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About yesterday... 2018 Galette party @helenedarrozeattheconnaught Our Galette was filled with apple and blueberries... thanks to our pastry team as it was more than delicious!
SQUID  潃儭T潃儭A潃儭R潃儭A潃儭 #gaggan #taraanand #thaiindianbaby
I hope so.
End of the 2018 Galette des Rois party @helenedarrozeattheconnaught Thanks @paulafitzherbert @christinabgnorton @adills1 and all my team to have organised it. Thanks @clerkenwellboyec1 for the pic!
Our Galettes des rois are ready for the 2018 Galette party @helenedarrozeattheconnaught @theconnaught
Fresh lumpfish (natural flesh color)
And we did it ... @rest_quintonil @jorgevallejo  Gaggan ... #gaggan #quintonilrestaurante #worlds50best #latin50best #asia50best
Un peu de ciel bleu 滕滕... back to London...
Où est la tête, où est la queue???? #fluffy #fluffyempereur
Here’s a few images of some amazing times chez Bocuse. The last time I went, he was working the dining room, shaking hands, posing for pictures. Limping from table to table. The Chef whites immaculately pressed and clean, and the hat as high as ever. After the meal we sat for a brief moment in the kitchen. He looked at me and asked “how many do you do for lunch?” Around 40 pax I replied. Bocuse lifted his head and smiled “well today we did 90” -  He really was the boss to the end. - Bon voyage chef
Aujourd’hui c’est décidé... ce sera journée pyjama... #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
No comment...
Scotchées... #mylittleone #myprincess
We mourn the loss of #monsieurpaul. He was a giant. He was ”the man.” . Chef Paul Bocuse was not only my dear friend but a man who changed our lives and the lives of millions. He set the example for chefs and restauranteurs. He helped us understand the importance of evolution, teaching, mentoring, sharing, and building meaningful relationships. . In his lifetime, he began a culinary revolution thereby elevating the awareness of cuisine on a global scale, which in turn informed how we view and interact with food. We are forever grateful for his love for America, and for being the Chef that motivated the culinary culture of this country.  He will be deeply missed. . We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. There are few individuals who have bourn the weight of our profession, and the modernization of restaurants around the world, as Chef Paul has. . I will miss him dearly and will continue to champion his legacy. Join me in celebrating his exemplary life.
Rest In Peace chef Bocuse. Thanks for paving the way. Picture in 1988 w chef lee Hyman and myself.
RIP .. @paulbocuse_officiel one of the most influential chef of the world ... #paulbocuse #gaggan #worlds50best #asia50best #michelinguidebkk2018
Reposez en paix Monsieur Paul... merci pour tout ce que vous nous avez légué, pour toutes ces portes que vous nous avez ouvertes... vous incarnerez pour toujours la grande cuisine française, nous vous devons tant. 滕滕
Moules frites!  @breckdistillery @tavern62
The best picture of my life my brother who I lost the best fried. The one I who  I could confess guilty the one who told me live life... u gone but u live inside my heart in my dream and posting u on my weakest moment and making it my strongest .... SO GUYS IF U NEED SOME ONE TO HEAR U I AM THAT GUY A CALL AWAY .. just DM share ur pain and I promise I will cal u where ever u are and hear u and do my best to make it a happy day of my life #gaggan #callmeifyoursadiwillmakeuhappy
Finale de Top Chef Saison 9... c’est joué! Magnifique saison qui se termine ce soir... @chef.etchebest @jeanfrancoispiege @michel_sarran @topchefm6 @m6officiel
From dancing  to  to 孕... @jorgevallejo And @asap_klaus29 tasting 屢 ingredients and feeling like home 莞 #quintonilrestaurante #worlds50best #latin50best #gaggan #asia50best #michelinguidebkk2018
@rgborago I am with you .. and Chile 劾 El mar de Juan Fernández es único en el mundo. El 99% de los peces que ahí habitan se encuentran solo en esta región del planeta. En pocos días se decidirá si Chile protegerá este lugar o si quedará expuesto a la depredación. Si perdemos este ecosistema, se perderá para el mundo entero. Pero si lo protegemos habremos salvado una fuente incomparable de vida marina y de alimento para miles de personas.  Comparte y apoya #elsueñodejuanfernández ¡Sueña tú también por un mundo mejor!@natgeo @oceana
Excited to have the opportunity with @uglydelicious to talk honestly about food, something we all have in common. Lots and lots of great people (like @aliwong here) worked hard on this show. We have strong opinions and we are honest, but really proud to have everyone come together. More coming soon @netflix Out February 23.
From the test Kitchen: A mushroom & mussel broth (sifted through hay, and drunk through the hay)
ravioli of foie gras, Meyer lemon and wild garlic with smocked eel consommé... tasting for Valentine menu... @helenedarrozeattheconnaught
@itan thanks for pics ... she is turning out to be a pain in the Azz... when it turns to my cooking I am failing a chef ‍... 仁 #taraanand #thaiindianbaby #gaggan
Starting the day in peace...
Glorious Mayfair under the sun...
詖et groovy at the bar with our brand new Beets by Burke cocktail! And don’t miss our tremendous happy hour and brunch specials. Can’t beet it! @tavern62 #tavern62
@julenphoto super  pics makes a memory I will treasure ... #oneokrock #julenphoto #oneokrock2018ambitionsasiatour #gaggan #bombsaway #bedroomwarfare
A giant mussel喫喫 - (it might not look appetizing - but it’s SOOO sweet)
@naohawaii thanks  for getting @oneokrockofficial to Gaggan  Yeahhhhh finally cooked for one of my favourite Japanese rock band  #oneokrock #oneokrock2018ambitionsasiatour  #gaggan
Les enregistrements des voix off de Top Chef... c’est parti... @topchefm6 @m6officiel
The first shoots of wild horseradish (great yellow cress): right now it’s as spicy as wasabi, but juicy like an asparagus
Sweet pastry with rose custard inside
First foot: I need new shoes. Second foot: I think I’m an athlete? Third foot: happy (feet) tonbe hanging w y’all fourth foot: scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.
Countdown to my next restaurant in partnership with @itan @bic_smitasiri @trip_series @miharahiroki @goh_f we launching the @miharatofuten_bangkok do u wanna be part of this crazy concept ?? Chefs Thai nationals only .. please contact and details below  鉊鉊鉊耜鉊鉊鉊耜腦鉊鉆鉆鉊徇腹鉆 Fine Dining…  鉊鉊耜鉊鉊耜腦鉊鉊抉腹鉊鉊晤葷鉊鉊晤鉊鉊冢鉊﹤虞鉊冢葦鉊鉊嗣鉊鉊鉊冢鉊抉鉊鉊耜腦鉊冢葡鉊徇葡鉊  Chef Gaggan Anand 鉆鉊鉆鉊耜鉊冢鉊鉊喪鉊徇鉆鉊鉆鉊鉊鉊冢萵鉊鉊鉊晤 1 鉆鉊冢鉊鉊菽腺 3 鉊鉊菽鉆鉊冢 鉆鉊丞萼鉆鉊鉊鉊﹤葩鉊鉊毯艇鉊毯 2 鉊鉊耜葷鉊鉊詮鉊鉆鉊鉊鉊鉊冢鉊鉊鉊啤鉊鉊兒鉊鉊, iTan 鉆鉊鉆鉆鉊鉊菽腺鉊﹤鉊耜 鉊鉊嫩腦鉊嫩葉鉊耜葦鉊耜腦鉊鉊獅鉊冢鉊晤 鉆鉊丞萼鉊鉊詮鉊鉊毯鉊 鉆鉊鉆鉊耜鉊冢鉊鉆鉊耜鉊鉊晤鉊抉鉊丞葩鉆鉊鉊鉊晤鉊芹  鉊鉊喪腦鉆鉊耜鉊冢葡鉊徇葡鉊鉊鉊菽鉊鉊詮鉊鉊鉊菽鉊﹤葭鉊鉊鉊啤葷鉊晤鉊毯腺鉊耜葷鉊鉊耜鉊鉊抉鉊 57 鉊鉊 鉊﹤葡鉆鉊鉊毯鉊鉊菽鉊鉊鉊詮鉆鉊鉊鉊  鉊芹董鉊徇腦鉊晤鉊鉆鉊耜鉊鉊菽鉊芹鉆鉊鉊鉆鉊抉腹鉊鉊菽腹 Chef 鉆鉊鉊耜鉊鉊毯鉊鉊晤鉊芹腹鉊晤鉊 4 鉊鉊喪鉊徇鉆鉊 -	senior 1 鉊鉊喪鉊徇鉆鉊 鉊鉊鉊啤葵鉊鉊鉊耜腦鉊鉆鉊鉊耜腦鉊鉊喪鉊耜 8 鉊鉊菽鉊嗣鉊鉆鉊 -	junior 3 鉊鉊喪鉊徇鉆鉊 鉊鉊鉊啤葵鉊鉊鉊耜腦鉊鉆鉊鉊耜腦鉊鉊喪鉊耜 2 鉊鉊菽鉊嗣鉊鉆鉊 -	鉊﹤葭鉊鉊鉊啤葵鉊鉊鉊耜腦鉊鉆鉆鉊丞萼鉊鉊抉葡鉊﹤腦鉊嫩鉆鉊鉊獅鉊冢鉊鉊耜腦鉊鉊喪葉鉊耜葦鉊耜腦鉊鉊菽鉊鉆鉊詮 -	鉊﹤葭鉊鉊鉊啤葵鉊鉊鉊耜腦鉊鉆鉆鉊鉊鉆鉊耜鉊冢葡鉊徇葡鉊鉊鉊啤鉊晤 Fine Dining -	鉊芹葡鉊﹤葡鉊鉊鉊芹虞鉆鉊冢葵鉊耜腦鉊鉊耜萱鉊耜葉鉊晤鉊鉊戈萱鉆鉊鉆 鉊冢鉊毯鉊耜腺鉊冢葡鉊徇葡鉊鉆鉊徇鉊丞號鉊鉊鉆鉊耜鉆鉊耜鉊鉊耜鉊毯鉊鉆鉊耜鉊 -	鉊﹤葭鉊鉊晤落鉊鉊鉊鉊毯鉊菽鉊鉊 鉆鉊﹤鉆鉊鉊菽鉊R鉊鉊耜鉊徇鉊晤
So apparently sea cucumbers (true story) breathe out of their anus. Just like ......(you fill in a name)
The favorite part of my favorite dish of all time: the crispy rice noodles that come with the XO Pippies at Golden Century. Miss you GC  #uglydelicious hall of fame @majordomola tests
Early morning ride to montauk. Life’s a beach than you fall in love w one.
    = 予  @mihara102 coming to Bangkok soon opens March 2018.. #miharatofutenbkk #lamaisondelanaturegoh #gaggan #asia50best
Blame it to @drula9 for   ... my calories are gone for holidays he says the best tiramisu ever.. welcome to quality in japan 荊 #fukuoka #gohgan #gaggan #mujicafe
120gram (4,5oz) oyster steak
On a snowy afternoon winter vegetable soba  at my favourite soba restaurant in Fukuoka  And then slurp the Japanese way ... #gaggan #fukuoka #muratasoba #gohan #miharatofutenbkk
Freezing selfie 仇..... @goh_f @drula9  #gaggan #lamaisondelanaturegoh #asia50best #gohan #miharatofutenbkk
Who's up for a tour of some of my favorite spots in Koreatown? We'll eat our way through NYC - including dinner at @ko_ep with a cooking demo by yours truly.  It's all to support @reneredzepinoma's campaign to raise money for @themadfeed - awesome cause. Omaze.com/noma. Link in bio
潃儭He has a Meullieres Oeuvriere de France, and does nails  淹hat means Best Chef in France 蛤 恫 ....儭#Kitchen260 #rapidfire #womengivebirthtobusinessestoo #womenwhowork #playlikeagirl 拎‍喫拎‍喫拎‍突拎‍樹‍滕拎‍突內毋拯nytfood @latimes @lesdames @lesdamesintl
In the test kitchen, we have been working with all kinds of ingredients from the ocean, which will be a celebration of Scandinavian seafood. Slivers of fresh lobster, deep water seaweed and sea cucumber are just some of the ingredients you might find on the new menu. You still have the chance with @omazeworld to win dinner for two on opening night, hotel and flights included. To enter, see link in bio!
Abalone shell turned into gold. It was forgotten in the cold smoker for 4 days #noma2.0
Darth Vader octopus (octopus cured in beet sirup) #noma2.0
Hey @massimobottura: Rolled out pasta, sofritto, Béchamel... just like my nonna used to make. No kimchi this time ! Xoxo
Mille-Feuille Nabe by @graceseo mom - shoplifting this idea!
Congratulations to our partner at Hestan @hestanhome for launching their new line of indoor home appliances at the 2018 KBIS.
2018 resolution: replace 儭 &  with  broth & mul neng myun 諡潺諰
How we like our snow days here at @tavern62!  #tavern62 #snowday #bakedalaska #nycfinedining #uppereastside #snowbomb2018 :@nataliadejesus
Got 2 feet of snow in the upper east side. @tavern62.  We’re open and cooking w sore backs.
Wishing you a happy and healthy new year. #2018
Seve wishes everyone a happy new year and peace on earth  @momo_seve
The A team ready to provide a memorable nye!  @bltprimexdb @trumpwashingtondc happy new year
I met chef David Schlosser a few years ago when he worked for the great Yoshihiro Murata at Kikunoi in Kyoto.  I remember thinking this dude was some sort of Kaiseki Eminem.  So I was so happy to hear about the very positive reviews he received when @shibumidtla opened in 2016.  Hitting all the way on #2 in @the_thejgold 101.  I’m super mad at myself for not eating here earlier.  David isn’t cooking Kaiseki in a ryotei...he is making Kappo cuisine (the  of counter style restaurants). It’s more relaxed and casual than Kaiseki. It’s not sushi. It’s not tempura. Its not an izakaya. It’s a progression that goes from the small bite starters of sakizuke to the sweetness of mizumono. And everything else in between.  My dinner last night was insanely delicious.  A rare moment when I get @jskenes of @saisonsf to agree at the excellence in ingredients, cooking technique and overall flavors in the food.  The chinmi selection is outrageous! Best way to eat and drink sake.  Perfect selection of raw and cured fish. Winter Buri at its best and most fatty.  Grilled miyazaki and Kobe beef. Smoked trout.  A variety of fresh and aged tsukemono all super delicious picked veg. World class pickles!! Rice courses here are heaven. Pork jowl or beef shin. Seriously makes me cry for Japan.  Also I haven’t had miso soup this good in ages. Of course they make their own shiro miso.  This is one of the rare times when authenticity wins. I haven’t been able to find this kind of cooking at this quality anywhere else in America. You will find me eating here as much as humanly possible.  5/5 thumbs up scale. eat here.  Ps. They also have my favorite Asahi beer machine from japan. Makes the beer so cold and bubbles so small. IMHO one of the best draft beers anywhere. I had 6 of them. Harmony line.
Glenwood: www.glenwoodnyc.com/manhattan-living/nyc-best-new-years-brunch-spots/
Dec 28th to 31st @TheGarden
I just served Santa this burger. He’s  treats himself well @tavern62.  Rudolf played hard at happy hour, he’s sleeping @theplazahotel
Craftsmanship. Keep building. Keep moving.
Korean nativity scene #uglydelicious
Bouche de Noelle @langersdeli. Heaven on earth with a side of #19
歹 Alirami Redzepi  31.10.1949 - 20.12.2017 - Forty-five years ago, my father came to Denmark as an Albanian Muslim immigrant. Like many others before and after him, he spent much of his life in an adopted country, toiling as a manual laborer, cleaning dishes, hauling fish, driving taxis, cleaning floors. A lifetime of double shifts.  My father took comfort in cooking a good meal, and the pleasures of family around a table, eating and sharing. I remember waking up in the morning, the smell of burning wood, seeing my father tending the fireplace, hearing the crackling sound of chestnuts roasting for breakfast. His tomato salad, sliced wafer thin, with a dash of vinegar and a fistful of sweet parley leaves. The bean stew. The sauté of spicy sausage and onions....those are only memories now. - Everything he did was to bestow his family with happiness and better opportunities. Never once in his life did he complain, not even when the cancer ate him from with in. Every success I have found in my life, I can connect to a sacrifice he made.  How can anyone ever fill your shoes. - Thank you, father, for all that you did for us. I hope you have found peace, and that what comes next for you befits a man who gave so much in life.  I love you  Sleep well
Big thanks to everyone who showed up to support #potluckla last night. In support of @wckitchen @thelakitchen #chefsforcalifornia  Could not have done it without the support of @ridingshotgunla team.  thanks:  @christinatosi @milkbarstore who flew back to LA just to cook w us  @adamperrylang for the insane short ribs @aplrestaurant. Too delicious  @davidchoe for donating a beautiful watercolor  @jonandvinnydelivery @jonshook @animalvinny for the yam purée. so good I ate it out of my hands  @baroo_la for the fried rice. Kimchi corn!!! Who knew  @cassellshamburgers @chefchristianpage for the assortment of pies  @cutbeverlyhills @hilarylou @chefwolfgangpuck jalapeño corn bread & Mac and cheese. I ate a lot of this  @felixlosangeles, @evanfunke spaghetti freddi. Perfect food  @goodgirldinette hot potato hash with tumeric and dill. Delicious  @mvinkla, @mvoltaggio  carrots osso bucco. Saved our asses by making enough for everyone  @jenisicecream one of my favorites  @jitlada_la, @jazz_sing outdid herself made 3 kinda of fried rice  @kismetlosangeles, @misssarakramer @shymanson had the spicy carrot slaw. perfect pot luck food  @ntmrkt did they version of green bean casserole with lots garlic. Only version I’ve ever liked  @osteriamozza  @nancysilverton @dahlianarvaez made banana cream slab pie. So good  @chefjoseandres for rallying us all to support the communities in need  @providencela @cimarustila outdid everyone by making three delicious things of Parker house rolls, Mac and cheese & collard greens.  @republiquela @waltermanzke @mlmanzke graced us with pork and beans and tres leches cake!  @rusticcanyon @chefjeremyfox I’ve never had a casserole of yams and sauerkraut. I’m certain to steal his idea   @saisonsf, @jskenes drove down from SF to cook braised collard greens with 2-year aged boar ham  @sqirlla @prosciuttosnacks made cabbage slaw and rye brownies. Coming straight from airport!  @troismec @chefludo  Classic potato gratin!  @hotelbelair
Shredded Seasoned Dried Pollack (拗麇 諡渥麂). Easily one of the best things to eat with steamed rice #uglydelicious
In my next life I will be reborn as a Male Holstein : not so useful for  but tasty 巧. This one was pretty pretty good #geneticlottery @majordomola
December 19 at @eatatpot. @ridingshotgunla @adamperrylang @aplrestaurant. Link in bio. #potluckla
Support MAD and join us at Noma on opening night. See how via the link in bio! @themadfeed @omazeworld @nomacph
My sincerest gratitude to everyone who has worked with us over these past eight years. Your commitment has made a profound impact on our community. . While today’s service is my last, we will remain open for two more weeks and are committed to providing our guests with the excellence you’ve come to expect from us. @bouchon_bistro @bouchon_bakery #beverlyhills . Chef @david__hodson, GM @nicolasfanucci, Head Sommelier Andrew Adelson @t1ck thank you for your continued dedication throughout this time.
As I enter Bouchon on my last two days here before we close; I want to take a moment to reflect on the past eight years.  To everyone who worked tirelessly to prepare nourishing meals for our guests, to our porters who ensured efficiency, to the dining room teams who brought warmth and hospitality to each table, to our support staff whose dedication behind the scenes was remarkable, and to each and every one of our guests who dined with us, and lastly to my partners who believed in the success of this restaurant: Thank you. Your loyalty has meant the world to us. Bouchon Beverly Hills will always be a special place for all of us.
Apple pie from @thecorner_108.  (They’re obviously inspired by the GREATEST @alain_passard)
It’s time for palm sized oysters again #seafoodseason
Happy Thanksgiving to our families, our restaurant family, our guests, our partners, our farmers, fishermen, and foragers. We are grateful for the relationships and time we have with each of you. #thanksgiving #blessed #family
After learning from my mentors, I am excited to pass along the techniques that have helped shape me as a chef. Join me for my @masterclass on Cooking Techniques. (Link in bio)
Please join us as we come together to help heal and restore the most wounded neighborhoods affected by the devastating wine country fires. On December 2nd we invite you to a night of friendship & neighbors; a special evening where we will celebrate the Napa & Sonoma valleys @theculinaryinstituteofamerica at Greystone. The canapé reception will be prepared by a group of dedicated and talented locals chefs and I’ll join Christopher Kostow, Kyle Connaughton and Stephen Durfee for the dinner portion. This memorable meal will be complemented by the finest wines from the valleys. Every dollar we raise counts for the future of our region and will go directly to the Napa & Sonoma Fund managed by Tipping Point. Please join us for this memorable evening. #drinknapasonoma #napasonomarelief (Link in bio)
Honoring those who served and continue to serve. #veteransday Photo: @eilonpaz
Congratulations to Chef @matthew_kirkley and Commis @mimichef121 , winners of the 2019 Bocuse d’Or National Selection Competition. We are proud to have you represent our country as candidates on #theroadtolyon. We are all behind you; with @mentorbkb, we offer our support and encouragement as you take the next steps in your culinary journey. #bocusedorusa
K+M Extravirgin Chocolate is one of #oprahsfavoritethings of 2017, so we put together an exclusive four-pack that is perfect for gifting. Shop online at finessethestore.com or visit us in #yountville.
We have the ability to touch many guests daily in our restaurants. To give back to those in need due to the most recent disaster; we will contribute a portion of our Napa and Sonoma wine sales to The Napa Sonoma Relief Fund. The #napasonomarelieffund will support those affected most by this immeasurable devastation in the recent firestorm. We have partnered with Tipping Point to ensure that the dollars are used in a rapid and effective way. I encourage guests to #drinknapasonoma and for restauranteurs to join me in this important effort for the Napa and Sonoma Valley. #drinknapasonoma #napasonomarelieffund #haveaglassforus (Link in bio)
After a week full of devastation and heartbreak, we are reopening @_tfl_ today; we look forward to welcoming guests back to Yountville. Although the fires now have greater containment, there is much to be done in the Napa and Sonoma valleys. Our hearts are heavy for those have lost so much. Thank you to the first responders, firefighters and law enforcement. #drinknapasonomawine #napafires
To all of our customers and clients, neighbors, partners and staff of all of our restaurant properties in Yountville. We thank you for all of your concerns and outreach. Everyone is working hard to normalize our situation in these extreme times. The current fire condition in Yountville remains unchanged. The town of Yountville reports that the Partrick and Nuns Fire on Mt. Veeder has grown more active and the smoke volume has significantly increased and is much more visible. We continue to monitor, and if conditions change we will update you.  We are here to offer whatever comfort and sense of community that we can.  Currently we are operating with the following schedules with collective efforts from our combined local restaurant teams: • The bakery is opened daily from 7:00am through 5:00pm • Bouchon is opened daily 11:30am – 8:30pm • Ad Hoc will reopen Sunday, October 16th for dinner service • The French Laundry will reopen on Tuesday, October 17th for dinner service  If you are in the area and your local agency uses Nixle - text your zipcode to 888-777 to opt-in to receive fire condition updates.
Update: 10.11.17 - 5:00pm