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The 🐝s even walk like they are joined together!!
The doge. The legend. The one who gave my doges half of their perfection: Corgi & Stump Stump's dad. After visiting Corgi, I saw this handsome guy waddling around and asked the breeder, how much for the dad, too? She laughed n said he wasn't for sale. I said, "Seriously, how much." She gave an awkward laugh. I kept going, but it was when I said, "Money's no object, how much!! I'm not playing!" was when Justin (very rightfully) dragged me away and yelled to the nice lady, "she's just kidding!" #muffledscreams* #kicking* #gettingdraggedintocar*
That big ol' caboose is actually covering 2 leashes and 1 large handbag. #perfectfigure
"Hello, my name is Barkley and I'm here for my job interview." #iworkhard #forthebacons
Whenever I post pics of me n Corgi together, ppl ask, "is the girl tiny or is the corgi huge?". #both
Hiding from Monday like...
Don't worry, kiddos, I'll still be posting my babies here 🤓 I'm also working on getting them on FB again. Ever since their pg got hacked I didn't want to deal w trying to set up another one. But a lot of ppl have requested so I'll make sure I set one up by next week. #thx4alltheloveguys
Now I know why Bumble misses the ball so much🏀 😂
When you don't want to share your food.
Sunday MOOD #feelingbettertoday #snaggletoof
It's #sullysunday I couldn't decide on a photo so here is a selection of my favourites 💙💙💙
Good night😽23:20 in Japan.
Happy 3rd Birthday Olipotato! 🎉🎈🍭🎊🎁🐨
lol sup @mileycyrus
Hello Sunday♡ 11:38 in Japan. 平和な日曜
📂Part 2【わさびちゃんちカレンダー ブログ限定企画】ぽんちゃんお楽しみ抽選会 当選番号の発表です🎊🎁🎯 抽選券をお持ちの皆様、是非ご覧ください🎫☝️️ 動画なので2回に分けて投稿しています🙏 始めてのカレンダー通信販売を応援してくれた皆さま、ありがとうございました!  NG動画は父さんアカウントで投稿します😂→ @snare_saitou  #ぽんちゃんお楽しみ抽選会 #わさびちゃんち
📂【わさびちゃんちカレンダー ブログ限定企画】ぽんちゃんお楽しみ抽選会 当選番号の発表です🎊🎁🎯 トートバッグ抽選会同様ぽんちゃん、やる気あり過ぎてグダグダですが抽選券をお持ちの皆様、是非ご覧ください🎫☝️️ 今度はクリアファイルの当選者さまの発表ですが長い動画なので2回に分けて投稿します🙏Part 1 🎬  #ぽんちゃんお楽しみ抽選会 #わさびちゃんち
A message from Barkley to the @seahawks. 💙💚
🛍【わさびちゃんちカレンダー ブログ限定企画】Part 2 ‼️ぽんちゃんお楽しみ抽選会 当選番号の発表です🎊🎁🎯 ぽんちゃん、やる気あり過ぎてグダグダですが抽選券をお持ちの皆様、是非ご覧ください🎫☝️️ まずはトートバッグの当選者さまの発表ですが長い動画なので2回に分けて投稿しております🙏  #ぽんちゃんお楽しみ抽選会 #わさびちゃんち #ぽんずそうじゃない
🛍【わさびちゃんちカレンダー ブログ限定企画】ぽんちゃんお楽しみ抽選会 ‼️当選番号の発表です🎊🎁🎯 ぽんちゃん、やる気あり過ぎてグダグダですが抽選券をお持ちの皆様、是非ご覧ください🎫☝️️ まずはトートバッグの当選者さまの発表ですが長い動画なので2回に分けて投稿します🙏Part 1 🎬  #ぽんちゃんお楽しみ抽選会 #わさびちゃんち
Wrastlin' on the bare mattress.
Stump Stump always looks like he got separated from his tour group and now he's lost in the middle of a crowded spot in a foreign country. #urinthebackseatbuddy #justlookoutthewindow #relax
"I had a mass removed from my eye and have to wear this giant satellite dish. Not the best day ever. But maybe I'll be able to communicate with otter space?!" #coneofshame #otterspace
"I'm ready guys! Just let me put on my shoes." #gohawks #nflplayoffs #12dog #seavsatl
Bumbleb will stand just out of reach with this look on his face when he's stolen honeybs chuckit ball, she will only play with her own ball even though it's identical to every other #chuckitball 🏀🏀🏀
My Friday night! #aintnoshame #sometimesineedmetime
Sensu & Ponzu ぽんちゃんにベッタリのせんすくん。今月の検査次第で去勢手術。時間が経つのは早い! (ネット情報ですが、シャムのポイントカラーは体温の低いところが濃くなるそうです🌰🌰😂) #cat #cats #catstagram #dog #goldenretriever #kitten #猫 #犬 #大型犬 #ゴールデンレトリバー #シャムミックス
Not worth brushing out this bed head. Just going back to sleep 😴 #pudgethecat #eyeboogers
When it's only 9am but you're already planning how to leave work early #tgif #friday
#日産 さんの#猫バンバンプロジェクト  今年もみんなで『のるまえにバンバン』👏🏻👏🏻 寒さが本格的になる1月2月の北海道。習慣にしたいです!  #日産 #nissan #猫バンバンプロジェクト #猫バンバン#knockknockcats
It's time for #hbfridaydance  Here is one of hbs more unusual moves, not quite sure what it's called though 😂🎶💃🏼
Nope. Not today.
#tbt Sock Monkey Otter
He's so dramatic every time I leave... #mustachecat
Come to bed. #pudgethecat
Beautiful snooty sashacat 💗
"Lamby and I aren't talking to each other right now. She was a baaaaaaad girl" #🐑 #ourfirstfight #kissandmakeup
That look of betrayal  after the vet appointment 😂
Moo going to the vet for her annual health checkup ❤️🐮 shhh she doesn't know.
"You're just gonna have to make the bed around me. I'm not getting up" #snoozebutton
Squad goals.
おひさ❤️ 今年もよろしくお願いします😽
excuse me, what is this wet stuff falling from the sky? ☔️ #princessjack #pugaday #piratepugjack
just not the same in winter 🐢🐢🐢💤
Waking up is hard... #monday #mustachecat
When you get to work and can't remember if you locked the door. 🤔 #monday
Ellie trying nanas 🍌 for the first time. Where did Bowie come from? 😂
Rainy Saturday...super bored... Tell me something interesting that happened to you this week... #mustachecat
what's everyone's favorite coffee roasters? ☕️
Staying true to our new year's resolutions so far - one of which is regular grooming...which leads to a house full of fluff.  Thankfully Swiffer makes the cleanup super easy so there are no excuses.  Ham's other resolutions for a happy, healthy lifestyle are a healthy diet (he's mostly just fluffy, you guys), plenty of playtime (feather is the preferred game of choice) for exercise and we just made an appointment for a checkup with the vet!  What are your pet's resolutions? #swifferfanatic #partner #mustachecat
oh hey there! #pugaday #piratepugjack
I have collaborated with @TOMS because they're a great company I truly believe in. With every pair of shoes you purchase you will be giving a pair to a child in need! #tomsshoes #sponsored
I'll give you $20 to snooze it one more time...please... #mustachecat
Don't quite understand how to #2017 yet...
Coffee is a big part of our morning over here. We are big @somawater fans and have used one for over a year. Soma suggested using it to filter our water for coffee and it stepped up our coffee game so much! Try it, it's helps make the best cup ☕️
2017: the year of the snuggle pug. #pugaday #piratepugjack
New Year. Same me. #snaggletooth
happy new year friends! what a year it was! we're even more excited for 2017! what are some of your resolutions? #newyear #2017 #bestnine2016 #pugaday #piratepugjack
New year, new wall. Thanks to @chasingpapernyc
My resolution is to not move from this spot for the rest of the day... #mustachecat #happynewyear
Countdown to 2017 hangover in 5...4...3...
"Happy New Year! 2017 is TOTALLY going to be my year!" ✨✨#bestyearever
Farewell 2016.
Missed Norms last #petselfiez of 2016 thanks to this pop up 😫 so annoying. Luckily, thats a problem no more thanks to #googlephotos free up space! 🙌🏼 #ad
Thank you all!! 今年もみなさんに沢山のいいね!とコメントをいただけて感謝しています^ ^ 来年もよろしくお願い致します!
sunbathin pug. #pugaday #piratepugjack
Toasty toes #pudgethecat
Never moving 🙊🙊🙊 Pudge is using my hand as a pillow 😻😻😻 #pudgethecat
💔 Princess Leia
Spot stealer #pudgethecat
Merry Christmas friends!! can you spot the pug?! what are your plans today? #pugaday #piratepugjack
Merry Christmas😊🐷🎅🏻🎄🎁✨ @matthewthehedgehog
Happy 12th Birthday Smoosh!
Cocoon Santa Claus🎅❤️ #pecobox  ココちゃんもお似合い❤️
Merry Christmas🎄❤️11:35 in Japan. @pecocats さんの#pecobox に入っていたサンタさん帽子でキメ🎅
Oh hai. I'm back. 👋🏼
@jumblegriffon misses the tortoises 🐢🐢🐢💤💤
Somnium taking @jumblegriffon for a walk 🐢#jumble #griffon #somnium #somniumtortoise
Somnium still enjoying the sunshine 🐢🌞
⚡️flashback⚡️ 4 1/2 years ago 💔
and Om knows the medicine is good for him..
Midday workout
Sleeping my way into the weekend 💤
Game face on.
Typical Friday night in. 👀
Oranges for keke
Out of town and missing the fur babies 💕
Caturday 🛁
My current chill place  #hamsterlove #hamstersofinstagram #hamstergram
Somethin's squeeshing mah face  #hamsterlove #hamstersofinstagram #hamstergram #syrianhamster
Its too early to be waking up  #hamsterlove #hamstersofinstagram #hamstergram #syrianhamster
Who woke me up? 😡  #hamsterlove #hamstersofinstagram #hamstergram #syrianhamster #hamster
Do you like the view from my back? :3  #syrianhamsters #hamstergram #hamsterlove #hamstersofinstagram
Darcy's new story book is complete! The book is filled with Darcy's dreams and all the pages has an English translation for everyone around the world. The book is available on the Japanese Amazon and you can find a link on my profile. We will be selling on the US Amazon soon! Thank you, everyone🙌🏻 ダーシーの新しいストーリーブックが出来上がりました。 ダーシーの夢をテーマにした内容で、全ページ英訳付きなので、日本以外の方も楽しめます。 プロフィールのリンクの日本Amazonから購入できますが、USのAmazonでの販売はもう少々お待ちください。 みなさんありがとう🙌🏻
Hi everyone, long time no see. I have two announcements today. Firstly, I would like to introduce our new member of the family, Matthew the hedgehog. He is much more grumpy than Darcy but has a cool face. Nice to meet you all! Also, we are making Darcy's new story book. An famous Japanese illustrator, D[diː] is in charge of the drawing and story. The book will be out during this year so stay tuned! We'll see you all again at @matthewthehedgehog!  お久しぶりです。 皆様に2つ報告があります。 まずひとつ、私はまた新しくハリネズミを家族に迎え入れました。 彼の名はマシュー。 ダーシーよりもずっと怒りん坊だけど、クールな顔をした男の子です。 どうぞよろしく。 次に、今私たちはダーシーの新しいストーリーブックを製作中です。 日本の有名なイラストレーターのD[diː]さんが、絵とストーリーを担当しています。 今年中に出来上がりますので、楽しみにしていて下さい。 それでは@matthewthehedgehogで、また会いましょう。 #darcy_drawing
I regret to inform you that Darcy passed away. I am grateful to have met Darcy, and that people around the world could get to know Darcy, too. I have put together a small book of memories of Darcy. When you're feeling sad, or things aren't going well, I hope that looking at this book will put a smile on your face.  Everyone, thank you very much for your support.
Perhaps, this is the last picture. We can't take a new picture because Darcy is too old. Thank you all.