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Beat the heat? Nope! Eat the heat! Maple Glazed Black Peppercorn Bacon, always on the menu @Tavern62 Great 🔥shot from @befatbehappy
My buddy @cookingissues came up with the most awesome culinary centrifuge of all time.  It's great for professional kitchens and home use. Limited quantities available for pre-order if you want the Spinzall in your hands by the end of August. Link in bio.
"Every step that I take is another mistake to you. And every second I waste is more than I can take. I've become so numb, I can't feel you there, Become so tired, so much more I've become so numb, I can't feel you there... " Chester  RIP ... #chesterbennington #linkingpark #numb #rip #whyrockstarsdie
I like this. The Ssäm team working with Miyazaki A5 rib cap. 📷: @timo.thee  @maxxiko
J'adore! #repost @restauranthelenedarrozeparis (@get_repost) ・・・ Les macarons Basque de la Maison Adam en provenance direct de Saint-Jean-de-Luz! Trop dur de se faire chouchouter par sa boss! Merci Hélène! #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble #macarons #petitdejeuner #breakfast #douceur #foodies #tasting #yummy #goodthings #qualitytime #plaisircoupable
Good evening Paris!
That was fun: @regalisfoods
So happy to have shared these amazing sushis and so many exciting things with you @paulafitzherbert @christinabgnorton @adills1
Amazing food as usual... thanks @umurestaurant for such a treat...
Food that shine like jewels: seven varieties of currants
Which one do u belong too ?? #asia50best #gaggan #hugmeismelikecurry #worlds50best #dontforkmycurry
Great time tonight at @PeronaFarms #perona100. Lots of old friends, good bites and a few new ideas.  Served up a little something i've been workin' on: Squid Ink Waffle, Smoked Pastrami Salmon, Caper Lemon Remoulade & Mustard Honey Vinaigrette... Chewdoin?
Araguani chocolate from Venezuela and lime... @helenedarrozeattheconnaught @theconnaught
Special plate for a special guest... it is all about délicatesse... @helenedarrozeattheconnaught @theconnaught
With the corn and lobster emulsion... tasting approved!!! Let's put it on the menu next week... @helenedarrozeattheconnaught @theconnaught
Corn ravioli with lobster, chorizo and girolles... tasting on the making... @helenedarrozeattheconnaught @theconnaught
Nine (old) varieties of strawberries - most of them taste quite different to one another. The tiny white one was beyond words #nomacph
Never gets old
Les plus beaux couchers de soleil du monde... #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Sisters... 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️ #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Soon on the menu in #helenedarrozeathotelmariacristina Milk-fed pork, tandoori, carrot, citrus, coriander... @hotelmariacristina
Sunday night plans? Found em. @Tavern62 Sunday Sips, half off your new favorite bottles 🍷🍷🍷
Delicious home cooking  by @graceseo -  Daegi Bulgogi -  Kimchi mul guksu -  Banchan: anchovy with pumpkin seeds, kimchi garlic shoots, stirfried watercress & my favorite...깻잎 김치).
My world upside down  #gaggan #taraanand #thaiindianbaby
Lobster and chick wing confit. Duck fat.  Served w B1 sauce.  @tavern62
Neng Myun making lessons: this version is potato starch & buckwheat. When it's summer time it's all I want to eat. Chewy noodles served in a cold pickled broth. Scroll through  1) two styles: mul nengmyun and Hamhung (eastern city) Hoe-Neng Myun, a regional version of bibim Neng myun that uses raw skate. 2) custom made noodle extruder and cooker (so sick). A lá minute!  3) must immediately put into ice bath  #uglydelicious
Lobster scramble w our own farmed duck eggs and lil help from caviar. @tavern62 by david burke.
@johnmolloy85 from @spanishbutcher 🙏🙏🙏 for let me use ur arms !!!wow wish I had ur hand hahaha lets see we can identify all of them .. 🌶🥝🍓🍎🍉🍑🍒🍆🍄🌾... #gaggan #spanishbutcher #asia50best #chefarms #hugmeismelikecurry
Hangover remedy #uglydelicious
@mihara102 @miharahiroki @goh_f @soulman_ueken experience 🌶🌶🌶.... in @bic_smitasiri kuaklingpaksod so all those who want real Thai home food (southern style) this is ur bangkok stop .. with Mihara Tofuten bangkok team @itan @trip_series @pailinstagram @supaopas hopefully project starts 2017 December  #miharatofutenbkk #notofunolife #tofuuuuu #gaggan #itan #kuaklingpaksod #thaifood  #nochilynolife
We lost a dear friend today, Ingrid Bengis. She was our lobster purveyor for more than two decades. She was a pioneer, developing a network of fisherman and packers in a remote part of Maine, maintaining one of the highest sustainable standards of fishing practice. She had a deeply searching mind and we will her miss her lively conversations and teachings. We will forever honor Ingrid for the impact she has made on all our lives and on our profession. Our thoughts are with her family, friends and Stonington community.
@mathias_suhring congrats bro.. welcome to new awards of ur life .. #suhringtwins #gaggan #asia50best #suhringwedding
Royal oyster/shrimp louie @tavern62 by david burke. @e2hospitality.
We just dived for this sea urchin #nomacph
Second to none. Best in class #pattymelt #uglydelicious
@suhring_twins doing currrrrrrry yeahh enjoying my table in conversation with @jeanniecholee  #gaggan #suhringtwins #asia50best #worlds50best #jeanniecholee
The Brie-L.T. - Making its debut this Saturday @bouchon_bistro #yountville Bastille Day celebration. Developed by @rossmelling a @bouchon_bakery ficelle is layered with Sonoma coast farm house brie, Australian black winter truffles, San Marzano tomato marmalade and arugula. Link to tickets in bio. #bastillewithbouchon #brielt
I cooked breakfast #uglydelicious
Fried chicken & Caviar v 2.0 - Whole fried birds presented table side: served with smoked Trout roe, momofuku reserve Idaho sturgeon, chive crepes, creme fraiche, shallots, white sauce. Wrap it all up like Peking duck. All of my favorite things. I'm upset we never did this earlier, we have been working on it for a long time but never put all the pieces together. Inspired by a trip last January to Beijing and all of its many amazing Peking duck spots. Think it's the first time fried chicken has ever been served this way. Scroll through #first #comingsoon #groupdining
fried chicken & caviar v. 1.0 - how we used to do it. thanks to @regalisfoods @ianpurkayastha for caviar and to @briankoppelman for being our guinea pig.
This is delicious: chef jj basil, Andy  Taylor and the whole @ando team dropping some new items today. Really outstanding. Tortoise wins the race. #theandodrop
Simple, good new sandwiches dropping tomorrow from @ando. They are super tasty. 7.11.17  #theandodrop
Dom Dreams of Pizza:  NYC's very own shokunin
Happy Sunday to all.
Dimsums or burgers ?? #gaggan #asia50best #worlds50best #chefstablenetflix #hugmeismelikecurry #
Kimchi jigae: something I grew up loving then hating then loving again. (Hating...because my mom's version contained kimchi & spam...Koreans love spam...a story for another day). While I have always found kimchi jigae to be delicious it was hard for me to ever see it as aesthetically beautiful compared to western foods.  I love being wrong.  This one made by @graceseo maybe the best tasting & looking version of kimchi jigae I've ever eaten. This dish in my opinion is the definition of #uglydelicious
Nothing beats a chicken rice although there are many but this is my fav, remember when u come to this location there is two place the one with the pink uniform better  #gaggan #asia50best #streetfoodcapitaloftheworld #chickenrice
“Well, I can tell you on our first anniversary there weren’t this many people. There were twelve of us and we were very happy to be on this property having made it through our first year. Of course none of us, including myself, had any grand vision for what The French Laundry would become. We came to work every day with one common goal: to do a little better than the day before. And with the belief that extraordinary things will happen. You are an example of that extraordinary thing that has happened to this restaurant. I look around at each of you and see all of the work that you have done whether you’re new or have been here for a longer time. I toast to all of you and offer my deepest thanks. Happy anniversary!” #tflevolution #oneteamonedream #kaizen
Getting gnuddi tonite w peach 3 way, purée grill and steamed.
🍖🍖🍖🍖🍖... pork vindaloo curry tonkatsu with Japanese mustard and freeze dried pickled red cabbage
Now u know why Koreans are best in barbecue they can make anything into a great barbecue  @dawoony_lim 🔥🔥🔥 master  #gaggan #asia50best #world50best #firemaster
Sea scallops Benedict, shrimp succotash.  Tavern62.  #chewdoin
⛈🌩🌨🌧🌦☔️= High tea my favorite from Darjeeling the silver moon needle with Nasturtium flowers 🌺 #gaggan #hightea #darjeelingtea #asia50best #worlds50best
Independence Day is a time to remember how lucky we are to live in a country that has given us so many opportunities. Best wishes for a festive #july4th celebration.
🦀🦀🦀🦀... best crab curry in Thailand !!! We all @francescaferreyros @drula9 @markokovac @anaros40 @emmorywalden @pigatemypizza for once kept quiet finally as mouth busy eating this curry  #gaggan #mychefstable #hisafranko #anaross #world50best #crabcurry
Too early for dessert??? Don't think so... Special 4th of July Red, White & Blue Waffle Shortcake over at @Tavern62. Serving till the long weekend is over! If you're sticking around the city, come say hello! 🇺🇸💥🇺🇸 📸: @feedyourgirlfriend
Tennessee jam.  You just never know  Knoxville berry pickin w side of jam
This little piggy went home. Left his cart in front of tavern62. Matter of flat!!
Fancy Food Showin' some Himalayan rock salt w/ WBM International.
Only the delicious kind of drizzle today.... Burger Board is looking pretty good tonight @Tavern62...
Catching up w Silvano @tavern62 by david burke. Da Silvano one of my favorite restaurants.
Giant sweet potato disguised as a heart
Langoustines are(sometimes) better in Scandinavia :) #noma2.0
One week ago: different varieties of avocado #nomamexico
Thank you @wguidara @anthonyrudolf @bcanlis for inspiring our @perseny team today. And to @marycelestebf for sharing your perspective "Rooted in Change" and reminding us to Make A Great Day. #welcomeconference
Missed the fun at Soiree Poulet? No problem, Buttermilk Fried Chicken is happening tonight and is served every Monday night at Bouchon Beverly Hills. #la #beverlyhills
18 months of work is over. Thank you México for treating us so well. Thank you for having us. Most importantly, thank you to all the wonderful men and women that have supplied us, helped us, guided us. We're now going back to Denmark more inspired than ever. Our story with México is just beginning.... The most renowned Mexican chef told me one year ago: "Rene your project, it's not gonna be what you want it to be, this is México"  he was right - it was sooo much better than I could have hoped for #nomamexico
Some of the seafood we tested for #nomamexico
A day dedicated to those who lost their lives in service to our country. We remember. #memorialday #yountville
Head chef @benncooks calls for the last meeting in our jungle restaurant #nomamexico
Avocado with white flesh: (persea schiedeana) Butter avocado #nomamexico
Octopus #nomamexico
Mango in many varieties  #nomamexico
Poulet "all day" on May 31 @bouchon_bistro #beverlyhills with chefs @jonshook @animalvinny @jeffcerciello #lafoodbowl Link in bio for information and tickets.
Avocado criollo - tiny but amazing #nomamexico
Tropical fruit - mexico is so next level #nomamexico
Mother's Day "bouquets" @bouchon_bakery #nyc #beverlyhills #lasvegas #yountville #mothersday
@aliciakeys + @cartier + @bouchon_bistro...
Celebrating the iconic Panthere de Cartier this evening. Follow @bouchon_bistro to see more of the celebration. #cartierparty #pantheredecartier #fearless #goldenhour
Looking forward to this evening with @Cartier & the team from Bouchon Beverly Hills @bouchon_bistro #pantheredecartier #cartierparty
Wishing great success to my brother on Opening Night @company.cauldron You're back home in Nantucket #chefjosephkeller #itsallaboutfamily
We are now taking reservations for July & August. Enjoy the new courtyard with 8+ guests through our private dining experience. Reservations can be made at: frenchlaundry.com (link in bio)
Magical. Thank you. #nomamexico