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field tornado
It's interesting how everyone interprets a place a little differently. You might see this landscape & be drawn to its jagged peaks & climbing potential. You may be content standing on the shore feeling the black volcanic sand beneath you. For me it was the surf potential that drew me back year after year. A beach plagued by bad winds & large swells, I knew it had rare moments of calm. At a certain point I would get into the water here & swim below the near vertical peaks of Stokksnes... feeling completely vulnerable in one of the most exposed stretches of coast in the Atlantic. Getting out half frozen & befriending the land owner Ómar was on of the highlights for me.  10 years ago on my first trip I never envisioned it would become a Mecca for landscape photography. Even after seeing countless images I am still just as drawn to it as I was the first time.  @mikeydetemple
If you like street photo do not miss my story from today and please share your feedback with me, it would mean a lot. More and more I'll try to shoot human life rather than empty landscapes. It certainly will be a challenge as I find it hard to master street photography. Meanwhile here's a shot taken in Crete, 2 weeks ago. It kind of is street photo too if you replace humans with sheep isn't it. Btw how many sheep can you see? #peaksofeurope
Tomorrow I head to Chicago to premiere our film 'Under an Arctic Sky' . It will be our last US screening before heading to Europe to tour in September. Thanks to all who have supported this journey! With almost 80 screenings behind us it has been a life changing experience to meet so many & share my passion. More US tour stops to come ! . . For details & tickets check my bio link or www.UnderanArcticSky.com/tour
On the road in Northern California
with an incredibly rich culture and amazingly diverse landscape, peru left me constantly impressed and had surprises around every corner. the maras salt mines were no exception with over 6,000 manmade pools that have been around since the incan empire 💃🏼 @theluxurycollection @hoteltambodelinka #destinationdiscoveries
Fields of gold 💛😍 if you've seen my Instagram stories lately then you already know I'm completely obsessed with these canola fields and keep pulling over every five minutes because I love the way that the yellow changes with the sky. (by the way, I'm just standing on the edge and took this drone selfie in a creative way to make it look like I'm in the middle of the field but I didn't trample it! Didn't want you to worry 😉) #exploremb
[Don't forget, GIVEAWAY still live in my last post!] I'm so excited to partner with @amarula_official who have invited me back to Africa to be part of their anti-ivory poaching campaign #dontletthemdisappear. I left on Friday and will finally arrive this evening in Kenya where I will spend the next three days learning about the initiative to save Africa's elephants. I'm particularly looking forward to meeting Dr. Paula Kahumbu of Wildlife Direct who is working with The Amarula Trust for this endeavor. I captured this photo during my last Safari and while I'm looking forward to being on Safari again, what I'm most looking forward to is learning how I can be an active participant in the fight to save the 400,000 elephants still left. For me it's also personal, because Kenya is a country I've been interested in since I was a very young girl. Can't wait to share my experience with you! Follow along in Stories, on my feed and with the hashtags #madefromafrica #amarula #dontletthemdisappear
Peaceful morning watching the sun rise in the Boundary Waters. Just one of many... 🛶 ••••••••••••••••••••• #minnesota #savethebwca
Sometimes there's something bigger that lies beneath rather than what we can see by our eyes... Danielkordan.com #greenland #dji #djiphantom
The psychology of an open road is pretty interesting. We seem drawn to long stretches of dirt over pavement. As if it represents a certain freedom...as  opposed to the alternative which may remind us of the business of everyday life.. paths well trodden & accessible be everyone. A perfect dirt road may as well be a work of art. Equally grateful to admire them as to run, ride or drive down em.
watching the sun go down at one of the 7 wonders of the world 🇵🇪 | i honestly can't imagine a better way to explore south america for the first time than spending the week in peru with @beautifuldestinations and @theluxurycollection. can't wait to share my experience with you guys! #destinationdiscoveries @hotelpalaciodelinka
Good morning, Manitoba. This sunrise unquestionably makes it onto the highlight reel of my life #exploremb
The last thing a Fish sees.
It's hard to believe that places like this could even exist. And when you discover them for the first time, just by accident, they leave you in awe. I've discovered this beautiful fjord during my Greenland sailing expedition this summer.  Danielkordan.com  #greenland #nikon #nikkor 14-24 #gitzo #gitzoinspires @gitzoinspires #lucroit
As much as I love being in the mountains, I somehow keep going back to the sea. Some of my favorite places on Earth are a perfect mix of both, whether they are in the Nordic countries or in warmer locations. As part of my 5-month road trip #peaksofeurope I left the North for the South on July 1st. Here I am now in the Mediterranean, starting my southern trip in Greece. If you follow my daily InstaStories you'd know that I've been here for 3 weeks already. It took me a bit of time to start working on my photos from this trip but they're finally coming. Here's to summer vibes, golden sand beaches, turquoise bays and old mountain villages filled with wild cats and mountain goats. Hope you'll enjoy what comes next as I've tried to document my trip the best I could!
Favorite overalls: check. Favorite travel purse: check. @pacsafeofficial is my friend in Europe where I'd rather enjoy Provence than worry about pickpockets (📷: @justtravelous)
packing for roadtrips is never easy so bringing along my comfortable @chacofootwear is essential. versatile enough for hanging out by the lake or going on a sunrise hike 🏔 | head over to the Chaco website (link in bio) to try out a pair of the cloud x2 sandals #chaconation #sponsored
Christmas in July continues this week with a photography theme! Slide left to see all the items. 📸 I’m honored to have been featured in the latest issue of @click.magazine and they’ve graciously offered a subscription to the winner as well as a subscription each to two runners up. 💥 The winner also receives a Vanguard backpack camera bag, Fujifilm INSTAX camera, Polaroid photo printer with paper, Cocoon Grid-It & Wakawaka solar powered charger + light so you can be environmentally conscious while powering up — all, which I’ve provided. 🙏🏼 NOW I WANTED to give away a dSLR camera or a prize so HUGE that it would be worthy of how amazing you all are to me. I think you’re the best followers and one of the greatest communities on Instagram. However, I was turned down by multiple sponsors that I approached for this month because they thought you all wouldn’t turn out in enough numbers to make it worth their while. 😳😂 Let's work together to make sure that doesn't happen again! To enter: • Like this post • Comment with 4 or more words and a) tag the brands you’d like to see me partner with or b) what photography products you’d like to see me give away. c) Or tag friends who are budding photographers who might enjoy one of these prizes. • You can comment, and thereby enter, as many times as you like. • Official rules & details: Per Instagram, this promotion is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. Kirsten Alana is the host of this campaign and the only official sponsor. No purchase is necessary to enter. By entering, entrants confirm that they are 18+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram’s terms of use. Open to U.S. & Canadian residents with a valid mailing address. Giveaway period begins as of the time this post is live. Winner will be chosen, from those who have followed the rules, by 5 PM EST on July 24 via random number generator and notified through DM. By
Yesterday marked another run around the sun for me. Another year on this beautiful sphere being blessed by all of life's magic and surprises. Each year seems to be more wild and wonderful than the last, and I feel now more than ever that the journey and the people you share it with are what matter most in the end.  Thank you all for lending an ear and an eye to a random strangers journey and for sharing your thoughts on occasion. I'm truly grateful. 🙏🏼✌🏼 . . . . . . #aroundtheworldpics #optoutside #passionpassport #instagoodmyphoto #wildernessculture #nakedplanet #liveyouradventure #earthofficial #theglobewanderer #roamtheplanet #earthfocus #beautifuldestinations #liveoutdoors #awesomeearth #usinterior #keepitwild #adventureculture #stayandwander #thegreatoutdoors #tourtheplanet #unpackadventure #wyoming
Almost 6 years ago I sat in bed for almost a  month with a staph infection in my leg. At one point the medically resistant strain MRSA was creeping up my leg creating red lines... I had a small panic attack I might lose my leg. Somewhere between working in Tahiti & Nicaragua I had gotten a tiny reef cut that was exposed & untreated. I had a lot of time to think while I was in bed immobile staring at two quarter size holes in my leg that were connected by a tunnel the bacteria had bore. I was really scared. It made much of the petty things & opinions I dealt with on a daily basis seem pretty minor.  At a certain point I made the decision that warm water wasn't for me, & decided to put my efforts elsewhere... It led me to explore places I never imagined I would, & experience pain in a totally new kind of way. The kind I welcomed. . .  Pictured: @dionagius waits for the tide during the iceland section of 'Strange Rumblings' filmed by Joe G . A film that went on to win film of the year at Surfer Poll.
I’m back from the forest! 🌲  Spent a wonderful 10 days deep in Minnesota’s North Country, canoeing & camping the BWCA wilderness. I feel rejuvenated, re-charged, and ready to take on the world again.  Are you planning any nature adventures this summer? ••••••••••••••••••••• #bwca #minnesota
I always thought I was immune to culture shock until I visited India. It was overwhelming in the best kind of way for a small minded kid from California. The part I loved most was that there seemed to be an equal amount of interest & respect from both cultures. Every time we would paddle out to an unknown break there would be an observer from shore watching for our safety. We searched for unridden waves along the southern coast, somewhere at a remote river mouth in the Kerala region @craig__anderson put on a show for the locals.
The problem with traveling to Switzerland is I always think I am ticking things off of my list and then it inevitably gets longer because there are so many amazing things there. I have shared this and a bunch of my other favorite spots on @trover click the link in my bio for more! #troveon #sp (📷: @dudarfst)
This summer we've visited region in Greenland damaged by recent tsunami. It was caused by landslide and washed away the whole village. Entire area was evacuated by dannish air force. I'm working for some years in Greenland already, and it's sad to hear that even locals mention significant changes in environment. Glaciers melting and retreating with enormous speed. We need to treat our planet very careful.  Danielkordan.com #greenland #gitzo #gitzoinspires @gitzoinspires  #nikon #nikkor
the oregon trail looks a little different than i remembered 🤔
Sunday morning in Vík Í Myrdal.
This nook was what made me want to move in here. I love writing here, looking at this tree, watching the sky. I've partnered with @zagg to talk about my writing process. It's pretty unorthodox but it works! Link in bio #zagg #sp
This expedition in Greenland I filmed a lot from a drone. It's spectacular to see icebergs from above, to enjoy whales' dance under water. I hope to make a short film about our arctic adventures soon. Danielkordan.com  #greenland
It's a subtle balance of patience & fear. Suns gone ... it's getting dark quick. Everyone's paddled in & you know you're waiting for a wave that probably isn't going to come. This is one feeling everyone needs to experience once.
4,231 miles from home. I knew right away it was important to come back.
I could get used to mornings like this 😊🙌🏼
How every good day should start. . . My time at home is usually limited & it's often easy for me to get stuck behind my computer or in my office. Thank goodness for friends that ask you to wake up at dawn to show em your favorite spots.  @roam
I've just finished sailing expedition to north-west Greenland. I wished to get to Baffin island this year, but due to cold winter there was enormous amount of ice blocking the Baffin sea. So we decided to explore north of Greenland. And we didn't regret. Wonderful mountains, crazy icebergs in midnight sun rolling infinitely over horizon. Stay tuned for updates from the current expedition! One shot with #nikon #d810 + #nikkor 14-24, #lucroit polarizer Danielkordan.com #greenland
a few of my favorite things 🍭 @avisusa
A beautiful view of the pristine California wilderness that was currently devastated by the Alamo fire. Totally 23,000 acres burned it was one of Californias largest this year. Whether it was naturally occurring or not, it's a good reminder that it's fire season & every one is responsible. A good time to brush up on Leave No Trace principles & wilderness responsibility. I know I am. . . This photo was taken on a friend's ranch during a commercial photo shoot. Plenty of hands to observe & extinguish our fire. 👌🏼
That's unbeliavable how different water could be. During our sailing adventures in Greenland we experienced everything from storms to calm mirror-like water. The Arctic is usually calm in summer. Water is dark and feels like cold liquid metal... DanielKordan.com #greenland #arctic
Congrats to @wandergrammed for winning the Bastille Day giveaway! [2 of 2] For me it was a weekend of the most gorgeous sunsets with family at the lake. Every time we got in the boat, I looked at the lily pads along shore and I thought of Monet. I blame my mother and god-mother for my obsession with all things French. I also thank them. After all, when I was younger and lesser traveled, a lake would have just been a lake. However, because of their stories and their love of the language and their dreams/hopes/fantasies that they poured into me -- now the family lake home is a portal to other places I've been and loved so that when I'm there, I feel closer to France. When I'm in France, I still feel close to my family. When I sit on the boat now, holding my nephew in my lap, I wonder about his future and if he'll be a traveler like his mother and I. But most of all, I just hope he is curious; I hope that he appreciates beauty, always seeing the good (in people and in things) more than the bad. • • • #puremichigan #puremichigansunset #puremichigansummer #sunsetsunday #sunsetsforbreakfast #monetswaterlilies #reflectiongram #reflectionshot
For the last photo of my Iceland series, let me please share with you a drone selfportrait that I took in one of the most incredible and surreal places I've ever been to!  Tomorrow I'll be answering your questions in my InstaStories. Whether it's about photo gear, my 5-month road trip #peaksofeurope or anything else, #ama and I'll try my best to answer you :) @haglofs #mavicpro
So many gifts.
Currently I'm sailing in Greenland. This summer we are exploring the Baffin island and West coast of Greenland. Here we used our zodiac boat to photograph yacht from aside, while approaching the Uummannaq island.  DanielKordan.com #greenland #uummannaq
water so blue you can't seem to take your eyes off of it 💎🐕: @jaspywoof
About Switzerland 😲(📷: @tizirdn)
rays for days ☀️
Tuscany is not only rolling hills with cypress trees. It has rich history and magical little villages. That's Sorano, etrusc town. Half-abandoned, it hosts secret corners filled with textures, doors and cats :) DanielKordan.com #tuscany #italy #sorano
With the early morning light, this mountain looked like an ice cream or some kind of fluffy marshmallow. I know it's a weird comparison but trust me it really did look like that in real! #peaksofeurope @toyotaiceland
A behind the scenes look at 'Vanishing Worlds' a fine art show opening today at the @paulnicklengallery in NYC. This aerial photograph of a glacial river is easily my favorite photo of nature I've ever taken. It's on display along with others  following the path from glaciers to the ocean. . . Today is the public opening at 10am. Book signing at 3pm and a Q&A with @paulnicklen & myself at 5pm. See you there!
[1 of 2] As a Francophile, #bastilleday is one of my favorite days of the year. 🇫🇷 It's even more special now that my nephew has come into our lives and his birthday is July 14. Now I can celebrate my favorite country AND my favorite human being in the same day!!! A ❤️ of France is common amongst many of the women in my family. So yesterday before the party was in full swing, I served us all up a few French treats plus a cocktail inspired by a trip to Paris that I took with @GreyGoose last year. 🍸 It was a big hit!! Perfect for summer at our lake house (which I imagined was in Provence bien sur) and easy enough to make over & over while talking, visiting or receiving hugs from an adorable four year old. I'm not a bartender so I don't do measurements, I just eyeball everything! Je suis désolée! But this is what I combined in a shaker filled with ice before pouring into gimlet glasses garnished with a slice of lemon and a slice of lime: • Grey Goose Le Citron • ST-GERMAIN® • Fever-Tree Club Soda • a dash of Rose's Sweetened Lime Juice 🇫🇷 How did you celebrate Bastille Day? 🇫🇷 • • • (and no, this is #notsponsored by any company tagged or mentioned!) #greygooselecitron #greygoose #stgermaindrinks #thefrancophiles #frenchobsessed #summercocktails #sonyrx1rii
I'll Never forget this lake - the way the glaciers melted into the water turning into this amazing color. This is the lake that made me want to go to Kyrgyzstan in the first place. Thanks for the view, Mother Nature #discoverkyrgyzstan #sp
it's rare to find a place that doesn't lose its magic over time, but this place never fails to surprise me with the amount of beauty and variety it has to offer 👌🏼
An editor once told me the only way I would ever be successful in my career is if I moved to a larger city where there was more clients & more industry. There was a few years where I actually considered moving from the small town I grew up in to a place with more "opportunity". It never felt quite right to me leaving a place that provided so much inspiration & open space. At a certain point I accepted the fact that if being in a place that inspired me meant I was going to be less successful in my career, then so be it. I had met too many people that had made compromises for success only to realize they had a good thing going from the get go. . . There is nothing more rewarding for me now than creating work in the community I grew up in. Stay where you're most inspired.
I love Tuscany very much. Mostly for the harmony you feel here. Harmony in landscape, composition and light. If people ask me what is the most suitable workshop to choose for the beginner to learn from me - I name Tuscany. Join this autumn, to enjoy Tuscany harmony and learn my techniques in-fields and post-processing. Itinerary is available at DanielKordan.com #tuscany #italy #valdorcia
Can you see the tiny humans in the photo? We're just in the palm of mother nature's hand #discoverkyrgyzstan #sp
Deep inside of me I know I belong to warmer places. Having Greek origins, every time I go back to my parents country I instantly feel like being home, and the last two weeks have confirmed this although it's been 8 years since my last visit. For some reason though, as a photographer, warmer and dryer places don't inspire me as much as the Nordic countries or the Alpine regions do. I keep looking back at the photos I took on the first 6 weeks of this road trip, and even though I have taken many shots in Greece already (I share a selection of 15-20 every day in my InstaStories), I just want to keep sharing older images like this one I took in Iceland a month ago. Another reason for this also is that being full time on the road, and with the laziness and tiredness that comes with the extremely high temperatures, I haven't got the chance to properly edit any photos from Greece yet. But the time will come and I can't wait to show you the country of my ancestors through my lens, also it sure will be a big change from what I used to capture the last two years. I guess this is also part of the challenge. #peaksofeurope
Drone selfie in the Fairytale Canyon while driving from the end of my trek to the capital of Bishkek to fly home. I felt like I was in Nevada! Music: wave wave – space surfer #discoverkyrgyzstan #djimavicpro #sp
I could stare at his photos forever. No other artist has inspired me to look at the world like @paulnicklen has. His photographs & stories are a visual history of some of the most raw & delicate environments on earth. I'm excited to join him this weekend to open our photo exhibit 'Vanishing Worlds' at the @paulnicklengallery in NYC this Saturday July 15th . . Please join us for a book signing & discussions on conservation & photography.  10am-9pm 3pm book signing of 'High Tide' 5pm Q&A
Two-row panorama from Plitvice lakes in Croatia. I have a funny story about my first visit to this place. I didn't know that the park is closing for the night, and closing before sunset. Obviously I intend to stay here: it's almost impossible to photograph here among daytime crowds. So be it. I decided to stay and sleep on the bench. The plan worked pretty well! All crowds dissapeared and I remained alone until dark. But what was my surprise when I realized that there are hundreds of mice running below the bench! My poor backpack was almost torn in pieces that night... Tell your funny story from photography life in comments :) DanielKordan.com #croatia #plitvice #plitvicelakes
Patterns of the Highlands #peaksofeurope
#tbt to the first #manhattanhenge of the summer. I won't be in town for tonight's version but I hope those of you who are, will enjoy it. I love this "accident" of city planning which allows the sun to line up perfectly between buildings on certain east ↔️ west streets in Manhattan during our summer. There are so many things to love about calling the City home but as a photographer and chaser of light, this is one of my favorites. It makes me think of the incredible valleys and mountains out west in the USA, of watching the sun set between their peaks. Yet the peaks here, are man made. This is my favorite spot to watch the phenomenon occur. It is called Tudor City and it's in Midtown on the East side not far from the United Nations. 🌅 #kanyguide • #newyorkornowhere #newyorkbynewyorkers #instagram_nyc #instagramnyc #newyorkcitylove #iloveny #tudorcityoverpass #sonyrx1rii #focuscamera
catch me in the mountains ✌🏼| 📷: @jonathanbasiago with my edit
Middle of the summer is time for wildflowers to bloom. I took this shot in Russian North, at Kenozero national park. There are wooden churches preserved from long ago. To get to this particular spot we found a boat in the village and reached the remote island. A village at the island was abonded long time ago, just the church remains among the infinite fields of colorful summer flowers.  DanielKordan.com #russia #kenozero #russiannorth
It's okay if the uphill is steep when the pass has a view like this 😍#discoverkyrgyzstan #sp
This photo shows a very brief moment (exactly 1/500 of a second) and yet the amount of water pictured here is almost impossible to calculate. Just imagine now how much water is running through this waterfall alone every minute, every hour and every day! Nature is such a crazy thing when you really start thinking of it. #peaksofeurope
So excited to continue FOUR weeks of GIVEAWAYS which I'm calling Christmas in July! The cornerstone of this week's gift to the lucky winner is my current favorite book which I carry everywhere with me, even down here to Curaçao. It's #thenewparis by my friend @lostncheeseland with photos by my other friend @charissa_fay. I miss Paris frequently and whenever I do, this cures a little of that longing. It's also the perfect guidebook, coffee table book and really the must have for anyone who loves Paris as much as I do. The real Paris. Now I'm not stopping here, in this gift I'm including lots of other items but I'm not giving away the identity of those here!! You'll just have to be surprised! 😉 🇫🇷 • Win this gift set by: 1) following myself & @lostncheeseland 2) liking this photo + leaving a comment of 4 or more words, and ...that's it! Nice and easy this time! • The official rules & details: Per Instagram, this promotion is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. Kirsten Alana is the host of this campaign and the only official sponsor. No purchase is necessary to enter. By entering, entrants confirm that they are 18+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram’s terms of use. Open to anyone with a valid mailing address! Giveaway period begins as of the time this post is live. Winner will be chosen, from those who have followed all the rules, by 5 PM EST on July 16 via random number generator and notified that day through direct message. By entering, you agree to release and hold harmless Kirsten Alana and associated parties from all liability and litigation that could result from your acceptance and use of these products; you also waive your right to any damages. Kirsten Alana reserves the right to cancel this giveaway at any time, for any reason. The odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received. #giveaway #bookgiveaway #frenchobsessed #thisisparis #meetparis #seeparis
Today for the second day in a row, after spending the morning at the resort, @sbrcuracao & @benchmarkresortsandhotels arranged for me to see the island with a guide named Reggy. He works with the island's tourism board to regularly show people the side of the island that you never see if you're a cruise ship passenger. And he knows it because guiding is all he does, he doesn't work in an office! I was saddened to learn that many people experience Curaçao only during the shore excursions from their cruise ship. Especially American tourists. This saddens me because while Willemstad, where the ships dock, has some enjoyable elements - it isn't really the full picture of this island. If that's all you experience, I'm not sure you can leave saying you've seen "the real Curaçao." However, because of Reggy I now know the best beaches to snorkel from without needing to get on any boat. I know what it looks like when the sun sets over the soaring cactus of the National Park on the West side. (For that matter, I also know that the West side might just be the best side. It all depends on what you want to learn!) I wanted to learn where to see turtles close to shore and Reggy took me to a beach where the turtles visit so often that they each have names and their photos hang on the wall of a building close to the pier so you can learn who they are and feel invested in wanting to protect them! It was on the way to that place that I spotted these trees. Painted by residents of the local village, they're a powerful declaration that is hard to miss. Vibrant and fun, like the music Reggy and I listened to as we drove around. Personal, like the stories Reggy told me of his family and his friends. Now I know Curaçao is so much more than resorts and colorful Dutch architecture. And for that I will be forever grateful. 🇨🇼 • #rightnowincuracao #sbrcuracao #benchmarkresortsandhotels #curacao #curacaoisland #curacao_island #wonderful_places #artnerd #artlover #sonyrx1rii
One of the most breathtaking places I've ever been to! #peaksofeurope
I recall this moment very clearly: I stood up above the ocean of clouds on the top of Segla mountain with incredible views all around me. Norway is amazing.  DanielKordan.com #norway #ilovenorway #senja
It's not the Alps, it's Kyrgyzstan #discoverkyrgyzstan
POOL SCUM!!! Coming soon to @moviemountain and mobile viewing device near you
Still live from Curaçao, bringing you 6 moments from @sbrcuracao which I was invited down to review by @benchmarkresortsandhotels. These are some of my favorite spots on the property and some of the moments I've enjoyed most. Far and away the best so far has been the morning I spent in the spa. Instead of having a changing room, each guest has their own en-suite room for treatment and for post-treatment relaxation. It includes an outdoor shower, outdoor lounge area (privacy protected by a garden) and a full sitting area with hair dryer and amenities to walk out dressed + ready for whatever may come next. Including dinner at SHORE which I cannot recommend highly enough. It's the best restaurant on the property. #sbrcuracao #benchmarkresortsandhotels #rightnowincuracao • New giveaway going live tomorrow. This time, French themed!! 🇫🇷 • And don't forget I'm sharing in Stories, my experience exploring the island of Curaçao itself from my adventures yesterday. 🇨🇼 #curacao
It's often easy to get caught up in the technical settings and brand name of a camera when trying to create a beautiful photo, but no matter how perfectly dialed your camera is, an impressive DSLR pales compared to what the human eye can detect. Which brings me to the topic of photo editing... DSLR cameras record an amazing amount of data in a raw image, but it's what you do with that data afterwards that allows you to create feeling and develop style. I've personally been using @Lightroom almost exclusively for photo editing for the last couple of years, and was thrilled when they contacted me asking me to do a takeover on their new Instagram account. I'll be posting imagery from my beautiful and wild home (Jackson, WY) on their page over the next few days. Stay tuned! #beboundless #sponsored
I'm happy to announce my 2018 Patagonia photo workshops. Itinerary is available now at DanielKordan.comPatagonia is high on my top list among destinations for landscape photography. I took this shot at Pehoe lake during my first visit to Torres del Paine national park. Can you imagine that this is just a lake? Strong winds blow ocean-like waves. During this weather the water becomes deep emerald. If you use polarizer (cpl filter) then you can even enhance the color naturally. #chile #patagonia #torresdelpaine
Full moon rising over the Gorge
Beautiful glacier views, ✔️, lakes bluer than the sky, ✔️, waterfalls, ✔️I put up the full 8-day itinerary from my trek last week in Kyrgyzstan on the blog for those of who who have been asking! Link in bio 💜#discoverkyrgyzstan
Coming to you live from Curaçao. I was invited by @benchmarkresortsandhotels to this island to review @sbrcuracao. The resort is located on the Southern Side of the island on the Eastern End. It's on very historic property that runs along Spanish Water which is reputed to be the first place Spanish Explorers landed on the island. Still called Santa Barbara Plantation it was once the site of a plantation, then a mine, now a resort and a golf course that's ranked as one of the best in the Caribbean. Don't let this photo fool you, sure there is nice landscaping in many places but I love that much of the resort has a feeling of being more in harmony with the nature of this island. Which is, somewhat wild. Just like neighboring Aruba, which I visited last year with @dante.vincent, much of the shoreline is coral or lava rock and cactus seem to outnumber people here (it's illegal to cut them down). Definitely a much different feel than the Caribbean Islands closer to my home. This is why I like coming down here. Today, I'll explore off resort to the neighboring towns with famous Dutch architecture. Follow along in Stories! 🇨🇼 #sbrcuracao #benchmarkresortsandhotels #symmetrykillers #sonyrx1rii #focuscamera #curacao #rightnowincuracao #curacao_island
even a million mosquitoes couldn't keep me away from this place 😅🚶🏻 @awesome.photographers
Many people know about Lofoten islands these days, but just a few heard about small gems like Vaeroy. You can get here by helicopter or ferry. Short hike - and you are on top of the world! Btw, have you mentioned the small boat in the left corner? To feel the scale of this landscape... DanielKordan.com #norway #lofoten #vaeroy
Pinching myself. It was quite a steep scramble up to this pass but THIS is the view! I put together a video with drone footage of the trek (this is Ala-Kul Lake) in Kyrgyzstan. Check it out! Link in bio. #discoverkyrgyzstan
Today is Day 54 of my road trip around Europe and I'm currently in Greece. Since I've hit the road almost two months ago I've witnessed many sunrises as part of my photography project, but that one I experienced on Day 42 in Iceland will be hard to beat for sure. I just couldn't believe my eyes that day, and it sure wasn't because of the lack of sleep! #peaksofeurope
Time goes by, and now everyone flies a drone. Just 4-5 years ago we used to try hard and find small cessna airplanes to make this kind of photos. I remember that it took me quite a while to convince norwegian pilots to take me in the air to realize the dream - photograph my beloved Lofotens from above. Here, from the sky, they look more like Maldives. No way - thats almost Arctic! :) DanielKordan.com #lofoten #lofotenislands #norway #fredvang
Party wave with the @girlskateboards crew
Thanks for being my buds during this trek. It was one of the most beautiful and humbling of my life @ecotrek_trekking_travel #discoverkyrgyzstan
Sooo excited to start FOUR weeks of GIVEAWAYS for you today!! I'm calling it Christmas in July! 😉 Congrats to the winner THIS week which is @viajeraextranjera 🎁 Each week's giveaway will have a theme & I'm kicking it off with BEAUTY 💅🏼💄 This is a prize pack valued at more than $350 USD with some of my favorite summer products 😍 that will help you look your best this summer or transport you to summery places like Capri and Aruba 🌴 I've also included the "Eat Pretty, Live Well" book + journal so you don't just look good on the outside but you'll also feel good inside 📚 Win this gift set by: 1) liking this post,  2) leaving a comment of 4 or more words, and 3) following @vitaliberata, @carthusia_profumi, @bobbibrown, @colorescience & @arubaaloe If beauty isn't your thing, will you please share this with someone who would enjoy this prize? ••• The official rules & details: Per Instagram, this promotion is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. Kirsten Alana is the host of this campaign and the only official sponsor. No purchase is necessary to enter. By entering, entrants confirm that they are 18+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram’s terms of use. Open to U.S. & Canadian residents with a valid mailing address. Giveaway period begins as of the time this post is live. Winner will be chosen, from those who have followed all the rules, by 5 PM EST on July 10 via random number generator and notified that day through direct message. By entering, you agree to release and hold harmless Kirsten Alana and @vitaliberata, @carthusia_profumi, @bobbibrown, @colorescience @arubaaloe from all liability and litigation that could result from your acceptance and use of these products; you also waive your right to any damages. Kirsten Alana reserves the right to cancel this giveaway at any time, for any reason. The odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received.
You don't get to see the Highlands lit by the morning sun every day but when you do it's a show you will never want to forget. #peaksofeurope
Fireworks never get old #fistfulloffireworks
Summatime and yurt livin's easy #visitkyrgyzstan #djimavic
My last post from Charleston! But you can discover more of my tips for the city, when you download @sherpa.guide & follow me there • While in SC, @dante.vincent and I visited the Angel Oak tree which, it turns out, is not actually in Charleston. Massive, very old and shading about 17,200 square feet (1,600 m2) - it is incredible to behold. It's about 20 mins outside the city on Johns Island and is a Southern Live Oak believed to be around 400 years old. The tree stands on land that was part of Abraham Waight's 1717 land grant and the name is attributed to the estate of Justus Angel and his wife, Martha Waight Tucker Angel. Also, ghosts of former slaves have been said to appear as angels around the tree. Do you believe in ghosts? Popular belief holds that the Angel Oak is the oldest tree east of the Mississippi River, however many bald cypress trees that are hundreds of years older are found throughout the South. The tree is free to visit but is only open from 9 AM to 5 PM. Outside of those hours you’d have to look at it from the other side of a fence. It is not near any other attractions but there is a small cafe and gift shop if needed and there’s ample parking. 🌳 #angeloaktree #angeloak #discoversc #explorecharleston #deltamedallion #treestagram #trees🌳
Checking out the progress on @alifewithtrees off grid dojo and recently completed spring fed pond near Mt Hood
While in Charleston, @dante.vincent & I had two really amazing meals, at @butcherandbee then @prohibitionchs. The former is shown here and I cannot recommend it highly enough. A trek from where we stayed, it was worth the price of the Lyft and then some. The brand started with sandwiches which they wanted to perfect to a degree usually only found in fine dining. Their version of a gourmet meal has now expanded to include all types of food and it was their mezze options that we decided to try. We had eight small dishes with ingredients sourced from local farms and flavors reflecting all our world travels. The restaurant believes that sustainable is not a slogan, it's just the right thing to do! Because of that, the menu changes with the seasons. We also enjoyed a rosé flight and ended with the most scrumptious sea salt chocolate chip cookies. Of note: @butcherandbee has a location in Nashville and runs @workshopchs which features food and drink vendors, the lineup of which is always changing. For both Butcher & Bee and @prohibitionchs, I recommend reservations. We missed out on 1/2 a dozen other restaurants or bars in Charleston before we realized you can't just walk in places. Then we made reservations for these using @opentable. Prohibition is known for its cocktails and we did LOVE ours but the Street Corn and the Crispy Brussels Sprouts nearly stole the show. We actually ordered a second round of the corn and then found ourselves without room for mains but they do have a full menu. It's not just a bar. Looking for more recommendations? Check out my first post from the city to see lots of options left in the comments from locals! 🍴#eeeeeats #explorecharleston #butcherandbee #foodieflatlays #yumgasm #foodiegram
"this person has zero tolerance for violence against everyone"
having a 💥 on the res last eve
Just a casual late afternoon swim in a hidden hot spring pool in Iceland. #peaksofeurope
Well...our actual 4th of July in Charleston didn't quite work out as expected. The hotel I booked for @dante.vincent & I for just one night, which was supposed to have a view of the fireworks, ended up only having a view of a lot of trees. Probably a clear message we should never have left the @spectatorhotel. Ha! 😂 But we made the best of that, and other things that didn't go our way, walking and riding our bikes over so much of the city that by last night we were seeing some streets for the third time!! In my red, white & blue I felt patriotic but I also felt that there was some kind of synchronicity between the disappointing end to the 4th and the state of our country. I'm not proud of what's going on in Washington but I AM proud of how it has brought so many citizens together to be more active in working for change and to hold our leaders accountable. There's so much to be done on a grand scale but on the smaller scale is the simple lesson I was reminded of during our weekend, that when things don't go according to plan, what matters most is that we don't ever give up. If there is anything that is truly American, I think it's that we keep on keepin' on, no matter what! Even if that's to never give up fighting for this to be a nation that embraces diversity, not one that runs from it. 🇺🇸 #explorecharleston #ootd #4thofjulyoutfit #dametraveler #theresisterhood #fourthofjuly🇺🇸
It always amazes me to witness how water and life are so linked to each other. #peaksofeurope  @toyotaiceland
one of the many places that keeps bringing me back. thanks america for being so beautiful! 🇺🇸
Starting 4th of July like this and yeah I know it's the most cliche Instagram post. I mean who actually eats breakfast in bed in a hotel?! EXCEPT WE REALLY DO!!! -- at @spectatorhotel where this continental spread is free every morning and is delivered by our Butler who also comes complimentary with the room!!! (Toby is the best!) I am still stunned by the fact I don't even have to leave bed to get coffee. This is definitely spoiling me!! (Hey @dante.vincent can we replicate this back home please?!) I'm so glad I discovered this place on the @hoteltonight app because in booking this getaway so last minute I thought there was no way a hotel this nice would still be available in Charleston. The Spectator also treats guests to a complimentary mini bar, free bike rental and of course free WiFi. Danté and I love it here. And we're excited to see what 4th of July is like in Charleston so stay tuned to Stories to find out. Fellow Americans, where are you celebrating today? 🇺🇸🎇 #breakfastinbed #thespectatorhotel #hotellife #morningslikethese #butfirstcoffee
paddling out 🚣🏻‍♀️🗻 pc: @jonathanbasiago with my edit
Our epic landing spot after a #grandcanyon flight with @maverickhelicopters from Las Vegas. Pretty nice view… what a way to start the morning! 🚁 ••••••••••••••••••••• #lasvegas #maverickhelicopters #partner
Photographing all the pretty streets and facades in Charleston with @dante.vincent for the holiday weekend. We booked this so last minute that we don't actually have plans. We were inspired by the feed of @juliahengel and her husband @tberolz who moved to the city from San Francisco. If you've been, or are from here, what should we not miss? 🌿🌸 #explorecharleston #theprettycities #charlestonsc #visittheusa
off to the mountains! meet me there? ⛰
Shred god @mccranker and the @girlskateboards team stopped by @moviemountain for mind expanding ripping
Fulfilling my "Top Gun" fantasy over the Nevada desert with @skycombatace! Biggest adrenaline rush I've ever had!  I’m up front, actually flying the plane, performing stunts like barrel-rolls and stalls. Soooo crazy! We hit 8 Gs at one point... and I blacked out. 😜 ••••••••••••••••••••• #lasvegas #partner #topgun #gopro @gopro
Exploring the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. What a beautiful part of the country! We hiked a few trails, gazed at waterfalls, and pulled off the side of the road for views like this. ••••••••••••••••••••• @visitasheville #visitasheville #ashevillemagic #partner
Looking Glass Falls, one of our many pretty stops near Asheville, NC ••••••••••••••••••••• #visitasheville @visitasheville #partner
Honey! It's your birthday! Thanks for putting up with my attempts to smother you with kisses and for always leading the hard pitches. 😘 #sorryforthemushypost  PC: @patrick_p_johnson
Iceland sure feels like being on another planet. #peaksofeurope  Thanks for the epic scenic flight above the Highlands @flightseeing!
Now I see why everyone loves #asheville, NC so much! Nature nearby, craft beer, great food, live music, and tons of personality. It has a lot going for it. 🌲 ••••••••••••••••••••• #visitasheville @visitasheville #partner
Today is my last day in Iceland. In 12 hours I fly back home for a few days, to get ready for the second leg of my 5-month road trip that will start on Saturday. I've already taken 10K+ photos in the last 10 days (and half of them were shot yesterday on that epic scenic flight above the Highlands, don't miss out today's story!) and haven't had the chance to properly edit any of them yet, so here's a photo I took on my last trip here 2 months ago and that I haven't shared yet. This has been my iPhone background for a month now, if you want it too go follow my other account @johanlolos and I'll upload it soon in the Stories ;) #peaksofeurope
Whitewater SUP?! 😳Gave it a try for the first time on the French Broad River in #asheville with @waimaunasup -- tests your balance for sure! ••••••••••••••••••••• @visitasheville #visitasheville #partner
We're engaged! This week I asked @anna.everywhere to marry me and she said yes. 😃  We're exploring Asheville, NC this weekend. Thanks to everyone who recommended the Biltmore! What an awesome view off the back deck... #visitasheville #biltmoreestate
As soon as we landed in Iceland we hit the road and drove straight to this place in the Highlands that I had never visited before. This is my 4th trip to the land of Fire and Ice and I have to say the landscape that appeared to me that day just blew my mind. I've never seen such a dramatic vista before. #peaksofeurope.  Shot for @flynorwegian #flynorwegian #freewifionboard
I spent the morning reminiscing and going through photos from the tree house build.  This iPhone photo from a movie night we had on one of the platforms, before we built the house  brought, took me back to an amazing chapter of my life.  If anyone has the opportunity to build a house or a cabin with their friends, I couldn't recommend it more.  If you're looking for ideas for something to build or want to see how the tree house project came together, use the code 2YEAR to get 20% off The Cinder Cone book in the link in my profile.  #doitlive
Summer Nights
“Life is an island in an ocean of solitude and seclusion." -  Kahlil Gibran  Quadra Island, BC ••••••••••••••••••••• @canadabydesign  #canadabydesign #aboriginalbc
I'm happier out here. Out here in the wild places that inspire the most thrilling adventures and evoke the deepest peace. Where the only boundaries are the ones of the mind. #beboundless  _  One from the archives from a perfect summer night in my favorite mountains. Edited with and sponsored by @Lightroom, who I'm excited to be working with in a few short weeks! . . . . . . #aroundtheworldpics #optoutside #wildernessculture #nakedplanet #liveyouradventure #earthofficial #theglobewanderer #roamtheplanet #earthfocus #beautifuldestinations #liveoutdoors #awesomeearth #usinterior #keepitwild #adventureculture #stayandwander #thegreatoutdoors #tourtheplanet #unpackadventure
British Columbia has some stunning natural landscapes! This is the rugged coastline around  #tofino. We took a boat out with @tofinoremote to visit some natural hot-springs, but also saw orca whales, bald eagles, and a black bear. Couldn’t ask for a better day... 😎 ••••••••••••••••••••• @canadabydesign  #canadabydesign #aboriginalbc
A big part of my @canadabydesign self-drive road trip was experiencing some of BC’s indigenous First Nations culture.  For 67 years the Canadian government tried to ban “potlatches”, a traditional way tribes met to self-govern themselves, celebrate, morn, and conduct business.  First Nations' cultural artifacts were confiscated and sold off to collectors during the ban. Only now are some of those pieces making it back to their homeland, displayed in local museums like U’mista Cultural Center. ••••••••••••••••••••• #canadabydesign @seawolfadventures  #aboriginalbc
June gloom tub time
Have I told you how much I love nature? 🌲 Just hugging some 800 year old trees in Cathedral Grove! Any other tree-huggers out there? ••••••••••••••••••••• @canadabydesign #canadabydesign #aboriginalbc
We just finished building the set for POOL SCUM, a stop motion skateboarding short set in Southern California in the mid 80s, at @moviemountain.  Now comes the animation and shooting with the 1/10th scale puppets and their shred sleds
Whales! Humpback whales. We saw three of them with @seawolfadventures.  These guys are huge! They grow up to 79,000 lbs. Frequent visitors to the waters off Telegraph Cove, BC. 🐋 ••••••••••••••••••••• @canadabydesign  #canadabydesign #aboriginalbc
I really want to fly one of these… who knows how? 🛩  Telegraph Cove was such a cool little town! The perfect place to start a grizzly bear search, sea kayaking trip, or go whale watching (what I did). Thanks @canadabydesign & @seawolfadventures for a great day! ••••••••••••••••••••• #canadabydesign #aboriginalbc
It's taken a exactly one year, but last week we finished ground work on the studios at @moviemountain.  We celebrated by painting some shitty graffiti on the retaining wall.  This week we start shooting our first project, a stop motion skateboarding shorts set in the 80s in Southern California called POOL SCUM.  The idea for Movie Mountain is to make stuff for the places that people actually watch things these days and take chances with these new mediums aesthetically, technically and structurally in ways that Hollywood and streaming services are not doing.  If you haven't already, take a look @moviemountain and thanks following along on my path from van to tree house to film studio 🙏🏻🙏🏻 I can't wait to share the stuff we are scheming up
PRINT SALE! Buy this signed, museum-quality, 6x6 inch (15.24 x 15.24 cm) print for $100, now until Friday. Order from the website in my profile. For those who purchased the first Congo airplane photograph, of children playing on abandoned airplanes in Goma, this image is from the same series, taken within the same hour in late 2012. Other signed and estate-stamped photographs are also available from over 70 colleagues at Magnum Photos! "If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough," Robert Capa famously said. Inspired by the Magnum co-founder's legacy, the CLOSER print collection explores the meaning of "the greatest war photographer's" maxim through classic and contemporary photographs.
#advertisement Did you know that Americans across the country are spending on average 95% of their time indoors? I can't even imagine how unhappy I would be if that was my reality, and it saddens me to know that there are so many that do not make time to appreciate our wonderful natural world. That's why when @ClaritinUSA invited me to create a post encouraging others to spend more time outdoors, I was happy to share the info. This world is too beautiful not to enjoy it! Post a photo of your best outdoor moment by June 30 and hashtag it with both #beanoutsider and #claritin.
Bowl Trolls
Waking up in a hammock on one of the first days of summer
It's finally starting to feel like summer and I can't help but think of upcoming road trips. @mtn_michael and I have a few fun climbing/mountaineering inspired travels coming up that I'm super excited about! Do you have any fun summer trips planned?  Photo taken by my mom on a very unique Nevada road. @TravelNevada #travelnevada @MatadorNetwork #travelstoke
Can't resist scrambling around on all of these beautiful red rocks. I love the desert! It was awesome to test out the new #threadborne line from @underarmour while I was down in Nevada. These layers are so light and perfect for hot days! #sponsored
Back in February, @subaru_usa and @matadornetwork did a couple films featuring long time Subaru owners to showcase how their cars fit their lifestyles. Here's a short clip of mine. Love my hearty little adventuremobile, I'm glad it made the cut! #travelstoke #meetanowner #ad
Taking a breather to enjoy this beautiful view while out testing and shooting some of the new @underarmour #threadborne gear. Super comfortable and breathable! #sponsored
saluto a fidel
a young man shows a friend a catfish he caught off the shore of segunda, a fishing village on lake tanganika, in late 2016. for an upcoming @natgeo story on climate change
lualua and workers head to walikale
mom saw this picture on my computer this morning, of the ingenious house joseph built a couple hundred kilometers outside kisangani, and said it reminded her of village kids she worked with in haiti and how they made their own toys out of tin cans, plastic bottles, "so innovative." guess thats why she wouldnt buy me a toy gun, as a kid i learned to make my own out of wood while neighbors had real plastic ones 🔫
baby chimp at kisangani zoo
sounds of wind and lava