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Never knew Vegas was surrounded by such beauty. On the way from the strip to the Grand Canyon with @maverickhelicopters
Back on the road to COLORADO. First stop Silverthorne for the the premiere of "Under an Arctic Sky." Next up - Boulder - a few tickets left then Denver - a few tickets left πŸ€™πŸΌ . Details & tickets in bio link or www.UnderanArcticSky.com/tour
5/6 from my #sponsored creative series in @theouterbanksnc with @borderfreetravels from our stay at @sanderlingresort • I saw it as being exactly what I'd hoped to find in terms of accommodation in The Outer Banks. I'm sure this dining room in their restaurant: The Lifesaving Station, which wasn't full when we ate a late breakfast there the other day, is now full to overflowing because it's Memorial Day as I type this!! However, I appreciated the smaller crowd because it gave me the opportunity during our stay to really notice all the details. And there are many to find! A designer was hired to source antiques all over the Eastern Seaboard so remnants from our seafaring, whaling and exploratory past abound but they're all so beautifully presented. There's also a nice amount of @audubonsociety prints & books which I appreciated as well as vintage photos, @hermes scarves in nautical prints and touches of orange which contrast so beautifully against the green of the sea grasses on the beach and the blue of the sky on a sunny day! • Top Tips: eat dinner at Kimball's Kitchen and ask the sommelier to recommend your wine, he's very talented! Don't miss the s'mores kit in your room which you can take out to one of the fire pits to truly complete the beach experience while in #obx. There's just not much Sanderling hasn't thought of. I'd love to return some day. #obxnow
Just walk the path.  Beautiful Tuscany πŸ’› Danielkordan.com  #tuscany #italy #cretesenesi
brb, trying to find a way to teleport back here πŸ€”
These under the radar state parks and monuments in Utah have been some of the best and most beautiful (and least crowded) parts of the southwest. Is the Grand Canyon even this cool? ••• Yoga pants with cut out design and travel mat by @yogadesignlab in Bali
Signs of life.
4/6 from my #sponsored creative series in @theouterbanksnc with @borderfreetravels who took this photo of me • We both really loved @capehatterasnps, which takes up more than 70 of the 130 total miles of coastline that comprise The Outer Banks. But our favorite part of exploring Cape Hatteras was our visit with Jeff and his horse named Willem who is an Arabian/Percheron mix. [pictured here] I've been horseback riding all over the world and I've met a lot of horses in other circumstances but I've never met a horse as loving, sweet and dependable as Willem. He LOVES to be on the beach too, and like me didn't want to leave when the time came for our us to have to part ways. Kristen and I gave him lots of kisses, or he gave them to us...I'm not really sure. But either way I parted feeling sad we couldn't extend our time together and yet happy as well as profoundly grateful that Jeff trusted me to ride his favorite horse. While I'm experienced at riding, it was only the second time I'd done so without a saddle and it gave me the gift of being able to be much closer to Willem and to read his body language with much more ease than when you have a saddle in the way. To book some time with Willem for yourself, visit www dot Hatteras Island Horseback Riding dot com and inquire about Jeff's availability and if you're on Cape Hatteras this Memorial Day weekend and you see a tall white horse, make sure you say hello. Willem and his owner Jeff, are very friendly! 🐴 #obxnow #obx
Waking up in a hammock on one of the first days of summer
If life is all about perspective then the Alaskan landscape by air should be a prerequisite for anyone looking for deeper meaning. Every time I fly here I see things I have never seen before. In many ways the finest example of art in nature you can witness. . The best part is almost everyone owns a plane so flying is actually affordable. For more from this series & what I shot it with check my IG story.
The eternal battle between light and dark. #peaksofeurope
Beam me up
Beautiful angels of Camargue park, South of France.  Danielkordan.com #camargue #france #horses
The desert will always keep secrets.
I recently finished watching my first tv show - Breaking Bad, which took me five months from start to finish. How have I made it this far in life without watching an entire tv show you ask? Have I been living under a rock? Well, I grew up without tv. So, kind of. Anyways, Breaking Bad. Oh my God you guys, it was so good! I'm so glad I grew up without tv because if every show is as good as this one I can definitely see how I could waste way too much time on this. πŸ˜‚ Also, here's an unrelated photo of the beautiful yucca plants in Nevada, which I loved because they are so unlike any of the plant species where I live. @TravelNevada #travelnevada @MatadorNetwork #travelstoke
When we started this project 2 years ago we never dreamed it would turn into this.  Currently on a global tour with my film, "Under an Arctic Sky" showing tomorrow in Montreal then Quebec City Sunday. .  Next week Colorado! Tickets just went on sale for: Silverthorne Boulder Denver  See you there for a night of slideshow + film . Tickets in bio or www.UnderanArcticsky.con/tour
There's a new girls band in town.  #peaksofeurope
Camp under the stars, wake up at 4am to catch the sunrise, hike all day, rinse (maybe), repeat πŸŒ„
3/6 from my #sponsored creative series in @theouterbanksnc with @borderfreetravels • We both really loved the Cape Hatteras area and in particular our afternoon at Bodie Island Lighthouse with our local guide Aaron. It is one of the two black & white lighthouses that are quite iconic to islands that make up The Outer Banks. The other is much further down into the National Seashore but Bodie is a reasonable drive from Manteo where we started our trip. Fun facts: the word Bodie is pronounced the same way you'd say 'body' not 'boatie' which is what I first assumed. The current lighthouse is actually the third version after the first two were victims of natural disaster and faulty engineering. Also, you can climb the lighthouse to enjoy stunning views of both the bay and the ocean sides of the area. 200+ steps of gorgeously detailed Victorian-era ironwork make up the interior space that you climb and at the top there is still a stunning Fresnel Lens which is rare as so many have been taken by the Coast Guard or National Park Service to be put into museums and replaced by more modern, and less expensive, mechanisms. Make sure you check out @borderfreetravels feed for a view from the top looking down! #obxnow #obx
Spring Tuscany. Can't express in this photo the wonderful smell of spring flowers and herbs early in the morning... Danielkordan.com #tuscany #italy #valdorcia #poppies
Had to share one more variation of this because it felt so surreal seeing it come together from just an funny idea to reality. Easily my favorite photograph in a long time and proof that the substance of a photo isn't about perfect weather or a great camera. It's  about what you decide to fill the frame with & if it means something to you. .  Thanks Shane (pilot) for always being willing to hang out in the rain on missions (we always seem to end up in it somehow) and embrace my crazy ideas. Swimming back to shore was the coldest swim I've done all year.  @prana @northwestseaplanes
been missing this place like crazy. can you blame me though? 🀷🏻‍β™€οΈπŸ†
The storms that cabin must have witnessed. Could you live there? #peaksofeurope
Crowds gather on the famous double arch bridge in Lavertezzo. Midday, when the sun hits the water, the scene of people can be a little overwhelming as the temperature turns from frigid to perfect. But just upstream lies a literal maze of canyon walls, waterfalls and cliff jumps. We swam up river against the current with goggles, wetsuits and fins to a places I had never seen photos of. This is one of the places I look forward to going back more than anywhere else.
Can't quite reach πŸ–
Sandboarding the Sahara in Morocco… 😜  Would you believe this is a selfie? Shot using a tripod and my @sonyalpha A7Rii with the time-lapse app. ••••••••••••••••••••• Camera: Sony A7Rii Lens: Sony 16-35mm F4 ••••••••••••••••••••• #morocco #sandboarding
Summer is in the air! Spring Tuscany is blooming. Danielkordan.com #tuscany #italy
i've got the blues and i'm okay with it πŸ˜…πŸ’Ž | can't wait to get back to some of my favorite places this summer. what's everyone got planned?
2 humans, 2 horses, 1 dog and a whole lot of empty space. A perfect empty canvas really. I had shot here maybe 4 times in my life before this last trip & never created a memorable image... or at least something I was proud of. It's the same with many places I've been... just rushing through it without much thought or planning. In a place like this it takes time to let the beauty set in & figure out how to best portray it instead of eagerly clicking the shutter. We are quick to pull out our camera sometimes rather than just allowing ourselves to be there...
Rush hour on Skye.  #peaksofeurope
When your van matches the scenery πŸ‘ŒπŸ» ••• Wow, I totally understand the #vanlife love affair some fellow wanderers are in after this week. I've rented one in Chile, Iceland, Italy, and now with @jucyusa in the American southwest, and nothing beats that convenience, plus the magic of camping under the stars in the wilderness, not another soul in sight. I think I need one of these! #jucyusa #partner
I admire these creatures. How graceful they are, white angels of Camargue. Danielkordan.com #france #camargue #horses #nikon
2/6 from our #sponsored creative series in @theouterbanksnc • I captured this image around 5:30 AM in the town of Manteo on Roanoke Island, on one of the piers which is part of the town's marina, leading to their lighthouse. It's a strange perk of having been gone for more than a month in different time zones, that now I wake between 4 and 5 AM every day, allowing me to experience The Outer Banks in a way I wouldn't if I was still sleeping. I was able to savor & record sunrise with no one else around but the birds chirping in the nearby trees and frogs in the long grasses near shore. A few runners were the only other people I saw as I wandered town, craving coffee. After I took this photo, I continued walking till I found a tiny movie theater with architecture that reminded me of Strasbourg in France. And it had a tiny red truck out front that looked like something you'd see in Italy. In fact it was advertising a nearby Italian restaurant! I could hardly believe such a small town could have so many surprises waiting to be found but I realllllly needed coffee. So when I rounded a corner and saw the lights on at Island Perk, I thought I was going to cry tears of joy. Instead I talked with owner Chris and found out he just opened 10 months ago and the coffee shop is his retirement project after coming to The Outer Banks for vacation for most of his life! He made @borderfreetravels and I the best caramel lattes and as I carried them back to The Tranquil Inn where we were staying, I felt grateful for the inability to sleep in a town that's so easy plus safe to explore so early in the morning but which isn't too small to have at least one great coffee shop!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜β˜•οΈ #obxnow #obx
after a few days of pouring rain and a snowstorm in the middle of spring, the clouds decided to break open and i was finally able to check this one off the bucket list πŸ”βœ”οΈ @nature_valley #naturevalley #ad
That's amazing feeling when you stay in front of ocean of grass waves moving with stormy wind. Spring Tuscany. Danielkordan.com #tuscany #italy
We camped nearby the Old Man. After a crazy windy night, we had very little hope for the light to break through the clouds for sunrise, but somehow magic happened that morning. It was unbelievable.  #peaksofeurope
This land is your land, this land is my land. Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument is where I realized what a gift we have in the US with these public lands. You can free camp, free hike, and just be one with nature with almost nobody around here. Right now, Trump wants to limit our public lands. This could turn into a coal mine. We don't want that! Please join me in telling him NO, don't take away our freedom and our land! It takes less than a minute to submit your comment. Link in my bio!
Tree barrels
1/6 from The Outer Banks • So grateful to be working on a #sponsored creative series with my uber talented friend @borderfreetravels this week in @theouterbanksnc. We both feel grateful to have been chosen to help tell the story of this special part of the USA! We're starting in the town of Manteo on historic Roanoke Island where the English first created a settlement in the 1580's. It's a place where you'll find an abundance of old inns, long piers, pretty boats, tall trees, vibrant gardens, eclectic stores and no shortage of stories from locals if you have the time to sit and hear them. Stay tuned for more as we discover #obxnow and of course Kristen and I will both be sharing tidbits from our day to day in Stories...
found a lifetime supply of chocolate at this waterfall in costa rica πŸ˜‰πŸ« @altagracia_cr
This weekend in Toronto/ Montreal/ Quebec City! Northern lights, drones, low light cameras and surfers willing to go out in -20° winter conditions. A little behind-the-scenes look at the low percentage moment where the dream came true to shoot surfing under the northern lights for the 'Under An Arctic Sky' film. .  Next week we head to Colorado for premieres in Silverthorne / Boulder / Denver ! Tickets just went on sale. See you there for a night of storytelling. Link in Bio or www.UnderanArcticSky.com/tour πŸ“· @renan_ozturk
That place is just out of this world. Tiny hikers for scale. #peaksofeurope  @visitscotland #scotspirit
Looking down on Angel's Landing from observation point. While Angel's has to be the most popular hike in Zion, I actually think, after doing both, that this one is even better. It's a prettier hike, slightly less crowded, and gives you an even more major view. It's also 2 miles longer and gains an extra 1000 feet, but oh so worth it! (πŸ“·: mom @pysankylady)
moody mornings in the pnw 🌲🌫 @awesome.photographers
Pena Palace in Portugal is one of the coolest castles I've ever seen! You don’t normally see castles painted in colors like this…  If you're a fan of medieval castles, you need to visit #sintra. You can spend all day exploring them! πŸ‘‘ ••••••••••••••••••••• Camera: @sonyalpha A7Rii Lens: Sony 16-35mm F4 ••••••••••••••••••••• #portugal #penapalace
Light or shadow? Griffindor or Slytherin? #peaksofeurope  As of yesterday I've started something new in my Instagram Stories, featuring a little snapshot of each day of my 5-month road trip. Please check it out and leave your feedback here in the comments to let me know if you like that new format or not :) Thanks!  @visitscotland #scotspirit
The ultralight trike looks more like a flying motorcycle than a powered hang glider. With your legs dangling over the tricycle body & fuselage you get almost unobstructed views of the world around you. The exposure is radical... to be honest at first it's downright scary. (especially when you feel turbulence) But after the nerves calm it can be an almost meditative experience and incredibly intuitive to fly. I've shot from most types of flying vessels and this is by far my favorite. The mobility & simplistic nature of this craft makes it one of the most unique ways I've ever moved across the sky.  @shotsfromabove
Playing tiny human (can you spot me?) in the palm of nature's hand. It had been a decade since I'd been in Zion but it's still just as magnificent (πŸ“·: @pysankylady)
JORDAN • After a month away from home, I was more than ready to get the whole thing over with so to speak. When I arrived in Jordan, I was just TIRED, ready to see @dante.vincent again, to have truly clean clothes to wear and to be in the same bed for longer than two nights -- but I'd made a commitment, so luggage issues plus some more complications (see my last post), I was going to give it my all on the last few days of my trip. Jordan has a way of making it easier. It's a country that seduces you moment by moment and interaction by interaction. In the end, it was a privilege to spend 3 nights at the Dead Sea with colleagues from @adventure.travel_ talking about adventure, sustainability and mostly about @visitjordan itself. I really appreciated talking to HRH Princess Dana Firas too, who pointed out that while Jordan hasn't always gotten things right, they are making strides and I'm excited knowing she's at the helm of projects that will lead the way in that respect. How poignant, that we all make mistakes but what matters most is that we keep trying to do better. Always. Instead of feeling worn out, as the time to leave came due, I was feeling filled up and ultimately, sad at the prospect of leaving. #anextneareast, like other conferences the ATTA puts on, is not like other events. Jordan is not like other places. And so in a way the best part of my month away kind of ended up being saved for last. My new friend @paulclammerwriter said it best, "I had a lot of big life and career thoughts come out of that conference, and it's in no small part because of all the conversations we shared. Turns out it's not a Lonely Planet after all." As I looked across the water during this Sunset, I gave thanks for all I'd experienced in the days leading up to this moment. There's hope for us all if we choose to see it. #myjordanjourney
Wherever you stop in Tuscany it looks like giant painting!  27 October - 2 November I'm guiding autumn workshop, join at danielkordan.com #tuscany #italy #valdorcia #nikon
Life is all about balance after all. .  @handsomerobinson between a rock and wet place. @garrison_rowland @russell_holliday
Tuscany landscape is like a live painting. People saved this land from large factories, highways and cities. It looks the same like hundreds of years ago. Every morning here just leaving me in awe. Danielkordan.com workshop in Tuscany #tuscany #italy #valdorcia
5 years ago today my whole world became a lot brighter with the birth of my first son Jeremiah. It's that instant realization that your life is not your own & that somewhere out there someone is always counting on you that really gets you. When I'm traveling every trip seems farther from home than before. Somedays I'm terrified for him & others incredibly proud... like when caught his first snake without an ounce of fear. (I'm still afraid of snakes) We are so different but so alike in ways I never imagined. He told me today he wanted to see a photo of the Ocean because that was his favorite place.  Mine too.
It's finally starting to feel like summer and I can't help but think of upcoming road trips. @mtn_michael and I have a few fun climbing/mountaineering inspired travels coming up that I'm super excited about! Do you have any fun summer trips planned?  Photo taken by my mom on a very unique Nevada road. @TravelNevada #travelnevada @MatadorNetwork #travelstoke
Everyone's view of lucky looks a little different. An empty roadside hot springs usually does it for me.
Can't resist scrambling around on all of these beautiful red rocks. I love the desert! It was awesome to test out the new #threadborne line from @underarmour while I was down in Nevada. These layers are so light and perfect for hot days! #sponsored
Skating til dark 🌌
This is not Iceland, this is Scotland. Stoked to be back on the road. The next 5 months are going to be epic! #peaksofeurope  @visitscotland #scotspirit
Early morning glow in the Valley of Fire. This trip showed me how beautiful the surroundings of Vegas can be and how much there is to do that doesn't have to involve nightclubs, gambling, or the strip at all! This was day one of a camper van road trip with @jucyUSA that has taken me to some incredible new heights and places. Can't wait to keep sharing with you #jucyusa
Sometimes I just want to close my eyes and smile feeling last rays of setting sun. What a wonderful evening in spring Tuscany! Danielkordan.com #tuscany #italy #valdorcia #cretesenesi
JORDAN • After my assignment with TCS concluded, I traveled alone to the country of Jordan to rendezvous with colleagues from @adventure.travel_ for #anextneareast. My first flight was delayed causing me to miss my connecting flights, then my bags never made it to Amman so the adventure started out very adventurous indeed. When I arrived in the middle of the night, I was actually so afraid to meet my colleagues over breakfast the next morning, only one of whom I knew already, wearing the same clothes I'd been in for 3 days, drastically unprepared for hiking through desert wadis and up mountains. I feared the people I was about to meet would not accept me since they'd already had a day to bond without me, and I believed they would ridicule me for my ill-preparedness no matter how little control I had over it. The opposite was true and by the end of our first day together, we were family. During our time together at @feynanecolodge, we spent time with multiple Bedouin families learning how to make tea, how to use the wild plants and herbs of the surrounding landscape for prevention and healing, coming to understand the rituals of coffee which are highly nuanced, observing bread being made in varying styles, showing Bedouin children the basics of photography, trusting our guide Suleiman to get us home safe in the desert darkness and taking cooking lessons back at the lodge. We grew used to the lack of electricity (the lodge is solar powered but minimally), and didn't miss the WiFi we would have had elsewhere. We slept on the roof when our rooms were too warm. We gazed at stars so numerous and large they made us feel minuscule. I can't show you in photos what it means to bond with people on a level that's permanent and I can't promise it will happen to you if you visit Feynan. But you should visit. It's a place 40 KM from the nearest paved road and it's likely that separation which makes it so inspiring. I don't know. All I do know is that all my fears were washed
there's so many places around the world to explore but some just call to you to come back. for me, japan is definitely one of those places πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅
Back in February, @subaru_usa and @matadornetwork did a couple films featuring long time Subaru owners to showcase how their cars fit their lifestyles. Here's a short clip of mine. Love my hearty little adventuremobile, I'm glad it made the cut! #travelstoke #meetanowner #ad
My first trip to Alaska changed my whole perspective on wilderness. Even the word ALASKA still seems to evoke an urge to pack my bags and pull out a map. I've been back many times over the years exploring the remote Aleutian Islands, massive Denali national park and even the Kenai peninsula by boat. .  Today I'm back in Anchorage to show my film Under an Arctic Sky. I always wanted to bring this film to the more remote adventure communities. Come out to @beartooththeatre 5:30pm for a night of storytelling. Tickets in my bio or www.UnderanArcticSky.com/tour
Incredible spring Tuscany.  Cypress trees are like soldiers guiding this peaceful land of Sun.  Danielkordan.com workshop #tuscany #spring #valdorcia #nikon  #d810 #panorama #cypress #italy
Welcome to the Highlands of Scotland!  Thank you all for the amazing support and feedback I've received yesterday after I posted my story. I will answer to each and everyone of you but 4G (read: GPRS) here in Scotland is so bad I cannot even open an email. Please just allow me an extra week, but you'll get a response, I promise!  For those who haven't checked my story, theee days ago I left Belgium to start off a new adventure. For the next 5 months, I'll be road tripping Europe, visiting a total of 17 countries!  The first destination is Scotland (I'll be in Skye and the Highlands until the 25th of May). My road trip will be divided in 3 main parts: I. Northern countries (May 15 - June 25) II. Greece + the Balkans (July 1 - August 14) III. The Alps (August 15 - October 15)  For parts II and III, I'll be driving an epic fully equipped 4x4 Toyota Hilux with a rooftop tent and everything you can ever imagine for the best road trip experience!  For part I, as I'm flying out to Scotland, Norway and Iceland, I'll have a different 4x4 each time.  ANYWAY! The reason why I'm telling you all this is because I'd love for you to join me at some point. I really want to take this opportunity to meeting up with you guys, hiking, camping, enjoying a meal around an open fire, ... So please hit me up, send me a DM, an email, and let's try to meet up! The next 6 weeks will be spent in Scotland, Northern Norway and South Iceland.  I'm SO STOKED for this new adventure and cannot wait to tell you more about the idea behind it, and obviously share with you some epic content (videos included). Thanks for your continuous support, you guys truly rock! And obviously, the reason why I haven't posted for a while or don't publish any story is all because of the poor internet πŸ™ƒ #peaksofeurope
#advertisement Some of my favorite moments are spent exploring the outdoors. I've recently learned that as Americans, we spend 95% of our time indoors. Let's change that! Get outside and post a photo of your best outdoor moment and tag #claritin and #beanoutsider πŸ”πŸƒπŸ»‍♀️
Taking a breather to enjoy this beautiful view while out testing and shooting some of the new @underarmour #threadborne gear. Super comfortable and breathable! #sponsored
Snow-covered yurts owned by Kyrgyz nomads in Afghanistan's Wakhan Corridor.  Just published a big photo essay & video from my 100 mile, 10 day trek into Afghanistan last summer. Go check it out on my blog & let me know what you think!  What would you like to know about Afghanistan? ••••••••••••••••••••• βœ… LINK IN BIO βœ… ••••••••••••••••••••• #afghanistan #wakhan
One of our amazing days in Tuscany in a short timelapse. Next time I'll be in Tuscany in November. Join at danielkordan.com #tuscany #italy #valdorcia
Tuscany is like a heaven these days. All green and blooming rolling hills.  Danielkordan.com photography workshop #tuscany #italy #valdorcia #poppies
PORTUGAL • Our last country on the @tcsworldtravel Kingdoms & Cultures of Eurasia itinerary was the one from which we began our journey. However, instead of going straight back to Lisbon, we flew to Porto and drove from there to the Douro Valley. It felt as if we traversed through Portugal's garden of eden on the way to @sixsensesdourovalley. Light rains made mist hang on to the heights of rolling hills like top hats on a well-dressed gentleman while shades of green seemed to number into the hundreds, every hue from emerald to chartreuse represented. Port, as the name suggests, comes from these valleys outside the city of Porto so the endless slopes of grapevines were both stunning to look at and also a lesson in the culture of the region. Everything revolves around the grapes! The beverage is a poignant part of life and of the history of the region. From our home at Six Senses we could look out at the layers of the valley letting the views bring us peace, we could wander in the nearby forest with the song of the wind in the leaves, or in the garden where every plant is used in the bar/kitchen/spa, indulge in the treatments that spa provided or float down the river on a boat which was once used to carry Port to harbor. Our stay was far too short but it was a gift, a way of ending our incomprehensible journey through 9 countries on the highest of notes. It was the swell in a symphony that leaves you wanting so much more. #tcsmoments #tcsworldtravel #sixsensesdourovalley
Got on a new (to me) section of the Colorado river last week. After rafting sections of it in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona, it was awesome to continue down the river in Nevada with a two day kayaking trip of the Black Canyon. I love this river! @TravelNevada #travelnevada @MatadorNetwork #travelstoke  PC: Mom
sometimes i wonder how places like this are real πŸ€”
Soaring high over the Grand Canyon is an epic way to start a southwestern USA road trip! This experience with @maverickhelicopters flying out of Vegas allowed mom and I to see the Canyon and all of the amazing things in between with such convenience and an incredible bird's eye view! Bucket list item βœ”οΈ(πŸ“·: mom @pysankylady)
FRANCE • After visiting the Spanish side, we continued our quest to understand Basque Country in France by making the @hoteldupalais, Biarritz our home away from home as well as using an afternoon to walk around the town of Bayonne. The "home of chocolate" in France, according to our guide, it is a colorful town with tall row houses of a very distinct Basque style comprising shutters in red/green/blue, a grand cathedral and intact city walls which date back to the Romans. Biarritz is somewhat typical of a French seaside resort town but has a laid back vibe that could have been due to our arrival just before high season, or its surfing and fishing culture. While you'll find some of the glitz and glamour of far away Cannes or Nice, including designer boutiques and palace hotels -- you will also find a ruggedly beautiful coastline and a relaxed attitude that makes the town one I find far preferable to its Mediterranean counterparts. In fact, I may just return because our visit during a National Holiday meant not every store was open and not every vendor in the market was present yet I still found the shopping to be undeniably tempting and the market to be delectable in the extreme. So much more to still see and do!! As with all of our #tcsmoments over the last month, just a sample that leaves you wanting so much more...
I went nuts this weekend doing some tests at @moviemountain, mixing oil, water and dye together.
Bella Toscana! Enjoying idyllic landscapes of Tuscany with my group these days. Danielkordan.com #tuscany #valdorcia #italy
Encounters with wild things. @TravelNevada #travelnevada @matadornetwork #travelstoke
Dub 🌈 😡
blown away by the number of homeless in this city
ready for those warm summer nights πŸ˜Žβ˜€οΈ @beautifuldestinations
Val d'Orcia is the place where you can always feel like you are staying in front of giant renaissance painting. Spring is in the air of Tuscany. Want to enjoy Tuscany and learn about photography? Join me this fall in Tuscany at Danielkordan.com #tuscany #toscana #valdorcia #spring #nikon
moody vibes in germany's lush black forest πŸƒ @vikingcruises #vikingcruises #myvikingstory
Yes, people live there. It's definitely easy to camp in remote places for a couple of nights but I quite often wonder what it takes to spend a lifetime in places like this.  @visitfaroeislands @atlanticairways
happy mammas day mama #mamabear
I've started my photo workshop in Tuscany. Spring is amazing time to visit this green paradise. Rolling Hills are blooming with flowers of all possible colors! Danielkordan.com #tuscany #italy #valdorcia #poppies
not a bad place to call home 🏰@vikingcruises #vikingcruises #myvikingstory
When they let you drive the boat.. #buckleupbitches #muahahah @TravelNevada #travelnevada @MatadorNetwork #travelstoke  PC: Mom
Afghanistan has some impressive mountains! These are the Hindu Kush, a range that creates a border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Locals from both countries trek between them to trade with each other. That orange bridge was built by the Soviets during their occupation of Afghanistan in the 80’s. ••••••••••••••••••••• Camera: @sonyalpha A7Rii Lens: Sony 16-35mm F4 ••••••••••••••••••••• #afghanistan #wakhan
SPAIN • Our second to last stop on the @tcsworldtravel adventure that I've been a staff member for since mid-April, was done in two parts. The goal was to experience Basque Country on both sides of the Spanish and French borders. This thrilled me to no end because while I j'adore both countries, I had never been to this part of either AND it meant visiting Bilbao, the home of one of the many masterpieces by my favorite architect: Frank Gehry. His design for the Guggenheim Bilbao has been a phenomenal success for the city, bringing something in the realm of 160 million dollars to the local economy in just the first year of its opening. I've also read estimates that put the total value of its contribution at over 3 billion. This has led other cities to attempt to capture that same magic and now his creations can be seen around the world from Seattle to Prague to Hanover and back again. Inside I think the museum is even more spectacular than out and the exhibits they currently have are worth a visit all on their own. Modern masterpieces by Pollack, Rothko, de Kooning & Richard Serra made me wish we had more than 2 hours to explore. Yet it was a privilege I didn't take for granted at all, to be able to visit just for a few hours because we had the flexibility of the TCS private jet. The Basque people that we met were so interesting and my only regret is that our brief stop didn't allow me more time for a deeper understanding of what makes them different from people elsewhere in Spain and France. I'll just have to return to do that another time!! • I'm curious, are you Basque? Or from Bilbao? What's your favorite thing about the area or culture? #tcsmoments #tcsworldtravel
watching the clouds go by β˜οΈπŸ’ƒπŸ» | this past week sailing on the rhine river has been filled with new cities, new friends, and one unique experience after the next. it's been so amazing exploring europe and becoming immersed in the cultures of cities from basel to amsterdam @vikingcruises #vikingcruises #myvikingstory
I wholeheartedly believe that one should rep the pink llama pegicorn with the hipster haircut and rainbows whenever possible. Day one of the road trip to Utah and Arizona and had to stop by this instafamous art installation on the way through Vegas (πŸ“·: mom @pysankylady)
@memmonz finishing up airbrushing graffiti in the swimming pool for the stop motion skateboarding project we are working on at @moviemountain ✍🏻🎨
You have no idea how strong the wind was that day.  @visitfaroeislands
The Origins
@jamesbarkman stopped by @moviemountain on his way north to climb some mountains in Alaska and then head south the Argentina. Get it!
no matter where i go, this will always be home β˜€οΈ | with not enough hours in the day, i'm picky about how i spend them. when i’m looking for a way to catch up on my favorite shows on the go, @sling makes it all too easy. to watch 7 days for free, visit sling.com for more info πŸ“Ί #alacartetv #ad
Burst of light in the Miðhálendið of Iceland.
i wish i looked half this good in the mirror 🚠 @zermatt.matterhorn
That one time we did some ski filming for @subaru_usa in a white out during the Jackson snowpocalypse. Props to @kyehalpin and @kylie.fly (πŸ“·) for sticking through it! @matadornetwork #travelstoke #meetanowner #ad
It's incredible how travel can be a life changer.  #sponsored For me it all started when, back in 2013, I decided to buy a one-way ticket to Australia. Instead of pursuing a career in PR I thought it would be better to leave my comfort zone and follow my gut by traveling around the world for an indefinite period of time. I remember telling my parents "I don't know when I'll be back, maybe in 3 years, maybe in 5, we'll see...". That was the best decision of my life. 4 years later, here I am. Capturing the world as a full time photographer thanks to all the opportunities that came to me during my first 2 years of travel in Australia and NZ. Today, I'm teaming up with @Delta to share my story and I hope it inspires you to share your own using the hashtag #travelchangedme. Can't wait to read them!!
An enchanting side of Aruba. Can't wait to be in the warmth again! Next stop: Utah. Got any recommendations for me? (πŸ“·: @maujl)
having fun road tripping / working in my home state of washington this week with @bryanharveyfilms ⚑️
Afghan girl in the village of Sarhad-e Broghil. Many of you were asking if I saw women in Afghanistan. Yes, but most were extremely camera shy, except for the kids. ••••••••••••••••••••• Camera: @sonyalpha A7Rii Lens: Sony 16-35mm F4 ••••••••••••••••••••• #afghanistan #portrait
ROMANIA • Because of my friendship with @monicasuma, I had heard enough about Bucharest to know I'd probably enjoy this visit to the city with @tcsworldtravel. I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did or to find, around nearly every corner, evidence of a Romanian affinity for all things French that rivals my own!! In fact as one of our guides on the ground said, and I'm paraphrasing, "We love France so much we just copied their flag and changed the white to yellow!" πŸ‡·πŸ‡΄ Can you see the French influence in this photo? It was taken at a former Belle Époque home that's now the most wonderful bookshop with a sublime outdoor café in a residential area of the city that is filled with similar mansions, all built during the same period. Patisseries abound and the mansions aren't the only evidence of a love for France. Even many of the street signs are a direct copy of those found in my beloved Paris. Then again, also like some of our other stops, Bucharest is a city of contrasts. Because not far away from where I took this there are Communist-era landmarks and buildings significant to the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu. I noted a few blocks with buildings un-restored which looked as if they were victim of a more recent armed conflict. Yet I felt 100% safe walking around at night and every Romanian I met could not have been more nice. Contrasts! Everywhere! The beauty and the decay work in tandem to evoke a sense of surrealism but ultimately the feeling of hope and optimism for the future of Romania presides over all! These few days have made me very excited to follow along as Monica and some of my other friends bring @experience_bucharest to life in the coming weeks. I hope you will follow along as I plan to! ❀️
ALBANIA • Yet again I was blown away by how much I liked another stop on this @tcsworldtravel tour assignment. Tirana is the capital of Albania and from my room at @theplazatirana, I could look out at a city which is rapidly changing. It includes a colorful mix of Ottoman, Fascist, Soviet-era and Italianate architecture but it will soon include towers and buildings by renown international architects and the cranes which dot the city skyline attest to that investment in the future and the hope that Albania's future is far brighter than its troubled past. On our first night in the city we met Mayor Erion Veliaj who has a bold vision for that future which includes the largest pedestrian car-free zone in Eastern Europe and a focus on encouraging the arts as well as growing the technology sector. I was downright emotional hearing him lay out his plans, influenced by his years of humanitarian service work in far flung locales. We toured former Communist palaces, we saw bunkers turned into art installations and centers of learning, we went to mosques and churches from multiple religions and we met a documentary filmmaker before listening to the most wonderful family of musicians play long into the night. We ate lunch at an organic farm and winery run by a father and son who are so passionate about the role good food plays in the future of their country. We saw a peace bell made from the melted down bullets spent during the tumultuous years which followed a deadly regime. It's hard to feel hope as an American right now but the places TCS has taken us in these last few weeks are reminding me that hope is only lost if we choose to lose it. Tirana, thank you for the latest reminder. πŸ‡¦πŸ‡± Albanian followers, can you chime in by commenting and tell me: what are your favorite things about your country? What should a visitor not miss? πŸ™πŸΌ I couldn't go everywhere and I'd love to make this post a sort of crowd funded travel guide to the country. Together, we can
Earthling πŸ‘½βœŒπŸΌ
One last show before going to bed. @toyotaiceland #topptjald
MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€“ @moviemountain
Just chillin in Chefchaouen, Morocco's laid-back blue city. Way less hectic than Marrakesh & Fez! So many fun narrow alleyways to explore with @anna.everywhere ••••••••••••••••••••• Camera: @sonyalpha A7Rii Lens: Sony 16-35mm F4 ••••••••••••••••••••• #chefchaouen #morocco
#sponsored ❀️ Paris was my first ever truly solo trip abroad. It was a trip that confirmed the Francophilia I'd been feeling since I was a little girl, which was encouraged by my mother and godmother who both speak French. During that first trip, I was convinced that I am destined for a lifelong obsession with all things French and hopefully one day a deeper relationship with the culture than just a few trips. It prompted me to form deep connections with other Francophiles like me around the globe which I've further indulged by making frequent trips to France and by being part of communities online that promote French culture all around the world. One such friend, whom I actually met in person at a cafe during those first blissful days in Paris, I worked with last year to help another friend of ours launch #thefrancophiles. We both fly SkyTeam member airlines with frequency and it's @Delta who I have Diamond Medallion Status with. I'm grateful to them for asking me to share with you how #travelchangedme
Happy birthday Buddha! This is by far the coolest temple I've ever been in, so intricate and curious. My heart has been in Thailand lately, so I put together my ideal itinerary for the land of smiles (link in bio)
I was a college sophomore on spring break when I first experienced the American Southwest. My friend and I had never been before and didn't really know what was out in the massive open-ness of the desert, so we picked the two national parks in the area (Canyonlands and Arches) and made a trip of it. Since then, I've discovered so much more about this wonderful place; climbing to the tops of sandstone towers, canyoneering into deep caverns, and rafting whitewater beneath huge canyon walls... And though I love this place more and more with every unique corner of it I discover, I can't help but appreciate that first time seeing the desert. That first time having my mind blown by a place I couldn't believe actually existed... That's an experience I wish I could have back. So if you haven't been, go. There is nothing like experiencing something for the first time. @keen #terradora #keenambassador  PC: @doinglinessince07
OMAN • Our halfway point in this journey with @tcsworldtravel. I've been so impressed with the quality of the hotels which are part of this trip but by far the best has been our stop in Oman at @sixsenseszighybay. It's now on my list of favorite resorts and please ask me questions because I will be overjoyed to tell you more about it!! From the kind staff to the delectable food to the superb villas to the fun of the activities and the unusual setting on a secluded bay of the Musandam Peninsula -- everything about our three night stop made it an experience that I was reluctant to have end. If you watched my Stories, you know the most fun for me was the motorized hang glider that I went up in early one morning as the fog was still sitting on the mountain behind the resort. I haven't had too much experience in this part of the globe so I wasn't sure what to expect but the expectations I did have were entirely exceeded. #tcsmoments
Progress in the prop shop and studio at @moviemountain
Back in Amsterdam! When your soul sister comes to town, it's most definitely a good reason to return to one of the coolest cities in Europe
Sunset skate sheshies again
Morocco's blue pearl, the picturesque mountain town of Chefchaouen. Tag someone you'd want to join you! πŸ’™ ••••••••••••••••••••• Camera: @sonyalpha A7Rii Lens: Sony 16-35mm F4 ••••••••••••••••••••• #chefchaouen #morocco
As you may already know, President Trump signed an executive order yesterday calling for a review of national monuments, saying that national monument designations "create barriers to achieving energy independence.. and otherwise curtail economic growth." Perhaps what's being ignored here is that the outdoor industry provides the US economy with $887 billion in consumer spending annually and also provides 7.6 million Americans with jobs. This poses a very real threat to lands that have been preserved for future generations as well as posing a threat to the livelihood of many. If you'd like to help to defend America's public lands, voice your concerns to Secretary Zinke at 202.208.6416.
KAZAKHSTAN • When my visa for Turkmenistan was denied, I came here from Kyrgyzstan to get some work done before the rest of my @tcsworldtravel group joins me tonight. They've had some amazing adventures I'm sure, if everything I've heard about Turkmenistan is true -- but I've had to "roll with the punches" that a life of travel can bring by making the best of things at the @ritzcarlton. It hasn't been bad at all actually! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œ The view of the city below me and the mountains off in the distance have been a nice distraction from the slew of things I've had to check off my To Do list in preparation for a talk I'll give in Oman, our next stop, and the presentation I'll do at the very end when we're back in Portugal. Actually I have not stopped working since I arrived!! All I've done is alternate between the desk and this cozy spot where I can more easily look out over the city. Which is so green!! I can't wait to get down into it and explore with the group tomorrow, stay tuned for my Stories and if you have any questions about this month-long assignment, please ask away in the comments ❀️
I'm super proud of how the #vanlife book is coming together and pumped to share some details about it! Preorders started yesterday. Its been a hoot to work on the project with amazing photographer's from around the world.  The book comes out in early October and has some great profiles of vehicles and stories from the road.  Preorder your copy in the link in my profile πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ» @bdlev
Genealogy trips can broaden the way you think about your identity, and enrich your family's history. I did one in Ireland recently and absolutely loved it!  My friends at @worldnomads have partnered up with @ancestry to give one lucky winner the adventure of a lifetime: a free trip to the country of your ancestors, along with tools to help you learn more about your family history!  Visit my blog to learn more, linked in my bio.  Where would you go if you win? Let me know below! ••••••••••••••••••••• βœ… LINK IN BIO βœ… ••••••••••••••••••••• #relativedistance #ad
Fog and @futureislands this morning
One of the many small villages we passed in Morocco's Atlas Mountains. 🌷 ••••••••••••••••••••• Camera: @sonyalpha A7Rii Lens: 16-35mm F4 ••••••••••••••••••••• #atlasmountains #morocco
KOOKS ON PATROL! Yesterday, the @moviemountain crew took a break from working in the studio and hiked a few miles up a nearby mountain in search of the last vestige of winter! #sketchy  #hikingbootsnowboarding #jeans
Progress at @moviemountain building the set and props for our stop-motion skateboarding project πŸ’€πŸŒ»πŸ“»πŸ“ΊπŸ€’
TGIF πŸ“·: @backcountry13
Exploring the Sahara's endless ocean of shifting sands. I love the desolate beauty of the desert... @desertluxurycamp ••••••••••••••••••••• #sahara #morocco
Party Wave πŸ‘‚πŸ»πŸš‚πŸ€™πŸ»πŸ„πŸ»
saluto a fidel
Watch more sunsets than Netflix.
This ancient blue city is a photographer’s dream! Spent hours wandering its narrow alleyways... ••••••••••••••••••••• Camera: @sonyalpha A7Rii Lens: 16-35mm F4 ••••••••••••••••••••• #chefchaouen #morocco
Winter still hanging on up there.  Shot on @getolympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II #capturingwhistler
a young man shows a friend a catfish he caught off the shore of segunda, a fishing village on lake tanganika, in late 2016. for an upcoming @natgeo story on climate change
highly recommend reading the post on @magnumphotos, an overview of photographer paul fusco’s great book rfk funeral train. how it relates to this picture: in early december 2016, when fidel castro died, the cubans organized a military convoy to carry his remains inside an urn across the country. hundreds of thousands of cubans came out to the highway to pay their respects, and though no photographers (besides government photographers in the convoy) were allowed access in the convoy, i thought of fusco’s work and a need to somehow photograph what was about to happen on the road, not to replicate but for history. i had already rented an suv, as my girlfriend and i were touring cuba when fidel passed, attained a press pass and planned to somehow get behind or in front of the convoy as much as possible, to photograph the cubans along the road from havana to santiago. i made press signs and posted them inside all corners of the suv, put the hazard lights on, hired a cuban truck driver and stood out the window of the back seat, over the hood. to the amazement of the driver and myself, we were able to access many sections of the route by just looking somewhat official. we never stopped driving for fear of being pulled over by the cuban police, military or secret service along the road. maybe due to the gravity of the event, that cubans had never experienced a national/international news story of this magnitude, were we allowed to enter the route each day. we would drive ahead or behind the convoy, the road to ourselves, through cities where seemingly every citizen was standing alongside the road. sometimes cubans seemed to think we were with the convoy and some realized we were just a press car passing. regardless, according to the cuban driver many may have thought i was ‘the most important photographer in the world' due to the access and in disbelief we thanked che, also a photographer. am now editing thousands of images into a book
kahambo kilonge denise narrowly escaped an ambush by the ADF, near the village of eringeti, north of beni in the democratic republic of the congo. denise was relocated to a village north of mavivi, where she stands here outside her hut. one of dozens of rebel groups in north kivu, the ADF was traditionally thought to be solely an islamic militia but is likely comprised of several different groups, including local populations
aged lava flows
lualua and workers head to walikale
Enjoying my "Matthew of Arabia" moment in the #sahara... giddy-up, camel!  Technically this is called a "dromedary" because it has one hump. πŸͺ Any other camel fans out there? ••••••••••••••••••••• Camera: @sonyalpha A7Rii Lens: 16-35mm F4 πŸ“·: @anna.everywhere ••••••••••••••••••••• #morocco #camel
mom saw this picture on my computer this morning, of the ingenious house joseph built a couple hundred kilometers outside kisangani, and said it reminded her of village kids she worked with in haiti and how they made their own toys out of tin cans, plastic bottles, "so innovative." guess thats why she wouldnt buy me a toy gun, as a kid i learned to make my own out of wood while neighbors had real plastic ones πŸ”«
Koutoubia Mosque in central Marrakesh. It's over 800 years old! πŸ€” ••••••••••••••••••••• Camera: @sonyalpha A7Rii Lens: 16-35mm F4 ••••••••••••••••••••• #morocco
baby chimp at kisangani zoo
sounds of wind and lava
Salaam from Morocco! Today we got lost in the medina of Marrakesh. It's a maze in there! ••••••••••••••••••••• Camera: @sonyalpha A7Rii Lens: 16-35mm F4 ••••••••••••••••••••• #morocco
shukuru takes shelter from the rain over nyiragongo while listening to a radio
The majestic mountains of Afghanistan's Wakhan Corridor. ••••••••••••••••••••• Camera: @sonyalpha A7Rii Lens: 16-35mm F4 ••••••••••••••••••••• #afghanistan #trekking