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Logan Paul


[WATCH] Outta My Hair - Official Music Video ↙️🎵

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Wanted some excitement in my life so I grew this mustache (it took me an hour) 👨🏼 do u luv it or h8 it? ps u got merch? (link in bio)
🚨 NEW SONG + MUSIC VIDEO ALERT 🚨 "Outta My Hair" starring @BellaThorne is OUT NOW! Go watch the video, stream the song on @Spotify & @iTunes 🔝 Link In Bio 🔝
IT'S FINISHED!!! Three months of customization and "The Cool Bus" is finally complete 😈 We turned a regular, boring school bus into the most ridiculously obnoxious and savage content machine in the United States. It's not a head turner - it's a god damn neck breaker... AND IT BANGS, @WestCoastCustoms y'all killed it 🔥🔥🔥 FEATURES:  Smart glass (automatic window tint), 30 interior speakers, electric winch, color changing LED lights, toilet, microwave, kitchen, hammock on the inside, 50 inch flatscreen with Apple TV & wifi, two @Lovesac beanbags, air conditioning, an intercom system and a bunch of other dope stuff 😂🙌🏼 (p.s. swipe over and check out the tires, always plug, Merch link in bio YEET)
thanks for letting me talk about my testicles on your show @jimmykimmel
my baby is back and badder than ever 😍 #theyetireturns (ps catch me on @JimmyKimmel tonight, 11:35pm EST, 10:35 CT)
Hercules wore jorts too 🍇🇮🇹💫
searching for my future Italian wife but she playin rn 🇮🇹🇺🇸💁🏽 #boopadiboppadi #thatsafact #mammamia #tiamo #fluent
aight this is getting stupid lololol 💎💦❄️💦❄️💦❄️💎
I wouldn't be posting this if I didn't think it's the beginning of an incredibly long, prosperous, earth-shaking journey... Just got my Diamond play button and I'm proud to say we're the fastest channel to ever hit 10M Subscribers on @YouTube (333 days), and as of today I've officially been Vlogging for 1 year. Hot damn. 🔥🔥🔥 Every day I aim to send ripples through life, spread positivity and preach that being different is not only OKAY, but encouraged. It's the Mavericks who are going to DENT THE UNIVERSE... and you can bet you're ass I'm gonna put a dent in this bitch 😜 Our new @MaverickByLoganPaul #denttheuniverse shirt is available for 48 hours ONLY, so grab your merch and #beamaverick 🔝 (Link In Bio) 🔝
OY! Buckle your f**king seatbelts because it's finally here - Season 2 of my show, LOGAN PAUL VS! 😱 Go watch the first episode: LOGAN PAUL VS. AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR! 🔝 (Link In Bio) 🔝 9 insane episodes to go 😈
damn... the sun is sunny and the ice is icy 💎❄️☀️❄️☀️❄️☀️❄️☀️❄️💎
I'm the Burning Man cuz this coat is hot af 🔥
My boy wanted a Rolex... So I got him a Rolex 👑
It's cool to win two @TeenChoiceFOX Awards... it's even cooler when your brother also wins two 😈 #riseofthepauls ALSO just broke history on the internet and became the fastest @YouTube channel to hit 10M subscribers... it took us 333 days 🔥 YEET The Logang Paulers are the strongest family on the web, soon to be the world --- let's keep being great, breaking rules, and working hard to achieve our goals. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY BIG BLONDE CHOCH HEART 💛 #beamaverick #logang4life
The rocket ship is about to take off... you coming? 🚀😉 Introducing our new @MaverickByLoganPaul YETI Backpack - by far my favorite & coolest piece we've ever dropped... Along with the Back To School and Youth Merch we just released, the Mavericks continue to lead the pack in innovation and straight up savagery - Get your gear & join the movement YEET 🔝🔝🔝 ➡️ Link In Bio ⬅️
I'm Logan Paul and I came here to f**k s**t up
fur soft but we hard af 🔥@DwarfMamba
I'm not a good swimmer so good thing my biceps act as floating devices 💪🏼😂 Missing Hawaii... Where should I travel to next?! ✈️✈️
new whip new merch  same Ohio Boy 😉  Grab your @MaverickByLoganPaul merch in the next 48 hours & I'm embroidering 10 of your names on the interior AND flying 2 of you out here to take a ride in this beast! 🔥 LOGANG TO THE 🔝🔝🔝 (Link In Bio) 🔥