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Matt Steffanina


LA || Amazing Race 28 winner "No Limit" dance ft DYTTO ⬇️

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"No Limit" w @iam_dytto || do ya'll think she killed my style?? cause if so I gotta try hers next 💀🔥😂 || filmed by @topher.shrigley | @g_eazy @iamcardib @asaprocky #nolimit #dance #hiphop #choreography #mattsteffanina #dytto
should we release our first collab tomorrow... 9am? || @iam_dytto
grateful for everyone that's been by my side this week. literally 🙏🏼
The #ifimlucky dance contest is happening now 🏆 learn the music video choreography with me, @jasonderulo & @thejeremystrong (link in bio) and submit your video.  I'm gonna be watching all of your submissions with Jason and he's going to post his favorite on his Instagram on HALLOWEEN.  I'll also be shouting out my favorites and reposting a bunch of you on @dncrvids 🙌🏼 Make sure to tag us and use the hashtag #ifimlucky in your post || #jasonderulo #mattsteffanina #dance #contest #choreography #tutorial #hiphopdance
Alex you don't know how much this means to me,  thank you so much bro.  your message below is beautiful and so important for our community.  I love you all and can't wait to be back with you soon ❤️ @alexandernxg  #repost @alexandernxg ・・・ As class began I expressed to everyone that we are a community, all of us; and a member of our community, @mattsteffanina was hurt. Everyone already knew the situation. I asked if we could all come together to send a video to you, they instantly started clapping and joined up, that entire room was filled with oneness, love and compassion for you. When I saw your video my heart was broken and my mind was just racing... Wishing you a speedy recovery and know that you are not alone. I know LA is a scary place, most of us left home to be here but we are all in this together.
I'm a private person, but I feel like this needs to be shared.  I'm in pain, not because my face is broken but because if it wasnt me, it could have been his pregnant wife or his child.  I heard after this that he has a history of domestic abuse and violence.  This man was a relative of a friend attending the wedding.  we've never met besides a handshake at the wedding, no words exchanged, and the only motive that he relayed as he snuck up behind me and attacked me was some sort of jealousy.  wanting to mess up my face, my career, I don't know exactly. but he didn't, I might be ugly for a couple weeks but I'm still gonna teach tomorrow, hobble around through a few eight counts and pray that this message reaches one person in danger and somehow makes a difference.  look out for each other.  love each other and SAY SOMETHING if you think somebody is in trouble.  I love you guys
happy wedding day to my beautiful cousin and her swaggy man
ready. GO! the #ifimlucky dance contest starts today and @jasonderulo is going to be posting the winner on his IG 🏆  tag your dance friends that should enter & post a vid cause we're gonna watch ALL of them!  I'll be reposting them on @dncrvids and my IG story too.  Link to the dance performance & tutorial is in my bio!!! tag me @jasonderulo & @thejeremystrong w the hashtag #ifimlucky in your posts!! GOOD LUCK, can't wait to see ur vids!!! #jasonderulo #mattsteffanina #dance #collab #hiphopdance #choreography #tutorial #contest #ifimluckycontest
"what's the weather like there?" "its nice" 🤦🏼‍♂️ ❄️ #setup #issablizzard
BODAK YELLOW remix for @DanceCon finale with 70 LOCAL CHICAGO dancers + drone 🏆 did we rake it up?  link in bio to the full vid & I got something crazy droppin tomorrow so turn on notifications 🙌🏼 really appreciate all your comments and DM's about this episode.  because I care so much about this project so much I want to get your honest feedback on how to keep making it better, so thank you!🙏🏼 #dancecon #bodakyellow @iamcardib #cardib #dance #hiphopdance #choreography #challenge #mattsteffanina #bodakyellow
feelin like a ROCKSTAR... || @DanceCon 5 concept vid is up!!! comment after you watch.  link in bio if you a real one cause the ending is 🔥  shout out to my man @devvonterrell for the heat on this 'Rockstar' remix!! my squad for helpin w choreo and so much more @andres_torres @katrinarosita @baileysok1 || my man @monseeworld killin on the camera. Lil bro @samsteffanina learning how to work a drone and kill this off in a few days.  myself for these editsssss lol.  @_chrisxrath for lookin out for us all weekend, appreciate you bro. @lilmack_5678 for pulling up and helping me clean choreo. Katrina and her fam for helping me find this amazing location and every dancer that spent their weekend rocking with us.  so proud of all of you and how this turned out. follow the show @dancecon to keep up with us and be a part of the next episode || #dancecon #rockstar @postmalone @21savage #hiphopdance #dance #choreography #mattsteffanina
any day now I'm going back to my sweatpants and snapbacks!! red carpet vibe for @people #onestowatch
epic music video shoot today || @steveaoki  #migenteremix
FRIENDS - @justinbieber || from @DANCECON Ep 5 which is out NOW!!! Link in my bio to the full vid 🔥 Thank you to all the dancers in this episode, @baileysok1 dancin with me and my team @andres_torres, @monseeworld,  @samsteffanina @katrinarosita for making this the best episode yet!!! comment your favorite parts 💯💯 #friends #justinbieber #dance #hiphop #choreography #mattsteffanina #dancecon
how did she do that?! less than 8 hours til @DANCECON 5 drops! 12:00PST || Comment what city we should come to next 🔥  and get ready to meet 70 of the dopest dancers in Chicago. link in bio!! #dancecon #episode5 #dance #hiphopdance #hiphop
this has NEVER been done before || video & announcement coming this friday!! @jasonderulo
BODAK YELLOW - Cardi B (Remix) || @DANCECON Episode 5 comes out WEDNESDAY featuring 70 of the dopest dancers in Chicago!! this is the sickest. video. i've. ever. made 💯  check this behind the scenes rehearsal footage of the final scene.  shout out to all the dancers that learned and filmed an entire concept video in one day... see you 10/4/2017  #dancecon #episode5 #dance #hiphopdance #chicago #choreography #mattsteffanina
how many more pics til u guys stop commenting 'never see you without a hat' 😑😂😂 thx for all the fits @wcspbrand !!
all my friends are winning.  congrats on the new spot in the hills and happy bday bro
we raked up every last leaf in europe 🍃 full tour vlog coming soon!  RAKE IT UP - @yogottikom @nickiminaj || tutorial is up on @dncrvids 👯  Filmed in Rome during my intermediate class. featuring the world famous stripper @andres_torres || #rakeitup #dance #hiphopdance #choreography #nickiminaj #hiphop
ya'll wish my man @sir_twitch_alot a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!