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Should I go to College to be a photographer? Can I make a living off photography? What is the best camera on a budget? What camera do you use?  Over the last few years I have gotten A Lot of questions.. so I compiled the most commonly asked ones and tried to answer them as Honestly as I could. I've always wanted to be a resource for photographers with questions or people staring out. All of this is available on my FAQ page on my websites. Check my bio link or go here: www.chrisburkard.com/About/FAQ
happy birthday dr. king #justice #thepeopleunitedwillneverbedefeated
🚶🏻vs the tallest waterfall in north america
I traveled to the Cayman Islands to eat my way through the #caymancookout and the restaurants of @seafireresort and I was not disappointed. I was blown away! Mark your calendars for next year and don't miss Barefoot BBQ or the Beach Bash if you like to eat good food as much as I do!! • But of all the incredible dishes we had and all the amazing plates of food, this almost simple platter of elote and chicken tacos at Seafire's Coccoloba Bar was one of the best things I tasted. 😳 Now I do LOVE Mexican flavors 😍🌮 so it's part personal preference that had me swooning over this so much. It's also just a really talented chef who can take just a couple of ingredients like corn, lime, chipotle and cilantro, and a cuisine that everyone knows like Mexican -- but give it a spin that just isn't being done elsewhere. If you're on Grand Cayman, even if you're not staying at Seafire, you must stop by Coccoloba! Order the margarita which comes in a skull glass to make it extra fun. And if you don't go for lunch, then make sure you grab a table right on Seven Mile Beach in time to see how this @kimpton property got its name as the sun sets over the water, setting the ocean on fire. #kimptonseafire
Our yacht "Peter the great" passing behind the huge tower in Antarctica. This one reminded me of Greenland towers we met last summer. You feel just like ant looking up into the sky to this tower. Danielkordan.com #antarctica
One of the popular questions is when to go to Antarctica? Except lots of fun we had in December celebrating Christmas and New Year in Antarctica, we've also seen awesome event: how little penguin chicks see the world for the first time.  Danielkordan.com #antarctica #chinstrap
10 min before the storm.
where i feel most at home ⛺️ @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure #ebcontributor
Big Deep Breath. We spend too much time convincing ourselves that it could have been better or it wasn't as good as it could have been. Those thoughts can really crush the experience in the present moment. Photographers are the worst at it.. constantly comparing one image to someone else's and how they missed the best light or how some uncontrollable factor made their experience not as good as those they have seen. This is where the camera can work against you.. forcing you to feel like your trip was unsuccessful if you don't come back with something "gram worthy." .  My first experience in the Canyon was similar. At some point you either let this stifle your creativity or you realize the camera is just a small part of the experience.
I can't imagine Antarctica without penguins. These cute guys really attract lots of attention. Millions of them fish, nest their fluffy chicks and gracefully march towards the sea :) Danielkordan.com #antarctica #chinstrap
I'm so glad to have been able to visit @kimpton's first Caribbean property @seafireresort & Spa this weekend because it sets a new bar for me in terms of the kind of properties I want to stay at and consequently recommend to you. It's an Instagrammer's Paradise! It's luxurious but completely lacking in pretension! And while that doesn't surprise me because it's a Kimpton property, I have to say it does surprise me because we're in the Cayman Islands. I didn't expect to feel so welcome from the very first second I stepped inside the resort. In my opinion, the design of this property is the biggest reason and the second is the staff. Upscale furnishings marry perfectly with worn wood and local art, comfortable corners and wide open spaces, no detail is not thought out including cleverly hidden technological elements that ensure the property is as modern as it is luxurious... Seafire Resort was "developed and designed by Dart Real Estate with interiors by the husband and wife team of Dayna Lee & Ted Berner of Los Angeles’ Powerstrip Studio, Mark Sopp of San Francisco’s SB Architects and Craig Stoner of Landscape Architect EDSA, in collaboration with Ave Bradley, Kimpton’s Global SVP Design & Creative Director." The name comes from the sunsets you see from the vantage point of Seven Mile Beach, the resort's home, which appear to set the sea on fire. I just love that, as I've loved every detail of this place from the design to the people to the food. #kimptonseafire
Awesome ice sculptures of Lemaire Channel in Antarctica. A truly frozen kingdom! Danielkordan.com  #antarctica #lemairechannel #lemaire Taking over @viewbug account today, check it out.
Hidden gems of Fiordland
let it snow ❄️
The effort that goes into creating something is never fully realized on a platform like this... but if it can get people to look at the world differently then it's always worth it. .  Dappled light in the Alaska range shot from a bush plane a few years back.
Good morning from my balcony in the Cayman Islands! I've been invited down to review the brand new @kimpton @seafireresort and attend #caymancookout2017 with them. The two month old property has an excellent F&B program that at last night's Barefoot BBQ with @ericripert and friends had one of my favorite plates: locally sourced grilled vegetables. It seemed simple enough but had deceivingly complex flavor profiles and just the right amount of heat! This morning's brioche breakfast sandwich with avocado and turkey bacon isn't disappointing either. I've been here less than 24 hours but I already know I want to come back for longer since there are SIX restaurants on the property and there's no way I'll have time for them all before I have to leave here tomorrow. See my stories for more of the food, fun and fantastic Caribbean water. I actually forgot how blue it is down here! #kimptonseafire
Antarctica mountains are awesome. I've never expected to see such beautiful mountains carved with glaciers. All ridges are like sugar loaf, hanging gardens of ice. This is Seven Sisters ridge as seen from Peltier channel. Antarctica expedition, December. Danielkordan.com Check my takeover for @viewbug today. #antarctica
help support my friend aaron huey and friends in their inauguration project! #retweet @argonautphoto Friends! My non-profit @AmplifierFoundation​ just launched a project on Kickstarter that I wanted to share with you. It was my way of turning my fear and sadness after Nov 8th into action. Link in my header. ------------------------------- Eight years ago my friend Shepard Fairey​ (@obeygiant) made an image that defined a period of HOPE in America. Today we are in very different times. In the wake of this year’s presidential campaign, very concerning things are becoming normalized: anti-Immigrant rhetoric, building walls, mass deportations, talk of Muslim registries. This moment calls for new images, images to disrupt the rising tide of hate speech and fear mongering. We the People need to come together under a new symbol of Hope— one that reminds us that OUR America is one of equal humanity, and does not demean or discriminate. We need you to help us take back this narrative.  In addition to Shepard we have 2 of the most talented activist artist working today: @ernestoyerena and @jessicasabogal. Together these 3 artists are helping shape the American story we SHOULD be telling.  The sale of these artist's prints on Kickstarter will fund the publication of their images and words as full page ads in the Washington Post on Inauguration Day, to be distributed to 600,000 people. Free speech in public spaces has rarely been as stifled as it will be for this inauguration. But no administration can tell you can't buy a newspaper and hold it up above your head! Beyond the ads in the Post @AmplifierFoundation will also be distributing all of these images at Metro stops, out the back of moving vans, and at drop spots in DC to be announced in the coming weeks on their site. We don’t have any one easy solution, but we do know this: We are Resilient, we must be Indivisible, we must be #greaterthanfear, we must #defenddignity, and we must #protecteachother. Art made
It's always better with friends.
california coastin' 🌊 | 🌮 for anyone that spots the 🚶🏻
Lemaire Channel in Antarctica, December. Danielkordan.com #antarctica
I love seeing data about travel and can geek out with the best of them when it comes to talking about trends so every year I look forward to the Travel Hacker Guide from @KAYAK which shares information about places grouped by those that are top trending, the most popular overall, beach, wallet-friendly and more. Because travel is my job and my passion, it helps if I stay up to date using tools like this and I think the Guide is a great place for anyone to start their travel planning! For instance, I enjoyed learning that I have been to three of the top 5 trending places which are Havana, Reykjavik and Bali, while the two places rounding out the list are destinations I personally want to visit in 2017; Tokyo and Auckland. In fact, Auckland is featured in the #kayaktravelhacker twice. It's also listed as a top trending beach destination! I took this photo during our trip to Havana and it is easy for me to understand why the city made the list. We just couldn't stop talking about it before we visited and haven't stopped thinking about it since we came home! For the next 24 hours, see the link in my profile for the full report from KAYAK. #ad
Met a local girl in Sun Valley and asked where the best trails were. She said, "Everywhere! With snow shoes on your feet, the world is your oyster," and she was right.
Mighty Mount Cook  @beautifuldestinations
Stoked.. it's really the only way to put it. The outpouring of support over our film trailer has been monumental. The end goal has always been to inspire people to seek out and embrace the the unknown. For those who haven't had the chance see it take a second to click my bio link or visit vimeo.com/198866740 To watch the full length trailer for Under An Arctic sky. .  Our release goal for the film is early spring. With a US & international tour. If you want to learn more or sponsor a tour stop check out www.UnderanArcticSky.com
views for days ⛰
Snow day sketcyness on a thrift store waterski with @memmonz
Confession: I'm a sucker for good details, an architecture nerd, a totally-addicted-to-design-magazines geek. So places like @ostcafenyc are my jam when I'm home in NYC and in 2017 I want to feature more places like this as I aim to be a travel resource for you not just for international travel but for my home city as well. I've totally slacked on this in the past but I'm turning over a new leaf as the saying goes! Loved this week because it involved visiting this classic and another @lafayette380 -- with two of my favorite ladies in the city, @carissa_burton and @runwaychef. They both have great feeds that you should be following if you aren't already. Oh and have you checked out that article I linked to in my profile yet? Some great travel inspiration with 10 places you should visit now 😉☕️ #dailycortado
December in Antarctica is the time of "midnight sun". Some nights were like this one: incredible light for several hours, never getting dark at all! Danielkordan.com sailing ⛵ expedition to Antarctica #antarctica
The yellow wooden fishing cabins of Sakrisoy Rorbuer in Norway's Lofoten Islands. Winter on the islands is a wonderful time for photography, due to the sun low on the horizon most of the day, snow-capped mountains, and epic sunsets/sunrises that last for hours.  Check out my article on the blog to learn more! (video too) ••••••••••••••••••••• ✅ LINK IN BIO ✅ ••••••••••••••••••••• #sonya7rii #norway🇳🇴
I found out this week that @egypttodaymagazine published their list of Must Visit Places for 2017 and included the state of Alaska partially because of my trip there this past Fall. They were inspired as so many of you were! I'm always so grateful when I can change people's minds about a destination and it's an honor to have helped do so for the magazine of a destination that I so loved learning about [Egypt] in 2015! Since we're barely into 2017 and I hope you haven't yet got a full calendar of travel already planned 😉 but are thinking about where you'll go, I'm reminding you of @travelalaska now and I'm also placing the article by Egypt Today magazine in my profile so you can click through and see all the other places they chose. Let's make this an awesome year of adventure & learning! #linkinprofile #gobigalaska
proud and honored to receive the 2017 artist book award from ICP! #repost @icp with @repostapp "Drum roll, please... we're thrilled to announce the winners for the 2017 ICP #infinityawards. #linkinbio for more! Lifetime Achievement: Harry Benson  Art: Sophie Calle  Artist’s Book: Michael Christopher Brown, Libyan Sugar (Twin Palms, 2016)  Critical Writing and Research: “Vision & Justice,” Aperture (no. 223, summer 2016). Michael Famighetti, Editor; Sarah Lewis, Guest Editor  Documentary and Photojournalism: Edmund Clark and Crofton Black, “Negative Publicity”  Emerging Photographer: Vasantha Yogananthan  Online Platform and New Media: For Freedoms"
I was glad to find some places in NZ that I had never seen in photos before. You just need a 4x4 and some good map reading skills and then you feel like NZ belongs to you only. @johanlolos
Country road, take me home 🎤
unforgettable evenings in the eastern sierras 🔥
I've waited a year to share this. With more blood sweat and tears than I could ever imagine I am excited to share my official trailer for my film Under an Arctic Sky. Thank you to all those who made this possible. Too many to list. Turn up the volume, Take a second and check it out.. I promise it will be worth it. Film releases spring 2017. .  Link in my bio Or vimeo.com/198866740
Lemaire Channel in Antarctica. Here we landed on a tiny rocky island covered with snow. Panorama made with 14-24 nikkor + d810 + #lucroit filter gnd 0.9 soft.  Danielkordan.com  #antarctica
Using my photographs to preserve Wild places is my favorite use of the medium. If you are in Salt Lake City come hang with me tomorrow @outdoorretailer trade-show for a silent auction of my prints at the @Prana booth at 4pm. The proceeds go to support Halendid.is - an initiative to preserve Icelands rivers and create a national park.
Views of Fiordland from the air.  After 6 amazing weeks in New Zealand it's time to say farewell again... until the next one!  I've just landed in Los Angeles, waiting for my flight to Europe. Funny enough, one wouldn't think it's quicker to fly from NZ to Europe via North America but it actually is for me. While @delphine_polson is currently flying out from Christchurch via Asia and her journey home is 36hrs, mine on @Airnz is 2 hours shorter :) #betterwaytofly
here's to the views that never get old 🤙🏼 | i'm looking for some new places to explore this year. what are some of your favorite places to visit? would love to hear them! @beautifuldestinations
Beautiful Lemaire Channel in Antarctica. That's one of my favorite places in Antarctica. And that's our turning point. We tried to reach Vernadsky station further to the south, but Lemaire was completely blocked by ice.  Danielkordan.com sailing ⛵ photography expedition to Antarctica. #antarctica #lemaire #lemairechannel
Just a small speck of a human. It's the sheer scale of the Mountains that always humbles me. I'm constantly surprised when people can find comfort and even solitude in these landscapes. I'm trying to learn how... but it's a long process. .  @austinross88
Welcome to the neighborhood, can't think of many cul-de-sacs with a view like this!
Brunch is such a New York thing but I really don't do it nearly enough. Maybe this should change for 2017! This weekend, in celebration of an old friend moving to the city and always in search of new places for @thefrancophiles, we checked out @frenchlouienyc and it was delicious. Duck fat potatoes, a take on the Breton Galette and instead of champagne which would have been oh-so-French, I opted for a Bloody Mary but it was so perfectly made with just the right amount of horseradish. Comfort food in a cozy bistro with great friends in Boerum Hill was pretty much the perfect Sunday. The only thing better than the food was enjoying the company of @dante.vincent, @rjkingsays / @finedininglovers, @tripwhisperer & @vanessa_lotz. #frenchlouie
Barn goals: this converted barn-to-cabin just outside of the Tetons was my favorite Airbnb I've ever stayed in. Just check out that sunset view! Who knew? Idaho is freaking beautiful
There are honestly not many things I like more than waking up on the top of a mountain and watching the sun rise.
i live for these views. the ones that make you forget how many miles you trekked to get there🚶🏻🗻
To those traveling... be safe out there.
Just in a few minutes Antarctica weather can change from shiny sun to snow blizzard! Strong, dramatic weather is more suitable impression for Antarctica. How do you imagine Antarctica yourself? Taken on ⛵ sailing expedition with Danielkordan.com #antarctica
Probably my favorite beach in #cuba, Playa Jibacoa was practically empty. Warm water, white sand -- what else do you need? ••••••••••••••••••••• 🌴🌞 #cuba🇨🇺 #beachdays
Heading to SLC for the @outdoorretailer show tomorrow for a few meetings and hopefully a little skiing squeezed in. Anyone going to be there? Give me a shout if you are!  PC: @forestwoodward
Lesson learned... never try & race the Heli down the mountain.
Let there be [green] light! This week we fired up the lights and started testing green screens and the model mover.  Next week, we're putting the camera on the motion control machine and shooting test sequences.  This might sound like gibberish but by shooting models with a green screen behind it, you can separate them from the background and then superimpose the isolated model onto a video. #moviemountain
Last week was my fifth time in Milford Sound and I'm already looking forward to the next one.  @acerentalcars
picture perfect mornings in the valley 🗻
For as much as I have traveled my encounters with animals have actually been very limited. It's never been something I seek out. Somewhere on the road to Jasper we were pulled over making lunch in an RV. Without making a sound this Wolf walked out from the trees and crossed the road maybe 15 ft from us. Eye contact the entire time. It's always a little scary to think that before an animal shows itself to you it has already been watching you for awhile.
Thanks for all the love on my winter photo from @centralparknyc yesterday! Still a few hours to see more in my Story! It's such a habit for me to head right to the park when I see snow falling in the City. Like a moth drawn to the flame, or a magnet, my feet just take me there. And inevitably I always end up at Bethesda Terrace. It doesn't seem to matter how long I live here, I can't get a photo of the Terrace that I LOVE. So I just keep trying. 😜 Returning over and over to see it in different seasons, in different light. I'm a bit obsessed with the tile ceiling created by Jacob Wrey Mould and made by Minton Tile Company in England, the only Minton tiles in the world used in a ceiling. They were installed in 1869. I also love the trompe l'oeil paintings that line the walls of the arcade since they remind me of my mother who is a painter. Somehow on a snowy day the tile ceiling seems to glow with an inner light and the faces on the wall seem imbued with the blush of life. I think it's even better than in the middle of the summer when the glare from the sun can make it almost painful to walk from inside the arcade to outside on the terrace, the change in light nearly blinding. I've read that Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux thought the terrace should be known as the "heart of the park" and I've also heard it said that if you sit here for a day you'll see the entire world walk by... #centralparkmoments
Antarctica mountains are awesome. Glacier carved landscape with tall beautiful mountains. It's note that easy to land here. Big walls of glaciers stretch for long miles. Even small islands or stones at the sea are covered with huge piles of soft snow where you can fall up to your shoulders and dig yourself out :) Here's the Seven Sisters ridge in Peltier channel. Antarctica expedition with Danielkordan.com #antarctica
With temperatures in the range of -10F to -20F these last couple of days, my mind can't help but wander to this day at my favorite Belizean waterfall, where the temperature was literally 100F warmer than it is where I am today. Whew! @TravelBelize #visitbelize  Thanks for the snap mom!
Yesterday I was so cold in our apartment since the heat is controlled by the landlord and doesn't come on during the day when I'm working from home (welcome to reallllll life in the City), and all I could think of was how many days are left till I head to the Cayman Islands. BUT when I woke up this morning and snow was softly falling, blanketing NYC in pillowy lumps of pure white and muffling the sounds of honking cars and emergency sirens; well I wasn't so upset about being here in winter. On days like this, it's easy to remember those first blushes of love that I experienced all the years and years ago when I first visited and couldn't think about anything else but moving here. So of course @dante.vincent & I bundled up and went out for a winter photo adventure. And when we got home, a dram of Scotch was the perfect way to warm back up. 🥃 See his Story and mine for snapshots from @centralparknyc and Tudor City. And let me know what you think about New York in the snow.... 🌨❄️
What a mistake it was to avoid winter for 29 years of my life. Making up for lost time now in the best way ❄️☃️💜
Me in my happy place. Been grateful for a few months at home. Heading to SLC next week to @outdoorretailer for meetings.. a bit of skiing and catching up with friends. If you are gonna be there look me up @prana booth.
Looking towards Mt Aspiring National Park beautiful peaks as the sun was setting.
when the temperature drops and the conditions are just right, yosemite transforms into a winter wonderland ❄️
Sometimes Antarctica reminded me our cruises in Greenland. Same crazy icebergs and beautiful fjords. Although we didn't reach the biggest ones due to the ice floe edge. Antarctica impressed me first of all with wonderful mountains carved in glaciers. Weather conditions even within a day changed sometimes from +20 C at sun to snow blizzard! We dressed our ⛵ "Peter the great" yacht with red dress in occasion of New Year :) In February 2018 I'm going to Antarctica expedition again with Bark Europa. Join me a at Danielkordan.com #antarctica
Assiniboine mountain is remote and very spectacular place in Canadian Rockies. This is a 2-row vertorama made on 14-24 Nikkor + D810. DanielKordan.com  #canada #rockies #assiniboine
Fun day skiing @jacksonhole with friends @forrestjillson, @casey_jillson, and @kyehalpin yesterday. First time on Cody this year! @fjallravenusa @gopro
The role of social media in our National Parks has always been a touchy subject. Some feel strongly that selfie sticks and mass crowds of people who simply go to these place to get "a photo worth sharing” are ruining the beauty and solitude of these pristine public lands. Others feel that if we ever hope to create a culture where people are willing to vote for the environment and to protect these place than the first step is to simply get everyone into nature – by whatever means possible. Even if they simply drive through the park and never leave the safety of their car, at least they got there and experienced some of the beauty. The hope is that that experience will inspire a deeper and more meaningful connection in the future. .  I have always struggled seeing both sides of the issue. To me the the biggest dilemma has always been that we want to protect and preserve these locations but also don't want to deal with crowds and people. The reality is that the crowds and people who visit are usually our best protection of public lands. The more people that can experience the beauty of these wild places the better in my opinion... the National Parks have a way of converting you into a conservationist. My friends at @yellowstonenps have come up with am amazing way to help educate people planning to visit the park with the #yellowstonepledge. A set of guidelines for how we can be better stewards of the places we love and hope to protect. Link in my bio.
Real life is what you see in my Story today: my cold desk in a cramped corner at home, which I've been chained to for weeks. But a week from today my situation will looks a bit more like this. I'm starting my January travel by heading to the Cayman Islands, then I'll go offline around the time of the inauguration to de-stress by exploring a snowy Yellowstone before ending the month in Hawaii where this was taken our last time in the islands, by @dante.vincent. Frankly I can't believe it's already the first weekend in 2017 and we're a week into the new year!! Time. Is. Flying. Many of you have been asking lately how I do it and what I do. Well: I work my tail off when I'm home on unfun things like paperwork and negotiation, editing photos and writing and when I travel, I have to do a dozen things at once all while trying to actually enjoy where I am so that I can then tell you about it. But as we start an uncertain year I'm more grateful than ever that I get to do a job I love so much. ☀️🌴🍹 What else can I tell you? What questions do you have??
Glacial stream
Exactly this train was filmed in Harry Porter! This is Hogwarts express. This place is located in Scotland, the bridge is called Glenfinnan viaduct. DanielKordan.com  #scotland #glenfinnan
can someone please tell me how this is real, thanks! 🤔💎
Today we returned from Antarctica to Ushuaia. What an epic expedition! We started sailing by yacht ⛵ in May from Saint Petersburg, visited Svalbard, East and South Greenland, and celebrated New Year and Christmas in Antarctica!  Can't believe we've made it!  Danielkordan.com #antarctica2016 #antarctica
Cruising through #havana in a classic pink 1950 Oldsmobile… so much fun. You can’t visit Cuba and not do this! It costs about $30 -$40 CUC for an hour. The cars all hang out in Old Havana, with many models and colors to choose from. ••••••••••••••••••••• #cuba🇨🇺 🚗🌴
The 3 Brothers. Often overlooked due to the steep walls of El Capitan & majestic solitude of Half Dome. This almost hidden rock formation is one of my favorites. You have to know exactly where to go to see them all line up. I stood on the river alone this night. 1 am. It was really peaceful. .  For those considering visiting Yosemite this weekend there is a flood warning that could limit access. Potentially the largest flood since 1997 has the potential to occur with mass amount of snowmelt turning to rushing water Very quickly. Probably an awesome sight to behold.. but also extremely scary considering I would be well under water where this shot was taken.  #yosemiteambassador @yosemitenps
Sorry for the lack of post recently, I was exploring the deeply remote parts of the Southern Alps. Here's for you some cabin goals!  @beautifuldestinations
The Nine sisters are a chain of Volcanic Mountains that end in the Ocean at Morro Rock. I used to hike these as a kid... but never appreciated their beauty until I flew past in a Cessna.
standing tall amongst giants 🚶🏻
I'm a few weeks from wrapping up a #vanlife book with @BDLEV.  Want to be a part of the book? I am looking for submissions old and new of vans and other campers. Have a shot of your set up of one you've seen on the road? Shoot me a dm with your photo or photos!
Feeling a bit like this #sloth today. Did you know they can sleep up to 20 hours a day? Found this guy hanging out in #puertoviejo. They can be very difficult to spot in the wild! In fact this is the first wild sloth I've seen after 3 trips to Costa Rica. ••••••••••••••••••••• 😍
one of the best hikers and part time models i know 🐐
You are cordially invited to an epic snowball fight. Address: Sun Valley, Idaho. Do you dare accept? ❄️
dreaming of warmer days on the na pali coast 🌊
Who's down for a polar bear swim? 😂☃️
Also currently in my IG Story: a B&W tour of the view from the @empirestatebldg's 86th and 102nd floors. @dante.vincent surprised me with VIP Express tickets to the landmark on New Year's Day and I highly recommend visiting this way if you ever decide to go. It is worth the price of admission and then some just to be able to skip the lines. They are long! On New Year's Day they stretched around the block. In this photo you can see the shadow of the ESB, a little bit of Central Park, as well as the third tallest building in the USA: 432 Park Avenue by @rva_ny Architects. I'm fascinated by architecture both old and new and I'd like to share more of this love on my feed in the future. I've done so a little in the past but how would you feel if I did it more? Is architecture something that interests you? Also, what would you like to see me share from NYC? More food, hotels, things to do? I always struggle with what to share when I'm home and not traveling so in 2017 I want to do a better job of sharing my home city since it's such a popular place for people to visit. I hope your 2017 is off to a great start!! #newyorkornowhere
That moment when you feel like you just reached the top of the world. @johanlolos
Turns out Idaho is pretty magical ❄️⛄️🌞
Starting the new year with something a little different by taking you on a tour of the brand new Second Avenue Subway here in NYC. Just officially opened on New Year's Eve, the brand new stations on the Upper East side Q train represent a new era for transportation and public art in the city that locals and visitors alike can appreciate. The well-lit stations are built much farther underground, yet they manage to feel very open and all feature permanent public installations by artists Sarah Sze, Chuck Close, Vik Muniz and Jean Shin. Some of the art depicts residents of the city, like a Jazz musician renown for his customized saxophone. All of it can be interactive because none of it is behind glass or a barrier, as in a museum. Nearly a century in the making this extension was first discussed in the 1920s, then deemed essential when the elevated trains were taken down in the 1940s and 50s but it was 2007 before construction began! Click through to see my IG Story and @dante.vincent's for much more including some Boomerangs and timelapse video. 🚇🚦🗽#secondavenuesubway
taking in one of the many vast landscapes new zealand has to offer. it's definitely one view i'll never forget 🏔 @beautifuldestinations
Spelunking, or exploring caves, is one of my favorite adventure travel activities. There's a huge underground network of limestone caves in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. The ancient Maya used them for rituals & sacrifice. But now you can explore some of them, like this amazing cave at @riosecreto.  Check out my new article about it on the blog! ••••••••••••••••••••• 👍🏼 LINK IN BIO 👍🏼 ••••••••••••••••••••• @allmexico365 #riosecreto #rivieramaya
New Years Eve PT 3
Firing up the wood burning stove during the snowstorm last night
New Years Eve Pyromania
For a while I had a tradition of ending every year and starting the new one in Scotland and the last time I did it, @dante.vincent was able to come with me. During those trips, I fell in love with the country and it's now one of my two favorites, along with France. I don't make a lot of resolutions but I'm making a big one this year: I'm going to return to Scotland. I miss it so much it's a physical ache. It's time to go back. I'm also going to be better about what I say no to, taking trips that matter to me and that I hope will matter to you, saying yes to work that means something rather than work that just pays the bills. I want 2017 to be the year of authenticity and change not for the sake of change, but change that helps bring about a better world. • Are you making any resolutions? If you are, what are some of the things you're pledging for 2017? • Let's bring about #thetravelrevolution
Here's to 2017. More time spent on the road. More candid moments. Trying new things and definitely getting out of my comfort zone. Thanks everyone for being part of this never ending journey. There's a few great projects coming up this new year, I hope you'll enjoy following them along. HNY 🥂 @johanlolos | @acerentalcars
cane worker in matanzas
My favorite camping spot from 2016! Playa Barrigona, Costa Rica. Hanging in my hammock, falling asleep to crashing waves on this beautiful tropical beach... ••••••••••••••••••••• @gopro #hero5 @hennessyhammock #puravida
Ending the year where I began it, home in NYC with @dante.vincent. Some people have already put their trees on the street, they're bringing the party dresses out of their closets and putting champagne on ice... But we plan to celebrate a little more quietly. After a year of extreme highs & lows I don't want to be anywhere near the ball drop. I just want to ease into an uncertain 2017 with excitement for the jobs I do know about, starting with Yosemite, then a return to Hawaii. I hope wherever you are and however you're spending today, that you find both happiness & love. #goodbye2016
I'll never get tired of looking at you. 😍 @jacksonhole
#vanlife  @acerentalcars | @beautifuldestinations
Warpspeed last night
The last rays of the day giving light to guide us home for the night. Evenings like this in the mountains allow the mind to drift far away, yet be more focused on the present moment than you've ever felt. @TheNorthFace #thermoball #sp
These days, most of my time is spent backcountry skiing (the pow in Jackson has been so good you guys). But I'm not quite done sharing some of the photos from a few earlier adventures. This particular photo was taken on the eve of the recent super moon from a beach in southern Belize. Such a magical place to witness it! @TravelBelize #visitbelize
Christmas sunset face to face with Mount Cook.
a woman watches the last of fidel's convoy pass by earlier this month, just outside camaguey
My #crocodile mission in Costa Rica was a success! Meet "Tornado", a 50 year old 16 foot monster who lives in the Tarcoles River… •••••••••••• 🐊😳
It's easy to think about gifts at Christmas and when I do I think of intangible things that are difficult to capture in a photograph. Like the gift you give me by following me and reading my long captions, the gift of love from my family & friends and the gift of trust that my clients place in me when they hire me to create content, take photos for them or represent them to you. Some of my clients sent me these fun gifts this season and I wanted to take a moment to thank them publicly. 🎁 What was the best gift you received this Christmas? Whether tangible or intangible, I'd love to know! 🎁 Speaking of gifts, I'm working on a BIG giveaway for the first quarter of 2017 so get ready, I can't wait to give back to all of you ✨💫
thousands stood and waited, some for hours, then cheered in total darkness as the convoy carrying fidel's ashes passed through the countryside. the only light were headlights and it rained hard at times, but none left. many were apparently forced to come pay their respects though as we drove east the support for fidel increased, the real fidelistas i'd only heard about in havana
nurses in the town of la vallita out on the road to pay their respects to fidel
It's been a white Christmas here in Wyoming filled with lots of skiing, eating, drinking, and being merry with friends and family. Thanks to all of you folks who made it special! 🎄✌🏼 PC:@forestwoodward
How was your Christmas guys? Ours was pretty relaxing and full of summer vibes - @delphine_polson  @acerentalcars
driving past so many cubans standing by the road throughout the countryside, not all were cheering or saluting....many just stood in silence watching fidel's convoy pass by, seemingly not knowing what to do but to be present
driving past so many cubans standing by the road throughout the countryside, not all were cheering or saluting....many just stood in silence watching fidel's convoy pass by, seemingly not knowing what to do but to be present
Snowshoeing through the wintery forests of New Hampshire’s White Mountains in my new @bushmanshop Wolf Jacket. Attempting to track and capture wild deer and turkeys with my camera! Love the durability, warmth, and rugged looks of this jacket. •••••••••••••• It includes a detachable fleece vest & hidden hood too. Perfect for outdoor photography in extreme conditions like this… Check them out at BushmanShop.com #ad
Happy to be home in #newhampshire with family for the holidays. There's nothing like a roaring winter bonfire to get things started! •• Where are you spending #christmas this year?
thousands stood and waited, some for hours, then cheered in total darkness as the convoy carrying fidel's ashes passed through the countryside. the only light were headlights and it rained hard at times, but none left. many were apparently forced to come pay their respects though as we drove east the support for fidel increased, the real fidelistas i'd only heard about in havana
❄️"what good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?" – John Steinbeck ❄️ #explorealberta
I've been sitting on this photo for a while, struggling with the edit. And though I may still look at it and think it could be better, I think it's important to remember that 'done' is sometimes more realistic than 'perfect' and to just say, "Hey, here's a photo I took, hope ya like it." So yeah, here's a photo I took. Hope ya like it. :)
Happy winter solstice! Today is the shortest day and longest night of the year, but the solstice is really meant to be a time for reflection, spending time with loved ones, and observing the changes in nature. Going from California to Alberta in Canada where it was -30°C, and then back to a warm California felt like experiencing several seasons in just a week! Truth be told, I absolutely love the cold and snow. Where does the first day of winter find you in the world this year? #explorealberta
What a wintery dream come true (📷: @infarawayland) #mybanff
Two pineapples are always better than one! Being down here in Costa Rica as the holidays approach inspired me to light up a couple of pineapples on the beach. Keep an eye out for the brand new Honor smartphone this January! ••••••••••••• For a chance to win the latest smartphone, post your own #doubleornothing photo and tag me @expertvagabond and @HonorGlobal and I'll announce a winner on January 3rd... #ad
A year ago we started scheming about building a space where we could come up with concepts, build models and shoot special effects sequences using practical effects.  I sold my camper, sold a house i bought a few years back and took out a loan and we started building.  Yesterday, we hung green screens and set up the design space with concept art and mood boards for one of the first projects we are working on 💪🏻💪🏻 #hippiesatwork #moviemountain
The mighty Volcan Poás is one of Costa Rica's 6 active volcanoes. Often covered in clouds, we got lucky with weather! The view at the top is fantastic. •• #volcano #puravida
Between the skiing, snow-shoeing, and ice climbing, I'm convinced that you pretty much can't be bored in Alberta. Thanks for showing me this new sport @yamnuskamtnadv #explorealberta
It's alive! After crashing my @djiglobal Mavic in a river, I managed to bring it back to life. 😎 •• Watch how I did it on YouTube: Link In Bio •• #mavicpro #drone
It's Wonderland in #explorealberta
Waning moon, purple sky, crack in the river ice, oh my! 😱#explorealberta
Snow daze
"you can't get too much winter in the winter" - Robert Frost #explorealberta
I think we'll stay here tonight. 😃 •• @nomad_america #costarica
Nature is the most creative artist! A super colorful, but not poisonous, Red Eye Tree Frog. •• La Ceiba Nature Reserve
Hi five, Mom! So proud of my little mom for being such a trooper on our backpacking trip a while back; she's always down to rally for an adventure! @TheNorthFace #thermoball #sp
Driving off the beaten path in #costarica this week... so much fun! •• @nomad_america #offroad
Readjusting to the real world after two weeks off the grid with these folks is hard. Ignoring it by spending a day watching silly GoPro clips is easy. Here's some behind the scenes from life on the river!  Music: Uncle Kracker - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
My hommiez @the_tiny_mess just launched a @kickstarter for a cook book focusing on cooking in tiny kitchens.  They traveled around the west meeting up with people that lived in cabins, boats, vans, tree houses and busses(@minoperez) and put together a kick ass photo book that showcases the some killer places and great food.  Preorder a copy in the link in their profile @the_tiny_mess
Two weeks later, we emerge from the Canyon; the place that reminded us of the value of simple living and turned strangers into team-mates, friends, and lovers. I'm beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to disconnect from the distractions of daily life to re-focus on and re-connect with the present and those I share it with. Thank you all for making this journey so memorable, I hope so hard that there's a next time. @dav1d.hanks @mountainpooper @peakproject @cephalopodia @wanaka11 @pabel8376 @myhairywookie @sara.kinney @alexrsaunders @hannamhagenh @im.colorado.dreaming @markjjohnson907
Here's a shot of the outside of the studio.  In addition to the soundstage, there's a model and fabrication shop with an edit and design space above it.  The idea is to be able to conceptualize, build models and sets and shoot and edit all under the same roof in an inspiring environment.  #moviemountain
We've been working nonstop for the last five months building a special effects studio at #thecindercone.  The journey started a year ago when I bought a Motion Control Machine on ebay.  A motion control machine,  the big black machine on the left, is a giant computer controlled camera arm that moves in very precise movements photographing miniatures. Before computer graphics its how they filmed the special effects in movies like Star Wars and Bladerunner.  Our plan is to combine stop motion and miniatures with some newer tech like digital cameras and make some loco shit and distribute it online.  Next week we are lighting up the green screen and doing some camera tests. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🚀🌌#moviemountain
It's been a crazy few months for me working on the film studio and cranking on a new van book and I haven't been t taking as many photos or shooting as much video as normal, so I'm doing a 20% off sale on the Cinder Cone Build book and Home is Where You Park it on my my webstore, link in profile. Use the code HOLIDAY16 🙏🏻🙏🏻🎉🎉
My recent trip to Belize was incredibly special, I've enjoyed every minute of my time in this beautiful place. But I'm trading the bikini for a drysuit as I take off for the next adventure, a fifteen day raft trip down the Grand Canyon! I am beyond excited to disconnect from technology, camp under the stars, run rapids, and enjoy quality, uninterrupted time with friends. Hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving, I'll see you in December!  @TravelBelize #visitbelize
The pursuit of amazement. @TheNorthFace #thermoball #sp
Not bad Belize.  @travelbelize #visitbelize
Can I just take this with me Utah?! (Photo inspo: @lauren_parks_)
After a summer and the better part of a fall working 7 days a week on the special effects studio, we hooked up electricity yesterday and are focusing on building out the model shop, edit space and sound stage.  As a photographer and video guy, I'm excited to start try new things with social media. We are in the infancy of how people think about these platforms. There's so many more ways to use platforms like Instagram than pseudo adventures pics and recycled comedy memes....
A year go, I was off the coast of central Baja on a month long sailing trip with @tearevor @lebub and Lando on 36 foot Catalina.  We surfed, fished, found drugs washed up on the beach and saw strange happenings in the night sky.  I made a short video about the trip called Waves On Mars, link in my bio.  Check it out! Tunes by @memmonz and @futurelands