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Life is an adventure - enjoy the ride and the world through the eyes of National Geographic photographers.

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Video by @tbfrost | Oceanic white tip sharks , one of the most endangered - filmed off Cat island in the Bahamas just 3 days ago. Photographer and conservationist Hussain Aga Khan is seen here photographing the sharks as part of his efforts to help protect the ocean - and sharks - through his conservation fund : @fonassociation  To see more video of this amazing dive and to see a video where one of these curious sharks swims right next to me, follow @tbfrost
Photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey). A #leopard tries dragging an Impala higher up her tree as another Leopard approaches below.  #moremigamereserve, #botswana.  The red light is used because it causes much less stress than a white spot light.  She was later able to get the Impala to a higher branch but almost dropped it on this attempt!  Can you imagine carrying something close to your own weight by your teeth while climbing a tree!?
Photo by @CristinaMittermeier // Sailing on silver seas after the massive storm that hit our ship with 60-knot winds and 8-meter seas for 5 days finally cleared. Our crew was delighted by the exhilarating speed and acrobatic turns of a pod of Peal’s dolphins that accompanied our expedition vessel for several hours as we began crossing the Drake passage on our way back to the Falklands.  On #assignment for @NatGeo, @NatGeoPristineSeas and @Sea_Legacy with @PaulNicklen, @Ladzinski, @Andy_Mann and @CraigWelch.  Grateful for the opportunity to shoot on this important story.  To follow the progress of our campaign to protect the Antarctic Peninsula #follow my account at @CristinaMittermeier. . . . #gratitude #beauty #savetheocean #10by2020 #photographersforantarctica #lasmalvinas #dolphins #love  #ocean
Image by @joelsartore | A critically endangered red ruffed lemur at the @millerparkzoo. These lemurs are very clean and spend a large amount of time grooming themselves with their specialized incisor teeth, hind claws, and tongues- which are colored black. They live in matriarchal groups and forage for food together during the abundant wet season. Unlike most lemurs, red ruffed lemurs will often divide and find food on their own during the dry season.  Red ruffed lemurs live in a very small range in the forests of northern Madagascar and are threatened by the huge surge of illegal rosewood logging that began after an undemocratic change in political power in the area in 2009. These lemurs are also threatened by hunting, burning of habitat, the illegal pet trade, and frequent cyclones. To see an image of a red ruffed lemur sticking out its tongue, check out @joelsartore! . . #redruffedlemur #lemurs #cuteanimals #notapet #wildlifephotography #wildlife #photoark #natgeo
Video by @salvarezphoto (Stephen Alvarez) As a photographer one of the things I practice is noticing small things, details. Occasionally it pays off in unexpected ways and I sometimes see the strangest things. I often photograph red efts that I see in the forest. They are the juvenile form of the Eastern newt (Notophthalmus viridescens). But I had never seen this before. A bright green caterpillar crossing the newt like a bridge. Funniest thing was that the newt waited  patiently for the insect to cross before moving on. There is a whole wild world on the forest floor. #forestunseen #home #redeft
Video by @Filipe_DeAndrade @brianmoghari and @mckenziebarney | While they’re excellent natural pollinators and extremely beneficial to their environment, the ruby-throated hummingbird makes it quite a challenge to get a great shot. But it’s a fun challenge. For this adventure we wanted to film them on their migratory path back to Central America for the winter. We knew that at that point on their migration they would be extra aggressive and territorial over food sources since they have to travel over 500 miles without stopping. There was a lot of coffee and a lot of nectar drank on this shoot. Check out the entire sequence in my series #wilduntamed on natgeowild.com/untamed or click the link in my personal bio.
Photo by @jimmy_chin A view of Cerro Corcovado, part of the system of 11m acres committed by @tompkins_conservation and President Bachelet to become national parks in Chile. The protected acreage would be three times the size of Yellowstone National Park and Yosemite National Park combined. #onassignment
Photo @ladzinski / A young #lion cub hiding in a #shepardstree waiting for mom to show up, hopefully with a meal. The first few months for new born lions is the most dangerous. This cub, along with his siblings, are too young to bring back to the pride, there is a risk they could be accidentally killed by the family. It's moms responsibility to hide them from predators, hunt and get them strong in the meantime. #kalahari
Photo by @jenniferhayesig // Elkhorn Coral glows like gold beneath the setting sun in Gardens of the Queen National Marine Park, Cuba. Elkhorn Coral is an important reef building coral  in the Caribbean that is now critically endangered and drastically diminished throughout its original range. Populations of Elkhorn coral have managed to survive and even thrive in this protected remote archipelago located fifty miles off the souther cost of Cuba. Descending into this marine sanctuary, the largest in the Caribbean,  is like descending into a time machine to see a vintage Caribbean Sea.  Photographed for @natgeo story Caribbean Crown Jewels in Tourisms Path.  @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #ocean #coral #cuba #endangeredspecies #nationalpark #beauty #followme for #moreocean @daviddoubilet and @jenniferhayesig
Photo by @TomasVH. Are we at a point in the evolution of photography where the medium has become weaponized? Cameras are increasingly deployed for surveillance, spying, or targeting. I often wonder whether these uses have already eclipsed traditional ones, such as portraiture and fine art. I'll be exploring these questions in the year ahead with a @CatchLight.io Fellowship in partnership with the @PulitzerCenter. Follow me at @tomasvh as the project develops. Read more thoughts on this subject on the NatGeo website: http://proof.nationalgeographic.com/2014/08/15/tomas-van-houtryve-a-sky-full-of-cameras/  #everydayeverywhere #catchlightfellows  #catchlight
by @drewtrush // President Trump has instructed Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to review up to 40 national monuments that have been created during the terms of three preceding presidents.  Included is the recently created Bears Ears National Monument, sparking outrage in much of the outdoor community.  Click on the link in my bio to learn more on the web @drewtrush
@natgeo @stevewinterphoto Hey Folk, I'm currently in #lasvegas for the @nabshow. At 4:30 me and @bertiegregory will be on the @canonusa stage. Come over, say hi and get a glimpse of what it took for me and @bertiegregory to get the shots and footage for our up-coming @natgeo story on Jaguars, and Nat Geo WILD TV show. Like this photo of a jaguar diving after a Caiman. #wildlifephotography @natgeowild #canonshooters #onassignment #brazil #wildlife #canonusapro
Image by @joelsartore | A sunbittern at the @cincinnatizoo.  This is a cryptic bird whose wings have detailed patterns that resemble large eyes. Sunbitterns display their wings in order to frighten and confuse predators. They have also been known to flaunt their wing patterns during courtship and threat displays. These birds have a huge range-- from Guatemala all the way to southern Peru. To see another image of this beautiful bird, check out @joelsartore! . . #sunbittern #birds #naturalpattern #animalpattern #wildlife #wildlifephotography #nikon #photoark #natgeo
Video by @bertiegregory. Yacare caiman are capable of making water dance! When displaying to potential mates and showing members of the same sex who’s boss, they sink down into the water so their backs are just below the surface. They then produce a spooky low frequency booming noise which causes this bizarre spectacle. Shot for @stevewinterphoto, @natgeowild and @natgeo. Follow @bertiegregory for more wildlife adventures.
Photo by @brianlehmannphotography -  A mahout sleeps on an #elephant as he waits to give rides to tourists. Once frequently used to carry and lift objects, elephants have now been replaced by modern machinary in #delhi, #india. To see an elephant being painted for an event #follow @brianlehmannphotography.
@marcusbleasdale War is not always about death and destruction. In the middle of a conflict villagers return from their farms with food for their families. Despite the violence and constant oppression, they have time for fun with a photographer. Learn more about the conflict and the people of CAR in the new edition of the National Geographic Magazine which includes a reportage shot by me over four years in the Central African Republic. It represents the people of CAR and their struggle for survival during the #carcrisis. The iPad or iPhone edition will include additional photos. Incredible text by @petergwin. Thanks to all the staff at National Geographic Magazine and @humanrightswatch and all those in CAR who helped to make this piece a reality. Special thanks to @bouckap
Photo by Corey Arnold @arni_coraldo  A Red Fox begs for food from passing vehicles after a brutal winter storm in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Lately, I've been making photos from the Aleutian Islands, documenting the collision of man, industry, and nature in this remote and rugged corner of the world. The exhibition "Aleutian Dreams" is now on display at @richardhellergallery in Los Angeles thru May 6 and @hartmanfineart in Portland, OR thru May 27. ------------------------------- Click my profile link @arni_coraldo to see the rest of the series. #fox #night #redfox #alaska #unalaska #dutchharbor #humananimals #wildlife
Photo by @GerdLudwig 31 years ago, on April 26, 1986 reactor #4 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant blew up. The radioactive fallout spread over thousands of square kilometers, driving more than a quarter of a million people permanently from their homes. It remains the worst nuclear accident to date. In 2011, the Ukrainian government legalized trips to the Chernobyl exclusion zone allowing it to become a disaster-tourism destination. The most riveting attraction for visitors is the ghost town of Pripyat: dolls are scattered in abandoned kindergartens, floors are rotting, paint is peeling from the walls, and gas masks litter-evacuated schools. Pripyat today bears less than honest witness to its abrupt abandonment as visitors have changed its landscape: first the scavengers, who stripped the rooms of valuables and now the tourists. With limited time in the zone, the visitors often alter the abandoned environment, making compositions to be photographed close-up by countless cameras and phones. The ever-falling chips of chalk from the ceilings have blanketed some of these “still-lifes,” often creating the illusion for the next visitors that this is how the evacuees hastily abandoned the scene. You can learn more about Chernobyl from my book and iPad app The Long Shadow of Chernobyl. @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #thelongshadowofchernobyl #chernobyl #nuclear #environment #disaster #dolls #tourism
Video by Paolo Woods and Gabriele Galimberti @woods_galimberti @gabrielegalimbertiphoto | More than 1.3 million people are estimated to visit the David in the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence, Italy. The David is a marble sculpture created between 1501 and 1504 by Michelangelo Buonarroti. It represents the Biblical hero David and is considered a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture and has become one of the most recognizable icons of the history of art as well as the incarnation of Michelangelo’s #genius. Check out the latest issue of @natgeo to read more about what makes a genius. - Don’t miss the premiere of #genius TONIGHT 9/8c on @natgeochannel, as we delve into the life of Albert Einstein - the man behind the mind.
Photo by @michaelchristopherbrown. A baby chimpanzee observes visitors to the Kisangani Zoo. Despite being among the most minerally rich countries in the world, the Democratic Republic of the Congo has ranked among the poorest and most underdeveloped nations, largely due to corruption. The Kisangani Zoo receives just enough funding from visitors to stay open but not enough to maintain healthy conditions for the Chimps, Crocodiles, Snakes, Monkeys, Birds and other creatures that populate the grounds. Organization such as the @janegoodallinst are active in pursuing proper conditions for chimps in the region. For more from Congo follow me at @michaelchristopherbrown
Photo by @FransLanting It’s World Penguin Day and we’re celebrating the true natives of Antarctica—emperor penguins, who never set foot ashore on anything but the frozen seas around Antarctica, where two parents can raise one chick under heroic conditions. It’s a race against time, because they have to fledge their young before the sea ice melts later in the summer. They can do that on their own, but they depend on us to keep the ice under their feet solid. Climate change is real and Antarctica’s ice is shrinking fast. Penguins are like canaries in a global coal mine when it comes to witnessing how our planet is changing. Follow me @FransLanting for more stories from the world of penguins.  @thephotosociety @natgeotravel @leonardodicaprio #penguins #nature #explore #wildlifephotography #amazing #climatechange #antarctica #parents #family #life #joy