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Lola Wingate


Happily unmarried senior businesswoman and mum on my way to more discoveries about the world and self.

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Spring time and the horses are out with their foals.
The Merced river at its fullest in several years.
Dogwoods are in full bloom in Yosemite. You must hurry if you don't want to miss them.
Now is the time to see Yosemite while the Merced river is fuller than ever and there are waterfalls everywhere.
Entrance into Yosemite. Love this approach. Thank you Luci for the great tour of the park.
Ginger flowers in bloom. Can't think of any other brown flowers. I just love these little guys. Look for the distinctive leaves then you'll find the flowers beneath the leaves close to the ground.
What do you see in your imagination's eye from this snag?
There were four Canadian geese and some mallards (?) spotted at Bass Lake. The lake is full and beautiful.  What a treat, thanks to my friend Luci who took me there and through the park.
Morro Bay, CA,  going out past the breakers early morning.
Beautiful Saturday morning at Farmers Market San Luis Obispo.
California Poppies are blooming.
Imagine if it you owned a goat herd for hire to control weeds and it was your job to haul these guys from one field to another. All in a days work. Now that would be a happy job. This herd was on weed control patrol in SLO.
What a little rain will do.  Birds of Paradise are so picturesque and I love that they are blooming when hardly any others are. Everything just shimmered today.
Wild flowers springing forth at Montana de Oreo
Arizona's idea of rain!  Pictures of it on the sidewalk. Lol.
A whole vegetable stand on one bike.
Water puppets all in a row.
Box I want to buy. I'll be back.
A shop window in Hanoi.
Enjoying the planetarium show