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Tarangire Simba Lodge

Instagram photos and videos at Tarangire Simba Lodge

They're moving in herds.... they do move in herds. -Alan Grant #jurassicpark #safariday4 #lastdaysafari
The highest point of the lodge where we observe the animals πŸ†πŸ¦ with my son 😍 #tarangire #tanzania #intoafrica
Good morning 🐾🐘 #tanzania #tarangire #intoafrica
Shadows of nature🌲
As I sat there watching these bathing birds, my time was slow. I pondered its elasticity and how certain moments, however short in actuality, felt like an eternity. "Time isn't an orderly stream. Time isn't a placid lake recording each of our ripples. Time is viscous. Time is a massive flow. It is a self-healing substance, which is to say, almost everything will be lost. We're too slight, to inconsequntial, despite all of our thrashing and swimming and waving our arms about. Time is an ocean of inertia, drowning out the small vibrations, absorbing the slosh and churn, the foam and wash, and we're up here, flapping and slapping and just generally spazzing out, and sure, there's a little splashing on the surface, but that doesn't even register in the depths, in the powerful undercurrents miles below us, taking us wherever they are taking us." --Charles Yu, How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe