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Went back for my follow up and @victoriaspecializes touched up the one tiny trouble areas I've always had on that arm and now I'm good to go for up to 6 months 😄 she was kind enough to answer all the questions you guys have been asking in my comments about #hyperhidrosis in a blog post! I put the link in my bio, but follow her and @savingfaceatx for more answers and to track my progression and treatment for #hyperhidrosis 😄 needle prick blood stains > permanent sweat stains any day!
Successful first stream of #hungover on @loudhugs!!!! You can follow them at Twitch.TV/LoudHugs to catch me on there a lot more!
If this was a paid ad, I'd at least make the effort to put some makeup and clothes on. I'm just genuinely overwhelmed at how well of a solution this Botox is for #hyperhidrosis and forever indebted to @savingfaceatx for enlightening me on treatment options. It's embarrassing to say "I have a sweating problem," but if this helps other people, I'm more than happy to risk a little embarrassment.
A+ work, gang 😭
Think this photo of when I showed up to a Maple Leafs bar and left it in shambles is appropriate for what the boys are gonna do in Toronto tonight. #rockthered
This is legit so me about my room it hurts 😭 #shoesoff #nocitypantsinmybed #dontsteponmycarpetifyouhaventworesocksallday (obsessed with the series, @cazziedavid. I love u so much)
By 11. With honey. My kinda Saturday.
Lebanese meatball and rice soup! #comfortfood 👩🏽‍🍳
Kadri is a Hanzo Main
Violent Gentlemen Washington Hockey Club @violentgentlemen #puttinonthefoil #rockthered
When he asks you to send nudes 🥜🥞🏉🕌🗂
To the only man that could steal your bitch, while dressed like your bitch. Rest In Peace, Purple One 💜☔️
I'm okay, y'all, not gonna let these rumours get to me. Just gonna play some cheerful music to get my mind off of it and cook 👩🏽‍🍳😊
Humor in the face of adversity is sometimes offensive, and I don't give a fuck.
Croque madame, strawberry smoothie, and mornay sauce recipes all in my IG story right now! 👩🏽‍🍳
I can not with her cuteness 😭😭😭 @rev_yo_engine is #wcw goals, HOW ADORABLE IS SHE????
I'm so proud of this meal. Not too often I face a challenge in the kitchen, and this one gave me a run for my apron. #boeufbourguignon
Poured my blood sweat and (mostly) tears into this today... spent 8 hours in the kitchen and I have to say... it was 100% worth it. Boeuf bourguignon came out absolutely perfect... patience really is a virtue because this beef is melting when a fork pierces it
Boef bourguignon recipe in ig story!!! Sitting in the oven right now for 4 hours so check back in later for the rest of the steps! This dish is fucking HARD! I had a meltdown and almost cried, and it's not even done yet, still a lot more work to do when it comes out of the oven. This is testing me and my skill and I fucking love it.
When your best friends been gone for 4 days and you don't know if you'll make it to Thursday for an emotional post about how much you miss her.
Made wings and a bleu cheese sauce (recipe in ig story) for the Caps game tonight using my favorite locally produced hot sauce @yellowbirdsauce! I should make wings using every one of their flavors!