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Keep Stepping 💪🏾 #12isback
Man Man #mondaynightfootball #whynot #nono
Havin fun on the #uncledrew movie set @lisaleslie got some moves and of course it's me #sirshaqalot #babygotback #uncledrewcominnxtsummer @reggiemillertnt @naterobinson @kyrieirving @CWEBB
All hail the Young King! #50 #history #godogs
It all started back in Brookfield. From shooting on a milk crate hoop to playing in the @nba. #runtheneighborhood #nba2k18 #ripcity @bleacherreport @nba2k
C H A P T E R 3 🙏🏾🤘🏾✊🏾🔥
It's go time! Eye on the prize at all times! #striveforgreatness🚀 #savagemode😤#season15premiere coming to a theater living room near you!
If you keep it trill, get a blessing for it. 🤘🏾#LockedIn🔐🤘🏾
It's that time of the year again. ##rocketsmediaday #schwaaagchamp #lockedin🔐
“You can’t really share who you are with the world ignoring the pieces that make up who you are as an individual,” The wind cannot destroy a tree 🌲 with strong 💪🏾 roots!!! My True Victory in Life @lala And My Young God THANK YOU for holding me down and being the true definition of what STRENGTH is.  #stayme7o
Tried to get all my words out, but Insta gave me a character limit.. my entire letter is on my site (link in bio) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Dear NEW YORK,  From the day I first met you, I knew we were meant to be together. It was love at first sight.  From a very young age you taught me something that I will never forget- how to survive within the belly of the beast.  I must admit it was scary, frightening at times. But, not fully aware of my purpose, I was being molded and prepared for the rest of my life without even knowing.  My first nine years went by so fast. By the time I really was starting to understand, it was time for me to move on and start another chapter in my life. That chapter was called BALTIMORE. Instantly, I’d fallen in love again. (Hence the saying LOVE HAS NO BARRIERS). I guess I was all too familiar with the Belly of the Beast. I learned how to survive, I learned the sense of community, I learned about responsibility, as well as becoming a P.O.M.E (Product Of My Environment). You catch my drift.  Then I had to depart again to go on this long journey where my ART OF WAR skills would be tested. Lots of good times and lots of bad times.  Losing myself at times, questioning myself in the midst of finding KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, and UNDERSTANDING. Several years, months, days, hours, seconds went by and I found myself having an opportunity to get back with my first love. (Its called CIPHER in my lessons). It was a sense of rebirth...
Happy Bday to the Real Mie! Stay blessed bro and continue being a true pro! @bbrownsix_ #whatyo1'slooklike #gowityamove
Back in #sanantonio!! #lifeisgood  De vuelta en #sanantonio!! #vidafeliz
Soooooo what’s the real problem.... @nfl
Shoutout to @geenessmusic, @camarcher, @devinecarama and @noveltyrap for winning my #nba2k18 themed #4barfriday challenge back in July. I partnered with @nba2k to let MCs in the #4barfriday community spit over the instrumental for my exclusive #nba2k18 track called "Shot Clock" for a chance to win copies of the game.  The winners got their copies on #2kday. Any of y'all been able to unlock "Shot Clock" on #nba2k18 yet? #damedolla #frontpagemusic @frontpagehits @4barfriday
Shoutout to @1jay_ikonik_sb for #runitup fan art. Let me know what streaming service you've been using to listen to it so far. #damedolla #frontpagemusic #confirmed @frontpagehits
🤣🤣🤣🤣 but seriously.
How many of y'all have been able to unlock my song "Shot Clock" via MyCareer mode in #nba2k18? "Shot Clock" was produced by @streetjeanious and features @drakegreen_ (aka Dupre) #damedolla #frontpagemusic #runtheneighborhood @nba2k @frontpagehits
jito boyz
As you all know my wife and the great people of Nebraska have turned me into an @huskers fan. Today we decided to go check out our team and I also asked the @huskerhoops team if I can run with them. Thank you guys for the run. I had a great time and a big thanks to coach Tim Miles for all the love that you've shown the wife and I.
After all the good news today I had to cap it off with a lil late night fishing!
Our Homecoming QUEEN 👑👑👑 Ms. Madisyn Mcdaniel!
On the lookout wit my woe @teamswish for  haters that don't wanna see you shine. They come in all shapes, colors and sizes so be aware! Put on your blinders, focus and push towards inspiring, greatness and happiness! If they don't bring energy towards you, don't be around them. #livelaughlove😁🤣❤️ #striveforgreatness🚀
My new @scottstorchofficial produced single "Run It Up" featuring @liltunechi is available now on @spotify and all major music platforms. Hit the link in my bio to access links to listen to it on all of the platforms. #damedolla #frontpagemusic #runitup #confirmed @frontpagehits @human.re.sources
#repost @uninterrupted ・・・ "It’s not about dividing. We as American people need to come together even stronger.” — @kingjames responds to @realdonaldtrump's comments. Catch his full thoughts at UNINTERRUPTED.com.
Me and @havinmyway__ cattin off 👌🏾👌🏾
Eye on The Prize 🏆 #buzzcity #12isback
My guys. ⚡️⚡️⚡️
" We use to hold da gold now we floss with diamonds... n****s want my team to stop shining...claim my fame start declining...whining like girlies I been around the world twice"#Pray for my downfall#Biggie Smalls
Gotta love this guy!! #standforsomethingorfallforanything.
Let's GO!! #gang
Yr 11 🙏🏾
Congratulations to my lil bro @johnwall #ukhof
Today was a good day! #goodfriday #pounders #hogs #wristworkers #bass
People stay fronting! For what... 🤷🏾‍♂️stop trying to figure it out.
Días de descanso en la montaña! La pretemporada está a la vuelta de la esquina 💪🏼 #cargandopilas #naturaleza  Getting some much needed rest at the mountains! Training camp is around the corner 💪🏼 #chargingbatteries #nature
Sipping on that pappy #15yearoldpappy #20yearpappy #23yearoldpappy.
I’ve set up a @YouCaring donation page to aid the relief efforts in Puerto Rico. Any help you can give will get directly into the hands of those who need it.  I’ve been doing community work on the island for the past 10 years, but this is another level. I'm starting with an immediate $50,000 donation, that has already been matched. We need your help in this fight. (link in bio)
Huge THANK YOU to a few of my partners on supporting the people of Houston that needs help. The storm may be over but the recovery isn't. Let's continue to pray and send positive vibes to the people. @drinkbodyarmor @adidashoops @stancehoops  #houstonstrong #hurricaneharvey
Happy 58th ma! & many more to my special lady!!!
"Laila's Wisdom" 🙏🏾 @rapsody @9thwonder @youngguru763
These new uniforms is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
About this summer... I contacted my guy Ryan Capretta @proactivesp immediately after losing in the playoffs and told him I'm on a mission this year to be the best. I wanted him to challenge me and push me harder than I've ever been pushed before. I knew I wasn't good enough the past year and wanted to give my team more. Didn't know I was gonna be traded but what happened, happened. Now I'm faced with the same mission to be the best playing along side the best and damn I'm excited about that! I got better and stronger fasho. Only time would tell. Thanks to everyone over at Proactive who also helped the kid! #thunderup #whatareyoucapableof #pg1 #nobrakes #tilicollapse
Just gonna leave this right here 👀. My wife @ayeshacurry is the newest member of the #covergirl team and I couldn’t be more proud of her! Keep pushing the envelope, inspiring women all over the world with the gifts God had given you and busting through all type of levels we couldn’t even have dreamed of. Love you! That’s Riley and Ryan’s momma 😍
Great few days of mini camp with the squad!! Made each other better every single sec/min/hour we were on the floor! It's the beginning of a long journey and we'll be ready for the Process that comes with it! #striveforgreatness🚀 #theland #savagemode😤
Happy Birthday to my boy @jimmyfallon 🎂🎤 Always have so fun on 📺#TheTonightShow📽  Thanks for the laughs.. love u little bro
Last night in Santa Barbara so I Brought out some of my personal treasures for my guys @kevinlove @realtristan13 @brandonweems10 and the General tonight. #enjoyingthefruitsofourlabor🍇#vinochronicles🍷
Humbled & honored to have been asked to start the Bloomberg Global Business Forum. They don’t need me to set the tone, but we need them, and now, more than ever, we need each other. Keep the conversation going. #striveforgreatness🚀 #bloomberggbf
Make sure you check me out on @theellenshow today!!! #styledrivers #whynot 🤷🏾‍♂️
Toda mi solidaridad con el pueblo de #mexico después del terrible terremoto de ayer. Mis condolencias a las familias y amigos de las víctimas. #fuerzamexico  All my support to the people of #mexico after yesterday's terrible earthquake. My condolences to the families and friends of the victims. #fuerzamexico
Hoy hemos inaugurado la nueva sede mundial de la @GasolFoundation en #santboi!!! Reto: #ceroobesidadinfantil  Today we had the grand opening of the new headquarters of the @gasolfoundation in #santboi!!! Goal: #zerochildobesity
#12isback w/a New Start #blessed2bhere  #timewilltell my story -🔥🔥Up !!
"Do you wanna do nothing with me...?" (📸 @createdbyjazmiyagi)
Should Have Bought a KNIGHT XV !! #dreamcars #sucks2burightnow
"Cause I'm only 27 and I'm only getting better, if I haven't passed you yet watch me catch up now, for real" @champagnepapi #thunderup
Thank you #harvard @harvardhbs and @anitaelberse ! I'm excited for this opportunity to continue growing, and dreaming. #alwayslearning #alwaysworking #nba
Get your tickets now for our 2nd Annual #whynotcomedyshow taking place Friday, October 13th at the Tower Theatre. (Link in bio) Share this video with hashtag #whynotcomedyshow for your chance to win Thunder home game tickets. Winner will be announced via social media on Wednesday, September 20th.  #whynot #layups2standup #thunderup #okc #whynotcomedyshow @iamjuicemann
Ya en casa saboreando esta nueva medalla! Ahora a cargar pilas y aprovechar unos días de descanso antes de afrontar mi decimoséptima temporada en la @nba. A seguir disfrutando del camino!  Back at home savoring this new medal! Now time to quickly recharge and take advantage of a few days off before starting my 17th @nba season. Let's continue enjoying this amazing journey!
🙌🏼 #eurobasket2017 👏🏼 Todo reconocimiento es siempre gracias a mi equipo!  Every award is always thanks to my team!
Gigi working on that stroke #wristwork #wnbafinals
@wnba finals rematch got us hype! A lil one on one with my baby Gigi #footwork #stringmusic #mambacita
MOOD #behappy #smile #believe
Damn she's BAD!!! #emmys
Congrats to the great Phil heath seven time mr Olympia #greatness #theman #mrolympiaseventimes
I'm nice with the right foot though...thanks to @chelseafc for having me at Stamford Bridge today. ⚽️
This was me listening to my parents when they were saying "people will love the name SHAQUILLE ONEAL. Mom and dad love you #ripbutchy #nomewithoutmyfamily #cutest baby ever
Emmy weekend night out #2 with my girlfriend!
If you lose today, win tomorrow. In this never-ending spirit of challenge is found the heart of a victor. #chancellormedal #stayme7o
Happy bday to my pop love you old man ... hardest working man I know
When I only had 3 scholarship offers in high school I was alil down on myself but going to Marquette and getting the chance to be taught the game of basketball and life by @tcrean5 I became the luckiest kid out of the 2000 class. Thanks for being my coach,friend and most importantly a father figure. Love you Coach. We got some great work in this week!!!
Much love to @jumpman23 Wings Initiative, the @houstonrockets and all the volunteers that helped us give shoes to over 30 schools in the community today!! #cp3family #cp3cares
Fly 😂😂😂😂
statement jersey
✊🏾✊🏾For the Culture! Thank you  @nascar @nba2k @gamestop
💪🏾💯. 1k makes a day. Today was hook shots and free throws.  @hornets
Lil chubby love her some chocolate cake lol that face so happy
Thanks to @fernmallis and @92ndstreety for having me while I was in NYC, had a unbelievable time. Thanks to everyone who came out to support. #fashionicons #whynot #fashionking
Anybody who knows her knows this was the hardest picture in the world for me to get her to take...As J calls her, my work wife!! @goodcarma17 is my EVERYTHING!!! I'm not sure if there is a more selfless person in this world who is constantly helping others and works so hard but does so quietly. I'm truly blessed and privileged to have you on our team and just want to wish you the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY Carm!!!! #myrighthand
It’s #nbalive18 Launch Day! Shout out to @shady00018_ for this 🔥🔥🔥 video. . . Like this post because I'm giving out free copies all weekend!
True Dreamer on the @nba2k cover Truly grateful!! Let's make this experience special. Meet me in the neighborhood or MyPark, I'm in there!!
Virginia Made
"People do not grow when their environment is too comfortable, when they are not challenged. It is in the midst of suffering and hardship that strength of character is formed." #stayme7o
See y'all tonight from 7-9pm #styledrivers #whynot 🤷🏾‍♂️ Pull up on the Brodie!!!
LA!!!! I am signing copies of my book #styledrivers tomorrow at the Barnes & Noble at The Grove from 7pm-9pm #whynot 🤷🏾‍♂️ Pull-up!!!!
Done at 6am #chinatimezone #4amclub #monstermamba
Can't Make Sense Out Of Non Sense! AS LONG AS I KNOW IM NICE, FUCK IT IM MY OWN FAN "A certain darkness is needed to see the stars." @Espn Don't be so Blatant with the disrespect #gonetofar #lineemup  STAYME7O
Never not working.
生日快樂 / Happy Birthday to the legendary @yao. Short lived and amazing career but an even more amazing person. Continue to be heart filled and full of joy. Wishing you many more!!!! #rocketsnation #lockedin🔐 🚀🚀🚀🚀
This was fun! Me vs. My Daughter on the track. @infiniti Q50 for the win.  #roadofherdreams #ad @infinitiusa #infiniti #q50 #performance #empowerthedrive
What would life be without Hip Hip?!?! Glad to be a part of the culture!!!
Who would have ever thought coming from Newport News?!?!"IM  KNOWN ALL OVER THE WORLD" FORGET ABOUT IT!!!!#Donnie Brasco
Learning the language! Bruce Iverson...
Up your hydration game with the Brita Stream this school year. Tag someone who’s thirsty @BritaUSA #ad
Best seat in the house #hollywoodbowl #johnwilliams #dearbasketball #mambaandrey
Epic honor to join John Williams on stage tonight to perform the #dearbasketball animated short @hollywoodbowl
Officially a part of the @celtics Tradition!  Truly grateful. #alllove
And to the @celtics and the whole fan base. Let's get it!! @nba2k  #nba2k18  @ronnie2k
"My special thank you to Cleveland" *Link in Bio.  My love extends way beyond the court I have for Cleveland and it will always be a place thats special because of the great people and experiences. The Ups and downs, we stand and fight no matter what the circumstances are, and that's what being in Cleveland embodies, it is all Love and a whole lotta pride. To the incredible individuals I've met who support the Cleveland organization and help allow us as Players to feel a special bond to the State/City and shared countless moments with, keep being YOU and know that my appreciation is eternal. Thank you From my whole being for being there as I was a 19 year old kid coming into the league, to now where I start another step in the journey as a 25 year old Evolving man. It will Always be Love and respect Cleveland. "The journey is always the Reward"  #kyriewick
(flexing emoji)
#29 Years strong! Thank you for being an example through the ⬆️and⬇️. Love you!
We are ready for tonight @drinkbodyarmor #entrepreneur  #mayweathermcgregor
The New Off-Court Play for NBA Stars Is Startup Equity @bloombergbusinessweek  Link in bio.
My consigliere #theplayerstechsummitt
Welcome to The Players Technology Summit... #andthewarriors
Bruce Lee Edition KYRIE3 @kobebryant inspired and influenced.
Thank you to the worlds greatest @eve.ewing
‪Catch me on the #latelateshow #cbs 12:30/11:30c tonight! I'm talking Music, Guitar, Dad Life, and more! Thanks for having me @j_corden !
We went through life together, Miami! 🏆🏆 My letter to you on ChrisBosh.com now. Thank you to everyone—here in Miami, across the nation and around the world—who has been a part of #teambosh .I hope you will continue to follow me on my journey, wherever that leads me.
Happy Fourth of July from the #boshfamily 🇺🇸🎉 Celebrate with your family, community, and country! Stay safe. #fourthofjuly
5 more. let's do this. #loyalty @laclippers
We go together like campfires and marshmallows! #campbosh #boshfamily
Watch me and my sword-wielding skills on @wreckedtbs RIGHT NOW! #wrecked #teambosh
Today, Stephen Curry and I announce the launch of the inaugural The Players Technology Summit, presented by @bloombergbusiness.  The Players Summit will bring together top leaders in tech, VC, and sports and will be held in SF in August.
sometimes you need a little help stepping out of your comfort zone. thanks to my mentor for helping me see my potential. be a #mentorirl. mentoring.org