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Never say never! Yes i Cran, yes I cran..... @tavern62 @bltprimexdb
Fish bladder chicharron #noma2.0
💖 PINK IS SEXY💖 Our new look @suhring_twins @mathias_suhring @rydoanton89  #eatdrinkpink2017 #gaggan #suhringtwins
Highlight of my trip to South America  was cooking for 50 people ..homeless and born unlucky .. Although it was too less compared to the gravity of the situation .. I wish I could do more !!! I wish I could change this situation I wish I had the power.. but one thing I realized was although I wasn’t born homeless I was born is a difficult family situation where poverty was not a daily discussion we lived happily we lived in peace and we lived with dignity ... I just request all to look at poor or underprivileged with dignity and respect., they have more self respect than many of us and they live happily even if they don’t know what they will eat or where they will stay and please don’t create poverty as a tourism rather give them an equal space in the society and opportunity to live a normal life !!!!! Just treating them for 1 lucky 50 diners is mockery of my life I wish I could do this on daily basis  My mom says “REAL CHARITY IS WHEN YOU DO IT AND DONT TELL 🤐” #gaggan #gagganinbrazil #worlds50best #gastromotiva #givepridetopoor
Happy Sunday with love and fun from the 3 of us! #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Tu me fais tourner la tête...
Belly up to @Tavern62 on Sundays. $50, 3 course dinner and 50% off the entire wine list. Yes- good things still happen.
⭐️T🤘A🤘R🤘A⭐️ Finally looks like me  #gaggan #taraanand #thaiindianbaby
Déjeuner en tête à tête avec ma fille... #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble #sushilover
I’d hire this animal as our forager
Beautiful Christmas display @bonpoint ... Fairy world for little ones...
Do u wanna know the future of me and my cooking it’s not only me but a friend @goh_f who I met 2014-15 and then started Jam together ever since, first time it we only 5 of us in the Kitchen and after 6 editions of Gohgan we are bigger than the no. Of guests, here some pics from our journey so far and announcing GOHGAN ^7^ edition this time in Bangkok .. 18 -19 December 2017 we call it the Christmas Party., we will create memories from our Christmas Meals we for sure will GOHGAN curry in a new version very limited seats... Do u wanna join the madness mail to pr@eatatgaggan.com  #gohgan7 #lamaisondelanaturegoh #gaggan #gohganchristmas #gohganbangkok
Top Chef Saison 9... dernier calage... dernière prise de vue... merci aux super candidats, merci à la prod @m6officiel merci à mes amis membres du jury @michel_sarran @chef.etchebest @jeanfrancoispiege Ce sera une saison extraordinaire et inoubliable.
" I stand naked, crabbed and stoned"  I call that a bargain, the best I ever had!! The Who !!!
After learning from my mentors, I am excited to pass along the techniques that have helped shape me as a chef. Join me for my @masterclass on Cooking Techniques. (Link in bio)
Are we crazy ,, yes we are @julenfernandezsanz @rydoanton89 agreed to strip with me ... while @drula9 @markokovac @jorge_big22 @francescaferreyros @pigatemypizza watched our madness !! Why crazy - To summaries this trip we travelled 5 countries Brazil 🇧🇷 Peru 🇵🇪 Mexico 🇲🇽 Argentina 🇦🇷 Usa 🇺🇸 10 flights ✈️ 9 dinner and 3 lunches, 4 red eye flights, ate at some of the best places and spoke in 2 forums  Hugged by these amazing chefs @rodrigomocoto @alexatala @rafacostaesilva @renzo_garibaldi @virgiliocentral @pialeoncentral @mitsuharu_maido  @jorgevallejo @dabbang_ @properrestaurant @maurocolagreco  And understood the variety taste and incredible diversity of culture color taste and warmth of the people. Many thanks to all of you I loved Latin America and I promise I will back next year !! You know why. ?? The biggest surprise was the love the recognition and the warmth I got even I was miles away I felt home thank you all the fans in Latin, Central and North America 🙏🏻 🤘❤️🤗 #gaggan #latin50best #worlds50best #asia50best #central #lasai #osso #quintonil #maido #grandabbang #proper #mocoto #lamar
Dans ma valise “Retour du Japon” il y en avait des trésors... #japan #ilovejapan #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Please join us as we come together to help heal and restore the most wounded neighborhoods affected by the devastating wine country fires. On December 2nd we invite you to a night of friendship & neighbors; a special evening where we will celebrate the Napa & Sonoma valleys @theculinaryinstituteofamerica at Greystone. The canapé reception will be prepared by a group of dedicated and talented locals chefs and I’ll join Christopher Kostow, Kyle Connaughton and Stephen Durfee for the dinner portion. This memorable meal will be complemented by the finest wines from the valleys. Every dollar we raise counts for the future of our region and will go directly to the Napa & Sonoma Fund managed by Tipping Point. Please join us for this memorable evening. #drinknapasonoma #napasonomarelief (Link in bio)
I couldn’t be happier for @mzmariscal being named one of @forbes #30under30. If things are better at our restaurants...you can bet that Marguerite helped set things in motion and kept things on track. One of the hardest working, most thoughtful and coolest people I’ve ever been around.  She represents the very best of Momofuku. #boss  #nescacrules
Always good times hangin with @ElvisDuran @ElvisDuranShow @Z100NewYork. Talkin’ Turkey (cooked in a dishwasher) and a couple other Holiday favorites.
Avec Monsieur Robuchon, on ne plaisante pas sur un chariot de desserts... #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble Merci @joel.robuchon pour un dîner magnifique...
I woke up like in my twenties... j’avais 24 ans et je venais travailler au Louis XV d’Alain Ducasse. Pendant les 3 années qui ont suivi, j’ai vécu avec cette Méditerranée magique devant les yeux... ce matin, j’ai à nouveau 20 ans... 😀😀😀
@tristan.ljh our head pasty chef version of minimalist dessert is edible rose 🌹  #gaggan #gagganexperience #worlds50best #ediblerose
We try not to be wasteful
Ever wonder how baby carrots ate made?  There both dirty too.
Such a shame to leave Tokyo under this sun...
One of the multiple views from the unique Park Hyatt Tokyo... magical Fuji San! Thanks again @parkhyatttokyo I am really in love with your hotel!
Reflection... bye bye Tokyo...
Honoring those who served and continue to serve. #veteransday Photo: @eilonpaz
The menu is ... who the FORK cares ... it's Swiss chard pakodas with yogurt explosion 💥  Asparagus and bamboo 🎋shoot grilled served with peach 🍑 and elderflower chutney 🌶 Wild quail and Kirkinia 🌱 and huacatay 🌿 (Andes herbs) slow grilled with lettuce roots papaya and 🥒 cucumber salad Lastly house breads - Roti and tortillas With Chilto (yellow Latin tree tomato) 🍅and Atlantic sea Chernia curry  Pan de mandioca - Tapioca and goat cheese bread, cardamom and pistachio  nougat ice cream  @dabbang_ thanks for let me invade ur kitchen and @leolanussol from @properrestaurant to help me do this in less than 3 hours  And @markokovac doing the wines and service  #latin50best #gagganexperience #gaggan #ismelllikecurry #grandabbang #properrestaurant
Night is falling on to Tokyo... #tokyo #tokyolife #ilovetokyo #ilovejapan
Shiniest today... crazy busy as always... #tokyo #tokyolife #ilovetokyo #ilovejapan
One of #oprahsfavoritethings in 2017, @finessethestore_com Scented Candles by @joyastudio are made in a process reminiscent of fine perfume-making using more than 120 raw materials that encapsulate the place, time, and feeling behind each restaurant. Gift sets and candles are available in our Yountville store or shop online at link in bio.
Have you ever seen a live razor clam?
This year at wonderfruit Look who is cooking with me @gertdemangeleer 3 star Michelin from Belgium @suhring_twins my buddies from bangkok and @goh_f my brother from another mother please book a seat to Saturday night feast @wonderfruitfestival 16th December its pre Christmas party ... #hertogjan #suhringtwins #lamaisondelanaturegoh #gaggan #wonderfeasts17 #gohgan
Congratulations to Chef @matthew_kirkley and Commis @mimichef121 , winners of the 2019 Bocuse d’Or National Selection Competition. We are proud to have you represent our country as candidates on #theroadtolyon. We are all behind you; with @mentorbkb, we offer our support and encouragement as you take the next steps in your culinary journey. #bocusedorusa
Smoke gets in your eyes: @adamperrylang x 🇰🇷 inspired, plate short ribs #northspring
Friends, we’re back! For more information on reservations at the new noma see link in bio.
This 4 year vegan was "bacon-curious"last nite.  She experimented, she liked, she booked a table on way out. Its time to please w swine. ( even vegans want to swing on the bacon clothesline) #chewdoin?
Boiled sea snails, ready to eat #noma2.0
Are u ready  Mexico 🇲🇽 + India 🇮🇳 @rest_quintonil + gaggan  @jorgevallejo + Gaggan  Two amigos cooking together for first time  #quintonil #latin50best #gaggan #asia50best #worlds50best
칼국수 (Kal-guksu): knife cut noodles with mandu
🙏🏻 @jorgevallejo @alefloresn for this amazing morning market tour and finishing with learning of how to make mole its such a eye opener for me that India 🇮🇳 and Mexico 🇲🇽 are so connected with Ingridients and cuisine the cross pollination of spices from India to Mexico and tomatoes and fresh chilies from Mexico to India is most evident in this recipe of a Mole, 26 items including tortilla raisins nuts cumin cinnamon chocolate sugar sesame cookies and the amazing chilies (without the seed) creates a blend of explosive flavors  Tomorrow @jorgevallejo from @rest_quintonil and gaggan team @rydoanton89 @francescaferreyros @julenfernandezsanz @jorge_big22 with combine this blend in attempt to make a curry of mole never done before .... more pictures to come from this Latin America tour with @pigatemypizza @markokovac @drula9 soon when I get the time to download everything  #latin50best #quintonil #jorgevallejo #gaggan #gagganinmexico #worlds50best
All the meat from a cod’s head (and it’s bones) #noma2.0
Crab curry: So delicious and the ugliest of the ugly. (Tip: add extra picked crab)
We ate all the meat from this cod head #noma2.0 (we ate the eye afterwards😬)
Venison bacon and pineapple flapjacks. Life's a beach #hfwf17  @tavern62
The A team. W myself and @chefroyyamaguchi  @hfwf17
Beef neck stew #uglydelicious
K+M Extravirgin Chocolate is one of #oprahsfavoritethings of 2017, so we put together an exclusive four-pack that is perfect for gifting. Shop online at finessethestore.com or visit us in #yountville.
Chef Neil murphy and I met in the "pirate days of the river cafe" 1985.  Great chef. @mokukitcen Honolulu
Need a big bacon clothesline to Feed @adamrichman #hfwf17.  Man vs bacon
Invulnerable -people with their bad childhood either have a disaster in adulthood or become amazing in what they do  I met this group of musicians @orquestra_de_rua yesterday and their story touched me in a big way .. they formed this Music group to earn enough to eat in a pizzeria .. the tragedy of life is till now they haven't have a whole pizza To themselves  Can u imagine we who are born lucky or by our hard work become lucky sometimes forget our pasts or humans around us  These people are born poor they were unlucky and they are trying hard to be lucky, they wanna be musicians famous and wanna buy a whole pizza for themselves  The most amazing thing is they have more dignity and respect and happiness then many of us,  Today I feel so incomplete and helpless that in this path of success I forgot where I come From, what's our worth when we can't help those who need our help, we value life's with color with creed with nationality and certain life's who don't consider to be human enough.  I hired them to play for my pop up and all they asked was 200 R$ (65us$) although we did what we had to do but I don't think I personally did enough it's shameful that I cook for luxury and can't provide enough food these guys  There dreams are simple a whole 🍕 to themselves, to become famous, and to have better 🎻 etc.. If you live in Rio or Brazil or anywhere in world and love simple humans try supporting them from where ever they are sometimes u don't have to help when it's a disaster all they need is respect love and a pizza or violin 🎻 just contact them  @orquestra_de_rua  #helpwhoneedhelp #lasai #gaggan
Philippe’s always hits the spot. Lunch for four. Double dip with macaroni & potato salad. One of my dream restaurants...an American classic
Fab five @tavern62 @cecimunozhammond @lauedin @thewanderingvegetarian @maryvega @cdelisle6 @culinarykickoff
Happy 🎃 Halloween how iconic to eat this on this day obrigado chef @rafacostaesilva of @restaurantelasai and great lunch with my sister from another mother @anaros40  #restaurantlasai #latin50best #asia50best  #worlds50best
Lamb kebab with lamb intestine as a sausage eaten with mango chutney leafs  #gaggan #gagganexperience #eatwithhands #worlds50best #asia50best
Scissor skills: when I was a younger cook I would’ve said this was a hack job with little technique. Now I think it’s warm, genius and brilliant. To be young and stupid. #uglydelicious
Authenticity: potato pizza #uglydelicious
Loving the rain today.  Calming
Tonite west nyack ny. Performing is my  comedian pal @bobby_slayton at Levitt live.  Come share some laughs. Get off the couch!!
Best in class patty melt #uglydelicious
There goes my hero Watch him as he goes There goes my hero He's ordinary Kudos, my hero Leaving all the best You know my hero The one that's on ... 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 @alexatala For inspiration and love of food ur my hero  #dom #gaggan #latin50best #worlds50best #cheftableseries
My first meal in Latin America and the start in 1:30 pm is fresh cashew fruit + 2 types of lime + honey + crushed and casacha = welcome to Brazil @rodrigomocoto 🙏🇧🇷 #mocotorestaurante #rodrigomocoto #latin50best #worlds50best
I’m still thinking about @tetsujustin version of the patty melt....the “party melt”. Incredibly good. After we ate at Bbq @southernsmoketx and a meal at his new awesome spot @trexhouston. We finished off at his bar better luck tomorrow. Thank you Houston.  If you have never been...plan a trip and eat. Support all the amazing restaurants in the Houston area. They need it.
Nice treat for the @tavern62 kitchen staff. @WylieDufresne hooked me up @Dus_donuts. There's do's and there's dont's. This is a must Du 🍩
Come hang with me on Halloween! Giving away a pair of seats to a lucky winner to next Tuesday’s Halloween Supper Party @Tavern62. To enter: You must follow @tavern62 on Instagram. Then, comment below and tag who you’d bring along! Winner will be selected at random at 12pm EDT on Friday, October 27th.
We have the ability to touch many guests daily in our restaurants. To give back to those in need due to the most recent disaster; we will contribute a portion of our Napa and Sonoma wine sales to The Napa Sonoma Relief Fund. The #napasonomarelieffund will support those affected most by this immeasurable devastation in the recent firestorm. We have partnered with Tipping Point to ensure that the dollars are used in a rapid and effective way. I encourage guests to #drinknapasonoma and for restauranteurs to join me in this important effort for the Napa and Sonoma Valley. #drinknapasonoma #napasonomarelieffund #haveaglassforus (Link in bio)
Brisket Shokunin = @franklinbbq. As good as it gets. Great to see the team in action yesterday at southern smoke. Excited for them to reopen their doors. #johnnychopsticks #tokyo
This was delicious and looked like a foreign primordial soup:  the great @rodneyscottsbbq whole hog for @southernsmoketx fundraiser, which raised $500k for relief efforts. Amazing event. Lucky to have taken part in it. @cshepherd13 and the whole team knocked it out of the park. Go Astros.
🇰🇷 short ribs x 🇺🇸 texas style smokers @cshepherd13 for @southernsmoketx support hurricane Harvey assistance.
Support our friends at @tacombi for a last minute out-door relief event for Mexico Earthquake Relief ( mostly Puebla and Oaxaca, the areas that did not make the news where many of our city's hospitality workforce hail from ) …. its come together with a full on setup for tomorrow just under the Williamsburg Bridge - an all you can eat taco-feast with cerveza, mezcal, music and more for $60/person - tickets can be purchased at the door or in advance via event brite.  Now that the news cycle has past them and the coverage has slowed to a trickle, Tacombi is continuing its role in rallying the support needed through ongoing reconstruction efforts.
After a week full of devastation and heartbreak, we are reopening @_tfl_ today; we look forward to welcoming guests back to Yountville. Although the fires now have greater containment, there is much to be done in the Napa and Sonoma valleys. Our hearts are heavy for those have lost so much. Thank you to the first responders, firefighters and law enforcement. #drinknapasonomawine #napafires
To all of our customers and clients, neighbors, partners and staff of all of our restaurant properties in Yountville. We thank you for all of your concerns and outreach. Everyone is working hard to normalize our situation in these extreme times. The current fire condition in Yountville remains unchanged. The town of Yountville reports that the Partrick and Nuns Fire on Mt. Veeder has grown more active and the smoke volume has significantly increased and is much more visible. We continue to monitor, and if conditions change we will update you.  We are here to offer whatever comfort and sense of community that we can.  Currently we are operating with the following schedules with collective efforts from our combined local restaurant teams: • The bakery is opened daily from 7:00am through 5:00pm • Bouchon is opened daily 11:30am – 8:30pm • Ad Hoc will reopen Sunday, October 16th for dinner service • The French Laundry will reopen on Tuesday, October 17th for dinner service  If you are in the area and your local agency uses Nixle - text your zipcode to 888-777 to opt-in to receive fire condition updates.
Update: 10.11.17 - 5:00pm
Update as of 10.11.2017 12:00pm: The overnight brought additional evacuations both north and west of Yountville city limits, and our thoughts are with our neighbors and staff who have had to relocate.  We opened the bakery this morning and please stop in for some complimentary hot coffee if you are heading up or down valley and are in need.  Bouchon Bistro has opened its doors for lunch and plans to remain opened for dinner; as long as there is a need, and or staff is not in harms way.  Ad Hoc plans to open tomorrow evening given the same conditions.  The French Laundry remains closed until further notice. We will update you if anything changes.  If you are in the area and your local agency uses @Nixle - text your zipcode to 888-777 to opt-in to receive fire condition updates.
To all of our customers and clients, neighbors, partners and restaurant staff. We are currently safe in the town of Yountville and are sending thoughts and prayers for all those greatly affected by the fires in Napa, Sonoma and all areas of northern California.  Our restaurants in Yountville have limited resources, yet are here to support and provide sustenance and comfort to those in the area whether visitors or locals. Bouchon Bakery is opened today as long as we need to be, and Bouchon Bistro will open at 5:00pm with a limited menu and local staff. Please visit us there.  The French Laundry will be closed this evening and Ad Hoc will resume for service as normally scheduled on Thursday evening. We will closely evaluate the situation as the surrounding areas become more stable and send updates frequently.  If you are looking for a way to help, please see: http://sacb.ee/beV4 Please stay safe!
Our thoughts go out to our neighbors and others affected by these devastating fires. Our #yountville restaurants and bakery are closed today due to the valley-wide power outages. Our teams are looking forward to welcoming guests as soon the situation improves. Please stay safe.
A true pleasure to welcome @vanityfair to @bouchon_bistro #beverlyhills for their Establishment Summit Party. #vfsummit
(UPDATE: thank you to all- we got almost 25.000 usd for Mexico 🇲🇽) WE LOVE MEXICO 🇲🇽 Please join us Tuesday, September 26, when we will host a special Copenhagen Friends of Mexico Dinner at noma Under the Bridge to benefit the Red Cross Mexico after the horrible earthquakes.  Dishes will be made by friends from Hija de Sanchez (@hijadesanchez), Geist (@bobech), Taller (@restaurant_taller), Kødbyens Fiskebar (@fiskebaren) & the Noma Team with bread by Hart Bakery (@richardhartbaker). The best natural wines in Denmark will be generously donated by Rosforth & Rosforth (@rosforthrosforth), Pétillant (@skaaldugamle), and Lieu-Dit (@lieu.dit). 100% of the ticket price will be donated directly to the Red Cross Mexico in support of relief efforts! UPDATE: The bar Under the Bridge will also be open from 2-10pm Tuesday the 26th and 100% of sales at the bar will be donated to Topos Mexico. We hope to see you there!
Plants from the shoreline, flavors range from fresh oyster to licorice - we should be eating much much more of this stuff #noma2.0
This is the season #noma2.0
Winter is coming: preserved cherries, cucumber, wild onion, rose root, kelp stalk, tomato, lavender, nasturtium berry, plum, elder, green and red strawberry, grey pear  and mulberry #noma2.0
Sweet, smokey, chewy Tomato raisins #noma2.0
This is the season #noma2.0
Insane handrolled pastry with a sweet mushroom sirup - @108cph is on fire 🔥