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Pacific Northwest

Instagram photos and videos at Pacific Northwest

Captain Handsome
just a few of the 1000 photos I took on the trip
• The Wonder Isn't That Love Finds Us, As Strange And Fated And Mystical As That Is. The Wonder Is That Even When We Never Find It, Even When Love Waits In The Wings Of Dream Too Long, Even When Love Doesn't Knock On The Door, Or Leave Messages, Or Put Flowers In Our Hands, So Many Of Us Never Stop Believing In Love ~ the mountain shadow • . . 🎥 @1924us 🐻 . . #learntospeaktree #forester #candlemaker #treeplanter #savebcwolves #inspiredbynature #nature #westcoast #explore #wilderness #beautifulbritishcolumbia #artist #adventure #pacific #whistlerblackcomb #love •
... and the weather so breezy, man why can't life always be this easy? ☁️
missin the West Coast vibes.... until we meet again 🤙🏼 #westcoastbestcoast
miss the pnw and going on spontaneous adventures w @mayajdickinson 🌲👣
Found the Batcave 🦇
As you guys know, my best friend Rango has been diagnosed with cancer. My initial plan was to get him treated while I worked on this 6 month photo project I'm currently on. Things don't always go as planned. The vet told me that he has 10-12 months to live if we keep him on chemotherapy. I couldn't continue this trip thinking that he is in and out of the hospital while I'm out enjoying what he loves most, the outdoors. I made the decision to cut the treatments and have him join me on this trip. He may not last as long as he would on the chemo but at least I can give him one last good trip and let him enjoy the rest of life that he has left doing the things he enjoys and with the person he loves. I don't know what lies ahead but I can only hope for the best.  Photo by: @samuelelkins
Nature Shapes
When niki wears  @wishyouwerenorthwest shirts, she likes getting lost. #wishyouwerenorthwest