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Mimi Faust


Eva's Mother, Self-Made, Dance Machine, TV Personality & Interior Decorator #AllThingsMimi Bookings: MimiFaustOfficial@gmail.com Press: info@iGNPR.com

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Getting this tummy back to flat? @flattummyco you’re almost making it too damn easy for me! I’m a few weeks in and I have to tell you - I feel amazing. New year, new tummy? After the holidays, I was pretty sure it’d take me months before I got my tummy back to where it was before Christmas. But after starting this program... it’ll probably only take a couple of weeks. These meal replacement shakes are packed with vitamins and minerals, they’re 3x more effective than diet and exercise alone and they take me about 30 seconds to make. Like hello ladies?! How have you not tried this?!? It’s saved me so much time and energy and I actually feel like I’m getting my tummy back on track. So yes, you need to check them out.
“Too Glam to Give a Damn!” 😝Ha! Tap photo for details! 💋🎨#mimifaust #allthingsmimi #glamshot
#fbf to my 2017 Masquerade Birthday Party w/ @SandyLal!! Can’t wait for our “Coming To America” Birthday Celebration Thurs. the 25th in New York!!! 💋🥂 #mimifaust #allthingsmimi #capricornseason #birthdayvibes
In Winter, I plan..... In Spring, I move! #2018goals @mimiinteriors *Tap photo for details* #focused #allthingsmimi #mimifaust #styledbymarkq
Been using this @Hairfinity infinite edge syrum. I love the results I’ve been getting for my natural hair, it really restored the hydration to overworked or delicate areas of hair like my  hairline. #hairfinity #hfinfiniteresults #healthyhair
@iamevagiselle Why The face though 😂 she so serious...
"I work very hard, and I play very hard. I'm grateful for life. And I live it - I believe life loves the lover of it. I live it." - Maya Angelou 💋 #mimifaust #mimiinteriors @mimiinteriors
@iamomarweaver Thank You Love your energy!!! 🙌🏽💜👆🏽✅👍🏽. @sophiemua 🎨mua Hair by @sewphisticatedhair
New Year, New Tummy? Oh yes! You know I’ve got a bit of a head start with @flattummyco’s Shake It Baby program, but you girls can get in on this too. They’ve still got their 20% off sale happening, and I don’t know about all of you, but I actually plan on keeping my resolutions this year… plus doing it at a discount sure doesn’t hurt! If you want to see some results too, I think you should definitely check out this sale before they sell out.
My babes over at @flattummyco know what’s up - New Year, New Tummy? Yeah, I’m about that! You ladies know I LOVE the holidays, and I definitely enjoyed the season… but now it’s time to get my tummy back in gear. I’ve been on this round of the Shake It Baby program for a little while now, and it seems like every day I see a little more progress. Sounds pretty good right? Well, then you’ll like this… they’re having a 20% off sale right now, so we can all start 2018 off right (and flat!) - check it out soon, this won’t last forever
The New Year is looking bright for me already! #livelovelife 🥂 Hair by @SEWPhisticatedHair Get 10% off on your order when you use code MIMI10! 💋#mimifaust #allthingsmimi #sewphisticatedoluremi
I’m partying all month long! Thank you everyone for the Birthday love. 💋 @slloungeatl #mimifaust #capricornseason
Birthday chronicles too much fun #sllounge @mrrugs_ @tyyoung11 🙏🏽💜👆🏽🙌🏽
Thank You to the crew at the #vh1 ATL office who was so kind & thought of me on my Birthday 💐🍾 😘 Luv You Guys.!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! There are two great days in a person’s life: the day they were born and the day they discover why! I’m so thankful for another year, my future and for all the past years. Nothing is taken granted! Thank you everyone for the Bday Wishes! I’m looking forward to the best year YET! #capricornseason #allthingsmimi #mimifaust
Swipe Left.... Bringing in 2018 like that.! So blessed, thankful & grateful to see another year 🙏🏽😘 #happynewyear!
Reflecting on 2017...... Putting it in the Universe that 2018 is even better!!! 😎 👌🏽@tyyoung11 @callmepumpkin #glowing #goodtimes #goodpeople
Are you guys ready for the New Year? I am with my @SEWphisticatedHair 😝💋 #allthingsmimi #sewphisticatedoluremi
Rockin @tyyoung11 gear  @ty1gear #tyoungtuesday 😎
Christmas isn’t a season... it’s a feeling. 🎄🙏🏽🎁🤗💜 Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
Eva & Baby Vanity~Rose  wearing @popgirlpoms headbands 💜 @Vanitystardust @iamevagiselle