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Business Enquiries: Miss Nana -081807070888☘️ Endorsement Enquiries: Miss Sylvie @LineID mel24281 ☘️FamilyVlog👇

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Besok pagi Kita ketemu diudara yaaaa😜✌️ @979femaleradio  #kangensiaran
This world is getting crazier! Man poses better than woman! 🤣🤣🤣
Back n fort from west Jak-East Jak..west Jak again🤣🤣 Just to spend time with this Abuba Gal!🤗🤗😍 Checking how her day bein so far,Glad we cud enjoying our time just at 🏘 Happy with this micro trike from @microscooters_indo ✅ When we go Travelling.. it can replace stroller! For max 20 killos✌️😃 @abuba_family 🦋  #microtrike #microscootersindonesia
Accompanied my sis aka my manager @na2ricardo getting her  eyebrows done yday!😊 Thanks for wonderful service @vansulamaliscp ✅👌🏻
Yes.. This is what happened in reality 🤣🤣 Way from perfect!! One crying 😭  The other  one wants to do crazy pose( doesn't wanna listen to d instructions!)😩 Yes.. taking photos with ur kids is Rempooooooooongggggggg..ly Happy!🤣🤣 After all we still create a memory together 😝😍 #harianaknasional
We 💙makin memories with kids thru photos! Realising that time can't b pause! N they all growing soooo fast! So we don't wanna miss a thing 😘😘 But ok I gotta b honest .. it's nottttttt easy to hv everyone looks great on photo, n yup you want to show it to d whole world thru Instagram!🤣🤣 So this is what you see on social media😀😀 Next👉🏾 #harianaknasional
Bapake lagi kambuh.. Kasian anak2nyeeee😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Demi bikin istri Happy!! 😜😜
Good morning 💙 He's my everlasting Joy! I'm so grateful for his presence in my life🙏🏻😊 My son😘😘 What's ur Joy ? Remember ur Joy is ur strength! Don't let anything takin it from you!💙 @abuba_family
Chloe KW lagi mau nyanyi Cicak Cicak di NdiNding🤣🤣🤣
Thank you @initalkshowofficial .. Dah ngundang Dadda Tyson n Chloe KW🤣🤣🤣 Ga bs brenti ngakak!😝😝
Membacakan @bukutoleransi buat kk #chloevlynch n Abang #couragejlynch .. Belajar menghargai n mengasihi setiap orang,walaupun Kita "berbeda"💙🙏🏻 Seperti anak2 #abuba ini yg lahir dari budaya Inangnya Batak-Indonesia n Dadda nya Australia 🤗  Berbeda.. Tapi Saling 💙😜
I believe God not because my parents told me.. Not because the church told me.. But because I've experienced His goodness n mercy my self! N one His greatest blessing is my kids!💙🙏🏻 My organic tencel bedding set by @picassobedding 🦋 @abuba_family 🤗🤗
Finally made time to share about God's grace n His kindness in our Lives! 💙 Thank you all .. can't wait to see d results @goodfriendstory ✅😇🔥
Thanks @traveloka 👌🏻
#repost @joycemeyer (@get_repost) ・・・ Here's a great way to start your day tomorrow! #morningprayer #prayerworks #gotaminute #joycemeyer
My soon to be ABG gal! 😜😜😗🔥🔥
This kid .. Sometimes annoys me!😫 But most of times she's makin me more than Happy😍😍 Kalo lagi ngambek boro2 disuruh ketawa n pose!senyummmm aja ga mau😖😖 Tapi kalo mommynya dah ngambek.. Senyuman andalan langsung mengembaaaaaang!😋 Kaka Chloe oh kaka... Sabarrrrrrrr mommieeeee🤣🤣 @abuba_family 💙
Congrats for new song Aunty @sarwendah 🦋 Thank you for inviting Chloe n Courage 🤗
Bersyukur pada Tuhan.. Hari ini bisa ketemu lagi sama adik2 para pejuang @yayasan_anyo_indonesia ..😇😇 Selalu belajaaar banyak Hal Luar Biasa dr mereka!💙 Berdoa semoga Tuhan selalu menjaga adik2ku ini🙏🏻 Yg Mau follow n mampir men support mereka bolehhhhh lohhhh @yayasan_anyo_indonesia 💙 Selamat Hari Anak Nasional🤗🤗🤗 Definitely Had Great Fun earlier today with them😋
3G! God 🙏🏻 Goals👊🏼 Grind 🔥 👖by @hellolilo
Kumpul Bocah😘 @abuba_family 🐳