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Jeannie Yeoh


Live to inspire others, travel, eat, & be inspired along the way. ❤️✈️🌏🍴

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Wouldn't you like to wake up to this view everyday? 😏 #nofilter
New Years Eve shenanigans with the girls. 💃🏻 🍗🌽🌯🍷 . Sound up for the last video: 😏🔊
So.... This 750 year old Gija Jumulu (Boab Tree) had to travel over 3,200km over the course of 6 days, to be rehomed in King's Park! 😱🌳
The highlight of the Lotterywest Federation Walkway is definitely the glass & steel arched bridge suspended among a canopy of tall eucalypts. 💁🏻 . . Also, the bridge does move so you'll feel a little wobble when others walk past you if you stand still. 😅
The popular blue boat house in Perth. 💁🏻 . . p/s: We gotta queue to take this shot. Didn't even knew it was THAT popular 😅
Yeaps, these pretty much sums up 2017 for me. 😅 . . . #2017bestnine #perth #lombok #food
Friends are what makes this roller coaster we call life, fun! ❤️😘 . . . #apuslaybatch 💃🏻 #minireunion 💋
I just love how beautifully kept and planned out this park is! ❤️
What use to be a three-storey building that houses Enrolled Pensioners families, is now just an archway.
Words of wisdom 🕰
"Whatchu looking at? 😶"
The city of Fremantle Town Hall centre at sunset 🌅🌆
This is now a University campus building? 😍
Oh how I miss the sun & sea no matter which part of the world that may be ❤️☀️🌊
If you're looking for something free and interesting to do in Fremantle, be sure to hit up the WA Shipwreck Museum! 🤓
Digging in at our fish & chips platter 🤤🐟🍟 . FYI, we were surrounded by sea gulls most of the time cos we were seated outside, which happens to be right by the Fremantle Fishing Harbour 😅
The Round House @ Fremantle, originally used for colonial & indigenous prisoners. 👮🏻 It's the oldest building that's still standing in Western Australia. 👵🏻👴🏻
The night view from the other side of the Swan River, South Perth 🌑✨
Round 2 of Chinese food because... we're Chinese. 🤷🏻‍♀️ . From left: Deep fried marinated pork (uterus?), clay pot pork & bean curd stew, superior broth spinach with century eggs, salted eggs and chicken eggs, sizzling clay pot tofu with minced pork, steamed chicken with special soy sauce, & soup of the day 🤤