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Actor and Environmentalist

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#regram #rg @greenpeace: Gorgeous image of wind turbines standing strong over the clouds in Germany.  We could be the generation that ends fossil fuels. . . .  #greenpeace #colour#photography #aerialphotography #instagood #nofilter #instalike #insta #pictureoftheday#instagram #climatechange #globalwarming #activism #saferplanet #photography #nature #renewable
#regram #rg @natgeo: Photograph by @thomaspeschak A bottlenose dolphin hangs upside down effortlessly as the current rages around the underwater volcanic pinnacle known as "El boiler". Situated off San Benedicto island, it lies in the heart of the  #revillagigedo archipelago marine protected area, 240 miles south of Baja California, Mexico. A critical initiative to expand this marine reserve, to further benefit large marine species that roam vast distances is currently underway. Shot on assignment for @NatGeo magazine for the forthcoming September 2017 story focused on marine conservation successes in Mexico. Please #followme @thomaspeschak and @maresmexicanos to learn more about Mexico's western seas, where conservation initiatives are bearing fruit. #mexico #baja #dolphin #diving #conservation
#regram #rg @nowthisnews: A Delaware-sized chunk of ice just broke off of Antarctica... #climatechange #savetheplanet
#regram #rg @unfccc: The Earth’s climate is changing at a rate that has exceeded most scientific forecasts. Some families and communities have already started to suffer from disasters and the consequences of climate change, forced to leave their homes in search of a new beginning. . For the UN refugee agency UNHCR, the consequences of climate change are enormous. Scarce natural resources such as drinking water are likely to become even more limited. Many crops and some livestock are unlikely to survive in certain locations if conditions become too hot and dry, or too cold and wet. Food security, already a concern, will become even more challenging. . Climate change will fuel forced migration. We all need to prepare, in a coordinated way, and to protect the most vulnerable.  #parisagreement #unhcr #un #climatechange #climateaction #unfccc #environment #migration #refugees
#regram #rg @paulhiltonphoto: A second chance! Forest refugees. Critically endangered Sumatran orangutans will be given a second chance in the wild, after their mothers have been killed by poachers or plantation workers. These caretakers at the SOCP quarantine centre in Medan are doing an amazing job helping this little guys on their road to recovery and freedom within the Leuser Ecosystem, the last place on Earth where elephants, tigers, rhino and orangutans still run wild. Please Learn more about this important ecosystem, tell your friends - JOIN & SHARE the movement!https://www.lovetheleuser.org . Help us directly with a contribution to our Forest & Elephant patrols! Link in bio :) . . . . . . #saveleuserecosystem #wildlifeasia #wildaid #racingextinction #beforetheflood #sumatra #ran #ldf #conservation #biodiversity #cutconflictpalmoil #actonclimate #climatechange #conservationphotography #environment #climatejustice #orangutan #elephant #extinction #lovetheleuser #earth #sustainability #art #wildlife #plants #climatechabeg #cutconflictpalmoil #wildaid #racingextinction #rainforestactionnetwork #lovetheleuser
#regram #rg @natgeo: Photo by @CristinaMittermeier // On assignment for @NatGeo and @NatGeoPristineSeas  For three weeks we traveled by dog sled over the frozen sea ice of northwestern Greenland.  As we neared the end of our journey, near the Inuit village of Qaanaaq, a flurry of snow covered the landscape and delighted Naimanngitsoq Kristiansen, one of our Inuit guides.  Ice is melting rapidly in the Arctic and the sea ice is becoming unstable.  To see images of how our dog team fell through the ice and into the freezing water, please #follow me at @CristinaMittermeier  @NatGeoCreative | @NatGeoTravel | #arctic | #snow | #snow | #dogs | #climatechange
#regram #rg @leonardodicapriofdn: #palmoil is an ingredient found in many everyday products and foods – things like potato chips, candy bars, cosmetics and yes even pizza (dough). Palm oil companies have cleared and continue to clear some of the most critical landscapes in the world to make room for their crops. In the process, they are destroying critical ecosystems and threatening the culture and livelihoods of local communities.
#regram #rg @everydayclimatechange: Guest Post: Photo by @everydayafrica co-founder Austin Merrill @austin_merrill for @everydayclimatechange  A powderblue surgeonfish swims by a dead coral reef off Vommuli Island, in the Dhaalu Atoll in the Maldives. The rise in sea temperatures in recent years has killed coral reefs globally at an alarming rate, destroying marine life and damaging natural coastal barriers -- leaving coastal population centers at risk as storms become more common and more violent. The loss of coral reefs may cost $1 trillion globally, according to an Australian study, including the loss of millions of travelers and hundreds of thousands of tourism industry jobs worldwide. Photo taken in December 2016 by @austin_merrill.  #climatechange #globalwarming #guestpost #coral #coralbleaching #warmseas #warmingseas #indianocean #marinelife #warmingoceans
The public has spoken. In just 60 days, more than 2.5 million comments have been submitted by Americans across the country who love and cherish our national monuments – designations that safeguard our nation’s history, our culture, and our natural wonders. @usinterior Secretary Ryan Zinke, please listen to the American people: Protect our #monumentsforall.
#regram #rg @unfao: Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing, also known as IUU fishing, robs the world’s oceans of 26 million tonnes of seafood annually, bringing financial losses to a staggering US$ 23 billion a year. The Port State Measures Agreement brokered by @UNFAO not only presents a great strategy to stop illegal fishing, but it also gives processors and retailers another way to track their supplies and acquire fish that only comes through ports legally. For consumers, the treaty ensures that we buy seafood that was legally caught. ©FAO / 📷: Luciano Simonelli  #bluegrowth #portstatemeasures #psma #fisheries #fish #fishing #port #iuu #illegalfishing #unreportedfishing #unregulatedfishing #seafood #bluegrowth #globalgoals #goal2 #zerohunger #goal14 #pesca #Рыбаки #渔业 #المصايد #pesca #pescado #Рыба #鱼 #سمك #peixe #漁業 #魚
#regram #rg @natgeo: Photo @ladzinski / Fiery sunset, lighting up the sky over floating icebergs in #pleneauisland on the #antarcticapenninsula. As a photographer these floating icebergs are each a uniquely sculpted piece of art, fun to photograph but signs of an ever changing environment. Photographed #onassignment for @natgeo / @sea_legacy #climatechange
Time is running out to submit public comments supporting our marine national monuments. Make your voice heard by Monday, July 10th and tell @RepRyanZinke that our #blueparks protect incredible ocean landscapes and species. Link in bio. #monumentsforall
#regram #rg @paulnicklen: A massive male polar bear exits the sea and climbs an iceberg near Svalbard, Norway.  We were in a small zodiac boat cruising through the ice and accidentally surprised this big male who was out hunting for bearded seals.  In one motion, he effortlessly pulled his approximately 800 pound mass out of the water leaving a small waterfall running down the ice.  I am always humbled by their power and grace. I apologized for the surprise encounter and left him to his hunt which requires stealth, patience and strategy. He was not going to catch a seal with us in his icy domain.  I am proud that this piece will soon be hanging in the @paulnicklengallery in NYC.  I will be there on July 15th  to launch a new body of work and celebrate in the work of @chrisburkard.  #nature #bear #polarbear #naturelovers #ice #beauty #climatechangeisreal #blackandwhite
Last day to get your @LeonardoDiCaprioFdn oceans apparel. Your contribution will directly support our partners and their ocean conservation efforts as we help them expand the impact of their work around the world. Visit Represent.com/LDF until 5PM PT/8PM ET to get yours. Link in bio.
@LeonardoDiCaprioFdn’s partners are committed to protecting critical ocean habitats and marine species from massive overfishing, rampant pollution and catastrophic climate change. Join us and protect our oceans. Every purchase of our LDF oceans apparel will benefit ocean conservation projects such as Costa Rica Forever– pictured here in the LDF oceans t-shirt. Get yours now until July 5th at 5PM PT/8PM ET at Represent.com/LDF -------- On World Oceans Day, Costa Rica Forever staff teamed up with local community members and the Costa Rican government to sign the creation of a new, 820 square kilometer marine protected area in Cabo Blanco. Costa Rica is home to an abundance of marine life, and Costa Rica Forever is working hard to help their country protect it for future generations.
#regram #rg @natgeotravel: Photo @pedromcbride // Locals cowboys celebrate the return of a long lost friend — water in the Rio Colorado. In 2014, thanks to a binational agreement between the US and Mexico, a river of sand became wet once again, and a fiesta ignited downstream. While the celebration only lasted a few weeks, it left something behind—hope. Over eight weeks of the “pulse flow,” the Colorado River showed us all that even with a relative trickle, we can bring a river back to life if we try. While many are working to do another pulse flow, it is suspected it won’t be enough to connect to the sea again. #coloradoriver #freshwater #delta #climatechange
Great news and a huge step forward as the permanent ban on gillnets has been made official. Thank you to all who helped make this happen, including President Peña Nieto (@EPN) and @leonardodicapriofdn partner @World_Wildlife.  #regram #rg @world_wildlife: Breaking news in the fight to save vaquita: As of today, gillnets are permanently banned in Upper Gulf of California. “This is a fantastic and encouraging step forward in the path to saving the vaquita, provided the ban is fully enforced and accompanied by fishing alternatives for local communities,” said Jorge Rickards, acting CEO of WWF-Mexico. Learn more by following the link in our bio.
There has never been a more important time to turn the tide and protect our oceans. Purchase our @LeonardoDiCaprioFdn oceans apparel to directly support our ocean program and partners such as @pcousteau & @ashlancousteau– pictured here in the LDF oceans t-shirt. Get yours at represent.com/ldf. Link in bio. ---- Ocean explorers Philippe and Ashlan Cousteau carry on the Cousteau legacy through ocean focused documentaries, books, and media projects that reach millions of people around the world. In addition, they are dedicated to inspiring the next generation of environmental advocates through EarthEcho International, an LDF grantee. From water quality programs to ocean based education in classrooms around the world, the couple challenges youth to act now for a sustainable future.
#regram #rg @nrdc_org: In April, President Trump decided to make the fossil fuel industry even richer by trying to open the door to offshore drilling—and devastating oil spills—in the Atlantic and Arctic. To justify its claim for needing more oil, the Trump administration wants to force people to use more gas by rolling back fuel-efficiency standards—and then use U.S. tax dollars to subsidize the drilling. So not only are our beaches and wildlife at risk, but Americans end up padding the oil industry’s pockets.  TAKE ACTION—link in bio. 🐳🌊 ____ #oceans #environment #water #oil #beaches #beach #ocean #atlantic #arctic #offshore #coast #waters #coasts #nrdc
#regram #rg @mattiasklumofficial: Two elephants quenching their thirst near Abu Camp, Botswana. Here they are relatively safe but more than 100 000 elephants have been killed in Africa the last 3 years! In fact every 15 minutes an elephant is killed for its tusks and most countries in Africa don't have adequate capacity to protect their herds. China has announced a ban on all ivory trade and processing activities by the end of 2017. Let's hope it's a game-changer for the future of elephants. China has the biggest ivory market in the world - some estimates suggest 70% of the world's trade ends up there! Help save the elephants by supporting WWF! #elephants #africa #botswana #wwf #peaceparks #iucn #conservation  #elephants #africa #stoppoaching #mattiasklum @natgeo @wwf @thephotosociety @mattiasklumcollection  @irisalexandrov @ansgarklumphotos @naturebyeinar
Oceans are critical to our survival. Every purchase of our @LeonardoDiCaprioFdn oceans apparel will benefit ocean conservation organizations such as Manta Trust. Get yours here: https://represent.com/ldf ---- Each year, thousands of manta rays are killed for their gills, which are sold illegally for use in traditional medicines. This practice is decimating manta ray populations around the world. However, through science, outreach, and education, LDF partner Manta Trust educates local communities all over the world on the importance of protecting manta rays. With projects in more than 15 countries, their dedicated staff also works with local and federal governments to put policies in place that regulate and enforce the trade of these magnificent animals.