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Victoria's Secret 2017

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behind the scenes of my upcoming @juicycouture campaign! 🍒 #ownyourjuicy
🕊Elle US
Rainy day Blues
because I really like this dress
Good morning 🇫🇷 found my new favorite healthy spot in Paris #wildandthemoon had to have a pic with my cute juice named "better than Botox"
looks like picture me is judging real me for cheesin' so damn hard lol😂😉 @nordstrom 💕💕💕
🐨🥝 #anzac DAY 🌹🥀Always Remember🇳🇿🇦🇺
What a day😇Eternal Sunshine
I hate when stereotypes put a limit on what you can and can't do in life. Be yourself, and don't worry about what society will tell you! Girls can be heroes and guys can be in fairy tales if they want to!  For a life with no limits, no judgements and more freedom of expression!  @todasjuntastv
Had the best weekend celebrating 6 years with my handsome lover! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have a man that respects and supports me the way you do @brandonwasserman I love you impossible amounts more and more every day. You make my world go round 💙 #love #myguy #lucky #paris #forever
just landed in la la land and I already made a new friend! her name is pearl and she is just the cutest, living up to my dog whisperer status she plopped on my lap and took a nap! 🐶💤
Bit of a throwback 💋
forever one of my favorite moments... nothing but love for my @mothermodel family ❤✨
I'd wish you stick around a little longer
The time I pulled a butterfly out of my 💋on set for 'It Ain't Me' @SelenaGomez x @KygoMusic video clip 🐛🔥🦋⚡️🥀💫
Thank u to my @lorealmakeup family for the amazing flowers and presents! 😍🌸 love u💛💛 @lorealhair
Elle US by Terry🕊👼🏼💙
🦋Wow..💙😇My second American @elleusa cover..! Thank you to the incredibly talented and wonderful @samiranasr ..I love you ! ❤️ Shot by @terrytsiolis ❤️Thank you forever  xx 🙏🏽 (baby bird)
My hot date for the evening! Congratulations @stuartvevers on winning Designer of the Year!!! #americanimageawards what a great night ✨🎉😘💕
🕴🏼HARPERS BAZAAR @bazaaraustralia
you could throw her to the wolves and she'll return as their leader 🥀 • • •  photographer: @thefelixkim #tb
No thank you! Happy birthday to the man who makes dreams come true @ed_razek I want to wish you a happy, happy birthday! I hope you have an amazing day. I wish you nothing but the best 💖🎂🎁🎉
somewhere only we know 🌧
@brownsfashion you guys were such an awesome team!! Take me back to Cali..😭Photographer @peterashlee Hair @darrenhauhair Makeup @karo_kangas Stylist @hennakristiina @sarahbonser @mmeekks @elisehenderson @amyahan
Monday morning = more coffee
Something exciting is coming 🔥#ITAINTME @selenagomez @kygomusic #selenagomez #kygo
Happy birthday to my best friend FOR F**king LIFE!!!!!!!! 🦋❤️🦋❤️💘💘💘💘My role model! My person. I feel so lucky every day to call you my sister. I didn't know anyone could be so generous, smart, funny, talented, hard working, artistic, loving, respectful AND beautiful all at the same damn time!!! You make me laugh until I pee and even when I don't want to smile, you are just about the only person that can make me. 🤣Every one that knows you, immediately feels the incredible energy that radiates throughout you. ✨✨Thank you for always being yourself, nothing more and nothing less. You are my other half & I don't know what I would ever do without you. I love you with all of my heart Squeegee. ❤️🌈💫🔥 @gigihadid
Aren't they the cutest ?#omg 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓 #sundaytreat
Where does the time go, my little man isn't so little anymore 😔❤
@jumbotsui #sundaymorninglove ✨
Sleepy good morning beautiful sunny Paris ❣
Happy 🌏 day! Let us appreciate everything Mother Nature has given us and take care of the abundance our planet has provided us with. Not just today but everyday, put a quarter in a jar every time you use plastic and see how quickly it adds up! Our jars are overfilled and crowded, choking the one thing that has never let us down, our planet 💙 so let's give her some sugar and give back in any way we can🌿🌴🌱💦 #reduce #reuse #recyle #earthday #loveyourplanet
Happy Earth Day 🌷
Happy bday to this angel 🎁❤🎁❤ Love u @tatianapetenkova! 😘😘 С днём рождения любимая сестрёнка
Mommy, ❤️I'm so proud of you for opening up about a very important and sensitive part of our lives. You didn't choose this path for yourself, nor did you choose to victimize yourself. Instead you continued to raise me, my brother and sister in the best way possible, wrote a book to help all of those suffering around the world, and slowly but surely found your happiness again. Whether that be with Lyme Disease, mental wellness, immune diseases or just being understood in general. I know how hard it was for me to see how much you struggled in the past few years and vice-versa, but to see others constantly judge you and doubt you while you were down was even worse.  Hundreds of doctors appointments around the world, uncountable medications and IVs, remedies, the blood, the pain and tears... to help yourself and help people around the world find their voice, find a proper cure and a proper diagnostic. My whole life, I never saw you anything less than 'tough as nails' so every time you would look at me with tears in your eyes, pain in your bones, bruises on your body from all the needles, in the fetal position, and ask me when this would all be over... I would always say "it will be over soon mommy" without never really knowing the answer. Now I can finally say you are coming out of this stronger than ever. Thank you for being so strong and speaking up about our journey. I am so proud and I love you ❤️ "Believe me" is available for Pre-order now on Amazon 😇 #lymediseaseawareness @yolanda.hadid
We all know the story of the girl with a curl 😏 🍦🌈⚡️🐷@oribe @jamespecis
Happy Earth Day! I was so lucky to be able to see just how beautiful our earth is when I witnessed the migration in the Serengeti 🌎 #earthday take care of our earth 🙏🏽
Happy earth day 🌏 take care of our earth, Mother Nature need us more than ever 🙏🏼 #tulum2017
Reunited in Paris 🇫🇷
#omg #intheheaven ❤️
I love @sundayinbrooklyn !!
⚠️***WARNING*** CUTENESS MAY CAUSE INJURY OR DEATH ⚠️ 📸@krebentisch follow  @JimNoCarrey 🐾
" Half of her beauty is her Brain "
The bond is sealed!!! I'm a mom 😭💙 Meet Jim. (@JimNoCarrey) I named him after my favorite comedian. He's a funny lil rascal 💕😍 #pomsky
Have you met my puppy, Jim?! Jk lol #repost @krebentisch
Quick stop in London means sister time ❤️ my big sis @rachaeldw91
🌴 #tb🔙
@manifestomedia by @benparksphoto
Behind the scenes today with @cosmopolitan✨  Videography skills of @gianlucamandelli1 😉
#nyc 💓
It's looks easy, but I promise you it burns 😰 @rogerkowlessar killing me again! Haha
Pure bliss with the best team and location I could ask for! Thank you to the best @merylgriffith @carly_boone @parisfoerster @lenakoch @tippycanoe24 and everyone else! Pc @realarlenissosa 🙌🏼👏🏼🥂😘
Thankyou @ctilburymakeup for all these amazing skin care and makeup products in love with them all. Such a pleasure to see you work your make up magic yesterday excited to see the results 💋💄
@zetagao :"Seeing the world from different perspectives " #kevinfrancisgray
Wishing NYC was as hot as Miami 2 months ago. ⭐️ #springiscoming 🙌🏼
@VogueRussia ♥️
Bye Paris, I'll see you very soon when the sun is hotter and the leafs greener #summer #inparis ☀️🌳
Missin those dewy mornings 💦🌴#homesick #takemeback #needsomevitaminsea @mahinagarcia
Puppy sitting ain't so bad. Ready for my own 😩
Pre-sunset 🌅😍 #currentsituation
My Stud Muffin ⭐️ #prayforstevie #frenchbulldog #youngandreckless #steviemarlow #threemoreweeks #healbabyheal Steve went through his third surgery today. 😢  He had to get his pen removed & should be healed in 3 short weeks!! 💛
prom dress designed by my best friend❤
☕️+🍞= ❤️ #paris #jetaime @lorealmakeup
New digitals👕👖🦁 📷: @alikavoussi
#repost @abercrombie ・・・ You are my sunshine. ☀️
Counting the days to move to Paris 😍🙊
Kinda classy , Kinda hood 🌙💋
Summer outfits ✔️ now waiting for the sun ☀️ @adamselman
Met this babe @ritaora ✨💋🍭💗 #moschinocandycrush was lit @itsjeremyscott ❤️️ you ✨💕💗💋❤️️
@intimissimiofficial's new #bralette.. Be beautiful, be comfortable 🌸💖 @rowanpapier
Oh hello Saturday 😽 #weekend #nyc #gimmiesomesunshine #dreamteam #anthropologie
Happy bday to one and only @pg_dmcasting ❤️❤️❤️
I made it 🙌🏻🌴
pinkys out
Check out my new interview for Harper's Bazaar UK #watchthisface !! Link in bio ..Photo by @shannonsoulephoto Makeup by @eyemmartin
🌿🍃🌾 freshness
Spring🌷🌻🌸 #nyc #centralpark #springtime #finally #imneverwearingjeansagain
Doing what I love👩🏼‍🍳
💫🖤 fully astonished with the amazing article  @voguemagazine - full story in my bio ✨
🌿 jungla
Thanks again🤗🌼☀️@urbanoutfitters #datboi #ohshitwuddup