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Nikko Hurtado


Black Anchor L.A. (323) 782-9155‬ 7460 Melrose Ave Los Angeles / Black Anchor Collective 760-244-1800 13567 1/2 Main st Hesperia Ca

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Hey every one my friend @flozimmerertattoo will be guest spotting this week @blackanchorcollective in hesperia Ca. Direct msg him if you want to get tattooed he's amazing and he flew all the way from Germany. Or email him at Flozimmerertattoo@web.de  Give him a follow at the very least and give him a nice USA welcome. @flozimmerertattoo
I'm so excited to announce that tickets are on sale for Black Anchor Academy hosted at @blackanchorcollective in hesperia Ca. Can't wait to watch and learn how the amazing @Chetzar creates his beautiful monsters in person. This will be really fun to translate one of his amazing sculptures or paintings into a tattoo when I teach my part the following day. I will be covering photography of reference lighting and how I like it to look so it holds up a great tattoo. Also depending on what you want to learn per individual I will be showing you black and grey or color. Ever seen the movie ghost? You know when they sculpt yep that's me and you making a tattoo together! Let's do it and tech you how to do what we do. To purchase tickets go to Nikkohurtado.com only 11 available total and 4 have sold. So those means 7 left don't miss out. These always sell out fast. Go to @chetzar page and see how amazing he is and what he creates. He's done so many movies from Hell boy and worked and sculpted for the band tool. He's a master at what he does don't miss out.
Oh shit! Shout out to @icecube for giving me a little love on this Ice Cube tattoo I did. Been a fan since I was a preteen Cube. #nwa and all your solo stuff I love! Thank you bro! God bless and can't wait to see Last Friday. @blackanchorcollective @gq
Bring you something different and never the same don't miss out only 11 spots and 1 is gone. TICKETS GO ON SALE TOMORROW at 10AM  Artists Chet Zar and Nikko Hurtado invite you to take part in a very special 2-day once-in-a-lifetime sculpting and portrait workshop taking place at Nikko's tattoo studio, Black Anchor Collective, in Hesperia, California on April 1st & 2nd, 2017.  Only 11 spots will be available for purchase as this event is designed to be an intimate setting and limited engagement.  Over two days Chet and Nikko will work with students not only in the group, but also one-on-one to teach them the tricks and techniques used to create portraits in both sculpting and tattooing. Chet Zar will host the first day of the workshop to show sculpting techniques. Everything will be covered in this course including: Searching for reference, Creating your own references, Learning how to properly use tools of the trade, Perfecting stencil application, Exploring new tattooing techniques, Selecting your color palette, and more - including unlimited access and one-on-one time with artists Nikko Hurtado and Chet Zar.  You must currently tattoo in order to participate in this class. This seminar is intended for artists who have been tattooing for a few years and now want to make the move to creating realistic portraits.  Each participant will be supplied with ALL of the tools they need to create their own realistic sculpture and tattoo under the guidance of Nikko. This will also be a great opportunity to try products from our sponsors Bishop Tattoo Supply, Fusion Tattoo Ink, Inked Magazine, Inkeeze, Stencil Anchored, Trekell Art Supplies, and A Pound of Flesh  In addition to securing your seat in the seminar, each ticket will also include: a Pound of Flesh Arm, Use of sponsored equipment and inks with an option to buy at a discount, snacks and meals, and tons of awesome giveaways.  Tickets can be purchased for $1,500 starting Friday, February 17th at 10am PST.  Upon
Didn't get to finish this frame on @laurengrosso portrait of Sir london the eccentric cat.  At portrait is healed from a month or so ago
"Hollywood" done on the Forarm of the sweet @amberrose thanks for being tough and can't wait to continue it. More work to come. #blackanchorla @blackanchorcollective @stencilanchored
Working on the very sweet @amberrose yesterday. I'll post what we did later. Hope everyone had a beautiful Valentine's Day. Can't wait to hang with @joannabee3 and the kids. I'm missing them.
I've had a lot of fun on this one. #melificent #angelinajolie
I am standing in the presence of greatness and all I can feel is life vibrating off of this work of art. It makes me feel everything at once and all I can think is Peter Paul Rubens died striving for greatness and probably died not knowing that over a hundreds of years later he would be remembered forever. Man I wish I could own this. Someone get this tattooed I'm so down!
#melificent tattoo done a week ago. Top half is healed hand and bottom are fresh. #angelinajolie #disney @disney one last sitting for background and she will be complete
Hand is fresh and the face is healed. Done last week and forgot to post it. #jimbelushi #saturdaynightlive @nbcsnl can't wait to add his other half! #bluesbrothers #johnbelushi
Did a second pass on this @margotrobbie #harleyquinn from #suicidésquad I love making white face makeup in tattoos. They require 2/3 passes of white to make them look the way they need healed. But it will last. Done yesterday at the philly tattoo convention. Who is coming down today. I have merch come pick up a sweater. Thank you in advance.
Who else is as excited as I am for @blackanchorcollective L.A. #blackanchorl.a. Such cool stuff coming up! We will not only be a tattoo studio we will be an art gallery! Say what! Can't wait to share my favorite artists from around the world. We will be holding an opening art show and I grantee it will be fun! So my artist friends that want to be involved this is a heads up I'll be reaching out and if you would like reach out to me also! Cannot wait! Thank you to every one who continues to support @blackanchorcollective artists and my self. I am truly blessed and grateful! Now have a beautiful Wednesday! Now go chase your personal dreams! #sailormoon done on @kellyeden
A little video of @starwars #darthsidious #empororpalpatine @stencilanchored @blackanchorcollective
#bluesbrothers #johnbelushi hand is fresh and the face is healed. @blackanchorcollective @stencilanchored @fusion_ink @inkeeze @bishoprotary @tacsciences @needlejig
A sleeve in progress. It's been fun working on this cover up! Did this at the location of @blackanchorcollective L.A.  @stencilanchored @fusion_ink @bishoprotary @inkeeze @tacsciences @needlejig
Started this this week at the L.A. Location of @blackanchorcollective can't wait to finish this up.
"I think your neck needs a hug" #darthvader #starwars @starwarscelebration @starwars @disney done a few days ago at the new shop Black Anchor L.A. @blackanchorcollective @fusion_ink @bishoprotary @inkeeze @tacsciences @stencilanchored @needlejig can't wait to finish this!
“Uncomfortable silences. Why do we feel it’s necessary to yak about bullshit in order to be comfortable?” -Mia Wallace  Done last week on @steff_33 @blackanchorcollective @blackanchorbynikko @stencilanchored @needlejig @bishoprotary @fusion_ink @inkeeze @tacsciences
Great to have some friends from around the world stop by @blackanchorcollective Hollywood! Can't wait till you guys coke@guest spot here. @boristattoo @jamestattooart
A little vid action. Still healing in this video. @blackanchorcollective @stencilanchored