trip without having seen the Alps' biggest glacier. Although I've seen it two years ago on an impromptu stop in Bettmeralp and from the top of the Jungfrau station, this time I wanted a new angle, so I stayed in the lovely car-free village of Belalp. From there you can see the very end of the 23km long / 3.5km wide Aletsch glacier and the beginning of the Massa river that flows into the Rhone river. At the hotel we stayed in, there were very old photos hanging on the wall of the glacier which was much longer back at the time. Another proof of the ever changing world we live in, another proof of the effects of our human actions.  A few weeks ago I shared with you one of my biggest interrogations about the true purpose of photography. I'm still trying to find my own answer every day but when I look at old images that are there to reflect how much damage we've made to our planet, I'm starting to realize how important it is for us photographers to keep documenting what we see. Just for History at least.  Shot for @myswitzerland | @valaiswallis
Being an outdoor photographer means that you see the world differently than other people. Not necessary in a better way though. I'm obsessed with light, and while before being a photographer I used to be in awe of a beautiful landscape on a bright sunny afternoon, today I'd still find it nice but I would miss something in order to be fully amazed: the perfect light.  It's no secret that the harsh midday light is the worst nightmare of any photographer, and since it has been my job, I don't even bother shooting when it's a blue bird sky day.  I actually miss that innocence, the time when a beautiful place was just a beautiful place, with or without the perfect light. But it's just part of the job I guess, and no job is perfect. In the meantime though I found the best alternative to fully enjoy warm sunny days under a harsh and bright light: chilling by an alpine lake while the camera is taking a nap. #peaksofeurope  @haglofs
We had no hope for sunset that day. After having insisted so much to push dinner time at the 5-star mountain hut in the valley of Lötschental to allow us to shoot sunset that evening, we actually felt very bad when 30min before dark, we understood nothing was going to happen due to the clouds. On our way back to the hut to have dinner at the originally planned time with all the guests, that incredible show just happened out of nowhere. We had to put on our boots again, and run like kids to capture those insane rays of light. No need to say we arrived late for dinner in the end. #peaksofeurope  Shot for @myswitzerland | @valaiswallis
When I arrived in the Alps mid-August, I was a bit disappointed to not have been there earlier to fully enjoy the classic greens of the mountains and the flowers blooming everywhere. I arrived 3 weeks too late for the flowers. However, when I discover the autumn mix of reds, yellows and greens popping out of nowhere just overnight, I was stoked! Autumn has to be the most beautiful season in the Alps, with sugar coated mountain tops, softer light and morning fog. #peaksofeurope  Shot for @myswitzerland | @valaiswallis
After one week spent in Switzerland early September where I mostly experienced winter conditions, I came back 10 days ago to witness the arrival of the autumn colors. I'll be hiking in the country until the end of my road trip, next Monday, and will be sharing lots of autumn vibes on the next few days. I hope you're ready for some nice warm colors! 🍂🍁 #peaksofeurope  Shot for @myswitzerland | @valaiswallis
The Mer de Glace (Sea of Ice) as seen from Lac Blanc. What you see here is just a tiny part of France's biggest glacier, although it loses 4-5 meters of ice every year. For all who don't believe it, global warming because of human activity is real and retreating glaciers are the proof of it.  In 1850, that glacier was so big it could reach Chamonix in the valley. It was 2km longer. Now, scientists say the glacier will lose an extra 1.2km by 2040. Since I've reached the French and Swiss Alps on this trip, I have been horrified to be a proper witness of those changes. It's even hard to believe that all those big massive glaciers used to be even bigger and reach valleys just a few decades ago. But that's the sad truth. We humans have been doing nothing but destroying our planet for the last century. #peaksofeurope
Look out for the car and it'll give you a sense of scale. I wish I were standing on that ridge though! #peaksofeurope
I love this photo of @delphinepolson so much. If there's one thing she hates it's the cold. However, even on our coldest mornings in the mountains, she would look and smile at me because she knows how much I love this moment we're sharing together. Delphine is the most smiling and loving person I know and I don't know anyone who doesn't love her back. She's my favorite subject to photograph and I'm lucky to call her my best friend too. Today is her birthday and I'm sad not to be home to celebrate it together but she knows how much all my thoughts are with her on this very special day. After an amazing summer spent the two of us on the European roads, it's already been 5 weeks we haven't seen each other and I cannot wait to be reunited with her in 10 days. Happy birthday my sweet @delphinepolson. Love you! #peaksofeurope