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Anastasia Cooper


PVD, BOS, ATL, DMV, Conquerer of Anvil's 100, lover of cool underwear, waiting for my owl. I take terrible photos of really good cocktails. 👭🌈👔👖👞

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I gotta stop falling asleep on my friends. Also, I went home and my grandma STILL isn't here for  my shenanigans.
When you find a place with some beautiful bottles, you just gave to go for it...and then end up passed out on a couch outside a bar with your bestie!
Day 1: amazing.
I wanna thank @doughnutsanddeadlifts for these wonderful shorts. These smalls are a lil big for me but the drawstring actually does something and held them through leg day. That waffle inside is amazing. I rolled my shorts for my last set of quads and it stayed until I'd finished walking back to the locker room, looking like a doofus.
Gym #ootd courtesy of #gainzbox, #nerds, #doughnutsanddeadlifts, and, of course, the gays! #howamisingle 📸 @bockrathb
Congratulations Philly! I drink a Clover Club in your honor!
I. Love. This. Cocktail. The Morning Glory Fizz is the perfect day cocktail. Scotch is always the right choice.
Last day of #tikithesnowaway and I opted for the Scorpion Bowl, party of 1! I adapted The Smuggler's Cove recipe into enough for one and did half clarified oj, half curacao. Using the trick in their book, Finally, I have fire!
Scotch, chocolate bitters, coconut, and heavy cream fall in a shaker. Sounds like a bad joke. Tastes  delicious.
We ACTUALLY live in a world where someone can and will deny another's truth. To my trans friends, I wanna remind you all that every space I occupy is a safe one for you. I see you. I love you. I fight for you. Today and everyday. Chromosomes don't determine who you are or who you can love.
2 hours. That's how long it took me to clarify an orange without machines or additives. 1 ounce. That's how much orange juice I got. This is a clarified gin & juice/sunrise cocktail. Obviously made with Tanqueray because Snoop wouldn't use anything else.
This is pure inspiration from @apartment_bartender and his Monte Cold Brew. I threw a couple of twists in to create my own variation. Cold brew coffee, cinnamon simple syrup, @cruzanrum blakcstrap rum, @amaromonte, and a whole egg to make this a flip. It sits on a cold brew ice cube with an orange twist and freshly grated cinnamon.
#tikithesnowaway with a Lush bath bomb and the Fog Cutter! This is the Lost Lake version since I can't drink orange juice and it's amazing!
Been making lots of drinks lately but the #gainz are still coming in! The 2 are a delicate balancing act.
My first, true Mai Tai! Recipe adapted from @smugglerscovesf cocktail book. Homemade orgeat, from @deathandcompany book, Pierre Ferrand dry curacao, and a split base of @eldorado_rum 5 year and @plantation.rum OFTD. Yes. I'm smiling ear to ear!
Attempted to recreate the Smokin' Manzanas from @jackroseindc. That's a good sipper!
Of course the last intentional #thismightgetweirdbro had to end, well, weird. I had 4 slices of pineapple that needed to be used or eaten. So I ate one, muddled 2, and charred the 4th for a garnish. This "Smokey and the Pineapple" smash may never be "Bennie and the Jets" famous but that's cool.
When you go to the liquor store to look around and things are in sale. 😍😍😍
On tonight's #thismightgetweirdbro, we visit an old friend...banana liqueur. #oldforester 1870? Check. Banana liqueur? Oui. Chocolate bitters? Totes. The first few sips were good but a taaaad too sweet for how I like my old fashioned variations so I added a quarter oz of Overproof bourbon and boom! Be jealous of my A&W Root Beer lunchbox.