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Rosewood Bermuda

Instagram photos and videos at Rosewood Bermuda

Beautiful but still the #competition @rosewoodhotels
Winter in Bermuda
This choir of little voices really awakened me to Christmas this year
This is how you know a country loves you. Thank you #bermuda
Good morning, Bermuda! πŸ‘€πŸ’ž
Sun catching Jessica's veil through the arches @rwbermuda #bermuda #bermudawedding #destinationwedding #veil #wedding
The beach was all our’s today (and that storm cloud gave way to sun)
Shoulder boulder & tricep workout coming at ya on this Friday evening. πŸ”₯ I looooove training shoulders but we can’t neglect our tri’s so I threw a little in there as well to give them some love. ☺️ 1. 4 x 8 push press 2A. 3 x 12 plate raises 2B. 3 x 12 tricep pushdown - every set single dropset 3A. 3 x 12 leaning lateral raise 3B. 3 x 12 arnold shoulder press 4A. 3 x 12 90 degree lateral raise 4B. 3 x 12 overhead tricep extension
No Christmas grinch here πŸŽ„#bigchristmastree #bermuda #itsstartingtofeelalotlikechristmas #suchatreattobeback #christmasmarket
Land of the gato
I think we’ll just stay...
Happy 70 degree morning from Bermuda :)
Tonight while MCing the event at Rosewood Tuckers Point I ran into a handsome and vibrant young man with bright eyes and long stylish blond hair. He was so cute and very active! Lol I commented on how I loved his hair and he told me thank you.  Then he came back to me and said "Do you want to know why I am my growing my hair really, really long?" (I assumed it was just because it was in style)  He went on to tell me that his dad was diagnosed with cancer and that he decided to grow his hair so the he could cut it on St. Baldericks day and donate it.  I had tears in my eyes! I watched him earlier running up and down playing with the other kids and never would've guessed what he was facing in his life. He talked about his dad and told me he was worried about him.  As he talked about his dad I saw his deep thought and caring spirit. It also touched my mom who is a cancer survivor.  Wow! We went on to have a conversation and he is amazing! He is my new friend Conner and I encourage everyone to support him in his cause.  I have tagged in his mother just in case anyone wants to support him in this. I told him I would take a selfie and share it on social media and encourage people to support him.  Laura Martin-Stout #stbaldericks #cancer #fundraiser #philanthropy