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Anastasia Cooper


PVD, BOS, ATL, DMV, Conquerer of Anvil's 100, lover of cool underwear, waiting for my owl. I take terrible photos of really good cocktails. 👭🌈👔👖👞

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The college struggle used to be real. Thank God for the come up! #arbormist #whatwerewethinking
I just want someone to look at me the way I'm looking at this milkshake from Zaxby's!
Smoked turkey breast, colby jack, and a lemon/lime spritzer for her. Prosciutto, goat cheese, and a vesper for me. Everything else, meets in the middle. #charcuterie
I'm such a stan for my salon.
Spent pretty much all day yesterday talking myself into wearing my new shorts from @doughnutsanddeadlifts to the gym. Yeah, they're short. They're supposed to be. It only took one lift before I realized how much bettery workout was gonna be. Embrace the shawts!
When you aren't sure about your new shorts but your best friend thinks you're bae all the time.
"We the people means everyone" representing at the gym today!
We bout to bless these trick or treaters!
Me: I want a Lewis bag but do I really need it? Me to me: mint juleps are life though! 🍑🥃
My "Cmon Georgia, beat Florida" drink. Peach whiskey smash with chocolate bitters for #nationalchocolateday!
Guinness? Check. Jameson Cooper's Croze? Check. Day complete!
Solidifying, not only a common love of Harry Potter, but also the bond of friendship with the Lumos/Nox counterspell tattoos!
Some of that deep shoulder action!
Welp. Looks like I have some new workout shirts on the horizon. #outwod #beastworx #gayingainz #bro
When you've been talking about wanting to visit CA for years and your best fraand gets your Christmas gift early and surprises you with tickets! Memorial Day 2018!!!! My best friend >>>>>>
So happy I got to see this face!!!!
We're on the right track baby!
I'm here for the culture. #atlantapride #colt45
Day 1 success! I love these faces!
Do. You. Even. Tie. Your. Own. Bowties? #atlantapride