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blown away by the number of homeless in this city
happy mammas day mama #mamabear
having fun road tripping / working in my home state of washington this week with @bryanharveyfilms ⚡️
saluto a fidel
a young man shows a friend a catfish he caught off the shore of segunda, a fishing village on lake tanganika, in late 2016. for an upcoming @natgeo story on climate change
highly recommend reading the post on @magnumphotos, an overview of photographer paul fusco’s great book rfk funeral train. how it relates to this picture: in early december 2016, when fidel castro died, the cubans organized a military convoy to carry his remains inside an urn across the country. hundreds of thousands of cubans came out to the highway to pay their respects, and though no photographers (besides government photographers in the convoy) were allowed access in the convoy, i thought of fusco’s work and a need to somehow photograph what was about to happen on the road, not to replicate but for history. i had already rented an suv, as my girlfriend and i were touring cuba when fidel passed, attained a press pass and planned to somehow get behind or in front of the convoy as much as possible, to photograph the cubans along the road from havana to santiago. i made press signs and posted them inside all corners of the suv, put the hazard lights on, hired a cuban truck driver and stood out the window of the back seat, over the hood. to the amazement of the driver and myself, we were able to access many sections of the route by just looking somewhat official. we never stopped driving for fear of being pulled over by the cuban police, military or secret service along the road. maybe due to the gravity of the event, that cubans had never experienced a national/international news story of this magnitude, were we allowed to enter the route each day. we would drive ahead or behind the convoy, the road to ourselves, through cities where seemingly every citizen was standing alongside the road. sometimes cubans seemed to think we were with the convoy and some realized we were just a press car passing. regardless, according to the cuban driver many may have thought i was ‘the most important photographer in the world' due to the access and in disbelief we thanked che, also a photographer. am now editing thousands of images into a book
kahambo kilonge denise narrowly escaped an ambush by the ADF, near the village of eringeti, north of beni in the democratic republic of the congo. denise was relocated to a village north of mavivi, where she stands here outside her hut. one of dozens of rebel groups in north kivu, the ADF was traditionally thought to be solely an islamic militia but is likely comprised of several different groups, including local populations
aged lava flows
lualua and workers head to walikale
mom saw this picture on my computer this morning, of the ingenious house joseph built a couple hundred kilometers outside kisangani, and said it reminded her of village kids she worked with in haiti and how they made their own toys out of tin cans, plastic bottles, "so innovative." guess thats why she wouldnt buy me a toy gun, as a kid i learned to make my own out of wood while neighbors had real plastic ones 🔫
baby chimp at kisangani zoo
sounds of wind and lava
shukuru takes shelter from the rain over nyiragongo while listening to a radio
shukuru, resident of a pygmy village just below mount nyiragongo, for the @natgeo news story "why pygmies are dealing weed to survive"
a young girl is surrounded by marijuana plants in a pygmy village overlooking mount nyiragongo, a volcano just outside goma. for a @natgeo news story published last week
cayo largo 🏝
bus stop 🚎
gypsy, lahabana
lupe en lahabana