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Mars Desert Research Station

Instagram photos and videos at Mars Desert Research Station

Stand off between a girl and (not) her drone #mdrscrew185
I had a wedgie. But despite this, we still managed to do some good science and see some incredible views. See ya next year MDRS. #sciencerulez #nasa #marssociety
It's really hard taking photos in a space suit, but Mars was lit
Step into my office. Shoutout to @elonmusk for the namesake.
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Just spent a week on "mars" doing some 3D Printing. #medicalmakers
The future of otherworldly exploration. 📸: @audi @m  #futurefriday #audia5 #technology #mdrs #vorsprung #progressive #space #a5cabriolet #2018audia5 #future
Cumhuriyet bayramımız kutlu olsun . Bize bu onuru yaşatan Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk ve silah arkadaşlarına minnettarız.  Today, we celebrate the founding day of our Republic. Thanks to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, we are the proud children of Republic of Turkey since 1923 #29ekim #29ekimcumhuriyetbayramı #efendileryarincumhuriyetiilanedecegiz
And The Sky Was Pink. New work recently shot at the Mars Habitat Simulation for #audi (Check out the location, space fans. It’s fascinating)
Bask in the electromagnetic radiation we know as ‘light.’ #audia5 #cabriolet
Mars Research Station #latergram
An intrepid, turbocharged explorer. #audia5 #cabriolet