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🌻Party flamingo! 🍹🐦 To order @sashaunisex_store 💌 order@sashaunisex.com #flamingotattoo #temporarytattoo #sashaunisex
artwork by Christian Schloe🙏🏻🙏🏻 #miniaturetattoo #minimaltattoo #circletattoo #detailtattoo #tinytattoo #ink #inked #tattoos #tattooed #tattooart
🔍 food for thought 🤔 OG #danrather
Wagyu 🍣 and duck 🦆. Forgive me father for I have dined. @omakase_sf
Everything negative - pressure, challenges - is all an opportunity for me to rise. #kobebryant But I say for us to rise. Remember this quote today! We all have an an opportunity to rise above the negativity we are fed. I don't care what side you feel like you stand on the reality is we are in this together. So I don't care who you voted for or what your beliefs are or even if you dislike my views we are all brothers and sisters. Do me a favor today. If you see someone in the streets a complete stranger just smile and say hello. It might be the smallest thing  to you but it could change that persons day. So I'm smiling at all of you and I say I love you guys and thank you for everything. Now I got to go work my ass off to accomplish my goals. Thank you for reading and taking the time I know it's limited. @kobebryant  done on @billy.thewhale
Sushi lords 🍣🍣🍣
"I'll do whatever it takes to win games, whether it's sitting on a bench waving a towel, handing a cup of water to a teammate, or hitting the game-winning shot" #kobebryant #lakers @lakers @nba @espn @nbaonespn @sportscenter @blackanchorcollective @blackanchorbynikko @stencilanchored @fusion_ink @bishoprotary @inkeeze @tacsciences @dermalizepro @needlejig portrait of @kobebryant done on @billy.thewhale
🦊✍🏼 #watercolor #animation #sashaunisex
"I play to win, whether during practice or a real game. And I will not let anything get in the way of me and my competitive enthusiasm to win." #michaeljordan #chicagobulls @chicagobulls @nba @espn @nbaonespn @sportscenter @foxsports @blackanchorcollective @blackanchorbynikko @stencilanchored @bishoprotary @fusion_ink @inkeeze @tacsciences @dermalizepro
Fuck yeah! We all have a mother a grandmother and most have daughters! All love ladies! Respect and equality #repost @diddy with @repostapp ・・・ Woman will change the world! So proud of our QUEENS!! We all know GOD IS A WOMAN!!! THANK YOU WOMEN of the WORLD!!! GOD BLESS US ALL AND THANK YOU. SOOOO PROUD! Sincerely Sean Combs
5 years of marriage with this 🔥 of a woman today.  I am nothing without her by my side.  Happy anniversary baby, love you more each second ❤ @jayme.free.woo
Continued with this #sailormoon tattoo done on @kellyeden tag a sailor moon fan or some one who just lives anime. #anime @blackanchorbynikko @blackanchorcollective @stencilanchored @bishoprotary @fusion_ink @inkeeze @tacsciences @needlejig  one session to go.
Gustav Klimt/Judith and the Head of Holofernes #tattooist #tattooed #tattooink #tattoo #inked
"Every adult has a child in him/her.... Things we have felt and dreams we have dreamt as a child seem to be more pure and magical today." We did this tattoo work for Bettina who believed as a child to be friends with a wolf in the deep forest... -and we enjoyed every second of it. Thank you! #minimaltattoo #miniaturetattoo #detailtattoo #inked #tattoo #tattooink #tattooed #tattooist
15. 🌹🐦Hi! I received many questions on what do I think about those who copy my works or style.  When I began tattooing in my own way, it was some kind of risk, I didn't know what would turn out and would it work out in general, I looked for ideas and I experimented, and I definitely didn't think it would be so popular. Now those who copy my works take ready-made arts. It is much simpler than creating something new and then trying to accomplish that for years.  Someone can tell that it can be considered as recognition of my art, but for me it's just a theft. 🌹🐦Привет! Я получила много вопросов о том, как я отношусь к тем, кто копирует мои работы или стиль.  Когда я начинала делать тату по-своему, это был своего рода риск, я не знала что из этого выйдет и получится ли вообще, я искала и экспериментировала, и уж точно не думала, что это будет так популярно. Сейчас те, кто копируют мои работы берут уже все готовое. Это гораздо проще, чем пытаться придумать что-то новое и годами идти к этому.  Кто-то возможно скажет что это признание, что мое творчество нравится многим, но для меня это просто воровство.  #sashaunisex #swallowtattoo #rosetattoo
Jupiter beach FLOrida on the doc @thepracticebeverlyhills
Since I was a child I was obsessed with the human skull. Idk what it was about the image of a skull it always intrigued me. I guess it's the idea of our own mortality and the fact the the you smell hear and see with your head. Not to mention that it carries your brain and your third eye. It's a fascinating part of the body. The human body is incredible and beautiful in all shapes forms. @blackanchorbynikko @stencilanchored Finished this up on @majesty_jm last night. Great conversations and motivation
Even though we may have angels on our shoulders Lucifer is always on our backs waiting for your weakness. Finished up this Lucifer sculpture last night on @majesty_jm been working on him a bunch. So much work to go we have some big plans. This is just the beginning. Cover up of a laser removed sleeve. @blackanchorbynikko @blackanchorcollective @stencilanchored
IN PROGRESS #pietrosedda #pietroseddatattoo #thesaintmariner
Keep moving 🏃🏻
Happy when they're happy 👹
Took a photo of this #monsterinc tattoo the other day. #sully #mikewazowski this has to be one of my favorite @disney CGI animated films. What's yours?
Mini traditional @kylermartz flash vibes for @anwarhadid 🦋
working on the banner for  @mondialdutatouage #paristattooconvention #pietrosedda #pietroseddatattoo #ricamando #embroider
This picture truly shows the emotional feeling over all last night trading tattoos with tattoo legend @franco_vescovi Franco is a great friend of mine and has really showed me love over many years in my career he has inspired me to become a better business man and entrepreneur. Thank you so much for the conversations and inspirations. I will wear this Magi with pride. This does not only represent a collaboration within a machine this tattoo to me represents friendship and respect. Thank you so much my brother may god continue to bless you and those who are around you. Throw @franco_vescovi a follow you won't regret it. @franco_vescovi @franco_vescovi @franco_vescovi @franco_vescovi  Beautiful photo by a tattoo hero of mine. @classicjuan  Also throw @classicjuan a follow. He's works in the Bay Area and is also a legend. @classicjuan @classicjuan @classicjuan @classicjuan
What a great day amongst friends. Truly honored to spend the day @vaticanstudiosoc in Orange County ca. If you haven't seen this shop it's epic. Thank you for everything for making my day memorable. Thank you @franco_vescovi for everything you have done for me and and my family this year. Support @bishoprotary it's def a company that supports their artists and gives back. Honored and blessed. Humbled and hungry. Now let's kick today's ass!
💌✍🏼I'm still continue answering your questions : 8.I have an Arts Education 9.I have never worked before I became a tattoo artist  10. I always draw watercolor sketch before making a tattoo, 11. My work and my style became popular thanks to Instagram  12. Sometimes I get tired of drawing, once I had creative crisis for a year 13. In the nearest future I can be found on @milanotattooconvention 14. Here are some of my favorite artists in Instagram: @pollynor, @robert.bowers, @andyrementer, @jonkoko, @pietparra Share your favorite ! 👇🏼 . 💌✍🏼Я продолжаю отвечать на ваши вопросы: 8. У меня есть художественное образование  9. До того как стать тату артистом, я нигде не работала  10. Перед тем как сделать тату, я всегда сначала рисую эскиз акварелью 11. Мои работы и мой стиль стали популярны благодаря Инстаграм 12. Иногда я устаю от рисования, однажды у меня был творческий кризис целый год 13. В ближайшее время меня можно встретить на @milanotattooconvention 14. Вот несколько моих любимых художников в Инстаграм: @pollynor, @robert.bowers, @andyrementer, @jonkoko, @pietparra  А кто ваш любимый художник? Поделитесь в комментариях 👇🏼
DONE ALMOST 2 YEARS AGO ... such a plasure see you again @marcovassallo0904 #pietroseddatattoo #pietrosedda #thesaintmariner #blacknovelsforlovers #milanotattoo
Forearm ...grazie di cuore #thesaintmariner #pietrosedda #pietroseddatattoo #blacknovelsforlovers #milanotattoo
guten Morgen Hamburg🙏🏻🙏🏻
Took a picture of this piece I did about 3/4 years ago for this project. It's healed. I just want to say I will achieve my personal dream and I will be a student of life and growth. I work hard everyday. I mean everyday. Even if it's just mentally I work and push. I break I still push. I get tired I still push. I get uninspired I do something that feeds my soul or inspiration. I can and I will. Thank you guys and all the people who like my stuff and continue to support me. I will not give up till I'm dead. @blackanchorcollective @blackanchorbynikko @stencilanchored @bishoprotary @inkeeze @fusion_ink @tacsciences @dermalizepro #gizmo #ninjaturtles #grimlins #michelangelo.  Proud of Mike Rand that owns this tattoo he started a charity for kids with special needs in the high desert go check it out it's for the kid make sure to give. http://www.autismeats.com
💁🏻🐰Hi! Thank you for all your questions, today I’ll answer to the simplest of them: 1. Sasha is my real name, it’s the short version of the name Aleksandra 2. I’m 29  3. My zodiac sign is Taurus 4. For the moment I live in Rome, i spend here most of time 5. I understand Italian, but so far I don’t speak it 6. My dog’s breed is whippet, her name is Wendy 7. I started tattooing when I was 23 I will answer the other questions next posts ☝🏼 💁🏻🐰Привет! Спасибо за ваши вопросы, сегодня я отвечу на самые простые: 1. Саша - мое настоящее имя 2. Мне 29 лет 3. По знаку зодиака я телец 4. В данный момент я живу в Риме и провожу здесь больше всего времени 5. Я понимаю итальянский язык, но пока не говорю на нем 6. Порода моей собаки уиппет, ее зовут Вэнди 7. Я начала делать тату, когда мне было 23 года  Ответы на остальные вопросы ищите в последующих публикациях #sashaunisex #whippet #veryimportantwhippet
Took a pic of this back piece I did on my boy Zack about 6/7 years ago. Was cool to photograph it after all these years. Filmed this for a special project I've been working on in secret let's hope I can share soon enough and it becomes something huge! Fingers crossed! 😜🙏🏼👓⚓️ @blackanchorcollective @blackanchorbynikko @stencilanchored
White walker from the other day. Fun stuff. Would love to do more game of thrones tattoos. Email me at nikkohurtado@gmail.com @blackanchorcollective @blackanchorbynikko @stencilanchored @bishoprotary @fusion_ink
🙋🏻Hi guys! Write in comments what do you want to know about me or my work, I'll answer to the most asked or interesting questions in the next posts. 🙋🏻Привет всем! Если вас интересует что-то обо мне или моем творчестве, задавайте вопросы в комментариях, я выберу самые частые или самые интересные вопросы, и отвечу на них в последующих публикациях!  #sashaunisex #rosetattoo
The deets! Healed love tattooing creating illusions in tattoo art.
Who loves Game of Thrones as much as I do? Can't wait till the next season to start. #gameofthrones #whitewalker #got done on @bass_master_87
Who else will eat whatever the chef gives you #omakase #sushizo #namethis
Uni and crab hand roll for one of the many many wins last night at #sushizo shouts to chef Kevin and the dude Victor 🙏🏼
New pins 💓🦄 @sashaunisex_store ✨  You can buy in @milanotattooconvention or mail 💌 order@sashaunisex.com  #unicorn #pins #sashaunisex
Don't go chasin waterfalls. 🤜🏼🤛🏼
Would you like to see more of my hand drawn animations? YES or NO? 🦄💓 #sashaunisex #animation #watercolor
Power conduit location @nosajthing
Ive done this i piece ( so funny) 2 years ago.. i want more #pietrosedda #pietroseddatattoo #thesaintmariner #pietroseddatattooing #blacknovelsforlovers #melting
done years ago #pietrosedda #thesaintmariner #pietroseddatattoo #black #cosmo
Beautiful 💓👸🏻 @fuolkiss 🍹🦄 #flamingo #flamingotattoo #temporarytattoo #sashaunisex
💙_❤️Hello everybody! Happy to meet you at 3-4-5 of Feb @milanotattooconvention where I'll present new prints with anaglyph effect which you can try with 3D glasses. Can't wait to see you soon ! #sashaunisex #3dglasses #milanotattooconvention #anaglyph
☃️🎁✨Dear friends! Happy New Year! From our childhood this special day is full of wonders and miracles! At this night all impossible things become to be possible, so don't be shy making more wishes, but be careful as all wishes come true! 🎉👽✨ #piccololevrieroitaliano #sashaunisex #newyear2017
🦁🖌Watercolor process #sashaunisex #liontattoo #watercolor
🌈🥀 #dispersion #rosetattoo #sashaunisex
Cry baby 👁💦 @albertaberlin 💦 #facetattoo #sashaunisex #temporarytattoo #sashaunisexstore  #tears #crybaby
This little story is about my love 🥀❤ Every single day I'm so thankful to God that he gave me such family. Love and take care about your dearest people! Merry Christmas! Thank you 🎬@fooxea for turning my imagination to reality. Thank you 👽@snt_s for exist!  Starring: 🐰- Wendy, 🐷- Biggie, 🦇- Mia . . #iwanttobelieve #sashaunisex  #veryimportantwhippet #xmas #family