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Otter The Pit Bull


A fashionable, ridiculous, rescued pitty from Philly 💌 otterthepitbull@gmail.com 📦 Sign up for Bark Box and get a month free:

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Just working on my tan ☀️#summerinfebruary #nakedpitbulls #nopantsarethebestpants
#tbt to one of my favorite pics - classic, happy Otter 📷 by @sillydawgwalker #everydayisthebestdayever
#tbt "One year ago, I had the very important job of keeping my little brother's head warm after he was born. Babies have very tiny heads, you know. Now it's a year later and the little dude just turned 1! Happy birthday, Orion!" Love, your Otter ⭐️
"Happy Valentine's Day! If you don't have a significant otter, I'll be yours!" ❤ Otter
"Serious about my scarf game." #scarfgamestrong
"It snowed here in Philly! ❄ Keep those pups warm and cozy, folks!" #tbt
Nothing to see here. Just a cat, wait, Otter dog, in the window.
"Guys. Don't worry. I found the perfect spot to rest my cheek flaps." #flapsofdestiny #mansbestfriend
#tbt a stoic otter burrito
Naked shrivel neck on point
Hope not fear 💗 Love not hate 💗 via Bad Rap
#fbf "After a rough day, I like to relax with a mani/pedi. I suggest you all do the same. Sans pants, of course." #putsomepantsonman
"Happy Birthday to my favorite golden girl, Betty White!" Love, Otter Petrillo
Sunday MOOD #feelingbettertoday #snaggletoof
"I had a mass removed from my eye and have to wear this giant satellite dish. Not the best day ever. But maybe I'll be able to communicate with otter space?!" #coneofshame #otterspace
#tbt Sock Monkey Otter
New Year. Same me. #snaggletooth
"Happy New Year! 2017 is TOTALLY going to be my year!" ✨✨#bestyearever
💔 Princess Leia