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Manchester City


The official Manchester City Instagram account | Tag your photos from our US Tour 2017 using #cityontour πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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David Lowry #extraordinarycitystory with @visitabudhabi "Soccer is a big deal in Texas, I think it's the Latin culture. When I found Man City I just kind of liked the feeling behind it, know what I mean? I first started following them in 95 when they were up and down. And then fast forward to 2012, 93:20 when we won the league in the last seconds. I was at work. I full on cried. It was incredible.  My upbringing was blue collar. My dad is my hero, he works his tail off for everything. Started from nothing, made his way, been in the oil industry now for 40 plus.  My day job is hairdressing, I used to be a chef, but moved on from that, as long as I’m working with my hands I’m happy. I travel all around the country, have a salon on the north side of town and opening another one up soon. Still, I watch every City match. I get up at 6am and watch them live. When it's matchday my life 100 per cent revolves around City. Everyone at work thinks I'm crazy, but I'm all in now."
@leroysane19, @nicolasotamendi30, @daniluiz2 and Yaya Toure get their coaching boots on at our Goals announcement event! #cityontour #mcfc #mancity #mancheatercity
30 today! Have a good one, @fernandoreges! #happybirthday #mcfc #mancity #manchestercity
Introducing our new @Nikefootball 17-18 Away Kit. #mcfc #mancity #manchestercity
Charting @benmendy23's meteoric rise! πŸ“ˆπŸ’« #bluemendy #mcfc #mancity #manchestercity
@menelikwatson71 #extraordinarycitystory with @visitabudhabi "I have a vivid memory, from when I was 15 years old, of riding on my bike up to the Etihad Stadium and holding my hand up against the concrete wall. It was the closest I had ever come to being at a City game. I dreamed of being able to go inside and watch, let alone play for the team. When I was growing up we didn't have enough money to get in. It's crazy to think how things have changed.  Thanks to hard work and some great people helping me along the way I now mainly watch City from my base in the States, where I play for the Denver Broncos in the NFL.  City is my bridge to home, especially when I get the games over here. I can see that stadium, I know my brother's house is around the corner, it gives me that comfort. I'm always getting that constant reminder.  I am just getting started in my life. When I was 11 I smashed up my ankle so badly at school I was told I would never play sport again. From that low I battled back to playing at junior college, getting drafted,  playing for Oakland and facing the best of the best in American Football. I've suffered more injuries. I have overcome those injuries and been blessed with the new contract at Denver. I'm ready for this new phase. Nobody has seen the true Menelik Watson yet and I'm excited to show that.  My daughter is my motivation. My mum is still in Longsight, Manchester. My brothers are still out there. I won't be content until everybody has got to see the world like I have."
Moonchester and Moonbeam get a taste of Hollywood life! πŸŽ₯ #cityontour #mcfc #mancity #manchestercity
πŸ’™πŸ”΅ #bluemendy πŸ’™πŸ”΅ #mancity #mcfc #manchestercity
All you need to know about @benmendy23! #bluemendy #mcfc #mancity #manchestercity
Please welcome @benmendy23 to Manchester City! πŸ™Œ #bluemendy #mcfc #mancity #manchestercity
Through the lens | The most beautiful #mcfc images from the last seven days courtesy of our club photographers πŸ“Έ #mancity #manchestercity #cityontour
@daniluiz2's first training session for #mcfc! ⚽️⚽️⚽️ #welcomedanilo #mancity #manchestercity
It's going to be number 3 for @daniluiz2! #welcomedanilo #mcfc #mancity #manchestercity
When @nicolasotamendi30 met @ufceurope's @pb1_ for an intense MMA session! Good luck at #ufc214 Jimi! πŸ€œπŸΏπŸ€›πŸΌ#cityontour @ufc
Our new boy @daniluiz2's fact file... #welcomedanilo #mcfc #mancity #manchestercity
Signed and sealed in LA! 😎 #welcomedanilo #mcfc #mancity #manchestercity
Deal done! Let's all #welcomedanilo to the Club! #mcfc #mancity #manchestercity
#thankyoualeks πŸ’™
Thank you for seven years of service, Kolarov! πŸ’™ #mcfc #mancity #manchestercity #kolarov #thankyoualeks
Arriving into LA in style with @dsquared2 😎 #cityontour #mcfc #mancity #manchestercity
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