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Photographer Toyota 4x4 Ambassador johan@johanlolos.com My book: “Peaks of Europe: A 5-month photography journey” Available in spring. Pre-orders ↓

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Low sun & golden light. Nap is over, it’s time for a hunt.  @erindinamibia
What do you see?
The desert survivor.  Oryx a.k.a. Gemsbok can survive for days or even weeks without drinking water, thanks to the water stored in the plants they eat (coarse grasses, roots, tubers and bulbs). With their natural habitat that can regularly reach 45°C - 113°F - that’s some crazy skill!
I’m currently in the Lofoten, Norway, experiencing the very best of the Arctic winter. Two weeks ago I was still in Namibia, taking full advantage of the Southern African summer in the most radically different landscape from where I am now, and where I found  the desert version of #thatwanakatree.
Here’s to more adventures in remote places, pure wilderness, far from any civilization, where few can venture. Stoked to be working with the guys at @toyota.europe for 2 years now, excited to see where these 4x4 will bring me next! Thanks for your continuous support and eternal trust, friends!
Morning fog lifting up from the clay pan of Deadvlei 90 min after sunrise. Just a few seconds of pure madness with natural color gradients everywhere you look at.
Did you know that adult giraffes rarely sleep for more than 5 minutes at a time and are known to occasionally keep an eye open. In a land full of predators this is the most efficient power nap strategy. What a beautiful animal! @erindinamibia
I’ve just spent two amazing weeks traveling all around Namibia, and it’s now time to leave beautiful Africa, although I’ll be back, probably sooner than you think. .  This shot of a leopard taken at @erindinamibia means a lot to me. From Day 1, we were told many times how elusive leopards can be and how hard it is to spot them. On Day 3, we were driving back from our sunrise mission with our guide @fnventer and saw a leopard running across the road. The big cat stopped for a minute, looked at us to analyze the potential predators we were, and instantly ran away. The whole scene lasted no more than 90 seconds, and that frame is the only one I managed to get. But what a frame. Super stoked with the shot brought back, it’s only 3 days later, on our last day in Erindi, that I really understood how lucky I have been when we stumbled upon this male leopard. Indeed, on Day 6, we managed to find another leopard, a young one this time, who actually seemed to enjoy our presence. We spent 2 hours driving next to him, hoping for the perfect shot with the perfect light and frame. I took about 2,500 shots of the young leopard and none of them make me as satisfied as this one. Oh, the irony!  Shot on a Nikon D500 + 200-400mm f/4
I took a little break from posting here since the new year as I wanted to focus on my upcoming projects for 2018. Now that I’m full on back at work, I’m stoked to get to share with you some shots I’ve been recently taking in Namibia where I’ll be for an extra week! Oh Africa, it’s good to be back.  @erindinamibia
I took the last few days to slow down and spend some quality time with friends and family in a beautiful cabin in the French Alps. Happy New Year to you all guys! Thank you for the perpetual support. Many many many new projects are coming for 2018 and I cannot wait to share them with you!  Last week I announced a giveaway contest to win a @djiglobal Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More Combo (worth 1600€) and two @xtorm power banks. It’s open to anyone who pre-ordered my book #peaksofeurope which will be released next spring.  The contest ends in 3 hours, so if you want to try your luck and maybe be the grand prize, please check my Story Highlight ‘Giveaway’ or click on the link in my bio, and you might end up with a #mavicpro which is the drone I used for this photo taken in Slovenia, in the Soča valley, world famous for fly fishing. Can you spot the two fishermen? :)
Throwback to one of the most amazing times of 2017, when I was hiking with friends in my favorite region on Earth, the Lofoten islands! . If you also want to experience the beauty of this remote and unspoiled place, come join @pie_aerts and I next February on our 8-day photo tour around the Lofoten, chasing the soft winter lights and the beautiful auroras! .  Swipe up in my last story or check my 🇳🇴 workshop Highlight story for more details and how to apply! This will be a trip you will remember your whole life and we’ll teach you all we know about photography, social media and how to photograph the northern lights. Beginners and advanced photographers welcome! . www.johanlolos.com/aurora-18-lofoten-workshop/
Friends, I’m so excited to officially announce the launch of the pre-orders of my book | Peaks of Europe: A 5-month photography journey. . After having spent the last 2 months working nights and days on my first book, you can now pre-order it! I'm working with a renowned publisher on the release of the book, which will be available next spring. . Peaks of Europe isn't a traditional landscape photo book. It's the result of a 5-month adventure across 17 countries and 40,000km told through my lens. . This book should be first and foremost considered as a travel diary, a continuation of my daily InstaStories that I published last summer, with photography as the main medium. . Now, for the first 200 people who will pre-order the book, I'm offering a free 30x20cm (11.8" x 7.8") giclée print on the highest quality of paper, thanks to the support of @labophotos_fr and @hahnemuehle_global.  I’ve received many pre-orders already - thank you so much guys!! -but that means THERE ARE ONLY A HANDFUL OF PRINTS LEFT, be quick! . To order, please visit www.peaksofeurope.eu or check the link in my bio :) . I’m seriously so excited to be that close to finally be able to share the result with you! . 256 pages, hardcover, 22x28cm (8.7"x11"), 200+ photos many of which are unpublished. Available from Spring 2018. . (Yes I know I’ve already posted yesterday about it but there seemed to be a bug with the photo so I removed it very fast, sorry for those who already read that announcement) #peaksofeurope
See the 4 boats? See the wreck of seagulls? See me on that idyllic beach having a blast piloting my drone? #peaksofeurope
As some of you might have figure it out through my recent stories, I’ve spent the last days working hard on the curation and editing of the photos for my upcoming #peaksofeurope book.  It’s been 2 months that I returned home already and during that time I almost didn’t open any of the 35,000 images that I brought back with me. Instead I decided to step away for a while and come back a few weeks later with a fresher eye.  Probably the best decision as it allowed me to re-discover photos that I forgot having taken a few months back, but first and foremost it allowed me to re-adapt my editing and curating approach.  I seriously cannot wait to show you the final product when the book will finally be released!
Have you ever experienced magical nights? Well, if not, this might be your chance then! Because this winter, I’m bringing 8 of you to my favorite region in the world, the Lofoten archipelago!  On 17-24th February, 2018 I will be joined by my good friend @pie_aerts and we’ll teach a small group of 8 participants all we know about photographing the outdoors and the majestic Lofoten.  If you want to join us on what will be an epic 8-day adventure, apply now to our AURORA ‘18 Lofoten Photography Workshop. We’re offering a 250€ discount to anyone applying before Dec. 4th! Don’t miss out this rare opportunity :) Info & how to apply on my website, link in bio.
SCALE. I have a massive admiration for the mountaineers. I’m not too sure why I’ve never tried but this is very high on my list! On another note, happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it! To thank all of you who have been supporting me over the last 4 years, I’m offering you a massive Black Friday deal on all my calendars until Sunday midnight CET. Get 50% off any order with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY and get a calendar for 12.5€ only. Be quick, stocks are getting low super fast and there won’t be enough for everyone. Again, thank you all for your huge support over the past years. Really means a lot! To order your calendar, click on the link in bio :)
Today marks 1 year since I first pitched the #peaksofeurope project to my sponsors. With experience I realized how important it is for me to have at least one big personal project per year to focus and work on. Something that really allows me to express my art and creativity without any limit. I'm still currently going through all the photos I brought back with me, and while I'm still working on my photo book and exhibition, I promise will have more info for you guys very soon. Meanwhile here's a shot I took on the very first weeks of #peaksofeurope while in the Lofoten, Norway, a very special place to me that I'm looking forward to visiting again soon. I also wanted to express my gratitude to all the sponsors that have put their trust in me for the past year, and my friends at @xtorm are definitely one of them. Thank you guys for making me a brand ambassador!
It's calendar season, and this year I'm not releasing 1 or 2, but 4 brand new 2018 wall calendars! They all feature photos from my recent 5-month road trip #peaksofeurope.  A calendar with photos of the whole trip (12 countries) or a calendar featuring a specific region (the North, the Balkans or the Alps), you get to choose your favorite one! And if you buy 2 or more before December 1st, you receive a 20% discount with coupon code CALENDAR20. Shipping worldwide.  I hope you'll enjoy the selection!  Jump over my story for the next 2 hours to have a preview, or have a better look and order yours directly on my website johanlolos.com (link in bio). Note: this photo of Iceland is in both 'Peaks of Europe' and 'Peaks of Europe - The North' calendars.
This image was taken last summer after an uncommon heavy snowfall that day in the French Alps. I don't know how often one gets to see the Lac Blanc unfrozen yet surrounded by snow, but I feel like we've been pretty lucky that evening. 24 hours later, all the snow was gone already. #peaksofeurope  Shot for @icebreakernz
I've been quite silent recently. It has already been 3 weeks since I'm back from my #peaksofeurope trip, and after a few days catching up with all the important people in my life and getting some deserved rest, I've started to work on my photo book which I hope to release as soon as possible. It's a long process though as I want it to be a beautiful piece of art, both about photography and storytelling. So yeah, not much time for social media recently as all my efforts are put on that new publishing adventure. If you want to stay updated with news and get a notification when the pre-orders of the book start, you can sign up on my website. Link in bio :)
Getting ready for winter #peaksofeurope