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Victoria's Secret 2017

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2015-2017, the glo-up hit everything except my awkward ass legs LMAOOOOOO (but look at how pretty my best friends are wow y'all i'm #blessed)
Back on set with @vspink 🎀🎀
Too Much For You
Rain or Shine⛈🌬🌞 @mathieucesar 💛🛶💛
More @blumarine with @luigiandiango 💋🎥✨
Fucking A, mate. It's been a while.
My love 🦋
hello NYC 💥 @adamlippes resort 2018 ❣️
Not because it's Father's Day, or even his birthday, but just because, you're a rockstar 🤘🏼 Go get em this week 👊🏼 My hero 💪🏽 #ussenioropen 🏌🏼
Oh Central Park... don't know what I'd do without you 🌱🍃🌿💚 #lilbitofnature #centralpark #summerinnyc
Mrs. Officer
i'm watching you
#repost 😭😭😭😭😭😭#socute @bestvines
so happy to be home
🤘🏼 @lizcollinsphotographer
Haha throwback to the best momma in the world 😂  @tonic_18
Work day with bestie 🙌🏽 (holding my finger) for @splits59
on the look out for the best gelato in Venice. let me know people. this is a serious task. lets see what you've got
I love to boogie!!! @alexcarl hands down has the best playlist for shooting. Begged her for it! (Still begging😝)
the happiest place in the world is with these fools
House goals #memyselfandi 🤣 #venice 🏡🛶😍👋🏼
One of a kind moment, when I finish the job and I'm laying on piece of ruin that is 2700 years old.  Just incredible ⭐️
Can't stop, won't stop cause we get downnn baby, we get downn 💃🏽
european summer 🌞
Nothing will ever beat this love😣❤️ I took off of work for the past 3 days to surprise my beautiful Oma in Holland on her birthday. She is going through the hardest struggle of her life battling cancer again but I know for a fact she is the strongest woman i have ever met. Today is my last day with my family here in Holland and the last thing I want to do is leave...But I will, so I can work my hardest and come back soon❤️👩‍❤️‍👩I love you @ansvandenherik @herik000 @joannvdherik @lizzyvdherik @ianvdherik @yolanda.hadid Times like these are so important to me and I wouldn't give them up for the world🌎 Happy birthday Oma...Thank you for birthing and raising my perfect mother into the woman she is today🦋 #familyfirst #eachothersfavorite
Huge thanks to @vmagazine for the incredible write up and the great captures by @nathanielgoldberg  Hair @bartpumpkin  Makeup @karanfranjola  Styling @tom_van_dorpe  Creative #stephengan  You can check out the rest of the story on @modelsdot , titled 'V Magazine's Girl Most Likely'
#italy 😍
Amoreeeee #italy @raulmelomake @lancaperfume
Monday Monday Monday ❤️
You're the type of person I'd like to start my mornings with
Remembering this life changing experience 🖖🏻 Cannot wait to return 🇯🇵
❤️ #loveistheanswer
Beautiful day in the city ❤️💛💚💙💜 #pride #love #lovewins
I'm so close to this fly why hasn't it flown away yet?!!!maybe he's not a fly and he's lying or should I say flying
In The Zone
🍋 shades of green ✨
Me tryna be funny in a room filled w models who only speak Dutch.
"Climb the mountain so you can see the world, not so the world can see you" #preciousmoments
When the clock strikes midnight... it's my faves bday! No matter what you'll always be my partner in crime I love you to pieces I can't believe we've only known each other for two years because it feels like a lifetime 💓 #turnuptime @kelindillon tonight will be one for the books
And then this little balloon Popped! 🎈love you so much already little one, I can't wait to meet you xxx
Thank you to everyone who made my birthday week so special 🖤🖤🖤🖤
salty days ⚓️🌤
Good morning 😴
happy tings
think i forgot
Weekend 🙌🏽
Ready for the weekend. 💃🏽 #tgif #weekend #voguegermany
Happy #pink day @vspink 🎀
#brooklyn 🎥: @nickheavican
Happy pink day @vspink 💕
If I had one super power... 💦🐳#breatheunderwater #missingtheocean #home
asos aw17 lookbook
I swear she had a blast!
This city needs water 💦@Calzedonia
I believe in strong women. The woman who is able to stand up for herself. You stand and you deal. You who face the world with a head held high and you carry the universe in your heart. ☄✨
Another one from @blumarine with dream duo @luigiandiango 💋💋
New @blumarine out now with the incredible @luigiandiango 😍😘 Happiest bday @luigimurenu love you, and our amazing work together🙏🏼❤❤ Enjoy your day💋💋
Summer in the city 🌞
Feeling energized from the inside out on my @cleanprogram 7 day cleanse! If your looking for a detox that gives you energy and tastes amazing @cleanprogram is for you 🙌🏼🌿🌱😝 Use my promo code kekelindgard for 10% off any purchase from the @cleanprogram #cleanse #fromtheinsideout #cleanprogram #7daydetox  #feelinggood
@pacorabanneparfums new things coming up soon .... 👀
Walking to walk this morning like 💃🏾
still at the airport #delays
dream master 💭 #thefouragreements
@freepeople 🍒
Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back. 🙏✨ #blessed #heriethpaul
Sisters new pup😩❤️
Mornin' 💋
all the pictures have, all been washed in black... @xavierscottmarshall @juanjaar
Happiness held is the seed. Happiness shared is the flower. 🌱🌺🍃🌼🍃🌸🌱Have a great week, everyone. @loft
Sweetest moments of my life, I woke up this morning in Spain and my dog was laying like this on me and snoring on my ears, 😍 and my man @nickyoungquest pictured that moment. What an amazing way to wake up !
caviēr coleman, "disco inferno", 2016, acrylic on wood
Happy Fathers Day @ronnievitelli ❤️
Goodnight birds, goodnight bees, goodnight plants and goodnight trees 🌱🐝🍃🌸 #sleetight #lovemothernature #denim
Happy Father's Day dad ❤️😘 love you
@xavierscottmarshall @juanjaar
rooftopz @wmag 🍋
Cloudy mornings in my @victoriassecret 🌬☁️☔️ #summerinmyvs #friyay
#unpublished 📸💜 @mertalas @macpiggott #tbt
More 'Beauty and Serenity' with @givenchyofficial ❤❤✨ @riccardotisci17 @mertalas @macpiggott @carineroitfeld #love #family
Shoes off #lastshot #dreamteam #monday
Happy bday to the one and only☝🏼 @patmcgrathreal.. Love and blessings to this extraordinary woman 🎉❤❤😘😘🎁🎊
Such a nice day with @reardparis 🔮 #loveistheanswer  #reardinventedthebikini #tobecontinued ❤️
Life is GOOD🙃
Because today is my Friday🤗 AND new 👚🦋🤙🏻