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Road Trip Rule # 1. ALWAYS book accommodation with after hours check-in, because: You will take the scenic route. You will get lost in the serenity of one of your favourite views. You will actually get lost in the labyrinth of the most amazing second hand book store. You will get distracted reading your new book from said store. You will get tired from driving and need a nap at some point. #thisiswhy #itakeforever #wonteverchange #solotraveler #roadtrip #ulmarra
When you say: “I’m so excited about my little vacation... I’ve already started packing!” But you actually mean: “I’m a little nervous about being away from my cats, but I’m sure they’ll be fine. I’ve already packed everything they could possibly need, with enough food to last them twice as long as I’ll be away for. I haven’t even thought about packing for myself yet... Honestly, I’ll be happy if I can find clean clothes to throw into a bag roughly an hour after I was supposed to leave.” 😸😹😻 #butseriously #ineedhelp #catmum
Today I watched the sun set over Ulmarra. I don't know exactly what it is about this particular spot, but it always seems to draw me in. Of all the places I've visited throughout the world, this continues to be one of my favourite views. There is peace here. #sunset #ulmarra #roadtrip
Another incredible evening spent at The Arts Centre. Tonight's performance of Dracula was breathtaking... Literally! A brilliant performance that was true to Bram Stoker's original, and a fantastic set design as well. I have no idea how I'm going to sleep tonight! #bloodyamazing #shakeandstir #dracula
Back home in Australia, ready for new beginnings. And nothing symbolises a fresh start like new hair! ✨ I left a big piece of my heart in Texas, and can't wait until my next visit. Until then, I have every intention of keeping the cowgirl boots on! ❀️ #talesfromtexas #canyouguessmyfavouritecolour #redheadroyalty
Right now it's the 4th of July in both Texas and Australia. There are celebrations all around today, and as far as I'm concerned they're all for this beautiful ray of sunshine 🌞 πŸŽ‰Happy 5th Birthday Tahlia!πŸŽ‰ You are such an amazing young lady and you are destined for incredible things. It's an honour to be your godmother and a part of your life, even from so far away. While I'm upset I won't be able to celebrate this birthday with you, I look forward to spoiling you when I return ✨ Happy Birthday, Beautiful Girl πŸ’–
After an interesting customs experience, one short and terrible flight, then another long but relaxing flight, topped off with a super fun vomiting bug taking me out of action for a few days... The vacation is back on track! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ While most of my time in Houston was spent indoors and in close proximity to the bathroom, I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Everyone I met was warm and friendly, and you just can't beat that unique Texan twang. I'm really looking forward to spending a bit more time in Houston at the end of the month ⭐️ Currently in South Texas, the small city of San Benito to be precise. Getting acquainted with the surroundings and making myself comfy... New adventures coming soon! #talesfromtexas #houstonheart
When you're just a little excited for your vacation, and you arrive at the airport six hours before your flight ✈️ Now if I could just find a cafe open at this time... #outtahere #seeyounextmonth
Bernard had quite the adventure today. He came home from the Vet with four less teeth and rocking a brand new haircut. He also learnt that if you try to bite the Vet, they give you even more sedatives... 😼 #cleverkitty #dontworry #itwillgrowback #bernardthebrave
When your cat has a Pride Rock moment at the Vet while trying to escape through the ceiling... Then promptly gives up and just glares at you, completely motionless, forcing the Vet to find a stepladder. 😸😹😻 #luckyilovehim #diegothedaring
Bryce and Claire get married - 11/03/2017. #lovelovelove #awabahouse
Bryce and Claire get married - 11/03/2017. #lovelovelove #awabahouse
Such a beautiful day for a wedding! Congratulations Bryce & Claire πŸŒ·πŸ’–πŸŒ· #somuchlove
When your Mum gives you a beautiful flower in the most vibrant colour, just because she can... πŸ’– #luckydaughter #thanksmumma #orangelove
Sand sculptures. Impromptu aura reading. Inept Magicians. Pizza dinner and Nutella dessert. Magical moonrise. And all with great company. What a perfect way to end the week πŸ’– #fridayfunday #foreverfriends
Missing "The Shed" already... The perfect home away from home, complete with peace & quiet, puppies & ponies. A rare #airbnb find, and one that I look forward to visiting again #weekendgetaway #illbebacksoon
When your #airbnb comes with a bear-sized dog called Bear... #whatmoredoyouneed #airbnbwin #illbebacksoon
When your cat is actually a panther. Except not a very active one... #junglekitty #bernardthebrave
Movie date with Benedict! He somehow makes the awkwardness of a solo Gold Class session worthwhile #drstrange #solodatenight #oddoneout #totallyworthit
Another incredible Shakespeare session at the Art Centre. Tonight it was Othello. A powerful production of another of my favourites. Still in awe (and tears), and so lucky to have seen this... #speechless #bellshakespeare #othello