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Pete Souza


Citizen. My new book, "OBAMA: An Intimate Portrait," is now available. See my website for info on my book tour.

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Out for a Sunday drive (not really).
Happy Birthday Michelle Obama!
Thanks Boulder for last night! And @ktbuffy, no one asked a stupid question. I do shoot pictures for fun.  #repost @ktbuffy ・・・ I went to see @petesouza last night in Boulder to speak all about his book OBAMA: An Intimate Portrait, and I managed to ask a stupid question. To try to get that moment out of my head, here’s what I wish I had asked, which I’m happy to put to my fellow photographers: When photography is your job — whether that’s 1.2 million shots over 8 years of the presidency, or weddings every weekend, or sessions booked regularly —  do you still shoot for fun?  #obamabook #souzabook #photography
“...but it bends towards justice.”
Heading to Colorado. Hipstamatic app with iPhone 8+
My friend and former colleague Gary Lee posted this photo on Twitter yesterday along with this heart-warming response to a racist comment from you-know-who. (I had to edit what Gary wrote because of Instagram limitations.): .....”This struck a chord with me not only bc I’m Korean-American, but also bc I worked at the White House, for President Obama. I left the WH in 2011 for a Fulbright scholarship in Korea. President Obama knew I was leaving to learn more about the culture and language of my parents.  On my last day, I went into the Oval Office and POTUS greeted me by saying, "안녕하세요". Hello, in Korean. I’m lucky bc @PeteSouza captured that exact moment.  In early 2007, my senior year of college, I mailed my resume and a cover letter in a manila envelope to the Obama for America headquarters in Chicago. Two weeks before graduation, I received a phone call that a correspondence volunteer had found my letter in a mail pile.  She gave my letter to her boss, who then called and asked if I wanted to move to Chicago to work on the campaign. That's how I got hired on the campaign. That's how I ended up at the White House.  After my departure photo with POTUS, I left the Oval Office in a daze and ran into @kalpenn in the West Wing lobby. I recounted the interaction with the president and he started tearing up. "Why are you crying?" I asked.  He replied, "think about what you just said. How incredible that is. On your last day of work at the White House, after your years of service, the first African-American president greeted you in your parents' native language." I started crying too.  My parents could never have fathomed such an idea. My mom came to the US when she was 18, my father when he was 26. They worked multiple full-time and part-time jobs, opened a small business, and at one point, had only $20 in their checking account.  They made incalculable sacrifices so their sons could have the opportunities they never had. They sacrificed so we could
Nice crowd today in Mesa, outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Great to have Cory Remsburg and his father, Craig, in the audience. Thanks to Changing Hands Bookstore for hosting this. 📷 Brandon Stout
Dick Durbin is one of the most honorable and trustworthy person I’ve ever known. (The same is true of the man he’s talking with.)
Shaking hands in London in 2016. As I recall, the President was thanking him for the peanuts. 😉
Hope people show up!
Greeting youngsters in San Salvador in 2011. Always thought El Salvador was a great country and definitely not a “shithole” country.
Attention Brandi Carlile fans: if you pre-order her forthcoming album, “by the way, I forgive you,” there are bundle options to receive 5 or 10 pack prints of the photographs I made of Brandi and the twins in and around Seattle. And just wait until you hear this record: it’s phenomenal! @brandicarlile .com
Hard to believe this was a year ago today: his farewell address in Chicago.
The funny thing is, until I saw this post, I forgot that I had kept this image on the screen last night. #repost @lori2ann ・・・ Pete Souza speaks. Amazing. Inspirational.
I’m about to take the stage in Portland
Last night in Portland. #repost @mysticseminars ・・・ We couldn’t be any more proud. Mystic Seminar’s opening keynote address was given by Pete Souza, the Chief Official White House Photographer for President Barack Obama. He gave us the stories behind some of his iconic photographs, followed by a Q&A and a book signing. Before the night ended we took this group photo of Souza with this year’s Mystic attendees. @mysticseminars  #souzabook  @petesouza  Thank you Nikon NPS for the loaner Nikon D850 with 28mm and B&H for the off camera lighting.
#repost @peteyaz ・・・ Thank you @petesouza for this book that has my eleven year old daughter captivated!  Before school, eating breakfast and she went quiet. I noticed her reading about the photo in the situation room. She’s laughed while looking through the book, asked questions and provided some great commentary. Look forward to seeing you in AZ this weekend at your book signing. #thankyou #petesouza #obama #obamawhitehouse #obamaintimateportrait #dreambigdreams #momlife #lifewithkids #sheisourfuture
Yes he knew the words.
Latourell Falls hiking trail outside of Portland. iPhone 8+
Playing tourist today in Portland, Oregon. Looking forward to my talk tomorrow night at Mystic Seminars and Tuesday night at Revolution Hall. iPhone 8+
Heading to the stable (noun, 1. a building for the lodging and feeding of horses, etc.)