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Was honored to tattoo my friends son on him while here in Singapore. Thanks for the amazing trip Sean! @singaporeinkshow @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored @bishoprotary @fusion_ink
Please check out this cool project and support and share🙏🏼 So proud of the young homie Thomas @tropicsla and the fam @commonwealthprojects @theundergroundmuseum for aiming to bring something back to the community and using TROPICS as a platform to nourish self esteem and bring lifelong skills to the youth. I love the idea and approach 🙏🏼 please check out the full video and link in my bio to learn more 🌴🍏🍎🍍🍊🍇
Thank you Sean the show was perfect. Thank you all the students who took my color control seminar I hope it helped you guys a little. Now for a day off and a change of hotel!
Was a great show highly recommend coming out to @singaporeinkshow such nice and good people here! @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored @bishoprotary @fusion_ink
Here are a couple of pics from the convention! Lol swipe to see some cool fans and I am truly thankful!
¡Hola, Barcelona!🙋🏻 Voy a Barcelona para unos días(no para hacer tatuajes), pueden recomendarme unos lugares interesantes para visitar, unos extraordinarios que no hay en las guías? Gracias!  Hi, Barcelona! 🙋🏻 I'm coming to the city for several days (not for tattooing), could you recommend interesting places to visit, maybe not from a guide book? Thank you! #barcelona #sashaunisex
Man I can't wait till the last season of #gameofthrones #khaleesi who else loves this show? Thoughts on last season? Who will sit on the iron throne? @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored @bishoprotary @fusion_ink @singaporeinkshow
#khaleesi done at the Singapore tattoo convention. #gameofthrones #got @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored @bishoprotary @singaporeinkshow now to prep for my seminar.
When she was a puppy 😭 #veryimportantwhippet #temporarytattoo  #sashaunisex #whippet
Half way there today I get to do #khaleesi @singaporeinkshow can't wait to knock this out today. Excited. @blackanchorworldwide if you take pics tag me so I can see them!
Coltrane live at the half note for @danielplatzman
🥀two of my healed tattoos 🥀 Don't miss @sashaunisex_store in Frankfurt Tattoo Convention this weekend 💜 #sashaunisex #lavendertattoo #pansy
Lil additions for Jemima 🕸✨
Epic night , thank you @beatsbydre for everything and giving out some very special party favors🙏🏼🙏🏼 pretty much watched insane magic tricks the whole night by Chad and had Father John Misty perform...unbelievable 💙 so grateful to everyone for this 🙇🏻🙌🏼 special thanks to @zanelowe @djprepare @myleshendrik 🎶🎶 and @thehollywoodroosevelt for the setting 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴 all photos 📸 @jameslaw1
Grazie Alfredo e' stato un onore #thesaintmariner #milanotattoo #nerobluepietrosedda #pietroseddatattooing #pietrosedda #armtattoo #fullsleeve #mosaico #ostia #diegobrandi ...la trinacria e/o medusa  e' ripresa da un mosaico romano del secondo secolo a.c. .Grazie @mosaictattoos non certo non per la cifra stilistica per la quale non nutro interesse alcuno essendo ripetitiva quindi muta e sterile ,ma  per il modo libero e reintepretativo che l'Arte antica ci offre e ci regala .....ma qualcuno evidentemente, crede di essere l'unico e solo paladino dell'arte antica !!!
🥊🥊 #animationtest #sashaunisex
Dear friends! Our @sashaunisex_store will be attended at Frankfurt Tatoo Convention from Friday till Sunday! New designs of pins, patches, temporary tattoos, signed prints any many more will be there - Messe Frankfurt, Halle 5.0 🖐🏼🦊🇩🇪 Vom 21. April bis zum 23. April ist unser Geschäft bei der International Tattoo Convention Frankfurt 2017 vertreten. Wir präsentieren Ihnen T-Shirts, Aufnäher, Klebetattoos, Symbole und Bilder mit meiner Signatur. Unseren Stand finden sie auf dem Gelände der Frankfurt Messe in Halle 5.0. #temporarytattoo #sashaunisex
In memory of her big bro 🙏🏼
My moleskine 🐶🦊🐸 #watercolor #sashaunisex
Worked on this lady death. Done in the knee ditch of the leg. Sorry about the milky parts it's still healing a bit. Can't wait to add to this piece. @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored @fusion_ink @bishoprotary
Repost from my ❤️. Got Lyons art all up in there too, my biggest inspo! Makin momma proud as well! And the article didn't mention, but wifey had a big hand in designing the space , I just took all the credit 😬 ❤️🙏🏼 @jayme.free.woo 😉😉😉
Because I had to cancel the star wars celebration I was lucky enough to start a rad darth vader piece. Not much to show but I cannot wait to continue it. @starwarscelebration @starwars #darthvader
Got my mug in the Sunday papes! Thanks LA times for sharing the opening of my new space in my hometown @latimes! Proud to see my parents proud 🙏🏼 they've been working so hard their whole lives to give my brotha and I a better life! I hope they know that all they instilled in me wasn't for nothing, and I ended up ok after all! Much love to Mark and @shamrocksocialclub for bringing me in the biz and giving me a shot in the first place🙏🏼 and thanks to everyone involved ❤️
Happy Easter! "Sacrafice" 8x10 oil on board #renati @blackanchorworldwide private collection Melbourne Australia
Fun one based off a cool design brought in by  Tim 💫🌙💫
Happy Easter! 🐣🐇🌸 #temporarytattoo #sashaunisex
Hoo, Like a virgin  Touched for the very first time  Like a virgin  When your heart beats… @madonna still needs one last sitting for bracelets and other hand.part healed part fresh. @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored @bishoprotary @fusion_ink
This chill only lasted 30 seconds 🤦🏻‍♂️
Hawaii is a great place 👏🏻 @jayme.free.woo  @hidavid @liveglenwood @zaknoyle @vanessafoster_  @hawaiiglassbottomboat
Beautiful video 🦋 Full version @anna12rr  Thank you! #temporarytattoo #sashaunisex
Catching up with the the mayor of Waikiki 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽 thank you brotha!! @bigislandmike @kokonana
Boat day poloroids 🤙🏽🤙🏽 thanks again for everything @markoblow  @legbonecreations @jhideaway 🌊🌊🌊
Finally available on line NEROBLUE Sketchbook Limited Edition  Signed and Numbered  on bigcartel. worldwide shipment. LINK IN BIO TO BUY #pietrosedda #nerobluepietrosedda
Sun is shining 🌈🦄✨ #magic #sashaunisex
He's his fathers son 🍧
Excited to be heading to Singapore for the @singaporeinkshow next week. Come see me from 21-23 at the booth where Ill have shirts and mini prints. I’ll also be doing a color theory workshop on Sunday so get your tickets now! #asiatattoosupply #sgtattooconvention #singaporetattooconvention #singapore #singaporetattoo #singaporeink #singaporeinkshow #singaporeinkshow2017 #sgink #sginkshow #sginkshow2017 #singaporetattooartists #singaporeartevent
From a photo she took of her snake's skeleton
Друзья, хочется познакомиться с вами поближе! 💛Расскажите немного о себе, а ещё мне интересно когда и почему вы на меня подписались. Это поможет мне размещать более интересный для вас контент. Мне очень приятно видеть вашу активность и комментарии, особенно от тех, кто подписан уже давно, я узнаю вас по именам и это очень вдохновляет и радует! Спасибо вам большое  English below 👇🏼
@blackanchorworldwide in Hesperia ca. Getting a face lift what do you guys think? @crojasart @jamie_schene @mathurtado @aric_taylor @ben_ochoa @cheeseburgerchampion @umbrellaface @danfernandez74
4/4 @chetzar X #nikkohurtado follow @chetzar to see some amazing dark art. I just bought one of his original paintings and you should too. @blackanchorworldwide
3/4 @chetzar X #nikkohurtado workshop cannot wait till the next work shop sign up for the mailing list at Nikkohurtado.com to get the low down. @blackanchorworldwide
What things do you bring from the cities you travel? I've got a tattoo from one of my favorite artists @knarlygav I was following him for years and finally met him in person. Thank you! Keep pushing ✨🦅👊🏼✨ Что вы обычно привозите домой из путешествий? Я везу домой татуировку от @knarlygav, давно следила за его творчеством в Инстаграм и наконец-то удалось познакомиться вживую! 🍉😸
🤳🏻🚖Where would you like to be right now? New York is beautiful, but I want to go home to @snt_s and my puppies 🏡 #sashaunisex #nyc
Woman crush @amandawachob  Cute and beautiful 😻😸💕
Last days in NY 🦋
inspired by Paul Bond's " A Conspiracy of Nature"
first tattoo at Bang Bang😊 was very excited! thank you all 🙏🏻 @bangbangnyc 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
Finally in NY! can't wait to see you all at the Studio🖤  @bangbangnyc
Thank you so much Ko you are so kind and patience , the best ❤ #pietrosedda #pietroseddatattoo #nerobluepietrosedda #milanotattoo #thesaintmariner #backpiece #nero
#healed #inkumu #bartin 🙏🏻
Thank you so so much Jose ....#thesaintmariner #blacknovelsforlovers #nerobluepietrosedda #pietroseddatattoo #pietroseddatattooing #milanotattoo #pietrosedda #lines #morbid
kendisi de cok tatlı ❤ #healed #detailtattoo #tinytattoo #minimaltattoo #miniaturetattoos #ink #inked