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Coney Island

Instagram photos and videos at Coney Island

Bonsoir, Elliot
happy birthday to my badass mom💥hopefully im as cool as you when im older🎈
Find your light . . . . . . Thank you 📸: @cjsintic
Тихое утро дня благодарения
Gengar wants to see the Ocean... So... There we are! (Ovviamente a maniche corte con tutti gli altri in giacca)  #gengar #atlanticocean #coneyisland #newyork
Diventando grassi e obesi in pieno stile Americano. #sorrynonna #coneyisland #hotdogs #newyork
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When Coney Island went from remote sandbar resort to the city’s biggest beachfront playground in the 1880s, tawdry amusement attractions began to pop up on the West End. perhaps the gaudiest addition was the Elephantine Colossus, a nearly 200-foot tall hotel sheathed in blue tin and with a gilded howdah on top. Encircled by the Shaw Channel Chute roller coaster, the hotel looked like a bizarro version of one of the live pachyderms on exhibit at Coney Island’s amusement parks at the turn of the century. Completed in 1885 at Surf Avenue and West 12th Street, the 12-story elephant was divided into 31 rooms. Visitors could also climb to the observatory and pay 10 cents to get an incredible aerial view of New York City by looking through the elephant’s eyes, which were actually telescopes. - History says gaudy I say....I want to stay there 👏👍 - - - - #nycprime_ladies #nyctagged  #history #backintheday #newyork #newyorkcity #newyorknewyork #newyorker #nyc #newyork_instagram #newyork_world #blackandwhite #nycityworld #newyorklife #manhattan #nyny #nyclife #newyork_ig #bestofnyc #seeyourcity  #newyorkgirl #nypostnyc #construction #loves_nyc #aerial #island #old #oldschool #skyscraper #architecture @newyorkdecanted  @new.new.york
I gotta get away from that bullshit that they on