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#couchlife  #mustachecat
Already practicing for 2020. They're ready, they're focused, they're derptermined. They're gonna bring home another Gold!! For Murica!! #synchronizedlawnsquirming
Giving my body pillow a well-deserved scratch. #slowlysmackinglips* / #corgi #rueatingpeanutbutter? #or.. #ruveryparched? / #no #why? / #noreason...
If a pug snorts in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
so excited for these duck feet from @thewholedogmarket ! see more on our insta stories! #pugaday #piratepugjack
Sun shining through my ears = a good day! #sundayfunday #backtobed
Bo-chan🐦vs 父さん👨🏻 @snare_saitou  #にがりちゃんが心を開くまでの道  ならぬ #ぼーちゃんが機嫌を損ねずに指にとまってくれるまでの道 父さんを怪しい人だと思ってる😂ぼーちゃんはやっぱり、おばあちゃんが大好きで、すぐにおばあちゃんの肩に戻ります👵🏻 最近のぼーちゃんの特技は「大笑いのマネ」 ※ ぼーちゃん放鳥中、一緒に行った猫のうちわちゃんは別室にいました!
Uchiwa うちわちゃん抜糸のため病院🏥💉 ついでに、おばあちゃんちに行って来ました。車は嫌いだし、また病院に連れて来られて怖いし、おばあちゃんちは2回目で慣れてないしで頭の中パニック!エアふみふみになっちゃいました!
It's #sullysunday 💙💙💙 love this face 💙
Moo & Taffy in a heart air balloon
Looks like he got himself all pumped up to go on a walk, ya know, listened to a Ted Talk about exercise, looked in the mirror & said, "Ur a doge and doges love walks, let's do this!!" But as soon as he stepped outside, he immediately gave up on life. #carrymeinside #ivemadeahugemistake
caleb with norm
caleb without norm
Dang. Talking about the movie makes me wish I had that... hand drum? u know, that thing they twisted between their palms that'd make the strings swirl around. I'd play it every time the boys pooped. Like it was a majestic ceremony. #twirlingdrum* / #neighborwalksby* #caniaskwhyurdoingthat? / #yesidomind #itsoffensiveandracist #angrilywalkingaway* / #canuatleastcleanurdogscrap?! / #urbeingracistagain!! / #wut?!!!
...... I've shat my pantaloons. (thank u @greenacresfarmstead for showing me this masterpiece.)
My face as I wait to see my optometrist this morning cuz my vision got blurry again. (Oh well, at least my LASIK gave me 20/20 for a good 4 yrs.) #sigh* #whencanigetroboteyes!!
ぽんちゃんに布団から追い出され寒さで早起きしてしまった!寒いのでお風呂に入っていたら猫たちが「こんな時間にお風呂⁈」という顔で待ってました😳🛁 📷ジップロック越しで、すみません。 #cat #cats #catstagram #kitten #猫
This is what pure comfort looks like... #mustachecat
#tbt  懐かし映像 @kamenyannyan @azu.koma  まめ子、アポロライト、あわび!Nigari’s Baby こんなに小さかったのに、ずいぶん大きくなったなぁ☺️大きくなった4匹、変わらずめちゃくちゃ可愛い存在😊 ※ 懐かし映像が続くのはiPhoneの容量いっぱいなのに、パソコンに繋ぐのが面倒で新しい動画撮れないからではありません😑
#tbt  懐かし映像Ichimi 🍼👶🏻 わさびちゃんちでは、ミルクのことを「ぷー飲む?」とか「ぷーだよ〜🍼」と子猫たちに教えていたので、ぷーに反応してしまう一味😂 ちなみに3歳になった一味、今でもぷーに反応します🍼
It's that Friday feeling again🎉 #hbfridaydance
GIVEAWAY! who wants to see @rockdogthemovie ?! 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻we're giving away free passes as well as everything seen here! kids beanie (will probably fit your non-pug head better), tambourine & temporary tattoos!  how to enter:  1) like this post! 2) be sure you're following @piratepugjack 3) tag a friend! 4) for additional entries tag additional friends each on a new comment  winner will be selected on Sunday 2/19!! enter until 2/18 12AM PST. movie passes only valid in LA/OC areas. . . . . . .  #giveaway #freestuff #moviepasses #rockdog #rockdogmovie #free #win  #contest #movie #lionsgate #pugdog  #rockpug #rockdogthemovie
What an annoying little brother!! 😂 #throwbackthursday to when Bumble was 6 months old
#tbt "One year ago, I had the very important job of keeping my little brother's head warm after he was born. Babies have very tiny heads, you know. Now it's a year later and the little dude just turned 1! Happy birthday, Orion!" Love, your Otter ⭐️
#throwbackthursday #tbt To that time you said you wanted to share ice cream. #idontshare #babybarkley age 1 year
ごはーん🍚 一味の食事場所はキャットウォークの上です。 食べ始めたばかりなのに、つゆはもうごちそうさまらしいです…😓
staring contest
"Happy Valentine's Day! If you don't have a significant otter, I'll be yours!" ❤ Otter
Happy Valentine's Day! Will you be mine??? 😻😻😻 #mustachecat
happy valentine's day y'all! any special valentine's day plans? tell us below & feel free to tag your valentine! #pugaday #piratepugjack
The face you make when your Valentine walks into the room #hubbahubba #willyoubemine #😛
Yeah Happy #valentinesday that's cool- CAN I EAT THIS?!
It would have been sullys 22nd birthday and 17th 'gotcha' day today....Happy Birthday little man💙💙💙
do you think this box is big enough for a pug? #pugaday #piratepugjack
Love is in the air 🎈💕 Happy Valentine's Day 😘
I may not be able to tell where his body ends and his face begins but those brows look amazing.
It's hard to keep both mommy and daddy's sides of the bed warm while they're at work. #toughjob #someonesgottadoit
Welcome to the puppy crèche 🐶🐶🐶
we chased them..
Got into a pretty intense game of top hand last night - this went on for about 15 minutes... #mustachecat
Lazy Sundays. Am I right? #pudgethecat
Sully had such a lovely wise old face, this photo is one of the last ones I took of him.........this Tuesday would have been his 22nd birthday and his 17th 'gotcha' day #sullysunday
whut? #pugaday #piratepugjack
Good morning^ ^ 9:33 in Japan.
First day together ❤ Dec 2011
"Feeling like a #hypebeast in my Pupreme sweater" Thanks @sneakerssays for keeping me looking fresh! #bogo
❄️insert baby talk❄️
"Serious about my scarf game." #scarfgamestrong
Someone is a liiiitttle excited about #friday ...
Come back to bed 💕 #pudgethecat
Tag that special someone who always has a pizza your heart! Happy #nationalpizzaday! Have you guys seen my @avantipress cards in store?
Waiting for bae 🌹 #pudgethecat
Nothing says 'I love you' like some hand-picked, cat-chewed flowers (creepy cat not included). #tbt #valentinesday
It's too warm and comfy under here - you go ahead...I'll catch up in a bit... #mustachecat
"It snowed here in Philly! ❄ Keep those pups warm and cozy, folks!" #tbt
Lean in to it 😌😌😌💕💕💕 #awwyessscratches #pudgethecat
hey friends! just wanted to give you a little update from Jack's surgery... we got results back on the tumor jack had removed and he's going to be a-ok! they got it all before it spread so we just have to monitor for any other unusual bumps in the future. for now, it's back to the pug life. hope you all are doing great! #pugaday #piratepugjack
Tell me your secrets, avocado seed, and you won't get hurt...
Sam holding his catnip lid like Edelman held onto that ball. #superbowl #patriots
Taffy checking out the snow ☃️
Nothing to see here. Just a cat, wait, Otter dog, in the window.
こんにちは^ ^ 13:39 in Japan.
Making faces 🙉🙊🙈🐵
Morning - Happy #caturday  #mustachecat
"Guys. Don't worry. I found the perfect spot to rest my cheek flaps." #flapsofdestiny #mansbestfriend
宝島社から発売の『LOVE!気まぐれ猫』にソルくんも少し載せてもらってます❤️ 付録も付いてて可愛い猫ちゃん満載❗️ * ぜひ書店へ〜 (コンビニでも売ってましたっ)
Scratches 💕  #pudgethecat
The all seeing eye 👀
お知らせ〜 今夜21:54からテレビ東京のイチゲンサンにソル君が出まーす😽 みんな見てね〜❤️
When your friends ask wyd tonight and you're just like, "not leaving bed" 🙅🏻 #pudgethecat
28.01.17 - Saturday
Look at that white belly 😍
When you don't want to share your food.
Good night😽23:20 in Japan.
Hello Sunday♡ 11:38 in Japan. 平和な日曜
just not the same in winter 🐢🐢🐢💤
Merry Christmas😊🐷🎅🏻🎄🎁✨ @matthewthehedgehog
Happy 12th Birthday Smoosh!
Oh hai. I'm back. 👋🏼
@jumblegriffon misses the tortoises 🐢🐢🐢💤💤
Somnium taking @jumblegriffon for a walk 🐢#jumble #griffon #somnium #somniumtortoise
Somnium still enjoying the sunshine 🐢🌞
⚡️flashback⚡️ 4 1/2 years ago 💔
and Om knows the medicine is good for him..
Game face on.
Typical Friday night in. 👀
Oranges for keke
Out of town and missing the fur babies 💕
Caturday 🛁
My current chill place  #hamsterlove #hamstersofinstagram #hamstergram
Somethin's squeeshing mah face  #hamsterlove #hamstersofinstagram #hamstergram #syrianhamster
Its too early to be waking up  #hamsterlove #hamstersofinstagram #hamstergram #syrianhamster
Who woke me up? 😡  #hamsterlove #hamstersofinstagram #hamstergram #syrianhamster #hamster
Do you like the view from my back? :3  #syrianhamsters #hamstergram #hamsterlove #hamstersofinstagram
Darcy's new story book is complete! The book is filled with Darcy's dreams and all the pages has an English translation for everyone around the world. The book is available on the Japanese Amazon and you can find a link on my profile. We will be selling on the US Amazon soon! Thank you, everyone🙌🏻 ダーシーの新しいストーリーブックが出来上がりました。 ダーシーの夢をテーマにした内容で、全ページ英訳付きなので、日本以外の方も楽しめます。 プロフィールのリンクの日本Amazonから購入できますが、USのAmazonでの販売はもう少々お待ちください。 みなさんありがとう🙌🏻
Hi everyone, long time no see. I have two announcements today. Firstly, I would like to introduce our new member of the family, Matthew the hedgehog. He is much more grumpy than Darcy but has a cool face. Nice to meet you all! Also, we are making Darcy's new story book. An famous Japanese illustrator, D[diː] is in charge of the drawing and story. The book will be out during this year so stay tuned! We'll see you all again at @matthewthehedgehog!  お久しぶりです。 皆様に2つ報告があります。 まずひとつ、私はまた新しくハリネズミを家族に迎え入れました。 彼の名はマシュー。 ダーシーよりもずっと怒りん坊だけど、クールな顔をした男の子です。 どうぞよろしく。 次に、今私たちはダーシーの新しいストーリーブックを製作中です。 日本の有名なイラストレーターのD[diː]さんが、絵とストーリーを担当しています。 今年中に出来上がりますので、楽しみにしていて下さい。 それでは@matthewthehedgehogで、また会いましょう。 #darcy_drawing
I regret to inform you that Darcy passed away. I am grateful to have met Darcy, and that people around the world could get to know Darcy, too. I have put together a small book of memories of Darcy. When you're feeling sad, or things aren't going well, I hope that looking at this book will put a smile on your face.  Everyone, thank you very much for your support.
Perhaps, this is the last picture. We can't take a new picture because Darcy is too old. Thank you all.