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Photo by @andreabruce  In an Indian village where malnutrition is common, a child sleeps in a swing made from a scarf. When I covered the issue of sanitation and open defecation for the August issue of National Geographic, the village of Peepli Kheera in India had only one toilet, kept under lock and key by one family. The entire community defecated outside. Men in the fields on one side of the village, women on the other. I revisited the village last month and saw several toilets being built by the government — though building them is only part of the battle.  About half of Indians defecate outside without using toilets. Children pick up parasites and chronic infections that impair the ability of the intestines to absorb nutrients — 117,000 Indian children die each year from diarrhea related to this, according to Unicef. #india #sanitation #children @noorimages
Video by @paulnicklen // The secret life of an American crocodile in the mangrove forests of the Gardens of the Queen, Cuba.  I am fascinated by large crocodiles, but I have never had the opportunity to swim with them. These crocs came and went from the shelter of the mangroves to the seagrass beds in the estuaries. They were graceful, intelligent and are an indicator of a healthy ecosystem. Please #followme on @paulnicklen to see a large croc get really close and personal with my friend, @andy_mann. On assignment with @cristinamittermeier for @sea_legacy in Cuba.  #turningthetide #adventure #explorationwithpurpose #nature #naturelovers #video
Photo: @andy_mann // Caribbean Reef Sharks and Southern Stingrays cruise the Bahamian mangrove channels at high tide as nutrient rich water brings in baitfish and invertebrates to feed on. These channels fill with often 5 different species of shark at a time throughout the day as each pay visit to the shallows for food. Sharks can breath easier in the Bahamas since the government banned all commercial shark fishing in country waters in 2011. I recently returned from an eye-opening expedition with @sea_legacy to Gardens of the Queen, Cuba learning how a healthy & pristine carribean ecosystem should function and look like. please #followme @andy_mann to see five different species of shark flood this small channel at sunset.
Photo by @BrianSkerry.  A leatherback sea turtle crawls back to the sea after laying her eggs on the beach at Sandy Point, located on the island of St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. Listed as vulnerable, this species of sea turtle has an ancestry that dates back more than 100 million years. Today they face a number of anthropogenic stresses - including entanglement in fishing gear, poaching and climate change - which affects the sex of turtle hatchlings. Sandy Point is a National Wildlife Refuge, managed by the US Fish & Wildlife Service who are responsible for protecting these nesting beaches. The combination of conservation efforts here and in the nearby Buck Island Reef National Monument have benefitted sea turtle species in this region.  I made this photo under moonlight at 2am, after weeks of working at night on these beaches. Being in this place with these ancient animals was like traveling back in time to a primordial Earth.  This picture won first place in the Reptiles and Amphibians Category of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition on October 17th in London.  Photographed for the February 2017 cover story in @natgeo about saving our oceans.  To see more ocean wildlife photos and read the stories behind them, follow me - @BrianSkerry - on Instagram.  #wpy53 #conservation #climatechange #seaturtle #travelphoto #follow #travelphotography #photography #naturephotography #turtle #cute #longexposure #followme #natgeo #stcroix #usvi #caribbean #ocean #beach #turle #sea #climate #nightphoto #night
Photo by @stephenwilkes. On this day in 1697 one of Italy’s greatest painters was born, Giovanni Antonio Canal, better known as Canaletto.  His paintings have inspired generations, and were daily inspiration when we created the Day to Night Venice photographs.  Canaletto is known for his extraordinary cityscapes capturing intimate city views of Venice.  In honor his birthday, I wanted to share my photograph of Campanile di San Marco, Venice. To see more of my work please follow me @stephenwilkes #canaletto #italy #venice #painting  #art #photography #daytonight #stephenwilkes #birthday #campaniledisanmarco
Photograph by @thomaspeschak A northern elephant seal pup curiously inspects its reflection in the glass dome of my underwater camera. Once hunted to near extinction in Pacific Mexico, today the species has made a remarkable conservation comeback. Reserves now offer sanctuary where this once nearly extinct species can reproduce and thrive. Shot #onassignment for @natgeo in collaboration with @maresmexicanos
Photo by @mmuheisen (Muhammed Muheisen) Refugees from Afghanistan and Pakistan play with a ball outside abandoned warehouses where they took refuge in Belgrade, Serbia. For more photos of the refugee crisis follow @mmuheisen and @everydayrefugees #everydayrefugees #muhammedmuheisen
Photo by @amivitale. A young #elephant calf seeks shelter under his mother in the #grumeti Reserves, a conservatory adjacent to Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. The Grumeti Reserves are an integral part of the #serengetimara Ecosystem, the home of the Great Migration. Young calves go under their mothers for a feeling of protection and comfort and, of course, to nurse.  #saveelephants #stoppoaching #africa #everydayafrica #photojournalism #amivitale @natgeocreative @thephotosociety
Photo by @williamalbertallard  In 1980 I was photographing in Oaxaca, Mexico with its generous color palette evidenced in the buildings and the clothing of its inhabitants.  I stopped each day at an interior market where I saw this wall and stayed to make pictures of passersby such as this woman carrying a baby. As people passed I watched how they fit into the seemingly random pattern of the painted wall with its large white space that proved to be a useful background.  #followme @williamalbertallard for more images from Oaxaca and other assignments over five decades.  #oaxaca #mexico #painted #paint #streetphotography #streetphotographers #streetphoto #leica #kodachrome #filmphotography #williamalbertallard
Video by @bertiegregory. A bizarre looking Porites coral and a school of anthias (the bright orange fish). The diversity (the number of different species) of coral reefs is mind blowing. It is estimated that whilst they only occupy 1% of the ocean floor, they are home to more than 25% of the ocean's biodiversity! Coral reefs all around the world are in trouble but why should we care? Well, aside from just being awesome, they provide so many functions that are vital to human existence including coastline storm protection, fisheries production, tourism and climate regulation. Follow @bertiegregory for more wildlife adventures!
Photo by @PaulNicklen // The shallows of the Jardines de la Reina, Cuba. I am here to shine a light on what a healthy ocean looks like, and why it should be protected. As Cuba opens its borders and businesses to the world, the risk of losing this relatively pristine ecosystem grows. Please follow @Sea_Legacy to follow along on this beautiful, important expedition. #turningthetide
Photo: @Cristina Mittermeier // Both crocs and eelgrass are abundant in the Gardens of the Queen, Cuba. The Cuban government established a 590 square-kilometre marine preserve here in 1996, restricting tourism and banning all fishing except for lobster, a crucial element in Cuba's economy.  Our visit comes less than a month after a category 5 Hurricane Irma struck the Camaguey Archipelago. Cuba’s marine science and conservation community was hit hard when two of Cuba’s most important marine research stations suffered extensive damage. With relations between the US and Cuba stabilizing and a potential tourism and development boom on the horizon, rebuilding is more crucial now than ever.  #turningthetide | #gardensofthequeen | #cuba | #universityofhavana | #jardinesdelareina | #theoceanfoundation | #jardinesdelrey | #crocodiles | #theoceanfoundation | #marineconservation |
Photo by @jimmy_chin  One of my first trips to the Karakoram was with @conrad_anker and @brady_robinson. Here Conrad begins what turned out to be an exciting descent on K7 after a three day storm. Still remember being lowered down a steep coulior riding a haul bag, trying to find an anchor, all the while getting smoked by spindrift. #typetwofun #ridingthepig
Photo @michaelchristopherbrown.  School children wait for the arrival of Fidel Castro’s Funeral Procession in Bamayo, Cuba, in December 2016.
Photo @lucalocatelliphoto for @natgeo Professor Ruth is checking the harvesting quality of the Algae bioreactor at the Algae park at Wageningen University, the Netherlands. The university is working on a fifteen year-roadmap project (2010-2025) that aims to develop a commercial and sustainable production chain for food, feed, chemicals, materials and fuels from microalgae. Follow me @lucalocatelliphoto to see more about this futuristic project about hunger solutions. #agriculture #hunger #netherlands #sustainable #algae #future #futurology #technology #energy #greenhouse #globalwarming #hunger #light #netherlands #organic #vegetables
With @jenniferhayesig A harp seal mother and pup rest on the sea ice covering the Gulf of St Lawrence near Magdalen Island. Harp seals are born on the ice in late February and nursed for 12 to 15 days before their mothers abandon them to mate and migrate out of the Gulf. Higher than normal temperatures have caused the formation of weak sea ice platforms that collapse beneath the pups before they are able swim an survive or sea ice simply fails to form at all leaving the pregnant females no place to birth their pups. Some years have seen 90% plus mortality of pups in the Gulf. I look forward to returning to continue document the struggle  of life in the ice in March 2018 . // from @natgeo story Generous Gulf with @DavidDoubilet and videographer/ guide MarioCyr. // #madison Wisconsin You are Invited to join us Nov 14 at Overture Center for Arts for Nat Geo Live Coral Kingdoms and Empires of Ice to share an evening of how I was bitten and saved by harp seals. // #ocean #harpseal #climatechange #baby #beauty #epic #canada #gratitude #moreocean  For more harp seals follow @jenniferhayesig
Photo by @gabrielegalimbertiphoto /// Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania - A group of Maasai children are playing outside of their village along the road B144 #tanzania #maasai #children #ngorongoro #nationalpark #africa #playing
Photo: @andy_mann // An offshore breaker forms and spills over a deep seamount in the Savage Islands a few minutes after we surface from a deep dive. The rocky islands, located 200 miles off shore are visible through the barrel. Moments like this stop you in your tracks and have a way of slowing down time. The ocean holds so many secrets. Shot #onassignment for @natgeopristineseas // #followme @andy_mann to see this wave turn into a sea monster.
Photograph by @brentstirton | Poachers killed this black rhinocerous for its horn with high-caliber bullets at a water hole in South Africa’s Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park. They entered the park illegally, likely from a nearby village, and are thought to have used a silenced hunting rifle. Once the most numerous rhino species, black rhinos are now critically endangered due to poaching and the illegal international trade in rhino horn, one of the world’s most corrupt illegal wildlife networks. - @brentstirton was awarded the prestigious @nhm_wpy Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017 title for this compelling image taken on assignment for @natgeo. Brent’s image will be on display with other images selected by an international panel of judges at the 53rd Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the @natural_history_museum in London. #wpy53
Photo by @chamiltonjames \ Charlie Hamilton James. A rabbit bounds through a camera trap near Big Piney, Wyoming. The camera trap was set up to photograph animals moving through the sage brush desert - specifically for bobcats. I generally leave the cameras out for months in order to get images of as many different species as possible. Yesterday I checked this camera and I've clearly set it up in an area very popular with rabbits and not bobcats as I seem to have hundreds of images of them. Shot on assignment for @natgeo
Photo by @mmuheisen (Muhammed Muheisen) Refugees from Afghanistan and Pakistan sleep on the ground of an abandoned warehouse where they took refuge in Belgrade, Serbia. For more photos of the refugee crisis follow @mmuheisen and @everydayrefugees #everydayrefugees #muhammedmuheisen