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throwback 😍 Mary Jo is the perfect red @kyliecosmetics ♥️
Stunning! @tsingapore @kimkardashian #beauty #proudmama #tmagazine #tsingapore #repost @kimkardashian ・・・ Thank you T Magazine Singapore @tsingapore πŸ“Έ @dennisleupold Editor in Chief @jumiusw  Creative Director @jackwangg  Stylist @zhuoweilun  Hair @chrisappleton1  Makeup @makeupbymario  Nails by Kayley Phan  Production @sodachris
Thank you T Magazine Singapore @tsingapore πŸ“Έ @dennisleupold Editor in Chief @jumiusw  Creative Director @jackwangg  Stylist @zhuoweilun  Hair @chrisappleton1  Makeup @makeupbymario  Nails by Kayley Phan  Production @sodachris
Wake up & smell the roses...
It's your turn west coast!! Our 10 year anniversary special starts at 9pm on E! #keepitkardashian
here's to ten more πŸ₯‚
Make sure you guys get your KEEP UP socks in time for the season premiere next Sunday!! Order now at ShopArthurGeorge.com @arthurgeorge87 ❀❀ #kuwtk #keepitkardashian
It's time! Turn on E! now east coast to watch our 10 year anniversary special! What a way to kick off our new season! #keepitkardashian
It's almost time!! Our 10 year anniversary special starts in one hour east coast!! 9/8c on E! #keepitkardashian
sips champagne.  TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY special #tonight on E!
10 years of Keeping Up with the Kardashians! What a decade it's been! Can't wait to kick off our new season with our 10 year anniversary special tonight! #keepitkardashian #kuwtk #family #love @kuwtk
Somebody's tired.
These two beauties! πŸ₯‚ Can't wait for our 10 year anniversary special TONIGHT!! #keepitkardashian #kuwtk
Beach bums
yesterday was cute. hope you had the happiest of birthdays Jordy. Love you forever ever and beyond..
mornings :)
10 year anniversary special airs TONIGHT! Watch with us at 9/8c on E! #kuwtk #keepitkardashian
We're so nice to our mommy. So sorry @krisjenner ! Don't miss our TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY special #tonight on E!
Kicking off the new season with our 10 year anniversary special tonight!!! 9/8c on E! #keepitkardashian #kuwtk
That highlighter though.... Medium Kit on kkwbeauty.com @kkwbeauty
So simple, yet so fun...
Tomorrow!! SO excited for our 10 year anniversary special!! What a great way to kick off our new season. Tune in at 9/8c on E! @ryanseacrest @kuwtk #keepitkardashian
Waiting patiently for her water.
Last swim before we're off to Cleveland! πŸ’• PS it's an antique mirror to all the ones who don't know! Step your interior decor game up!
Our 10 year anniversary special airs Sunday night 9/8c on E! πŸ₯‚#KeepItKardashian #kuwtk
Saturday morning #manproblems Lazy ass friends won't wake up and help... #myfrontyardgonnabedoperthanyours
πŸ˜‚ Can't wait for our 10th anniversary special tomorrow on E!! 9/8c #soexcited #10years #keepitkardashian @kuwtk
My dad was a boss! Double Roll's w his Doberman
love, Milano πŸ’‹
@tods with my #todssellabag
Gorgeous @kendalljenner walking for @bottegaveneta #bottegaveneta #mfw #ss18 #proudmama #milan /Photo by @gersonlirio x @fashiontomax
Thank you @bottegaveneta for the gorgeous bag I will cherish and I can't wait to see the show!! #mfw2017 #milan #bottegaveneta #ss18 #proudmama
Kim's @kkwbeauty powder kits are back in stock now at KKWBEAUTY.COM #kkwbeauty #proudmama @kimkardashian
What a spectacular show and a great honor and tribute to Gianni Versace!! Thank you @donatella_versace for having @kendalljenner walk in your gorgeous show!! #memories #90's #proudmama #versace @versace_official #mfw #milan #versacess18
@kkwbeauty Powder Contour & Highlight Kits are restocked on kkwbeauty.com now!
Enchanté (Carine) - Fergie music video πŸ’…πŸΌ thank you @fergie @gb65 , Hugo and the inspiration behind the song @carineroitfeld πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
In life, you realize there is a role for everyone you meet. Some will test you, some will use you, some will love you, and some will teach you. But the ones who are truly important are the ones who bring out the best in you. They are the rare and amazing people who remind you why it's worth it. -Unknown
@vladyart 😍
In my @goodamerican Twisted Seam Sweat Pants... just dropped on goodamerican.com πŸ”₯ #goodsquad #goodsweats
Mom says you can't get work done while watching Bodhi... #dadsforthewin #daddytime
My Aunt Shelli called and yelled at me when she saw this pic. So @shellibird1 I blurred it for you!
Even had obsession over my "Momo gear"... Wait for the #nannydog #daddytime
Go time 🎣
10 years baby
Just decided to fill the tool bag with wrenches and empty the lowest drawer... Besides @hotwheelsofficial every other toy seems to be a scam
Kardashian Decade
TEN YEARS...our new season starts again this Sunday starting with our ten year anniversary special! This is how you #keepitkardashian
10 years strong!! This is how you #keepitkardashian!  So excited for the 10th anniversary special of #kuwtk starting Sun 9/8c on E! Hint of Old vibes but all new snatch
10 years!! So excited for the new season, starting with our anniversary special this Sunday! This is a short edited down version of our new promo so go to my twitter to see the full video #keepitkardashian @KUWTK
Obsessed with my @fashionnova dress πŸ’Ž Get it at FashionNova.com ✨ #ad @fashionnova
Ran the 32" @gladiatortires hard this past weekend... Got to give a ride along in the race to a guy (@proxyo) who I met 5 minutes before...LOL... Thanks for hanging in there like a champ dude... #gladiatortires
Bestie πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
I try to tell people I work with a lot of dogs now... but I don't think they get it... (Yes that's real)
flips hair
Allure Glam by @patmcgrathreal & @garrennewyork
A sneak peek into my @allure cover this month. Up close & personal for the "Best of Beauty" issue. πŸ“Έ Daniel Jackson
I love the Malibu drawings from our 10 year old artist Harlow on these silk tap shorts!  Drop 3 of @thekidssupply is live now on TheKidsSupply.com
Now THAT'S a swag bag... I was stoked on the @onealracing shirt as I'm telling Valerie "look it's the right color for my Honda etc" as she is repeatedly telling me "babe look on back"... I started chuckling in disbelief... Then I saw the hat monogrammed... . THAT'S how you treat guests, congrats to #racearoundthelake organizers on a fun event!
#lifeofkylie is over for now but we sure ain't. Thanks for sharing this experience with me Jordy! It's been such a fun adventure. Here are some random behind the scene pics of us while filming these past few months. Love you @jordynwoods
couldn't live without them
Alexander Wang Gang
A fun off-road race today. My co-driver was brilliant.
Dad brought over the old toy and said "let's go racin"... We had a blast at #racearoundthelake #racearoundthelakegp , old car ran like a champ and took out all the turbo cars... @gladiatortires #gladiatortires @kingshocks #kingshocks @racelinewheels #racelinewheels @hcrracing #hcrracing @cagewrx #cagewrx @assaultutv #assaultutv
Repost from @caitlynjennerfdn: @julianahuxtable: Artist, DJ, poet, lighting rod. Born in  bible-belt-Texas, in her childhood, she drew "high-drama, high-fantasy images of idealized women -- like angels flying through the air." . @museummammy would argue she's become a figure even grander than those she imagined: "Juliana's voice is integral in this time, because she truly is a beacon of hope. She exists at the crux of almost every type of intersectionality, but still thrives." ✨
birthday kisses with the birthday girl...happy birthday @steph_shep !! πŸ’‹πŸŒΉβ€οΈ
3 New Mattes Launch TODAY at 3pm pst only on KylieCosmetics.com @kyliecosmetics πŸŽ€πŸ–€ MINK • PENELOPE • BUBBLE
Marni to the rescue
Found this picture and I got my first panic attack... It's just flying by...
The ultimate throwback @spencerpratt πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #groms #thehills
Throwback to a couple weeks ago when @martingarrix surprised me on stage after his set at @hiibizaofficial. #epicnight
I mean..... is this not the cutest picture you've ever seen? Daddy/Daughter time! So cute together! 😍
Ralph 🏎
My cutie pie! 😘
Almost ready to start steering... He's not sure why, but he knows he wants to be a wheel man...
washing cars today on coldwater canyon if anyone's interested
it's here!  LIMITED EDITION DropThree available exclusively @saks #kk❀️saks
Hell yeah? or Hell no?
Never forget.
my heart is here today .. #neverforget
9/11/17 πŸ™
Beautiful day in Central Park today. Spent all morning watching the reading of names and remembering all the people who lost their lives 16 years ago today. Very grateful to all those who serve our country and keep us safe here at home. God Bless America. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
glitter πŸ’‹
⚠️ S L I P P E R Y ⚠️
Making progress...
Epic times @theclub77 πŸ“·@corybreton
Keep a smile on your face all day. Life is good.
thank you! thank you!
Sort of over Andrew and Hrush in this picture but I got over it and I love them again 😝
β₯ Good American Campaign β₯
Always good to be home, even if it's just for 24 hours. See you soon πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦
Tom Ford
My latest ring obsession. Shot and Styled by me for @ippolitajewelry Link in bio. #ippolitastyle #ippolita_ambassador
"Ultimately, this is about basic decency.” @barackobama I stand with the Dreamers
Repost from @caitlynjennerfdn "We stand in solidarity with trans youth and their right to #peeinpeace. @artsnotparts is an art series supporting this end, contributed to by some incredibly talented folks. This piece by @junobirch is one of our favorites. Download and print out your favorite, and hang it in every bathroom your heart desires✨"
Tonight is gonna be one for the books!!! I wanna thank my brother @martingarrix for giving me the opportunity to look cool in front of my lady on her birthday!! πŸ˜‚ but in  all seriousness I am very grateful to have such a thoughtful and generous friend. This trip to Ibiza is one I'll remember for the rest of my life. Cant wait for tonight!!Yewwww
Good morning Britain. Good night LA. @gmb
I love Bertha and she loves me. And we both love our morning walks. @peta
Pretty amazing day with the Mrs. thanks for the great recommendation @michaelrossgeorge
This heat wave in LA is πŸ”₯
The calm before the storm. Been absolutely loving Ibiza. Magical place filled with incredible people. 🍻to new friends and a trip I will never forget.
Bet you never wondered what I would've looked like if I'd been in the "dick in a box" skits πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but now you can find out anyway! Download #brodymoji, filled with some of my favorite expressions, sayings and "situations," for all those moments when you just don't quite know what to say. Available now on #googleplay and the #appstore - brodymojiapp.com
write to me 🌹 @laperlalingerie #laperla_ambassador
I am so excited my @goodamerican sweats are now available in @nordstrom! Check out your local store and tag me in your GA selfies!! ❣️❣️
Made it to Manchester. So stoked to see my little brother play tonight. Thanks for the photo @louisvanbaar
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ πŸ™Œ @iamjroc you and your brothers are the reason I appreciate shit like this. #americanmuscle #supportourtroops
Great lunch today with Van Jones. Very smart, very interesting. Great conversation.
Come ride away with me in support of @soul2soulhorses Enter to win. Link in bio.
Enjoy your view today!
β€ͺThanks to all who helped defeat the bathroom bill in TX. The country has your back! Finally some good news for the trans community #texlege ‬
Spent my morning with @Soul2SoulHorses spending time with some great kids. Great program and doing a lot of good work.
Resting! Good morning
πŸ’­ Do I?