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👉 Folge uns auf Facebook👈 👆Link findest du hier @gedankenswert ☯️ in der Bio👆 . #gedankenswert : : Wie hast du deinen Weg gefunden? : :  Folgt meinem geschäftlichen Account: @jessigaiss_affiliatemagierin : :  #happy #positvevibes #zukunft #wünsche #inspiration  #erfolgreich #wörter #weise #macht #wählen #weg #wayoflife #lebensqualität  #lebensgefühl #glücklich  #glücklichsein  #glücksmomente  #fakten  #kämpfen  #ehrgeiz  #gewinner  #winner #machdichwahr #gewinnen #erfolgistfreiwillig #erfolgistkeinglück  #vonnichtskommtnichts  #selbständig #lebedeinentraum
Mir wurde erklärt, dass es Viele Irrtümer in der spirituellen Szene gibt und dass diese Irrtümer bewusst von jenen in das Feld gesetzt werden, die wollen, dass alles so bleibt, wie es ist eine Welt, die von Angst beherrscht wird. 🍀Doch wir wollen etwas anderes, also müssen wir etwas verändern. Und eines ist sicher: Wenn wir etwas verändern wollen, dann müssen wir in uns beginnen! 👍💜 Quelle Christine Arana Fader  Du stehst mitten im Leben und schulterst als Unternehmer*in oder Führungskraft viel Verantwortung für Deine Mitarbeiter, Familie oder Kunden. 🚶‍♂️ Du hast schon vieles ausprobiert und nichts hat Dir nachhaltig geholfen. Rückenschmerzen und Schlafstörungen sind die Folge, wenn Du nicht gut für Dich sorgst. Mehr dazu auf meiner Homepage 🏳️‍🌈@entrepreneurofvioletlight 💜
Happy #whiskerswednesday my friends! 💚 bit.ly/grow-your-cat-instagram
Stay or leave. That decision always haunts me. At some point on every expedition you have to face that question. Weather, swell, resources, budget & sometimes the inevitable longing for home will make you question whether sticking around is gonna be worth it. I've had to make these decisions sometimes.. never easy.. especially when you know there's other people involved, each with their own goals & desires. That is the biggest crux of group travel in unknown territory. .  There's never been a time where sticking around paid off more than while filming 'Under an Arctic Sky'. Download the film tonight on iTunes or Vimeo at www.UnderAnArcticSky.com my bio link.
Ce jeudi (14 sept) joignez-vous à nous à partir de 17h au @leviragemtl pour une soirée festive dans un décor unique! 📽🏄🏻👀 Au programme: Projection extérieure en soirée des films de surf Perilous Sea et The Seawolf (@bengulliver) ainsi que du docu @island.earth!  Avant les projections, on vous invite également à un 5@7 au son acoustique du compositeur & interprète folk @jamesforestmusic en plus d'une exposition photo présentée par @reef_canada, épluchette de blé d’Inde, hotdogs et @biereboreale !  Une soirée produite par @serjjfilm -> lien en bio pour réserver ta place
This coming May 2018 I have an expedition that is now running to climb the highest legal unclimbed peak on Earth, Labuche Kang 3. We are a small team of focused climbers that have previous experience at 7000 and 8000 meters. We are looking for two more climbers to cap this team of five total climbers. I am leading this expedition and bringing a powerful team of Sherpa climbing guides from Nepal to assist me in fixing the route where I deem necessary. I’m securing the permit with the CTMA (China Tibet Mountaineering Association) this week. Tibet is closed to mountaineering this Autumn, and this coveted summit is my next goal. Join me to put bootprints where no one else ever has. Link in profile. -Luke Smithwick #lk3expedition . . . . . . . #highest #unclimbed #mountaineering #himalayas #2018 #altitude #tibet #climbhigh #adventure #firstascents #himalayaalpineguides #aacgram #backcountry #mountains #exploratory #changtangplateau
📸 @nealmoc ・・・ Gotta love this squid 🐙 🐙🐙
#1 Doc on iTunes. From our entire team... Thank You So Much. This film wouldn't have been possible without your support. We self funded this entire film & crowd funded the film tour. Being able meet so many people & share this in person has been a dream come true.  To download 'Under An Arctic Sky' on Vimeo or iTunes check my bio link or www.UnderAnArcticSky.com . If you're in Europe Tomorrow night I premiere the film in Stuttgart Germany & then Vienna Austria On Friday. See you there!
♥️🐯 bit.ly/grow-your-cat-instagram
Under An Arctic Sky European tour is underway! Tonight in Cologne, Germany. . We just added extra screenings in London, Zurich and Stuttgart . Hope to see you all there!! Check my bio link or here for tickets : www.UnderAnArcticSky.com/tour
Just released a newsletter about our experience shooting the eclipse. Needless to say we were total rookies and borderline had no idea what we were doing. It was like picking up the camera for the first time. @russell_holliday & @snackfarmer joined me on this mission to create some awesome photos and most of all.. Just experience it. Check my bio link or this : http://bit.ly/2x6ibMA for new iPhone wallpapers. .  If you aren't a part of our newsletter sign up for continual Radness.
'The Crux of the Eclipse' - my team just released an article on our newsletter about our experience shooting the eclipse. Everything from the lessons learned to the all the gear we used ( cameras, tripods, filters). I also included a set of new phone wallpapers. . To get em go to my bio link or here:  http://bit.ly/2x6ibMA .  Love to see the one you like best. Tag me in your favorite.
Sorry y'all I barely have any time to read now that I've moved back to school and started working at a new job in this state... I'll post every once and a while but I'm afraid I won't be on much! || both top #larryshippers#hazza#harry#louis#larry#love#perfect#cute#funny#hot#harrystyles#onedirection#louistomlinson#boybands#wattpad#larrystylinson#larryshipper#spamforspam#larryisreal#boyfriends#feels#otp#gay#tumblrposts#relationships#larryproof#darklarrie#topharry#toplouis
🎶🙌🏻🌯 hi guess what @takethistoheartrecords is putting out our first full length record on 9/29! The first song is streamin o'er at @gold_flake_paint! 🎉🤘🦐
Let us know if youre coming with us to Iceland. Feel free to go with another company, but we didn't leave the biggest tour operator in Europe to create another mediocre company. Hit bio link now❤️. __ This photo belings to the awesome @colintrex