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Peaks of Europe: 5-month summer road trip across 17 countries (15/05-15/10) Currently: 🇧🇪 johan@johanlolos.com Account with BTS stories 🔻

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Iceland sure feels like being on another planet. #peaksofeurope  Thanks for the epic scenic flight above the Highlands @flightseeing!
Today is my last day in Iceland. In 12 hours I fly back home for a few days, to get ready for the second leg of my 5-month road trip that will start on Saturday. I've already taken 10K+ photos in the last 10 days (and half of them were shot yesterday on that epic scenic flight above the Highlands, don't miss out today's story!) and haven't had the chance to properly edit any of them yet, so here's a photo I took on my last trip here 2 months ago and that I haven't shared yet. This has been my iPhone background for a month now, if you want it too go follow my other account @johanlolos and I'll upload it soon in the Stories ;) #peaksofeurope
As soon as we landed in Iceland we hit the road and drove straight to this place in the Highlands that I had never visited before. This is my 4th trip to the land of Fire and Ice and I have to say the landscape that appeared to me that day just blew my mind. I've never seen such a dramatic vista before. #peaksofeurope.  Shot for @flynorwegian #flynorwegian #freewifionboard
A last one from my recent trip to Northern Norway. I've been so unlucky with the weather here in Iceland so far so it feels good to look back at those images of the endless golden summer light I experienced in the Arctic. #peaksofeurope
Back from beyond the Wall. #peaksofeurope  @toyota_norge @toyota.europe
Explore the outdoors and enjoy the longest days of the year. This was shot at 1am in the Lofoten. #peaksofeurope
That 4am morning glow.  Classics are called classics for a reason and sometimes it's just hard to beat the most famous angles no matter how bad you want something more unique.  I left Norway a couple of days ago and I'm now in Iceland (don't miss out my daily stories), exploring the Highlands. But before posting some fresh Icelandic content, I still have a few shots from @northernnorway I'd like to share.
The sight you get on a regular flight to Longyearbyen from Tromsø. I don't know many places offering this kind of views when flying above from a Boeing 737. #peaksofeurope  @visitsvalbard @northernnorway
It's a whole different world up here in Svalbard. Finally I had the opportunity to visit the Arctic archipelago (although I just stayed on Spitsbergen) that lies at 78°N, 1300km away from the North Pole. A surreal experience, trust me! #peaksofeurope  @visitsvalbard @northernnorway
Mountains, fjords, turquoise water and white sand beaches. What else do you need? #peaksofeurope  @visittromso @northernnorway
Which beach would you choose for a midnight sun swim?  PS: you probably can't see me but I'm standing in that red little boat. #peaksofeurope  @northernnorway @visittromso
See where the snow stops? That's a 500m vertical drop to the sea. Now find the tiny person in the frame and it'll give you a sense of scale. #peaksofeurope @haglofs  @northernnorway @visitsenjaregion
Midnight sun hikes are my new favorite passion. Shot at 1am. #peaksofeurope . Don't miss out today's story featuring aerial shots of Svalbard (78°N)  @northernnorway @visitsenjaregion
One day I'll have my own getaway cabin for those endless summer days, this is my new life goal. #peaksofeurope  Shot for @flynorwegian, the airline that offers free wifi on board #flynorwegian . @visitvesteralen @northernnorway
This is where dinosaurs used to live, right?  #peaksofeurope  @visitvesteralen @northernnorway
Just imagine having your bedroom window facing the midnight sun. A nightmare for some, a dream to me.  @lofoteninfo @northernnorway
Hiking back to the car on a Saturday early morning at 1am, somewhere in the Lofoten. #peaksofeurope  @northernnorway @lofoteninfo  3-image panorama shot with the @djiglobal Mavic Pro #mymavic
Untouched, wild nature. #peaksofeurope @lofoteninfo @northernnorway
Sea, lakes, rugged peaks, crashing waves, snow, fog, rain and blue skies. This is Lofoten islands natural elements all in one shot. #peaksofeurope . @northernnorway @lofoteninfo
Early June blizzard above the Arctic Circle. The weather here in the Lofoten is unpredictable and changes so fast. This is one of the reasons that makes me come back at least once a year to this incredible archipelago. #peaksofeurope  @northernnorway @lofoteninfo
This is how every summer evenings should be spent. #peaksofeurope  @toyotauk