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Game of Thrones

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I just remembered one of my silliest and favourite @warcraft memories.  I remember I decided to try pve healing briefly while we were progressing through icecrown. My friend, you know who you are (V) , told me to make an “oh shit” macro, meaning that if someone was about to die, u had a big heal on instant cast. Instead , I thought she meant for me to make a /yell macro “OH SHIT” that I was in trouble.  Haha. So throughout the raid, every now and then, my Druid would yell “OH SHIT!!” And the rest of the raid were like wtf is wrong with you Nairn ?  Needless to say, I went back to my DPS soon after. #wowstories #noob #stillanoob #yesthatsashamannotadruid #iknow #warcraft
Always teetering on the edge @blairnoel  Thanks to my NYC homies for making my 22nd birthday a real banger
100th Cover of #asosmagazine 💗💗💗Thankyou 💗💗💗
Happy Birthday, Sophie Turner!
Wow...that’s a fan. Forgot his name...my apologies. He was a good man!!! Well done Sir, nice tattoos. And thanks for letting me take photos...Now you just need #euron Greyjoy on your... hmmm....I wonder where a good place would be..? Hmmm.... 🤷🏼‍♂️ #thinking thinking... oh I got it...what about on your kraken? 🤦🏼‍♂️ I’m sorry...that’s so immature....I know...but also a tiny bit funny!!! OMG...I’m not saying you have a tiny!! What I’m saying is...get one!!! If it doesn’t hurt too much... 🦑 #gameofthrones #whatisdeadmayneverdie #eurongreyjoy
Happy 22nd birthday, Sophie Turner! 🎉 - follow @sophieturner for more sophie/sansa posts
Blue Tuesday ❤️
s/o to Avis rental who gave us a #mustang for $80 a day #budgetballer
from ear to ear
Someone make me stop eating these ridiculous things. #oplatkyzprahy
Game of Thrones 2015
Yeah....I wanna go. It’s bingo banko time..!!!! Fuck champions league...... this is the true sport of gentlemen!!! You can win half a 🐖...legendary!!! Happiest man alive...
Apparently I’m on ‘horrorchannel’ tonight. 👻🤡💀👹🧟‍♂️🙅🏻‍♀️🦖
never leave other ppl in charge of ur party invites 🙄
Brb. In paradise @cocopriveprivateisland #cocoprive
This might be the nicest sweater I ever had.. If it wasn’t for hygiene, I would literallyyyyy (pronounce with thick Valley Girl ‘accent’)never take it off.  @extreme.cashmere
This is how I like to roll. Deal with it.
I may not be able to be @bafta this evening... but from across the pond I am proudly wearing black in support of my sisters and my brothers who are helping to end abuse and impunity @RosaForWomen.  Please click on the link in bio and donate with your heart. 💪🏻❤️ #timesup #endvaw #justice #equality #baftas2018
Dear New York, I am about to leave this very special human bean in your fair city, please take care of her for me as I’m coming back to get her..and the rest of that champagne we left to boot! ❤️🎯 🥂 #rosesblooming #greatestlovesofmylifeseemtohavegirlybits #nycnights
LISTEN TO HER. Link in bio. Taken from @zoeisabellakravitz
👍🏻 . . and what about the others?
First time ever at #disneyonice #veryinteresting #letitgo #thethingswedoforourkids “and for love” 😉
Happy Valentine baby! I love you, I need you, I feel you! Your’re the best @grymolvaerhivju 🌹 Great picture by @mortenqvale Stylist: @svetlanahairstylist @sistemohikaner
Training with @carlos_formento a couple of years ago in Gran Canaria while I was filming there. We only trained the once one night after filming but it was so cool. I learned so much. Film by @sockmsocks. Thank you to you both for this amazing memory and my pal Carlos who’s handle I can’t find right now for hooking the whole thing up 💪🏽👊🏽🥊 #boxingislife #boxing #iloveboxing #girlsthatbox #comeatmebro😂 #memories #grancanaria #carlosformento #neversettle #idontbusiness😂
Hello lovely people.  Episode four of my DJ Mix/ podcast / radio show is out now.  Link in bio.  Also available in @itunes and @mixcloud .  Featuring tracks by @rasmusfaber @lariotsofficial @thecubeguys @blockandcrownofficial @crispinjgloverofficial @formatb.official @pezntofficial @frankyrizardo @gaaboficial and others !
Happy Valentine's Day ❤️
Happy Valentine’s Day!  #valentinesday
Late last night we lost a poetic voice. May his legacy inspire us to travel the world, to be better and to embrace our differences. 🙏🏻❤️ In my mind he was a true #king. #longlivetheking #longlivehenridemonpezat  My thoughts are with you and your family!
And this @nhsmillion and @jambruiser made me smile ❤️❤️❤️
Happy Wednesday peoples💗💗💗💗💗
Paul Weller. A God amongst men! Now!!!
Welcome to Arden...the cutest little newborn ❤️ She is just perfect. I’m the happiest and proudest uncle in the world!!! Congrats to the parents. Well done 🎊🙏🏻❤️ #promisetobeagooduncle
Happy Birthday, Natalie Dormer! 🔥
We are watching a show to send one year olds to sleep. I (the adult) was asleep before it ended... safe to say I am little spoon. 😴 This young man is the most exquisite human to have ever been made by the most excellently exquisite of parents (who are also there to keep you awake when taking care of their baby) 🤭 #godmothergushingwillneverbedone💪🏻 #godsonlove #❤️ #fillingupmylovequotafortheweek  #howevershowsforbabysaretrippyashell 😳
X-Men: Days of Future Past
Happy Birthday, Natalie Dormer aka Margaery Tyrell! 🎉
RED/BLUE. Once in a lifetime you get to see a show by someone who is probably one of the most important artists in the world at that moment in time. Tonight, for me, was that night. #kendricklamar
The Brothers Size at @youngvictheatre is honestly the best piece of theatre I have ever had the pleasure of watching. EVER. If you want to feel alive...run don’t walk to this play I urge you! 💪🏻 #goodtheatremakesgoodpeople #bigbrotherlove  #tarellalvinmccraney IS A GENIUS. 🙌❤️🔥
shooting for @voguemagazine #tb #hannaschygulla
Alright alright...my daughter playing it hardcore!!!...she finished a puzzle by herself, and all of a sudden she is a comedian...! “OK, that’s cool. Super cool. HEY...She is my daughter. 5 years old. I like her...I love her...BUT seriously...you wanna play little lady...eh...? YOU WANNA PLAY? Eh? LOOK AT ME...!!! YOU WANNA PLAY??? OK...the game is ON!!! I WILL TAKE YOU DOWN!!! I will humiliate YOU and show the world I AM the puzzle-master of the house. My house, my rules!!! There are no rules. YOU ARE GOING DOWN...what ? WHAT you saying??????? Eh? I’m sorry! Don’t understand...don’t speak loser” #fridaynightfight #therecanonlybeone #winnertakesall #loosereatspoo
@centrepointuk this evening has been magical for so many reasons @troymagician made that literal.  The plight that so many young people face as a result of homelessness can seem insurmountable but tonight I met and heard about those incredible young people who made it not only possible to turn it around but soar and survive instead. 💪🏻🔥 @centrepointuk hella yeah. 👌🙌 #mindblowingcouragemainginspirationalhumans #❤️
That moment when you find your gold leaf baby (dragon)eggs..... at Kensington palace.  #thankgoodnesstheloorollisntgoldleaf #andapparentlytheirthronehasanalarm 😳
@kingsophiesworld ... THIS .. too sensitive... too dramatic ... ITS NOT drama it’s PASSION because I give a shit... about a lot of things .. what I’m trying to say is I LOVE THIS...
Montreal Canada. I took this about 10 years ago. Jeez I’m old.
Flight no 5. 12 bags of peanuts. A storm. An angry fellow traveler. Episodes of Gomorrah. Housewives. The crown.... Now Lufthansa ... #showmeyournuts ....
Dali Western China. Amazing place. A few years ago.
Have to say, the old hometown is looking gorgeous from the air. ❤️✈️🏠 #home #manchester
#tbt to when we filmed in Osuna, Spain for @GameofThrones in October 2014. We were there for about 10 days. One day, we were wrapped early because a green screen fell down due to high winds and the production had to make sure it was safe. It meant I was free to wonder around the town by myself during the siesta... and it was the most perfectly peaceful afternoon. There was no one else around as the Spanish take that siesta business so seriously, at least in this part of Spain they did... (I wish we had them too if I’m honest 😂). I walked up to the cathedral overlooking the town, and just sat on a wall quietly for quite a while... an hour and a half or so. I remember taking this photo to remind me of that feeling of peace, as contrived/posed as it might be. I just found it and it had the exact effect I had hoped for. #peaceful #exploringosuna #justcallmedora #osuna #spain #gameofthrones #season5 #thefightingpitsofmeereen  #ilikequiet #siestasarethebomb #thespanishgotitright #😴 #itwaslikeaghosttown #beautifultown #beautifulviews #beautifulpeople #ilovemyjob #sograteful
Obviously I’m very excited to say that I’m playing with mr @officialfatboyslim at Ally Pally in London at the end of the month !! Repost from @officialfatboyslim using @RepostRegramApp - I bumped into this guy, @kristiannairn (who some of you may know as Hodor!) in Ibiza last year and caught his set at Mambo. I liked it so much we’ve asked him to come and play at Ally Pally! Also confirmed to play is @wearepunctual + lots more shenanigans to be revealed! See you in a few weeks! 🙂
Me n my son💫
My nan gave me a trolley of hers, for Christmas, that she had never used... and I love it so much... It’s so cute and practical... 😂😍🦉#fashionandfunction #😂 #ihaveaweirdloveoflaundrettesbytheway #thanksnan #lovemytrolley #socute #laundrydays #28goingon88 #thesheetswontwashthemselvesyo
❄️🔥#superbowl  #got #teampeter
Learning my lines like....#teampeter #peterdinklage #morganfreeman #bustarhymes #missyelliot #superbowl #iceandfire
@glamourgermany  trailer for the award show
Kit Harington photographed by Matthew Brookes
Kit Harington at the Milan Fashion Week (2018)
JOSIE is coming for ya. 👊💋🕶. In theatres and VOD 3/16 #throwingshade #josie
Kit and Emilia in Iceland (credits to @ailsabarrow)
Check out these amazing drawings! SVIPE! Made my @slightly_mad_pollada @alexandreportodesenhos @de.fry @heatherlenefskyart #luispucacco and @y_bhan
#kitharington Have a good day everyone 👋
Roger- a short film featuring myself and the very funny @seannwalsh is now available to view online. Link in my bio for a week. We hope you like it. 😊🎬 #shortfilm
🎨Link in bio! Help out this upcomming documentary about my mentor, friend and hero Odd Nerdrum!  #repost @nerdrumforever ・・・ The Hunt of Nerdrum📽 (Link in bio) New documentary-series up on Kickstarter and we need your help to bring it to life! We have filmed everything, more than 200 hours of video and sound footage, and the series is nearly finished edited - what we need now is the remaining funding to finish it and publish it for world wide distribution. We deeply appreciate all contributions! #oddnerdrum #nerdrumpictures #kickstarter
My new custom headphones for 2018 have just arrived , and I’m seriously impressed with them as always.  Great work @customcans_headphones !! Based on @pioneerdjglobal Hdj X10’s with a little #vertigo @zakkwyldebls thrown in ;)
Great to have a little catch up with mr @isaachwright ❤️
Missin the early morning sing songs with the galz 🎵 @tabby_doherty @blairnoel
Great video from the weekend recently with @dimitrivegasandlikemike !  Thanks for the video Tom!
As many of our lovely Thrones SAG Awards lads as I can fit into one picture! Thank you to @burberry for the most beautiful suit. What a brilliant evening - congratulations to all the victors. But it's goodbye sunny LA for now, time to go back to work...
Paree 🇫🇷 💫♥️
Getting dressed in taxi before @skavlantvshow with @grymolvaerhivju 11 minutes before start! Great night! Great people! #skavlan
Good luck to all the ladies participating in the Global Goals World Cup in Dubai friday and satiurday. You are all doing amazing work towards a sustainable better future. Have fun ! #ggwcup #sustainablemindz #theglobalgoals #undp
I just came across this old relic. The result of a very early calligraphy lesson in preparation for Samwell’s copying out of High Septon Maynard’s boring and totally unimportant (😉😃) diaries in season 7. It got better than this. #gameofthrones #got 🖌
From #jordan #amman shooting BECK «My own blood» #throwbackbeck Stream it tonight on CMORE and TV2 SUMO ! In US- you can check out all the other BECK film on @mhzchoice ! I’m 31-33 ! Directed by @jorgenbergmark and #mortenklingberg! @cmore @cmoredanmark @cmorefi #peterhaber @piatjelta #jenniesilverhjelm #månsnathanaelson #annasp #elmiraarikan #filmlance #beckisback
The man, the myth, the legend! Stream it on CMORE and TV2 Sumo this weekend! I’ll tell you when its on BBC4, in the US and other places! "My own blood" is directed by #mortenklingberg! @cmore @cmoredanmark @cmorefi #peterhaber @piatjelta #jenniesilverhjelm #månsnathanaelson #annasp #elmiraarikan #filmlance #beckisback
Resistance is futile.
Oooooh yeah!
Exciting news to start the year! I am proud to join the @lorealmen family and be spokesperson not just for their self-empowering products, but also for their commitment with The @Movember Foundation! Can’t wait to tell you more about it… stay tuned!
NYD 2018, Brighton
Arrived in the New year with a splash.
Happy New Year lovely people! Dublin now! X
To cap off what has been one of the most perfect years of my life, my best friend @tjs_06 has told me that I’m going to be godfather to his newborn baby Joshua Joseph Smith. It’s the most beautiful end to the year I could have dreamt of. We’re going to have some fun, kid. ❤️👶 #godfather
Yeah so it looks like I WON Celebrity Mastermind. 👍👨🏻‍🎓🤓Family and friends should be warned that I may be unbearable company for the next few days. Seriously though it was a great experience with lovely people and I’m so happy to raise some money for @christiecharity. They give so much hope to people going through cancer and in 2011 their amazing work meant I didn’t have to say goodbye to my mum. #celebritymastermind #christiecancercharity ❤️
Merry Xmas from London's best pub sing along
Today, I #standup4humanrights @UNDP @UN #humanrightsday
My best mate in the whole wide world.
Had an inspiring and sobering visit on the island of maabaidhoo here in the Maldives. They are together with local UNDP doing amazing work to restore the unique ‘Koaru’ wetlands. And are in the process of transforming their waste management. And restoring the fragile ecosystem. But they need help. Because of climate change severe flooding and erosion is digging away at the island and without action this resilient beautiful culture is threatened. Met Maria who with her husband bougjt a timy piece of land to grow chili and make that extra bit of money to help her finish her education as a teacher. A week before harvest the ocean flooded her crops and she lost everything. We can help. We must help. Clinate change affects us all. We must all share in finding solutions.  Thank you so much for the welcome and tour of your island . We will pass on the message. Please support at give.undp.org/nikolaj @undp #climateaction #maldives
Had so much fun today the global goals world cup in Bangkok. Great teams. Thanks to everyone involved @undp @nistschool @chelseafc
Derek Jarman's cottage at the ends of the earth
Chicago, I ❤️U