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I'm super proud of how the #vanlife book is coming together and pumped to share some details about it! Preorders started yesterday. Its been a hoot to work on the project with amazing photographer's from around the world.  The book comes out in early October and has some great profiles of vehicles and stories from the road.  Preorder your copy in the link in my profile 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 @bdlev
Today I turned 31. Ten years ago this would've seemed impossibly old to me but back then I had no idea what really laid ahead of me in the world and to be fair I still really don't. I wrote a letter back to my 21-year-old self who was on a sticky dance floor rocking out to top 40 music thinking that that was the pinnacle of cool. Among the life lessons I shared with my younger self was the power of honesty, the beauty of compassion, and the skill of patience, among so many other things that became clear over the last decade. Click the link in my bio for more of the life lessons I shared in the open letter to my younger self. You may be surprised by what you find in there! And if you want to give me a birthday present, tag a friend in the comments who you think might like seeing these pictures. Thank you all so much for another year traveling the world together! (📷: @whatspaigewearing)
Hello Iceland 🇮🇸! It took me 3 trips here and around a thousand clicks to finally get a decent photo of a puffin! The best part of it is that is was completely unexpected as I was just going on a sunset mission around Vík, when suddenly that little guy just sit there and begged me for a portrait. Definitely made my day! Shot in partnership with @wowair (direct flights from Brussels starting in June!)
Incredible starry night of Patagonia. This night the deep mist laid on mountains and valleys. Sometimes we stood in darkness of the night, and in rare minutes mist was blown away by slight breeze and we were able to photograph milky way. Danielkordan.com #patagonia #chile #torres #torresdelpaine
I stood wide eyed staring at exhibit after exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History yesterday. Near the end I came to a large wall with this quote, "Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children." .  It may be the most important thing I've read all year.
📷 @drdad1111
Genealogy trips can broaden the way you think about your identity, and enrich your family's history. I did one in Ireland recently and absolutely loved it!  My friends at @worldnomads have partnered up with @ancestry to give one lucky winner the adventure of a lifetime: a free trip to the country of your ancestors, along with tools to help you learn more about your family history!  Visit my blog to learn more, linked in my bio.  Where would you go if you win? Let me know below! ••••••••••••••••••••• ✅ LINK IN BIO ✅ ••••••••••••••••••••• #relativedistance #ad
The blue hour - Many artists treasure this period for its quality of light. Its name comes from the French origin - l'heure bleue and It only lasts about 40 minutes on a clear day. It's that short period between early twilight or late dusk where the sun is so far past the horizon that it's radiance takes on a blue hue. .  I didn't realize it actually had an incredibly scientific explanation until i looked it up on Wikipedia... mind blown
Fog and @futureislands this morning
Chillin with the homies. They look a little pink, must be getting too much sun! (📷: @whatspaigewearing)
Pehoe lake in Torres del Paine national park impress with it's color. It can change with the light. We had bright clouds behind working as reflectors lighting up foreground on this shot.  D810 Nikon + 14-24 nikkor + #lucroit gnd soft 4 stop filter + nd 6 stop filter. 30 s, f/18, iso 100. Danielkordan.com #patagonia #chile #nikon #d810
I originally heard about Kyrgyzstan from my friends @uncornered_market. Like many other countries, it was once a part of the Soviet Union. During this visit with @tcsworldtravel what I've found, not unlike in Lithuania, is a country burst forth from the confines of the past to embrace all the possibilities of the future. However in deference to the lessons that the past has to teach us, and different from how other former-SU countries operate, you'll find all the evidence of the past still on display. [At least] in Bishkek, where we concentrated our time during our two nights in country. Statues of Lenin are found close to statues honoring current leaders. Surrounded by tulip beds and crowned with sunshine there's a surrealistic air that begged questioning. In answer, our guide explained that this is because they believe erasing the past, however terrible it was, will not help them be the type of people who welcome & embrace all human beings. And, he proceeded to explain, this is how they want to be. Like a big house open to everyone. This seems a tall order given, as he went on to explain, there are 40 distinct tribes of people here and 80 different ethnic groups. If there's a secret to living in harmony no matter our differences, it seems like the people I've met along this journey so far have certainly discovered what it is. Perhaps it doesn't hurt that while in the city, the snow-capped mountains are always visible and seem to impart a sense of wonder. Maybe it is the patterns which cover clothing and buildings alike, all taken from elements of nature or relating to the relationship between man and nature. This country may not be perfect, no one country is, but it is a place that struck me as being free of malice and full of hope. A rare combination these days. #tcsmoments
every step through this canyon makes you want to see what the next bend has in store for you 👀✨ | if you don't believe me, you can ask @stevint 😎
Is doing the things we did as a kid childish? Or exactly what we should be doing?
One of the many small villages we passed in Morocco's Atlas Mountains. 🌷 ••••••••••••••••••••• Camera: @sonyalpha A7Rii Lens: 16-35mm F4 ••••••••••••••••••••• #atlasmountains #morocco
The most incredible moment of a day, when sun is born. Firzroy mountain was glowing with incredible ruby colors in the morning. Danielkordan.com #fitzroy #patagonia #argentina
The adventure just kept getting better at Arikok National Park in Aruba. From off roading in a Jeep to exploring caves and swimming in a natural swimming pool (two photos ago), this is what made me appreciate Aruba. It has a wild side! (📷: @whatspaigewearing)
Earth day was yesterday but I still feel like celebrating.
For those that brought this to life ... I Thank you. NYC World premier of Under an Arctic Sky is happening now. 🙏🏼 @benweiland @ellithor @heidarlogi @timmymissions @jquinny @ryanespi @sweatpantsmedia @hammered_sam @renan_ozturk @taylorfreesolo @andybell @hogstine @sweatpantsmedia and all of you. . For tickets to the tour check my bio link or www.underanarcticsky.com/tour
Torres del Paine national park in its pure wilderness.  Danielkordan.com #chile #torresdelpaine
take me to the mountains ⛰ #lexarmemory
It was rainy and cold for the first few hours of our only full day in Vilnius, Lithuania. However, I was determined to make the best of it and in the hours between when it stopped raining and the sun finally came out to stay for good, I found the upside I was looking for in the giant puddles that accumulated all over the Old Town's cobblestone streets. There were suddenly reflective surfaces everywhere and every time I saw one there was something beautiful waiting in the still water because the historic section of Vilnius that somehow managed to escape too much damage during Soviet rule is gorgeous. Lots of details make the buildings so charming and since they are protected with UNESCO status, they will stay that way forever. It felt a bit metaphorical in a way as well since the Baltic states went through some dark times in the past but Lithuania appears to have emerged into the light of a new era with hope and vigor. Everyone we met from the hotel staff at @kempinskivilnius to the guides to the locals who opened their studios and businesses -- were so kind, quick to make jokes and to smile. They were so proud of what their country has become and perhaps still has yet to become. Finding such optimism in a time where the news usually suggests such global darkness was the most beautiful gift we as visitors could have received I think. I'm so glad this country, and it's capital city, were on our itinerary with @tcsworldtravel 🇱🇹 #tcsmoments
Nervous, excited & I can literally feel my heart beating through my chest. Tomorrow we premier "Under an Arctic Sky" at @tribeca film festival then kick off our Tour. Through this process I've gained a respect for any filmmaker that has ever gone through this.. there is no greater or worse feeling than putting your work out there. .  We just released our first months worth of film Tour stops. We're  traveling the whole Western US including Canada. I would be honored to have you attend one of our film screenings + slideshows so I can share this film with you in person. .  More stops are being added everyday including Midwest, East Coast, Europe, Aus, Iceland + many more later in summer/ fall.  For Tickets check my bio link or www.UnderAnArcticSky.com/tour
KOOKS ON PATROL! Yesterday, the @moviemountain crew took a break from working in the studio and hiked a few miles up a nearby mountain in search of the last vestige of winter! #sketchy  #hikingbootsnowboarding #jeans
The gateway to Belgium's only national park (yes, we have a national park and no, I didn't know it neither until recently!) @visitflanders #visitflanders
Is this the stairway to Heaven? Felt like driving along the highway to hell to get here with all of the cacti, sharp coral, and arid landscape which made way for some of the most gorgeous coastal adventures! I didn't realize Aruba was like this and am pleasantly surprised (📷: @whatspaigewearing)
#earthday ... is everyday. Just a reminder.
When I stood in front of the cloud ocean in Patagonia, I just can't believe my eyes. The ocean moved like curtain with slight breeze opening distant mountains ready to receive first rays of light.  I've used d810 + 24-70 + #breakthroughfilters cpl filter.  Join my next year Patagonia at danielkordan.com #patagonia #chile #torres  #torresdelpaine #nikon #d810
First stop: Lisbon!! For the next month I'm the onboard photographer for @tcsworldtravel's "Kingdoms and Cultures of Eurasia" itinerary. We all met in Portugal from around the world at @fslisbon and I was so excited at first I could hardly contain my joy. It's a country I've wanted to visit forever so though we only had 2 nights there, it was long enough for me to confirm that the country is every bit as wonderful as I'd hoped it would be. We'll end our tour back in Porto but next up is Lithuania which I've already begun to share in my Stories if you're interested. This is a country with an immensely fascinating history and lots to talk about. But back to my photo: the little tuck tuck is a common site in the city and most of them are all white. This one caught my eye because it's essentially covered in the Azulejo tile that is found on the exterior walls of many of the buildings in the city of Lisboa. These tiles are not only beautiful, they're very functional. They reflect the light and keep the interiors cool. I happen to love them because they're so beautiful! #tcsmoments
exploring the streets of tokyo 🚶🏻‍♀️🌆 | the hustle and bustle never stops here in tokyo so comfortable walking shoes are a must. you can find these torpeda sandals at rei.com @rei @SORELfootwear #sponsored
The transition from a long winter to spring/ summer can be hard.  Here's an example of how to cope....beautifully demonstrated by @basillynch as he reintroduces his body to a little Vitamin D on a trip to the Golden Cathedral.
Just like a dream! @visitflanders #visitflanders
When you stumble upon a swimming pool that no architect, designer, nor construction team could ever top. Aruba, there's more to you than meets the eye (📷: @whatspaigewearing)
Progress at @moviemountain building the set and props for our stop-motion skateboarding project 💀🌻📻📺🤢
TGIF 📷: @backcountry13
This morning we walked on the path under the heavy rain. I felt quite cruel to take my group out of the bus in such conditions, but you never know what to expect from Patagonia weather. And truly in 10 minutes rain went away opening mountains with their incredible beauty!  Danielkordan.com #patagonia #chile
watching the alpenglow slowly light up this iconic peak was an experience i'll be thinking about for years to come 🗻🦄 @sonyalpha #alphacollective
Aerial wave study on an isolated stretch of NZ coast. My first time shooting aerial photography, sometime around 2009.. I got hooked fast.
Exploring the Sahara's endless ocean of shifting sands. I love the desolate beauty of the desert... @desertluxurycamp ••••••••••••••••••••• #sahara #morocco
It's hard to describe the Joy of returning. I grew up traveling here a lot as a kid. One of my first rolls of film ever was shot here with my Grandpa. My dad is buried maybe an hour away.. in a cemetery outside Las Cruces. It has always been a little bitter sweet coming out this way. But age has given me perspective & confidence that I can put a lot of beauty out in the world. Photography has even helped heal some wounds I didn't really know were there. For me it has been so much more than just a career.. it's a tool to communicate. Some days it seems like the only language I know... or at least the one I'm the best at speaking. .  I've been a bit obsessed with this photo series ..( as you can tell) but coming  back to see this place in its full glory with the platform to inspire others to see it for themselves is what it's all about for me.
That was epic sunrise. Waves were crashing over me with severe force. I could barely stand on me feet wet down to pants making this shot. Action landscape photography! Join next year Patagonia workshop at Danielkordan.com #patagonia #chile #torresdelpaine #nikon #d810
Sunset jacuzzis are always better shared with friends. And champagne. And strawberries. #barcelostories #barceloaruba
"Staring down the barrel" of a long month away from this guy which officially began yesterday. I'm so grateful for the few vacation days we had in California together before I had to go, which ended with this sunset shoot outside of Palm Springs. @dante.vincent is always up for a photo op and I was so happy when he went along with my idea for this one. He's the best adventure partner a lady could ask for. Tag your favorite person to explore with! I'd love to know them too! ❤️
I like protecting the environment. I like breathing good air, drinking clean water, and growing food in healthy soil. I'm more lucky than many Americans because I generally have access to all three. I know that government regulations can be annoying, but I also know that most of us are game to throw support behind living in healthy ecosystems - behind LIVING - so we're willing to abide by it.  The Environmental Protection Agency has asked Americans to comment on the agency's mission and future. Through a Federal Register notice last week, we (America) got notice that the EPA is soliciting public comments on their regulations up until May 15. EPA's stated goal is to "listen to those directly impacted by regulations, and to learn ways the agency can work together with its state and local partners to ensure that they can provide clean air, land, and water to Americans." More specifically, EPA is "seeking input on regulations that may be appropriate for repeal, replacement, or modification." Comments may be offered in writing, via email, or through EPA's online docket.  Recommendations: the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Clean Air Act (CAA), Clean Water Act (CWA), and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) have all created legal frameworks that have helped to protect human well-being, and such laws remain in force. Improving and strengthening the above would benefit Americans. As for those "directly impacted" by the decisions the EPA will make in the next few months, well, that's the entire human community. So consider taking a few minutes to send an email, write a letter, or head over to the EPA Regulatory Reform Website (link in bio - click the blue "Comment" button) to weigh in on the fate of a whole lot of us. Cheers. ✌🏼
first light on tokyo's oldest temple ☀️ @awesome.photographers
Slowly ticking off my bucket list. Been waiting on this one for awhile. I wish life could always be this fun... they key is to savor these moments & make em last. .  Thanks Shane for being an epic pilot and for trusting me on the wing of your precious Beaver @northwestseaplanes . 📷 @dougonlocation
Party Wave 👂🏻🚂🤙🏻🏄🏻
saluto a fidel
When I found out Doug Aitken had contributed to @_desertx, I had to go see his piece while in Palm Springs for Coachella. MIRAGE did not disappoint. Though I wish I'd been more diligent, arriving early, as the crowds who had the same desire to experience MIRAGE as I did, were a little overwhelming. It's been commonly called the mirror house for good reason. Aitken has created, at the juncture where the San Jacinto mountain range gives way to the Coachella Valley, a literal house made of mirrors. It both frames and distorts the scenery around it. There is no correct interpretation and no one fixed perspective. Without doors or windows, devoid of people who call it home and the possessions that would come with that, there's a fluid relationship between the "home" and it's surroundings. The mirrors become life-size kaleidoscopes, the outside is inside and though the structure exactly depicts a typical suburban Ranch Style house it is anything but typical. I've seen other art installations involving mirrored surfaces but I've never experienced anything exactly like MIRAGE. Visit before it goes away October 31 and I recommend going at sunrise or early in the day. For more 👉🏼 #desertxmirage
Watch more sunsets than Netflix.
seeing the cherry blossoms in japan should definitely be on everyone's bucket list 🌸✔️ | big thanks to our friends at @stregisosaka for showing us the best time during our stay in osaka! 🙏🏼
The rope was a little short... on purpose. Normally during a rappel you're hyper conscious of where the end of your rope is, but in Lodrino Canyon half the fun is lowering off the end & free falling into the icy water. The best part of this photo was having to go first, dropping the last 30ft with camera gear preciously packed in a dry bag. .  @blackdiamond
Southern Hemisphere skies. This photo ends the series I've shot for #leffe last month during the 3 days I was in Tasmania. The reason we went there with a group of journalists was to visit a farm that produces the hop found in the new #lefferoyale. Believe it or not, since then I've been enjoying drinking hoppy beers with that unique bitter taste they have!
Springtime in the Gorge.  Last year at this time it was in the 90s and we were swimming in the Columbia.  This year, it hasn't broke 70 and we are cooped up in the studio building stuff for @moviemountain
This ancient blue city is a photographer’s dream! Spent hours wandering its narrow alleyways... ••••••••••••••••••••• Camera: @sonyalpha A7Rii Lens: 16-35mm F4 ••••••••••••••••••••• #chefchaouen #morocco
As inspiring as Coachella was, it wasn't really the source of the zen or rest I was looking for. So I was grateful to see a different side of the Palm Springs area when @gnbinfluence got @dante.vincent and I in to the #topshopescape #topmanescape party. There were ample places to sit in the shade, vines overflowing with colorful blooms spilling over stone walls, carved wood surfaces that took me back to Morocco and Spain, a beautiful pool, a yummy salad bar, a cooler full of fresh pressed juices and a cocktail bar as well as treats from @sugarfina and even free massages! To say I didn't want to leave is an understatement. Frankly, after visiting and later perusing their feed, I'd like to return to @korakia for a proper vacation or maybe a yoga retreat. I think I could indeed breathe deep and find serenity in a setting like that!
No two dunes will ever be the same.
Winter still hanging on up there.  Shot on @getolympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II #capturingwhistler
a young man shows a friend a catfish he caught off the shore of segunda, a fishing village on lake tanganika, in late 2016. for an upcoming @natgeo story on climate change
Gimme that Caribbean sun and that BLUE water! So excited to begin my birthday week in Aruba! There will be lots of diving, boating and adventuring with @barceloaruba and some awesome video too. Stay tuned! (More info in the link in my bio) #barcelostories #barceloaruba (📷: @whatspaigewearing)
Post-hike beer with a view, the best. Shot for #lefferoyale a few weeks ago.
The thing about campfires is that you always remember the conversation, tend to be more agreeable & often leave as friends. Imagine if some the worlds issues & politics were discussed this way.  Just a thought.
bamboo forest cruisin' 🎋 | this was easily one of the most memorable spots we visited during our trip. as you walk through the forest, you can't help but feel the magic that surrounds you ✨@beautifuldestinations pc: @jonathanbasiago with my edit
I survived my first ever @Coachella! Did you know that it is officially the Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival? If not you do now! 😉 The grounds of the festival feature [from their site:] "a variety of large-scale art exhibits to provide immersive and tangible experiences between the bands' sets. This year's art includes a 360 degree sensory experience, massive and colorful stucco sculptures, and art examining the role of self-reflection. Chiaozza Gardens is a group of massive, colorful stucco sculptures built by Brooklyn-based artists @chiaozza with help from their friends." 🎨 The Gardens were my favorite art at the festival and no matter whether day or night, they were inspiring to behold, always changing in the varying light. If you know me well it's perhaps not a shocker that the art is what I focused on!! 😝 However the food was pretty dynamite as well (special props to those vendors in the VIP area and @cupcakevineyards for that) and it was monumental for me to finally hear Radiohead, Bon Iver, The XX plus Francis & the Lights live. I'd pay the price of admission all over again just for those 4 performances. Actually @dante.vincent paid the price of admission as a surprise, making him the best partner a lady could ask for. See his feed for photos 5x better than anything I captured all weekend. After all, I was on vacation and mostly had my camera off. But Danté was shooting constantly & what he captured blew me away! ✨✌🏼 #coachella2017
You know what's better than standing in front of waterfalls? Standing in them. .  From an early trip to Iceland years back with @thetorpedopeople . Check out his new film #fishpeople
I'm finally back home (just for a few days though). The last month has been one of the most intense of my life but I'm so grateful that my job allows me to visit so many different places and revisit some old favorites like this beach in Tasmania where I was a few weeks ago on assignment for #leffe. I mean, seriously, look at how many colors there are here! Can't wait to bring you along with me on my next adventure. Happy Easter to y'all guys :) #lefferoyale #royale
mt. fuji looming in the distance 🗻🛶 | standing over 12,000 feet tall, mt. fuji was even more massive than i had ever imagined. the views of japan's tallest mountain peak were awe-inspiring and certainly did not disappoint! thanks @fuji_premium_resort for hosting us during our stay 😊
highly recommend reading the post on @magnumphotos, an overview of photographer paul fusco’s great book rfk funeral train. how it relates to this picture: in early december 2016, when fidel castro died, the cubans organized a military convoy to carry his remains inside an urn across the country. hundreds of thousands of cubans came out to the highway to pay their respects, and though no photographers (besides government photographers in the convoy) were allowed access in the convoy, i thought of fusco’s work and a need to somehow photograph what was about to happen on the road, not to replicate but for history. i had already rented an suv, as my girlfriend and i were touring cuba when fidel passed, attained a press pass and planned to somehow get behind or in front of the convoy as much as possible, to photograph the cubans along the road from havana to santiago. i made press signs and posted them inside all corners of the suv, put the hazard lights on, hired a cuban truck driver and stood out the window of the back seat, over the hood. to the amazement of the driver and myself, we were able to access many sections of the route by just looking somewhat official. we never stopped driving for fear of being pulled over by the cuban police, military or secret service along the road. maybe due to the gravity of the event, that cubans had never experienced a national/international news story of this magnitude, were we allowed to enter the route each day. we would drive ahead or behind the convoy, the road to ourselves, through cities where seemingly every citizen was standing alongside the road. sometimes cubans seemed to think we were with the convoy and some realized we were just a press car passing. regardless, according to the cuban driver many may have thought i was ‘the most important photographer in the world' due to the access and in disbelief we thanked che, also a photographer. am now editing thousands of images into a book
kahambo kilonge denise narrowly escaped an ambush by the ADF, near the village of eringeti, north of beni in the democratic republic of the congo. denise was relocated to a village north of mavivi, where she stands here outside her hut. one of dozens of rebel groups in north kivu, the ADF was traditionally thought to be solely an islamic militia but is likely comprised of several different groups, including local populations
aged lava flows
14 days. 4 national parks and 1 national monument all around Colorado. This trip has been a blast and I would have never imagined how much diversity I was going to witness in one state only. It's now time to fly home but I already can't wait to come back to the US and spend more time exploring other places. The Wild West definitely had that effect on me. Check out my recent story to have a better look at our itinerary.  Massive shoutout to @mike_dewey who shared the road with us the last couple of weeks, as he's been an incredible third wheel haha 😁 Guys, you should give him a follow as he's now working on releasing the video of our road trip. Also big thanks to @matadornetwork, producer of that trip for making this happen! It was fun shooting for you guys! US, I'll be back, but for now let's start some epic adventures around Europe!  #conationalparkstour
I teamed up with @getolympus to test the OM-D E-M1 Mark II in stunning Whistler. As we were flying over the mountains in a helicopter, I was shooting with the 12-100mm, which worked so well for that situation, and thinking of one of my favorite photographers. The black and white landscape photos that Ansel Adams captured were an early influence in my desire to one day become a photographer and it's rare that I'm in the kind of jaw dropping nature that characterizes British Columbia, without thinking of his work. His work was also influential in making me feel protective of the planet and in prompting me to find ways as an adult to be an active participant in conservation. More on that in a later post but I wanted to say thank you to Olympus for bringing me to such a beautiful place to shoot, with such great equipment and an amazing crew, so for a few days I could remember those early influences. #capturingwhistler #sp
Unbelievable beauty of Torres del Paine national park. Pehoe lake seems to be shining with emerald color from inside.  Danielkordan.com #patagonia #chile #pehoe
Open spaces, quiet places, and allowing the mind to drift past the chaos to return to what's good and important. There are a few things that really matter in life, and a whole lot of things that don't. It's places like these that help to distinguish between the two.
Tomorrow we start our hikes to Fitzroy mountain base. It's autumn splendor around with foliage shining gold. Isn't it amazing to experience two autumns per year? One in northern hemisphere in October and the other in April in Southern.  Danielkordan.com #patagonia
Last national park of our Colorado tour. How crazy is it seriously to have North America's tallest sand dunes standing right at the bottom of snow-capped mountains?! And no these sand dunes haven't been photoshopped, they're really look like they're coming straight out of a painting! #conationalparkstour
walking on a dream ⛩ | as if a morning spent walking under the 10,000+ torii gates of the fushimi inari shrine wasn't memorable enough, having the chance to see the guji or head priest of this shinto shrine go through his morning ritual was an experience i'll never forget
Torres del Paine national park in Chile is a true gem of Patagonia. I have a short break for internet service today, having a pause before the hiking adventure in Patagonia. I took this panoramic photo just a few days ago on our photo tour together with @iuriebelegurschi  We had epic conditions past week.  Next year we are coming back to Patagonia, join us at danielkordan.com #patagonia #chile #torresdelpaine
Endless canyons of Mesa Verde. My road trip in Colorado ends tomorrow. Who's in Denver and wants to go for a drink before I fly home on Saturday morning? #conationalparkstour
lualua and workers head to walikale
#tbt to this time just a week and a few hours ago where I was in France with @bargeladycruises capturing my favorite season in my favorite country. I fell in love with a new style of travel and a new region in said favorite country but I've been on an innumerable amount of flights since then and multiple continents and I'm exhausted. I'm putting down the cameras for a few days in California with @dante.vincent but I'll post occasionally here and on Stories. But rest. For now what I need is a bit of rest. That's restoring the life to my soul. 🌸 What's making you come alive on this beautiful Thursday?
Beautiful Patagonia, Pehoe lake. I stay here until the end of April with my photo workshop groups.  Danielkordan.com #patagonia
sakura season is in full bloom here in japan! 🌸 @thegatehotel_k
Mesa Verde National Park. This was Day 10 of our road trip across Colorado, and we had been quite lucky with the wildlife so far. Moose, foxes, elk, coyotes, deer (even a wild turkey), but seeing wild horses just randomly crossing the parkway at sunset was something else! #conationalparkstour
What's up Whistler?! Just returned from an awesome couple of days with the @getolympus team testing out some of the new Olympus cameras. Particularly impressive was the new OM-D E-M1 Mark II, featuring amazing weather proofing and image stabilization (my favorite features). Thanks to @bejamin for taking a break from skiing to grab this snap of me on top of Whistler Mountain with the iconic Black Tusk. #capturingwhistler
The @moviemountain VHS LIBRARIUM/BANÓ is open for business! 🔥
Patagonia landscapes just leave us in awe. Can't stop looking at these awesome peaks and emerald lakes. We've moved to El Chalten today, starting my hiking tour under the feet of magnificent Fitz Roy mountain in peak of autumn colors.  Danielkordan.com #patagonia #chile #torresdelpaine
Hey sweet thing. 🦊 @jacksonhole
Putting together a simple drawer system/ bed platform for the back of my 83 Nissan 720.  The glides extended three feet are rated to 500 lbs and are great for staying organized on the road.  After living in a  VW van and a fancy poptop truck camper, I think a small 4x4 pickup with a canopy and bed system is the best bang for your buck road trip setup in terms of reliability, gas millage and off road capabilities. #homeiswhereyouparkit
Early in our visit to Whistler with @getolympus, who I've teamed up with to test the new OM-D E-M1 Mark II camera, we drove to Squamish to test the camera's Pro Capture setting while shooting birds. I didn't feel I was successful so I wanted another chance and a visit to the Trainwreck in the woods provided just that when @mikaikarl consented to jump from car to car for me as I fired away with the M.ZUIKO 12-100mm f/4.0 PRO lens. I typically don't use lenses which aren't f/2.8 or under so I was impressed by how well it performed when I needed it to, easily catching Mikai mid-jump between the cars. There's an alternate shot in Stories still visible if you want to see the great light we had!🎨 As for the wreck itself, which you can also see more of in Stories, it's the site of seven twisted train cars from an accident that occurred in 1956 in a rock cut not too far from the present resting site, caused by a crew speeding too fast through an area of tracks which were under repair. PGE Railway wasn't able to budge the fourth engine which had turned a rail or the subsequent wrecked boxcars, so a local family came in with their logging equipment, cleared the tracks and moved the wrecked boxcars to their present location right on the Cheakamus River, spread out over a kilometer under soaring evergreen trees. To visit, hike in from a trailhead close to the former Olympic Village. The city has deemed the site an Authorized Graffiti Area, encouraging artists to leave their mark on the metal surfaces as they naturally decay. It makes for a fascinating juxtaposition between the man-made & the natural.🌲 #capturingwhistler #sp
Enjoying my "Matthew of Arabia" moment in the #sahara... giddy-up, camel!  Technically this is called a "dromedary" because it has one hump. 🐪 Any other camel fans out there? ••••••••••••••••••••• Camera: @sonyalpha A7Rii Lens: 16-35mm F4 📷: @anna.everywhere ••••••••••••••••••••• #morocco #camel
Currently we are travelling inside Torres del Paine national park. We had some incredible conditions past days, so stay tuned for updates! Danielkordan.com #patagonia #torresdelpaine #chile
pick a color, any color 🎨 | thanks @thegatehotel_k for being an awesome home base for exploring tokyo!
It's been one hell of a season at @jacksonhole, one of the best I've ever had. If you didn't make it out this year, put this place on your list for next season! *Pictured: @doinglinessince07 dropping into Once is Enough couloir last week. 🏂 @fjallravenusa
Every time I see a canyon I'm still amazed by the carving power of water.  #conationalparkstour
As though it couldn't get any dreamier, a couple of swans came out and plunged me right into a fairytale
It's been a wicked few days in Whistler teaming up with @getolympus & a mega talented crew of photographers where we've had every kind of weather and a lot of different situations to experiment with. This image was taken during a @blackcomb_helicopters tour set up by Olympus where I used the new Micro 4/3 OM-D E-M1 II with 12-100mm lens to shoot skiers below us as we made our way to a landing at Beverly Lake, passing by Black Tusk on the way. It was the exact kind of situation a zoom lens is perfect for. Can you see the tiny dots that are people on the slopes and the lifts going up and down? We had a really fun time with our pilot Adam and a terrific group in the heli that included @rachelroams, @gregorywoodman and @scott_kranz. I wish every week of my work life could include experiences this incredible with people that are this talented. 😜 #capturingwhistler #sp
afternoon strolls in kyoto 🌸👘 | japan has always been at the top of my bucket list and it has more than surpassed my expectations. this trip has been about so much more than just photography. the unique mix between tradition and progressive culture has left me with a deep appreciation for this country. can't forget about all the delicious food and desserts too! stoked to share some new content with you guys 😊
I had my first doors off flight this morning and it was above the Black Canyon of the Gunnisson. I wonder where it got its name from... #conationalparkstour
mom saw this picture on my computer this morning, of the ingenious house joseph built a couple hundred kilometers outside kisangani, and said it reminded her of village kids she worked with in haiti and how they made their own toys out of tin cans, plastic bottles, "so innovative." guess thats why she wouldnt buy me a toy gun, as a kid i learned to make my own out of wood while neighbors had real plastic ones 🔫
You can find me amongst the flowers like Alice in Wonderland 💐
Didn't make it to the top, but I wasn't pissed about this sunrise. @jacksonhole
Koutoubia Mosque in central Marrakesh. It's over 800 years old! 🤔 ••••••••••••••••••••• Camera: @sonyalpha A7Rii Lens: 16-35mm F4 ••••••••••••••••••••• #morocco
Coming from 14,000+ ft snowy mountains to dry desert landscapes in just a couple hours of driving was a crazy experience. Gotta love the road trip vibes in Colorado! #conationalparkstour
baby chimp at kisangani zoo
Growing up I can remember my mother spending much of her free time in the garden. One thing that she always wished she could grow more of was bulb plants like tulips, but it's really tough in a place as warm as Southern California. But then we went to flower heaven in Holland and she was on cloud nine, and I was too 😊🌷(📷: mom @pysankylady)
From springlike-Burgundy I traveled all the way back to Canada where I'm #capturingwhistler with @getolympus during the @wssf. When I woke up it was softly snowing and the scene out my window during breakfast looked so romantic in a cold weather-way. I had the desire to curl up by a fire with a mug of hot chocolate and a good book. Instead we went to the Scandinave Spa where complete silence and a series of hot and cold treatments that are both indoors and outdoors allows you to connect on a deeper level with the beautiful nature that is all around you and the peace within yourself. You're not actually allowed any devices at all once in the baths so I snapped this photo as we were leaving from an overlook. Can you see the mountain ranges under the fog in the distance? British Columbia is such a stunning part of Canada and I'm so grateful to Olympus for bringing me back during #canada150 so I can keep sharing this spectacular country with you during their celebratory year!
sounds of wind and lava
I didn't spoil you too much this season by northern lights from my Lofoten islands workshops. This winter was quite tough with weather. Although we caught our luck by green tail a couple of nights. Danielkordan.com  #lofoten #norway #northernlights
That place is out of this world. I have nothing left to say.  #conationalparkstour
A fly by tour of @moviemountain and the tree houses
I see you, Amsterdam! What a gorgeous city (📷: mom @pysankylady)
I've always wanted to travel France by barge so getting a sneak peek into the world of luxury barge cruising this week while shooting marketing photos for @bargeladycruises was such a treat! The first thing you should know is that it's a small community. The people who work on the boats and who own the boats all spend time together when they're not working. They're essentially an extended family. As a guest, you come into that family and you're spending time in their home even though they live in a part of the barge you'll never see. You should also know that the interiors are deceivingly large. Many of the kitchens and bathrooms were twice the size of mine at home in NYC and the bed I slept on in Rendez-Vous was so comfortable that it rivaled five star hotels. The last thing to note is that food is very important to barge life in France. You're not eating to eat, you're eating to ENJOY it. As such it's not uncommon to find a Chef in a barge kitchen who could be at a Michelin-starred restaurant in a major city. I also enjoyed all of our tours and the people who led them. Speaking of people, if you find yourself on a barge vacation in France and happen to meet Rejane, Spencer, Candy, Earl, Nicolas, Magali, Edward or Cindy -- tell them I said hello. They're wonderful people who own splendid barges and I'm going to miss them all. 💙🇫🇷❤️
Salaam from Morocco! Today we got lost in the medina of Marrakesh. It's a maze in there! ••••••••••••••••••••• Camera: @sonyalpha A7Rii Lens: 16-35mm F4 ••••••••••••••••••••• #morocco
searching for gold 🏆
Winter isn't over yet in some parts of Colorado.  We went from -14°C/8°F to 13°C/55°F in 4 hours! Check out my story to see in what crazy landscape our current road trip brought us! #conationalparkstour
We come to this world to explore. To meet the most sacred places of our planet. When I'm asked what's my current favorite destination, I'm saying with no doubts - Greenland. I like to explore this magical place for photography. Thanks to my friends we have a beautiful tough yacht "Peter the great" and professional sailing crew. You still have chance to join our expeditions this year. That's what I've got today: 1 spot on Baffin island expedition, 3-18 July  2 spots on Disko bay midnight sun adventure with enormous icebergs, 29 July - 4 August; 1 spot in September "Big Walls" sailing expedition in South Greenland. Crazy granite sharp mountains and northern lights, 19-28 September. 3 spots in Svalbard polar bear expedition on Malmo ship at the best light situation this year, 1-11 September, with @iuriebelegurschi You may review my expedition itineraries and join at danielkordan.com Live like explorer! #greenland
Exploring the canals, chateaus, castles, wineries and picturesque towns of Burgundy for @bargeladycruises was such a treat these past few days and I can't wait for their new website to premiere with the photos I shot for them! This was a reminder too of how no matter where else I travel, France still retains the top spot on my favorite countries list. Did you catch any of my Stories? What did you think? It was hard to keep up with since I was working so hard but there certainly was no shortage of amazing content. #tbt 🇫🇷 Vive la France ❤️ Vive la liberté 💙
shukuru takes shelter from the rain over nyiragongo while listening to a radio
ending the day with a bang 💥 @beautifuldestinations
A @moviemountain Miniature Making Montage: for the last two weeks we've been hard at work building out an 80s backyard swimming pool scene for a stop motion project we are working on.  Here are some of the miniatures we've schemed up so far...
Summer is just around the corner. Can you feel it? Bid Denmark goodbye today! Was such a peaceful time on the coast with mom in our little @kobmand_hansen beach house but can't wait to see how beautiful Amsterdam is! #hygge
there's nothing quite like pastel skies to get you up in the morning 😴☕️
If you follow me on Stories, you know I'm already in France and sadly my trip to the Yukon did have to end [even though I didn't want it to]. Before I share my next assignment with you, I wanted to take a minute to talk about sponsorship. I feel like it's such a dirty word on social media these days, that a lot of people immediately question everything when they see the hashtag #sponsored or #sp -- is anything that person publishes real, can I trust anything they say in that post or any other anymore?! 🤔 I get it! I've had the same thoughts. It's why in the past I've even unfollowed people who I thought were one thing before they got a lot of followers and then ended up being something entirely different after. I'd even understand if you questioned me sometime. So I want to tell you that this post, like any other I ever do here on my feed, is all me. My words, my photo (in this case with the assist of the lovely @lesleyannemurphy to actually snap the shutter) and my opinions. In almost every case, I only accept sponsored jobs for products or brands I already support with my own money and for which I already have a positive experience with having invested my own time and money before being approached. In the case of this post, it's a little different because @vanguardworld first approached me to test their products when I was unfamiliar with them. I tested their products, liked them and I keep working with them now because I still like their bags and tripods. This is a new bag and they have some new travel tripods coming out soon, so I'm helping market their products because I believe in them. And rather than share some short, shiny, salesy caption I'm filling you in on it all so you understand where I'm coming from when I do promote anyone or anything. I could not do what I do without occasional partnerships and your support as a community. So, thank you! ❤️
I'll miss this seaside perfection. It's one of the coolest front yards I've ever had! That's my mom up there enjoying the sea view while I revisited being 6 years old playing in the grass. The peace, tranquility, and coziness I felt at our @kobmand_hansen house was magical. I guess there's only one word for it - #hygge
The majestic mountains of Afghanistan's Wakhan Corridor. ••••••••••••••••••••• Camera: @sonyalpha A7Rii Lens: 16-35mm F4 ••••••••••••••••••••• #afghanistan #trekking
Experiencing something that's truly Danish - Hygge (the closest I can come to a translation is coziness, but I invite anyone Danish out there to contribute a better one!) 📷: Mom @pysankylady
The light on the coast of Denmark keeps blowing my mind. It's always soft, everything always looks some shade of golden and cornflower blue. It just adds to this perfectly peaceful feeling. What a find living this coastal life with @kobmand_hansen
Hanging with the OG Cinder Cone crew a few nights ago.  It's wild to think that three years ago we were scheming up plans and ideas for the tree house build, time sure does fly.  Check out the link in my profile for the video we made on the build.
Night moves, driving at night through the curves and fog with the #toyota86, shot for my partner @toyotausa with available moonlight.
I had a blast exploring Costa Rica in this 4x4 truck with a rooftop tent! Read about my surfing adventure on the #nicoya Peninsula in my latest blog post... with video too. ••••••••••••••••••••• ✅ LINK IN BIO ✅ ••••••••••••••••••••• #costarica #puravida @nomad_america
The prop shop is in full effect at @moviemountain, building out a derelict 80s California backyard swimming pool scene with all of the bells and whistles.  Next step for these puppies are scale laces and eyelets 🔬🛠📸
The first tease of spring up here on da Cone
Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive, especially when you can find creative ways to save money. For many, credit cards can help you do that! For example: using points/miles for free flights, reducing foreign exchange fees, and taking advantage of free car rental insurance.  But it’s important to use credit responsibly, too. CreditWise® by @capitalone is a 100% free tool which allows you to track your credit health, learn about the factors that impact it, and find helpful ways to take action to improve and protect it.  Check out my new blog post to learn more!  What are some ways you like to save money for travel? ••••••••••••••••••••• ✅ LINK IN BIO ✅ ••••••••••••••••••••• #capitalone #ad
Jurassic Park. As seen by packraft. 🍃🚣🏼 PC: @moonmountainman
shukuru, resident of a pygmy village just below mount nyiragongo, for the @natgeo news story "why pygmies are dealing weed to survive"
There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. Or rather, taking shortcuts can cheapen an experience that would otherwise have the potential to be remarkable if earned. Imagine the difference between visiting the summit of a tall mountain via a gondola vs. visiting the summit after an entire day of grueling effort. Which one would be more appreciated/memorable? Or in the case of this photo, experiencing the worlds largest natural bridge after several days of arranging logistics in a foreign country, getting giardia along the way, and rafting a remote canyon for a few days with portages and whitewater to navigate. It is possible to visit this place in a single day, but I know it would never have been so magical and appreciated without the persistence and dedication it took to complete the entire journey. In the age of instant gratification, we are always looking for the quickest way to do anything, but it's taking those shortcuts that steal gratification in the end. PC: @moonmountainman
a young girl is surrounded by marijuana plants in a pygmy village overlooking mount nyiragongo, a volcano just outside goma. for a @natgeo news story published last week
Driving the rugged & beautiful coastline of Oman. 🚘 ••••••••••••••••••••• Camera: @sonyalpha A7RII Lens: Sony 16-35mm F4 ••••••••••••••••••••• #oman #roadtrip
cayo largo 🏝
Tonight, I’m celebrating #earthhour and the fight against climate change! Every year, hundreds of millions of people around the world switch off their lights for one designated hour as part of the Earth Hour movement, a symbolic gesture to inspire action on climate change.  What are you waiting for? Turn off those lights, take a stand for the planet, and join me in posting a photo or video that shows why protecting the planet is important to you. ••••••••••••••••••••• Dancing with the northern lights in Iceland. ✨ ••••••••••••••••••••• #iceland #aurora
When @moonmountainman invited me on a river trip down a canyon in Southern Mexico, I almost didn't go. In fact, the only reason I said yes was because I had a back injury preventing me from skiing, so I figured it would be an alright way to pass the time while I healed up. Now that the trip is over and I'm back in the States, I can only shake my head at my original thought process. The places that river took us were amongst the most beautiful and remote places I've ever been in my life. Travertine waterfalls, lush jungles, parrot-filled caves, awesome rapids - the list goes on... So yeah, lesson learned - No matter how much you think you've seen, don't underestimate the ability of the natural world to inspire! 🌎✌🏼 PC: @backcountry13
More camels from Oman. I can't help myself! They're too funny. 🐪 ••••••••••••••••••••• Camera: @sonyalpha A7Rii Lens: Sony 16-35mm F4 ••••••••••••••••••••• #oman #camels
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!🍺🍀 This is Cobh, Ireland. My #irish grandmother left from this port to immigrate to the USA. It was also the last port of call for the Titanic.  Where in the world would you like to travel next, and why? 🌎 ••••••••••••••••••••• #ireland #stpatricksday
Soon after this, I tripped & face-planted into the sand. Worth it! 😜 ••••••••••••••••••••• Camera: @gopro #hero5 ••••••••••••••••••••• #oman #sanddunes
Think outside. No box required.  @jacksonhole @fjallravenusa
Drawing S's on the moon. Er, I mean... on the slopes of @jacksonhole! If you're in need of some ski inspo, you should definitely go follow the @jacksonhole account, you won't be disappointed!  Photo by the talented @dyrlandproductions
Pretty sure that canyoneering is just one big adult game of "Don't touch the Lava." #onlysomewillgetit  PC: @ericrhanson